Oca 02

Amorous Senior Pt. 04

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Enid had just turned 76. What a year her 75th had been. She had a little fling with Clyde, nice kid, but she shoo’d him off so he could find someone his own age. She finished her obligation to the ‘contestants’ of her little masturbation game, her bridge game was still going strong even though poor Lucy had to bow out for a few months after breaking her hip. She said it was from a fall, but the girls were convinced she broke it while doing the ‘horizontal tango’ with Clark. Clark would just smile and walk away when asked. Whereas Lucy was an ‘alternate’ player after Eileen, her absence didn’t have a huge impact.

The sad note, her cousin Laura had passed away. Laura had been a bit of a hero to Enid. First to smoke; then the first to quit when reality set in about the dangers. She was first to get drunk, and although she knew the dangers in drinking, THAT she never stopped, just slowed down. She was the first to get her driver’s license, the first to get married, the first to get divorced THEN remarried. She beat Enid into Yale by a full year. She was also the first to lose her virginity. Because growning up they were close, she and Enid confided almost everything to each other. Almost, because as Laura once said, “There’s nothing wrong with keeping a FEW secrets.”

Enid would drive to the cemetery every couple of days. Sometimes she’d get out of the car and just stand talking to the grave. Some days she’d just sit in the car and be at peace. Then she’d visit Foster’s grave a couple of sections over. He really had been a wonderful husband and she knew she never truly appreciated him when he was alive. They had done well together and thankfully, she continued to do well.

She also had all three of her sons over for dinner a couple of nights. Scot, who had moved with his wife to Oregon wasn’t often in the area and it was the first time all four had been together at the same time in over a year. Jack lived just a couple of towns over and Bobby, a couple of streets over so she was glad to see them fairly regularly, but to have all three boys over at the same time was a huge treat.

Scot had no idea about his mother’s ‘adventures’. Jack had a slight idea but Bobby pretty much knew though he preferred to never voluntarily think about it. Those thoughts would trigger his gag reflex. Enid never spoke about her activities, but knowing Bobby had a pretty good clue, she did enjoy innuendo now and then, just to watch his reaction.

She had enjoyed being 75 and now intended to enjoy 76.

She arrived at the Senior Center and sat down with her usual bridge buddies, Eileen, Ruth, and Roberta. All three were sitting quietly just waiting for Enid. As soon as she sat down, Eileen blurted out, “So, we have news.”

“Oh, and what would that be?” asked Enid.

Ruth grinned and said, “Lucy and Clark are getting married.”

“I was AFRAID he was going to knock her up,” chirped Enid. They all got a kick out of that one.

Eileen added, “Well, Clark refused to use a condom and Lucy won’t take the pill, it doesn’t mix well with her blood pressure meds, so it was inevitable.”

The four laughed away and Roberta added, “So, their first child together will be the grand uncle of their grand kids. They’ll be in their 30s and grand uncle so and so will be in diapers!”

Lucy, who was sitting on a couch with her crocheting group thought she heard her name at one point and walked over to see why there was so much laughter. She hadn’t put down her needles and yarn and as she walked over the fifteen feet, the yarn ball unraveled behind her. When Roberta pointed that out, the girls fell apart again, but immediately felt bad about it. Well, not entirely.

“What’s all the hubbub?” asked Lucy who noticed at that moment, the yarn situation. She blew it off asking further, “Did I hear MY name mentioned?”

“We were discussing the coming nuptials,” said Ruth.

“Congratulations, MRS. Bettencourt,” added Enid.

“You knocked up?” asked Eileen. This got them howling again.

“No,” said Lucy, then leaning in and loudly whispering, “He shoots blanks. But he’s hung like a small horse.”

She went back to her crocheting, picking up her yarn as she went, leaving the bridge players in hysterics. She was chuckling to herself as well but not laughing as hard as the others. She knew what she said was very true.

After the game the girls grabbed some refreshments and went into the TV room where “Let’s Make a Deal” was on. When it occurred to them that their making fun of some of the contestants was getting on the nerves of the others in the room, they left and sat in the lounge.

“So, Enid, you got plans for the weekend?” asked Ruth.

“To be honest, I’m glad you brought it up. I was thinking the four of us, heck, Lucy, too, could go to a movie. We haven’t done something like that in a long time,” came Enid’s reply.

“I love the idea,” responded Eileen. “I’ve got nothing going on and I’d love to get away from Fred. He’s becoming a real pain in the ass. I love the guy, but sheesh, it’s like he wants me to Ankara bayan escort wait on him hand and foot.”

