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“How much for the shoes?”


“I’ll give you 1:50”

“Go on…”

It was another busy day at the market, well, for us that is. I’m not too sure about the other stores, but we always do pretty well if I must say so myself. It was a hot day which meant spirits were high, and so were our takings. I only came in the mornings to help my mum out, set up the rails and hang the clothes on the store, then I was off, back home at around 10:00 to ‘revise’; , pornhub, lesbian life, you know, the usual. Oh, I think at this point I should mention that I am bisexual, although, not out to anyone…

Working in the market initially seems torturous; having to wake up at ridiculously early time in the morning, the heavy lifting and transferring of bags and rails, and the cold in the winter. But as you get older, you learn to go to sleep earlier the night before, become stronger and, well, wear more clothes. The one big plus about the market however, is it has left me with the perfect body. At 15, a C-D cup and still growing, a nice 6 pack which isn’t overly athletic, but still definable through tight top and full lips, it was no wonder I was getting asked out on canlı bahis a weekly basis.

Anyways, back to my day in Vauxhall Market. Checking my Diesel watch, I could see it was well past my curfew. I sometimes stayed a little longer to help my mum with the morning time rush. Now it had died down, it was time for me to collect my ‘wages’ (only £25 which is a lot considering my age and the fact that I sometimes get the same amount for working the day before), packed some clothes that I’d picked out for myself, and headed off home, taking the long route through the entire market so I could say hi to a few regulars. I saw a few, flirted with a few, purchased an Evening Standard umbrella which was going cheap for a pound, then proceeded up the next aisle of the market. Walking down it, I could see I was approaching the store of “Amy”. I had no clue what her name was, so tended to call her that in my fantasies and if any of you reading saw her, she would probably be in yours too.

She was everything I liked in a girl. Gorgeous greenish eyes, skin the colour of ‘Unknown’; white, but not quite fully white, as if she had a quarter black or something in her, and long sometimes bahis siteleri straight, but today curly hair with that slight ghetto look. She was beautiful basically.

Music was blaring from speakers which I couldn’t quite locate the source of, hip-hop, which I assumed she mainly sold on her store. However, I couldn’t be sure due to the fact that I’d never been on it for reasons of shyness. But this week I was feeling particularly brave, probably due to the fresh converses I had on my feet, Adidas hoody and brand new jacket my mum had just given to me that day, so I decide the only way to talk to her, would be to purchase something from her store.

So I plucked up the courage and came over, looking down at the cheaply made and probably illegal mix tapes she was selling. Sensing my presence, she immediately greeted me a “hi”. I looked up, my heart racing, to look inside those gorgeous eyes of hers and that immaculate smile. She asked me how I was, I almost choked on my own oesophagus, and managed to make out a “fine thank you”, then returned the question to her to which she replied with the same angelic smile. ‘That’s it’; I thought to myself at that moment,’ I’m bahis şirketleri in love’.

I quickly purchased a cd, paying the most I’ve ever paid for a mix tape I could have downloaded for free online and walked away with the biggest smile I’d had for ages. She was perfect.

The next week couldn’t have come any slower; I just could not wait to see her again. We arrived at the market at around 06:30, and I went straight over to her store to catch her before she became distracted. “Hi”, I casually said to her. She looked up from her table where she was placing cd’s on, and once again hit me with that smile that squeezed on my heart for seconds, as she returned the greeting. I asked how she was, how her week had been, and we quickly got into conversation about the market, music, and random shenanigans. I then proceeded to offer her a drink (from the burger van that is, remember we were still in the market), to which she accepted, inclining for a hot chocolate while I opted for a bottle of water. We sat on the floor behind her store, chatting and laughing some more over our beverages. It was becoming late and I knew my mum would be needing my assistance on the stall, so I turned to her and asked her what she was doing next Saturday, to which she replied nothing, so I offered her a date to the cinema (although I didn’t call it that, I wasn’t too sure about her sexual orientations just yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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