Ara 29

An Anal Adventure

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Clive was a happy man. No, he was ecstatic! It was 11:30am and he was driving home from his office after only having completed the same trip in reverse, less than three hours ago. Those three hours, however, had been unexpected and exciting ones. His boss had asked to see him almost as soon as he had arrived at his desk. The meeting had been a short one, culminating in the boss offering Clive a new account to manage. The new account also carried with it a promotion, a substantial rise in salary, a new office, a new title and a new secretary. Clive had been so surprised by the news, that his boss suggested taking the rest of the day off to tell his wife and celebrate. His office would be set up for a new start in the morning.

He didn’t know about the celebrating part, but as Clive drove towards his house he was certainly going to enjoy telling his wife, Maxine, all about his new job. Maxine had always been a bit of a bitch. Always ridiculing Clive for the smallest of mistakes and constantly reminding him of, what she called, his worthless job, as an insurance executive and being so poorly paid. This had been going on a lot more recently, and Clive was coming to the end of his tether. She was always reminding him that it was her fathers money that had paid for their hose. He still felt an attraction for his wife, still loved her, but with her constant nagging and undermining of him, he knew that something had to change. As he pulled into his suburban driveway he thought that maybe this news was what they needed to get them back on track again.

As he entered his home and closed the door gently behind him (Maxine was always chastising him about slamming doors!), the house seemed very quiet. Maybe Maxine had gone to the shops, God knows, she liked to spend money, it seemed like she bought a new dress almost every other day recently. It was very unusual for Clive to be home at this time of day and it made him feel a little uneasy, almost like playing truant from high school!

The day had been warm so far, and Clive thought that it would be a good idea to change into a pair of shorts and laze around their pool for a while until his wife returned. As he started to climb the stairs to the bedroom, he thought he heard strange sounds. He stopped and held his breath for a moment, straining his ears to pick up the noises. He almost forgot to breathe again as he could now quite clearly hear Maxine’s voice. It seemed to be coming from her exercise room on the first floor, and as he climbed slowly and quietly higher he could hardly believe his ears. The sounds that he could hear were very definitely Maxine, they were very definitely coming from her exercise room, and they were very definitely of a sexual nature!! As Clive reached the top of the stairs there was no doubt in his mind.

He could hear his wife talking, or grunting really, and a man’s güvenilir bahis deep voice replying in the same guttural tones. Clive stopped dead in his tracks. He had never really considered the possibility of Maxine being unfaithful to him. Never entertained the idea that another man would enjoy her lithe, slender body and full breasts. He was unsure of his next move. He felt disgusted and used. He wanted to run back down the stairs and out of the door, never to return. But part of him was curious too, wanted to see what was happening, wanted to catch them in the act. There was a conflict going on in his mind, and his curious side was definitely winning the battle!

Quietly, so quietly, Clive slipped his shoes off and hung his jacket on the banister. Softly, trying to be as silent as possible, he padded along the hall towards the door to his wife’s exercise room. This room was her domain and hers alone, he had rarely been over the threshold. As he reached the door he found it very slightly ajar. He could hear the adulterous couple quite plainly now. Maxine’s voice and choice of language shocked him. They had made love every Saturday night for years, and he was sure that she had never used that type of profanity during with him. The words stuck in his mind as he heard them.

“Fuck me you big stud…mmmmm…oh yes…yes… you’re so biggggg…..slam that cock into me…oooohhhhhh ….use me..use my body…mmmmmmm……make me your bitch!”

It had been Clive’s full intention to make a big entrance. Throw the door open widely and demand to know what was going on, in the manner that he had seen on TV and in movies, but as his hand gripped the brass door handle and he looked through the thin crack between the door and frame, he froze. If his ears could hardly believe what they were hearing, then his eyes were almost unable to cope with the sight that he now beheld.

Maxine was on an exercise mat on her hands and knees. She was naked, save for her panties, or what was left of them, that were torn and tattered and barely clinging to one tanned, muscular thigh. He head was down on the mat, causing her rear end to push up towards the ceiling in a lewd and obscene pose. She continued with her barrage of lustful profanities, directed at the large coloured man that was kneeling directly behind her.

Clive was unable to move. His feet were rooted to the spot and his eyes firmly fixed on the sexual display that his deceitful wife and her partner were unwittingly putting on for him. The black man seemed huge. Not just his penis, although Clive could only see the half that was not inside his wife’s hot cunt, but his entire body. His arms and legs were thick and rippled with well defined muscles. His butt was tight and seemed to leap with every thrust that he made into the seemingly tiny woman in front of him. As his strokes sped up, Clive türkçe bahis was able to see more of his cock as he withdrew almost to the entrance of Maxine’s pussy, and then drove back in again. His cock too, was massive. Clive judged at least 11″ of solid black meat. With a shock, Clive realised that he was forming an uncomfortable erection within his own trousers and had to use his hand to adjust himself into a more agreeable position. As he did so, he could not help but give his cockhead a small squeeze.