“He IS an invalid,” Roberta reminded her.

“Yes, yes I know, but he CAN change the channel on the TV for himself and feed himself. Even the visiting nurse was ready to kill him the other day.” Eileen sighed and went on, “He’s really playing this thing for all it’s worth. And he’s not really an invalid, he broke his hip and he’s healing. He’s in pain, I’ve been there, I know it’s not easy, but oh my God, you would think he was on his death bed.”

“You’re a good wife.”

“I’m alright, but I come here to escape now and then. The visiting nurse shows up for his care and physical therapy and I scoot down here for an hour or two or three. It keeps me sane. It’s also nice to have Jerry stopping by so often,” Eileen said.

“He’s a good son,” said Roberta, adding, “unlike my son Stephen who would rather shack up with his girlfriend 500 miles away.”

They all rolled their eyes at that one. Roberta’s son Stephen lived only four towns over and because he didn’t visit every day, she acted like he had abandoned her. They realized after a bit that no matter what they said, she was convinced and they had finally just given up.

The day ended when Eileen said it was time to head back to help her poor crippled husband and Roberta needed to get back to her plants. Enid said she’d drop Ruth off at home. She asked, “How’s Benny doing at his new job?”

Ruth’s husband Benny, after a long career as a firefighter had retired then gotten bored so he took a job part time as a cashier at the local supermarket. Ruth replied, “He loves it. Not only does he see so many friends and neighbors, but the guys from the fire house are in all the time buying groceries. It gets him out of the house and puts a few extra dollars into our vast estate. In no time, we’ll have the Rolls paid off and be able to afford that jet we’ve talked about for years.”

“I thought you were planning to buy that golf course in Scotland? What happened to that plan?” asked Eileen.

“We didn’t like it. It turned out to be too close to the coast. Hank was convinced he’d lose too many balls in the ocean,” came the reply.

“You’re done retrieving his balls, right?” asked Roberta.

They laughed at that one and all went their separate ways. The senior center prudes were never sorry to see them leave. Lucy on the other hand kept telling herself she should hang out with them more.

That evening Enid was enjoying a rerun of Dallas when the phone rang. Part of her wanted to simply ignore it, but knew very well, if she didn’t answer it would be someone she wanted to talk to, not a robocall or some other annoying solicitor. She picked it up and it was Carol. Ah, Carol, the one woman she had had lesbian sex with.

“Hi, Enid, so sorry to trouble you,” Carol began. “I was just wondering if you knew Hal was having a birthday soon. He’ll be 84.”

“Oh, that’s right. Wow, he seems so, so,” Enid paused then added, “OLDER than that. I can’t believe he’s ONLY going to be 84. That old fart hasn’t even hinted at a rendezvous for over a year.”

Carol always enjoyed Enid’s humor. She had enjoyed Enid as well and hoped to once again. Seventy –nine wasn’t as old as some thought.

“Well, anyway,” Carol went on, “I was going to have a little surprise party for him, well, I guess not much of a surprise, that could kill him, but a party none the less. A small one; family and a few close friends. Not too many friends as close as YOU, sweet pea.”

Enid sort of rolled her eyes. She and Carol had enjoyed each other and Enid did find Carol a terrific lover, but, she wasn’t really interested in a second round. Carol lacked something that Enid preferred, a penis.

“Oh that would be splendid. What day were you thinking?” Enid asked.

“The ninth of April. It’s a few weeks away but this will give me a chance to contact people.” Carol went on,” and with luck I can line up enough people to make it special. He IS my only brother.”

“And a hell of a guy,” responded Enid, adding, “and in his time, a great lay.”

Carol loved that and couldn’t resist throwing in, “his sister isn’t bad either, remember?”

Enid sighed and thought, “She’ll never let this go,” but said, “To say the least. That was terrific, but, anyway….back to the party. Is there anything I can do to help out?”

“Nope,” replied Carol, “Just show up. OH, if you want to get your pals from the Senior Center together and bring them, that would be fine. Hal gets a kick out of them. Oh, and one more thing.”


“When you do come, wear something sexy.”

Enid chuckled, but it was forced. She said, “Sure, just for you, or Hal. Mostly Hal.”

The conversation ended with the usual pleasantries and Enid just sat for a few thinking. Was Carol really that attracted to her or just a pain in the ass? Enid started picturing their encounter, started to remember how Carol had felt, how she kissed and how she tasted. Enid reached down between her legs and Escort bayan Ankara started to rub herself just a bit. The more the imagined the experience, the harder she rubbed. She got up and slid her pants down and sat in her living room pushing her fingers between her vaginal lips and then…

“Ah hell,” she said to herself, “I’m just not that into it.” She pulled her pants back up and went to the kitchen and got a ginger ale from the refrigerator.

