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An Item Off My Bucket List

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I first met Anna at a massage parlour over ten years ago.

Since then we have become close friends. I know you are probably thinking I am fooling myself. That I am just her client.

How do any of us know how others think of us? Especially when it comes to sex. How do the rich or famous men know if the attractive woman in their bed would still be there if they were not rich, famous or powerful?

Anna is an attractive young woman in face body and personality so I know for a fact that she would not be in my bed based on my sense of humour or my one physical asset my cyclist’s legs.

I believe that all longstanding relationships are based on a balance of each person giving and receiving what they each need. She lives alone and has a daughter at University so I still give her money whenever we meet but it’s no longer based on a rate per hour.

Over time we became friends bonding by having similar values, sense of humour, taste in music and sex. We have supported each other emotionally too when negative things happen which to me is the mark of true friendship.

All the above is just setting the scene to my story.


We were lying together, Anna in the afterglow of her orgasm. I enjoy giving pleasure as much as receiving it. I love to tease with lots of foreplay so that her orgasm when it comes is powerful. I especially love going down on her, to feel that power as she clamps her thighs tightly around my head when she comes.

“That was amazing!” She sighed.

“I thought you were faking,” I joked, “I fake all mine.”

“Yeah, is that so? I admit you have me fooled, especially when I can feel the fake pulsations of your dick pumping my mouth with what definitely tastes like real cum.”

“I often wonder how many women enjoy giving BJs and if it turns them on in the way it does for us men when we lick pussy?”

“For me it depends on who I’m giving a blowjob to. I definitely love pleasuring you because of the relationship we have and because I know how much you appreciate it, so I get pleasure from pleasing you. I definitely don’t like it when clients want to grab my head and fuck my face, ramming their dicks down my throat.”

“Yes but does it turn you on?”

“Yes, but to what extent depends on things like have I just come from your ‘ladies first’ clit licking or if I’m anticipating us fucking? I definitely love a 69 as you well know.”

“What about your friends do you women talk about such things?”

“It varies quite a lot. Partly I think because lots of men expect to get blown without returning the favour. My Paula told me that Carlos never goes down on her despite all the blowjobs she gives him.”

“What a selfish fucker, literally! He doesn’t know what he’s missing. Maybe you should send your sister to me.”

“Actually they have just split up, which was a difficult decision for her especially with their two kids to raise.”

“Was it because of the poor sex?”

“Not really, although I don’t suppose it helped. The main reason was the way he controlled her life. Wanting to always know where she was going and who she was meeting. Always checking up on her and accusing her of cheating on him.”

“He sounds very insecure, maybe because he knew he was not satisfying her sexually he assumed she must be getting it elsewhere.” Changing to a non serious tone I added, “Whilst I on the other hand, I know YOU ARE getting it elsewhere.”

“True, very true, but as the song goes, ‘Nobody does it better.’ Although there’s lots of men I have yet to SAMPLE.”

“Good luck with that Lovely! I’ve spent years studying what you like. It would be my ‘specialist subject’ on Mastermind. Nobody knows you better!”

“The thing is my sister was always a confident, fun loving, friendly person who made friends easily. It was probably what atracted him. That, and her cleavage. But as soon as he moved in he set about destroying her self confidence.”


Anna had obviously been processing this in her head because she suddenly came out with, “You know when I told you about Paula splitting with Carlos?”

“Yep, you told me he didn’t like to go muff diving.”

“She’s really depressed, needs something to raise her spirits. With your training and your caring magical touch I’m wondering if you would give her a massage?”

“Of course I will love. Are you thinking of relaxing Swedish massage or something more sensual?”

“She certainly needs some pleasure in her life, but no, just a relaxing one, doubt bahis şirketleri she would be open to anything more.”

“Just her sister that’s gagging for it then?” Her reply was non verbal. A punch in my arm!

We arranged a day and time and Anna and I went along to Paula’s house. Anna introduced me as her masseur and chatted to Paula while I set up the massage table and put on my therapist’s white jacket.

I explained to Paula that I would leave her to undress and then to lie face down and cover herself with a towel.

“Do I have to be completely naked or can I leave my panties on?”

“It’s easier for me if I don’t have to work around clothes. However in order to fully benefit from my massage you need to feel safe. So if you feel you can relax and therefore better receive the massage then just undress down to bra and panties. Either way I will cover your sexy bits with a towel.”

I left her to undress and chatted next door with Anna.

I put relaxing music on my iPhone fed through a bluetooth speaker and commenced the massage. She seemed tense initially but after a while started to relax. I started massaging her back with long firm strokes and then onto her legs. As my hands got to the top of her thighs I noted she had removed her panties.

“Is it okay if I massage your bum too?”

“Yes sure, my glutes are just muscles, why miss them out? It all feels wonderful, it’s years since I’ve had a massage.”

I could tell by her sighs and little murmurings that she was enjoying it.

