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An Anal Tease

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An Anal TeaseIt was early days and they were in bed. After a lot of kissing and teasing especially of her ample breasts and her nipples like pencil erasers, he had been kissing her pussy when she came suddenly to the surprise of both of them it seemed. Moving forward they resumed kissing when she announced that she wanted him inside. As he moved to enter her, she said, “This way,” turning as she got onto her knees and elbows. Happily he went behind her spending no little time enjoying the sight of her ass spread wide and her pussy in open invitation. After a while she said “You like?” Oh yeah! After sliding into her slowly he paused to relish the feel of her and the satisfaction of being deep inside her. As he was about to withdraw, she said to go slowly which he did. From his vantage he studied her shoulders and back then her hips and finally her puckered little anus which seemed especially inviting. Still slowly fucking he gathered some of her moisture from his cock and circled her anus to her vocal pleasure. Gradually he began to stroke its entirety. Thus occupied in his slow fuck of her and the pleasing feel of her anus to his fingers he was pulled from his reverie, “I don’t want you to come this way…” Ok. Finally she said to “come here” which he did.As they lay holding each other kissing for a time she withdrew saying that canlı bahis she wanted to suck him and to lie down. Hardly averse to the idea, he did as instructed, and she did as promised. She was a most enthusiastic practitioner of the oral arts and soon had him coming. Rejoining his spent self, she held him until he moved around to her crotch and proceeded to kiss as before when he was struck with a sudden desire. Rising to kneel between her legs, he looked into her eyes as his hands went to her cheeks and opened them further. Only then did he leave her eyes and look for a time at her anus before looking into her eyes again noting with immense satisfaction her deep blush. He held her eyes a moment or so longer before letting go and again looking at her anus which rewarded him with a wink. Looking up he noted again her deep blush and smiled. She put her hands on his arms to pull him toward her. With some reluctance he relinquished his position. While he lay beside her she asked quietly, “Are you going to show me yours?” To which he responded “What?” Thinking that he hadn’t heard her she said again “are you gonna show me yours?” His ‘what’ was met with a curious look. Then she said “you know…” At that he expressed denial and said she’d have to be more clear. Exasperatedly but quietly she said, “Are you going to show me your asshole?” bahis siteleri For sheer pleasure he made her repeat her query, then paused as in deliberation before replying, “If you like” before kissing her long and deeply as his hand reached for her depths and began to stroke her. When they broke from the kiss she said “Well…?” To which he replied “well what?” Becoming irritated with the game as her excitement seemed to be building if slowly, she said a bit breathily “you know…” At that he looked puzzled and told her that she’d have to make herself clear as he certainly wasn’t inclined to guess. All the while his fingers were tracing the path from her clit to her entrance and returning. Quietly, huskily and blushing deeply she said, “Are you going to show me your asshole?” He repeated his earlier reply—“if you like”—and kissed her as his fingers played more concertedly on, in her. As she began to moan her breath became quicker, but she pulled away and demanded that he “show me your asshole.” At this point whether her color was blush or excitement was subject to debate, but sighing he turned, placing his knees on either side of her shoulders, straddled her and began to kiss her pussy (happy that she couldn’t see his complexion). “Satisfied?” he murmured into her. She whimpered a yes as he continued to enjoy her lovely güvenilir bahis wet recesses. Then she touched him sending a shock the length of him before asking if that was ok. Of course it was and he murmured his assent. She began to writhe and asked him whether he wanted to fuck her ass. He had to pause to make that desire emphatic, unequivocal at which she exhaled sharply. Unfortunately he could not see her face to know, but he was sure that it was a deep hue. Then she said, “Can I…fuck yours?” This time he wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly and asked that she repeat it. Thinking it was the same game she asked haltingly, “Can I…fuck…your asshole?” Clearly she was becoming more excited possibly as much by her conversation as by his kissing, but he licked her clit more deliberately and over it before pausing to say, “If you like.” Her breath coming faster as she writhed and her pelvis jerked, she said “I do like” to which he said suppressing a laugh with difficulty “like what?” She groaned and squirmed and in a rush said, “I want to fuck your asshole!…..I want to….fuuuuck….you…FUCK!!!” and came wrapping his head tightly between her strong thighs while bucking for what seemed like minutes. For what it’s worth, the term she used was one of a very few that he simply did not use. It didn’t offend him especially given its long and continued popularity, but he was not comfortable with it. On the other hand, hearing her say it, making her say it, the word carried on her voice was music, magic and lust…and he fucked her like the b**st she’d made him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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