She watched TV until after the 11 o’clock news and went to bed.

The next morning she ran some errands including finally getting an inspection sticker for her car. The man who had done it was cute. He was about 50 and looked Middle Eastern, a dashing sort of guy and pretty well built. Enid attempted to flirt with him a bit, but got nowhere. “Probably gay,” she thought to herself with a smirk.

When she got home, she put the couple of groceries she picked up away and made a cup of tea. When checking the phone, she found that there was a message on her voicemail. It was Clyde, her boy toy from last year.

“Hi, Enid, it’s me, I don’t know if you remember, Clyde.” He said. Enid was a little put out by the ‘don’t know if you remember part.’ The message continued, “I was just thinking about you and wanted to say a quick hello. I hope you’re doing OK. If you feel like giving me a call, my number is…”

He had been cut off at that point. Enid wondered if he did it on purpose, was too stupid to remember his own number or if there was a problem with the machine. Regardless, she wouldn’t be calling him. Then it hit her, Caller ID! She went through and found 3 numbers that weren’t familiar, all three had called today, though Clyde was the only one to have left a message. She dialed the first one and got what sounded like a fax machine. The second was “NOT IN SERVICE” which meant it had been a robo-call. She hated those and wished a despicable death on everyone who programmed one. And especially the jerk politicians who called at election time to remind you to vote for them. She had decided a long time ago that, if Representative so and so or Senator Blah Blah used one of those things to call HER, she’d vote for whomever was running against them, no matter who it was. Well, within limits of course. The third went to voicemail, but at least it was indeed Clyde.

“Hello you heaving hunk of manhood, you’re special friend here. I got your message but you didn’t leave a number. I used caller ID; Lucky for you. I’m doing well and hope you are also. And if for ONE SECOND you think I wouldn’t remember you, you’re VERY, VERY wrong.” She paused and added just for fun, “You’ve got a very memorable dick.” Then she hung up.

A couple of hours later, the phone rang and it was Clyde. “Hi. It’s me, Clyde.”

Enid beamed at his voice and said, “Well, say hey Clyde. I’m sorry I missed your call earlier and I’m sorry you missed mine.”

Clyde then said, “Say, that part at the end of the message you left, well, uh,” he sounded apprehensive but continued, “I was sitting visiting with my folks when I got the voicemail. I had it on speaker. You could feel a LOT of tension in the room at that last statement you made. I nearly shit myself.”

They both laughed but she knew Clyde well enough to know he wasn’t kidding could only imagine the atmosphere in that room when she said that.

Clyde continued, “I’ve just been thinking about you and figured I owed you a call. How’re all your friends doing? Crazy bunch, huh?”

“You do have that right. They’re good. What’s up with you? You get yourself a girlfriend? A handsome guy like you…handsome and talented.”

Clyde replied, “Actually, yeah, I’ve been dating a girl I met at school. She’s sweet. We’ve been out about a dozen times.”

“And what? Oh, I know what you’re asking. No, no sex. We’ve made out a number of times and we’ve touched each other, but nothing heavy. Just as well. She’s a little shy and I refuse to be pushy.” Clyde explained. “I want to when SHE wants to, not before, though I do admit I’ve had to take care of my own business a few times after a date.”

“I hear ya, laddie,” Enid said, feeling bad for the kid, but very much respecting his stance. “You’re doing the right thing by her and that is very admirable.” Then she said, “Are you alone now?”

“Yeah, back at the dorm.”

“You able to take care of yourself, NOW?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a single room. Why? What do you have in mind?” Clyde was just a tad excited at the thought of why this unpredictable women would ask.

“Ever had phone sex?”

“No, not really.”

Enid instructed him to strip off his pants and have a towel handy. He did as he was told and when ready, he stretched out on the bed and Enid began to purr into the phone.

“So, do you have your big hard cock in your hand?”


“Imagine it’s mine. Don’t grip too tight. Just a little. Let the hand glide up and down slowly. Imagine me rubbing your chest, tracing your face with my fingers, running my hand back down your body to join Bayan escort Ankara the hand holding your cock. My fingers are stroking your balls and I smile as I see you getting lost in the sensation.”

Clyde was indeed lost in the moment as he listened intently.