She has a shapely body, similar to Anna’s but the fascination is seeing the subtle differences that makes us unique. Not just visual differences but differences In responses and personalities. Paula seemed quieter but hardly surprising since we had only just met and it must have taken courage to be naked with a man and trust in her sisters recommendation.

I put a towel over her and asked her to turn onto her back, holding the towel as she did so. I folded the towel down to expose her shoulders and applying more oil I massaged them along with her neck and arms.

“Some of my clients like me to massage their chests,” I said, “While it’s not part of a normal massage, your breasts are part of your body so I am happy to include it.”

Her reply was pointed. “I know as a masseur you are here to provide a relaxing and pleasurable massage for me but if you start touching and looking at my boobs I am wondering if its for your benefit not mine?”

“I am a heterosexual man so I cannot deny that I get pleasure from massaging all your body but I can assure you that my focus is on your pleasure not personal gratification. I do remain professional and this is why I always ask clients permission.”

“Ok then, sorry to question your motives but its difficult to think of boobs as anything other than something men stare at or grope.”

“No need to apologise, l think in any profession if you enjoy your work it shows. Try to think of your boobs as objects that can giving you pleasure. However but if at any stage if you are not feeling comfortable do not hesitate, just speak up.”

So I folded the towel down to her lower tummy and standing at her head I started with long sweeping strokes down between her boobs down to her tummy then hips, waist and back up around the sides of her breast to her neck.

She seemed to be tense and nervous so continued in this way until I could feel her relax. Gradually I included a gentle breast massage as my hands moved down her body and again as I moved up.

Her breathing got deeper and faster and her large nipples became erect. Suddenly tears came to her eyes. “What’s wrong Paula, should I stop?”

“No it feels wonderful, I’m sorry it just came over me.”

“Don’t be and don’t hold back. Massage often unlocks suppressed emotions.” With this the flood gates opened, I hugged her until her sobbing stopped.

“Do you want to stop?” I said, giving her a tissue for her tears.

“No I’ll be ok now, sorry I’m not normally a weepy woman.”

I covered up her upper body and finished the massage on her legs and left her to get dressed.


Two weeks later Anna asked if I would be willing to massage her sister again.

It was similar to the first time except I spent more time massaging her bum and let my fingers brush against her pussy lips while massaging her legs. Her breathing and sighs let me know this was welcome.

After turning over onto her back I followed the same pattern as last time. Finished her leg bahis firmaları massage, covered her with the towel and moved to the side ready to finish with one hand on her tummy and the other on her chest.

“Thank you Simon, that was fantastic; however,” pulling the towel up to reveal her shaved pussy, “You missed a bit.”

“So I did, how remiss of me. A very important bit too, packed with pleasure inducing nerve endings.”

I stroked down her body and when my fingers danced over her pussy she parted her thighs. I stroked her inner thighs and brushed across her pussy lips. She sighed and stretched her arms over her head and lifted her hips arching her back.

Suddenly I felt her hand rubbing the bulge in my joggers.

It felt so good and was so unexpected that my excitement built and my breath quickened. At first I said nothing and tried to concentrate on pleasuring her. Made even harder by massaging her breasts with my left hand and at the same time running the fingers of my right between her pussy lips. I then lent forward parting her legs with my hands and planting a kiss on her clit. She gasped loudly and her hips jumped as if I had given her an electric shock. Then it was my turn to gasp as she plunged her hand down the waist band of joggers and pants and grasped my dick firmly wanking it. Each down stroke retracted my foreskin exposing my penis head then covered by it again on the up stroke.

What I desperately wanted to do was to pull my pants down and offer my penis up to her beautiful face. I will never know if Paula would have accepted the invitation and taken my penis into her warm wet mouth, because the small part of my brain that was still not controlled by my dick made me move it out of her reach while I still possessed the will power.

“This is for your pleasure Paula not mine,” I said without conviction.

“I want to, let me give you pleasure too,” she replied.

Again the battle between good and lust it was a close fought contest but the killjoy part of my nature prevailed. It’s argument being that Paula was still vulnerable and needed to see that not all men are selfish lovers.

I also realised that I was likely to cum quickly and unless she was one of the rare women, a cum swallower, then after the clean and up her passion would have most likely subsided.

“I do really appreciate that Paula and I was loving your touch, but I need to retain control and I think it is really important that you just focus on receiving not giving at this time.”

To keep my dick out of temptations way I moved down to her feet.

I stroked her thighs again then pulling them towards me I placed my tongue on the area between bum hole and vagina moving the tip side to side before flattening my tongue and very slowly moving up her pussy lips to her clit. After a few repetitions she was getting more and more aroused starting to move her hips and moaning so loudly that Anna must have heard her above the background music. As I sensed her orgasm approaching I concentrated on licking her clit up, down and across its tiny shaft. Suddenly she put both hands on my head pressing it down hard into her pussy as orgasmic spasms consumed her. She clamped her thighs around my head. I had a hand on each buttock squeezing lifting as I held on for the ride.