As Clive looked again through the crack, he could see that his wife was quickly building towards an orgasm. Her partner was thrusting his huge weapon deeply into her vagina, increasing the tempo as she herself, reached back between her legs and began to furiously caress her hard clitoris and exposed, wet pussy lips. Faster and faster the stranger pumped his cock, until, with a cry of sexual satisfaction, that Clive realised he had rarely heard from her lips, Maxine’s whole body burst into orgasm, accompanied with a veritable explosion of verbal obscenities.

Maxine collapsed face down on the mat. Her large, full breasts squashed under her giving them a strange flattened appearance. She was gasping and trying to get her erratic breathing back under control. Clive thought that the display was probably over and was preparing to make himself scarce. He was in no mood for a confrontation now. Besides which, his own cock was painfully hard and in some need of relief. As he was about to turn away and make his escape, Clive saw the stranger’s cock slide out of Maxine’s pussy. His estimation on size had been accurate. A long, thick example of solid manhood, complimented by two huge balls. As the stranger knelt back and began slowly stroking the monster, it became obvious that this display would not be over until he had cum as well.

“Come on baby, your turn now. Blow it for me!” He muttered at the rapidly recovering woman.

“I got a better idea, I want you to do me in the ass, ok?” she replied.

The stranger looked a little surprised.

“You sure, honey? Ain’t too many girls can take this black meat up their back door, you know!” he said with a grin.

Maxine turned on her bitchy voice. “Oh I’m sure, all right. You ain’t that big lover!…now, stuff that juicy black rod up my ass, before I cut it off and do it my fucking self!”

There now seemed to be a battle of wills, as the stranger paced a big meaty hand directly on to her butt and pushed her down keeping her firmly in place. Spreading her legs roughly with the other hand, Clive watched him push three long fingers deep into her pussy.

“God, your snatch is so wet baby! Just what I need to lube up my big black cock.”

“Mmm oh yes..fuck me with it you bastard!..just fuck my ass…I need it so bad!”

Clive looked on as the stranger began slowly güvenilir bahis siteleri lubing the enormous mushroom head with Maxine’s pussy fluid, and could not resist another squeeze of his own cock. He was so hard himself. Without thinking, Clive quickly and silently unzipped his trousers and hauled his cock out. He looked down at the throbbing hardness in his hand and gripped the shaft. It was no match for the strangers cock, he knew that. He also knew that Maxine was lost to him now. He tried to feel sadness, but was only acutely aware of his own sexual need. Hell, he thought, If she was going to screw another guy, then he was going to get something out of it as well!!

As Clive silently stroked his own erection, he watched the stranger prepare to take his wife’s anal passage. Slowly he positioned himself between Maxine’s obscenely spread legs. With one hand guiding his monstrous prick, he used the other to pin her small body effortlessly to the floor. Holding her in position he started to work his slick penis between her buttocks and into her tight anal opening. Clive’s own hand was flying up and down his own cock as he watched the huge cockhead disappear slowly but surely into his wife’s asshole. The air was thick with noise again as Maxine screamed obscenity after obscenity at the stranger, calling him every name under the sun as he mercilessly continued to sink into her tight anus and build up a quickening rhythm.

Clive was excited beyond words now. His head was spinning, as he realised that he had been holding his breath. His lungs felt fit to burst, but he needed just a little longer…just a little more..as yes..oh..yes…YESSS…his cock exploded into his hand sending his cum leaping into the air and splashing silently onto the thick carpet. He had to stuff his fist into his mouth to keep from shouting as he exhaled deeply and refilled his lungs as quietly as he could. With his cock hanging wet and limp from his fly, he looked back into the room just in time to see the stranger lunge his full weight and strength into Maxine, and release a gallon of his hot cum directly into her asshole.

As he continued to steam hammer his length in and out of the abused hole, Clive could clearly see bubbles of white, sticky semen, emerge from the seal that her ass had made around his shaft. Clive had never seen such a sight. He had always considered anal sex to be, frankly, a little dirty. The display that he had just witnessed had done nothing to dispel those opinions, but it had also excited him beyond his wildest dreams. He knew that soon, very very soon, he would have to experience that for himself. But he also knew that it would not be with Maxine.

As the couple collapsed, exhausted on the mat, Clive made his way quietly down the stairs, out of the door and out of his wife’s life forever.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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