Enid kept going. “Now my fingers run up and down your thighs. You’re harder now. My index finger can feel just a touch of pre-cum at the head of your penis and I use my finger to rub if all over the head. Now, I lower my mouth and give the face of your dick little kisses, slipping my tongue out and over as I do. Can you feel it?”

Clyde groaned a bit.

“My lips part and slide down to meet my hand. As my hand strokes up, my mouth lowers, my tongue gliding over you. My hand goes down, my mouth comes up and I continue to stroke you slowly, tasting you, engulfing you. My mouth comes off and I nuzzle your balls and give them a couple of licks so they don’t feel left out, but I go right back to your hard, throbbing shaft and take it all in again.”

She paused for a moment and sighed a bit herself for affect. Then she continued, “Baby, pick up the pace a little. Let me hear your breathing, tell me when you’re going to cum, but don’t rush it TOO much.”

Clyde grunted, “Ok, uh huh.”

“I pick up the pace, sucking and tonguing your hardness yearning for your juices to fill my mouth but not wanting the moment to come too soon, but I can’t help myself. You taste so good and your body looks amazing as you begin to lift your hips to me. I pump and I pump and…..”

“I CA-A-A-A-AME!” exclaimed Clyde. “Holy shit, I came so hard.” It was obvious he was out of breath. Enid could hear him cleaning himself up after he dropped the phone next to him. Once he had taken care of the mess, he picked the phone back up. “Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have dropped the phone like that. Holy shit, that was unreal. Enid, Enid how is it you’re as good on the phone as in person?”

Enid somewhat quoted a line from a movie, “I do have a very particular set of skills.”

They chatted a bit longer about this and that and then they said their goodnights and Enid went up to her room to watch TV, but she was a bit restless after her phone call to Clyde. She called up one of her friends whom she could turn to now and then for a bit of a booty call, Arty.

Arty was one of her contestants. He could be as shy as a kitten and as eager as a puppy depending on his mood, but he was almost always up for a little playtime if Enid called, if he was available of course. Tonight he said he most definitely was and managed to arrive at Enid’s within 10 minutes of her hanging up. She let him in and took him by the hand and upstairs they went. As they climbed the stairs in silence, Enid realized she hadn’t gotten laid in a few weeks. Without even thinking she mumbled, “A few WEEKS?”

“What?” asked Arty.

“Oh, nothing, nothing. Get up here and fuck me. How about from behind tonight, would that work for you?” Enid asked

“Enid, hell, absolutely any way you want works for me. Just getting some attention from you works for me. Hell, I’d crawl over broken glass to get to you, I’d…”
Enid cut him off by saying, “If you crawled over broken glass, you’d be too cut up to screw. Now shut up and strip.

When they were both nude, Enid sat on the bed and looked at Arty who was standing. Her eyes widened and she asked, “Arty, did you SHAVE for me?” She reached out and caressed his genitals as he confirmed her guess. She added, “When did you do this? Nice job, very smooth and thorough.” She moved in and rubbed her cheek against his pelvis. “Very soft. You must have used lotion.” Then she slid her tongue over him. “CHERRY lotion! So nice.”

She kissed and tongued him all over the area and Arty started getting just a little dizzy. He felt like he might lose it way too soon. He thought of baseball. He hated baseball, but everyone always said it was ‘go to’ when trying to stave off orgasm.

“It makes you look bigger.” Enid slid her mouth over his erection, backed up and added, “and you seem to taste bigger, too. I can’t wait to see if you even feel bigger.”

Arty pictured Joe DiMaggio but became instantly disturbed at picturing Joltin’ Joe as he got a blow job. His thoughts segued to a former Mrs. Di Maggio, Marilyn Monroe. NOPE, NOPE, that wasn’t going to work.

Enid cupped his balls and gave one last little suck. Then she stood, turned and got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. With her left hand, she reached around and pulled her ass cheek to the side, saying, “Ok Arty, prepare to fuck.”


“No, I’m ju…..no, just get in there.”

Arty did. He slid his 6.2 inches all the way in and Enid sighed heavily. She again mumbled, “a few weeks?”

“What are you saying?” asked Arty as he slid back.

“Nothing. Sorry. Oh, Arty, that’s SO good.”

Arty slid forward slowly and carefully, like a torpedo being loaded into the torpedo tube on a submarine. Too quick, you could explode. Nice and easy. In, out, in, out, slowly and patiently. Enid was loving this. She began to picture Clyde lying on his bed stroking himself and it made her a bit wetter. Arty noticed the extra moisture and tried to slow himself, but his insertions became just a bit more forceful. Enid didn’t seem to mind.

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