She had one of the whole body orgasms that had many, many spasms. A few times I thought her orgasms had run out of steam when she was suddenly hit with more. It was one of those wish I was a woman moments. Although in truth I couldn’t cope with periods, makeup and relying on men for good sex. I would have be lesbian or at the very least bisexual.

Finally she was spent.

“Just lie still Paula,” I told her, “no rush, bask in the afterglow.” I gently stroked up and down her body before covering her up with a large towel. Finally standing behind her I gently massaged her head.

“That was incredible, thank you so much, no wonder Anna recommended your massage.”

“My pleasure Paula,” and it was. “I will leave you to get dressed”

“Can you ask Anna to join me?” she said


I went through to see Anna smiling broadly. “Wow,” she said

I put my arms around her giving her a big hug and a lingering kiss.

“Are you okay, Anna? it must have been weird wondering what was going on.”

“Yes it was, in fact I found it a turn on. It was weird though, knowing it was my big sister who was doing the moaning.”

“What about the fact that it was me giving her an orgasm?”

“If I am being kaçak bahis siteleri honest the big green jealousy monster did make a brief appearance but I reminded myself it was my idea, and I would not trust another man with my sister’s wellbeing.” I didn’t tell her how close I came to betraying her trust in me.

“She’s getting dressed, she wants you by the way.”

“Probably needs help fixing her hair,” said Anna.

“Yes, gave her a scalp massage to finish so probably messed it up.”

Anna went to sister and I took my therapist’s jacket off and sat on the couch sipping coffee.

Having grown up with a mother and two sisters I was accustomed to waiting for women, so it came as no surprise that they didn’t appear for another twenty minutes.

When they did finally apear though they had a very pleasant surprise for me!

“Anna says you won’t take any money for my massage?” Said Paula.

“That’s right, she is a friend and besides I enjoyed it. You have a great body you obviously work out.”

“We both think you deserve something. Can you guess what’s the perfect last minute gift idea for a man?” Anna said.


“Not even close, it’s a blowjob, and we’ve decided it’s your reward,” said Anna.

“From both of us!” Added Paula.

I could feel my penis swelling and this time the goodie goodie killjoy voice in my head had no counter argument.

They must have been talking about this in the other room and planning how to do it because they were so coordinated.

“Stand up,” they commanded. As I did so they both dropped to their knees and took one side of my joggers and my boxers, sliding them down to my ankles. I moaned with pleasure as I felt and watched both their tongues sliding up my shaft of my already erect penis. Then the ecstasy of two moist silky tongues licking its head.

Anna knew this was an item on my bucket list, to have my dick licked by two women simultaneously. One I thought would never happen. Which made the gesture more special and also what made my control harder.

“Sit!” Anna ordered. I was happy to comply because my legs had turned to jelly. Still coordinated they removed my trainers, socks, joggers and boxers from around my ankles. As I lay back on the couch they spread my legs and each kissed an inner thigh starting at my knees and ended by licking and then sucking a testicle. I can only describe what followed in such detail because despite fighting the urge to cum I was determined to commit to memory and savour each blissful moment. The feel of their tongues on my penis’s shaft, then kissing each side moving up to its head, then their lips doing the same. Teasing and building until the glorious incredible bliss of Anna enveloping me in her warm wet mouth while Paula licked and sucked my balls. Then they swapped over.

The sight was amazing, but even if I had my eyes closed I would still have known whose mouth it was. I was so used to Anna’s sensuous technique but Paula’s was new to me. Which made it so arousing to feel one mouth leave my penis immediately replaced with a different one. Now one sucking my dick and the other kissing my lips. Even though they were both fully dressed it still felt good to squeeze the boobs of whoever was kissing me.

It was as if they were competing to see who could make me cum.

In the end my penis was in Paula’s mouth when I could no longer hold back my orgasm or for that matter wanted to. However it was impossible to tell if it was Paula’s mouth on my cock or Anna’s passionate kisses that triggered my orgasm.

” I ‘m coming!” I cried in warning, but Paula instead of pulling away, stopped sucking and flicked her tongue gently over my now gushing penis as I pumped my cum into her mouth. At the same time she milked my cum by gripping the base of it and moving slowly up before releasing and then repeating until my spasms stopped.

Anna continued her long kiss before smiling at her sister who had her mouth closed which clearly meant it was still full of my cum. Then they did something I had only ever seen in porn. They cum swapped!

I know for Anna and most probably Paula too, this act was for my pleasure and knowing that was so grateful to them.

Paula opened her mouth slowly leaving a gap between her mouth and Anna’s, so I could see all my slimy cum falling into her sister’s open mouth.

Paula then kissed her sister before finally they both kissed me, with the pungent taste of my cum on their lips.

So that’s how I was able to tick an item from my bucket list. Weeks later they fulfilled another of my erotic fantasies that I’ll maybe tell you about another time. I might even get Anna to describe to you of one from her list that she invited me to take part in.


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