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Anal Alan

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Anal AlanI was sitting by the phone and hoping that Alan would call me. The phone rang and as I picked it up i noticed that it was from Alan. I said ” Hello “. I heard Alan on the other end say that he got the package that I sent him. I asked him the put it on and meet me at the park in one hour. He said okay and then i hung up.I freshened up because4 i knew what will be happening this afternoon. I jumped i the car and drove to the park. I backed in and waited for Alan. There he was and he pulled in next to me. He got out and I went over to give him and big hug and a kiss. As I was standing next to him I felt the bulge of his cock in his pants. I asked if he wore my gift. He was blushing and said that he had it on. I grabbed his hand and said ‘ lets find some secluded spot.I led him to an old road that leads up to a lookout. Nobody ever goes up there anymore. I looked down at his crotch and his cock outline was so big. After 15 minutes of walking we found a nice spot to sit down. There was an old tree that had fallen and we mecidiyeköy escort laid up against it. I got up in front of him and asked if i could see my gift. He was so red but said yes. I undid his belt buckle and undid his pants. I then pulled down his zipper. I could see that he did wear them and his cock was so hard and big. I Lower his pants and let them fall as i raised his shirt.There he was standing there wearing my pink satin panties. I asked how they felt? Very good he said. They must feel okay because your cock is so big and wet. I asked ” Can I suck it. “. He didn’t even say yes before his hand was pushing my head down to his cock. I got on my knees and played with his cock through my panties. He was so rock hard. I slide his cock out thru a leg hole and when it flipped up it went right in my mouth. I started to suck his cock. It was so warm and wet with his precum coming out of his cockhead. It seemed so much bigger than the last time. It filled my mouth. His hand guided my head as i sucked his cock. mecidiyeköy escort bayan deeper letting his cock in my mouth. I wanted more the just sucking his cock today.As I sucked him. I was taking my pants off. I also had on a pair of pink panties. When I had my clothes off, I looked up at him. He knew what I wanted. I bent down on the ground and waited for him to come up behind me. he put his knees inside of my legs. I felt his cock next to my pussy. He moved in and his cock went right in. He was so big today. He moved in slowly letting his cock enter me. I pushed back to meet him. It didn’t take long before he was fucking me from behind. As I lay there i could see his cock coming out of the leg hole of my panties he was wearing. He knew how to fuck a woman. His cock was buried in my throbbing pussy. Oh Alan Fuck me good Baby.He was fucking my pussy with every stroke of his cock. I heard his breathing begin to labor. I knew that he was getting close to shooting his cum in me. I put my hand back around şişli escort bayan me and slowed him down. As he was pulling out i grabbed his cock and placed his cockhead right at my asshole. It was already wet from him fucking me. He added a little pressure and his cock slowly entered my ass. I relaxed as I felt his cock enter me. He grabbed my hips and gently pulled them towards him. I pushed back as he thrust ed forward. Soon his whole cock was in my ass.I turned and told him to shoot his cum up me ass. He smiled and then fucked my ass. As he fucked me I reached under my body and started to fingers my pussy. I wanted to cum with him. As he fucked me and I fingered myself I heard him. He was about to cum. I fingered harder and pushed my ass against his cock. Within a minute, His cock was unloading his hot load up my ass. I started to cum as he did. My fingers were soaking wet with my cum. He pumped and pumped his cock in my ass. I closed me asshole as best i could so as to keep his cum inside me. I could feel that he unloaded a big load of hot cum.I stood up and pulled up my panties so as not to lose any of his load. I turned and licked his cock off and swallowed whatever was left. As we left and walked back. I asked ” did you have fun? “He smiled and said” When do I get my next package? “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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