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Anal DepositoryAfter visiting a few public toilets known for certain sordid activities I decided I wanted to try out a fantasy I had dreamt up a long time ago. Basically the whole idea is that my ass is a depository for any man who wants to pound my ass a fill it with their cum. I wanted as much cum aspossible and all of this will be done through a glory hole. Over the course of a few weeks I explored numerous toilets around the city known for such activities until I decided on the right one.This particular toilet already had holes in each cubicle and they were at the perfect height. The centre cubicle had holes on either side of it, thus, this was to be my chosen spot. I filled up with excitement at the thought of what my ass had in store for it. During thistime I had also posted on several forums what I had planned to do in order to make sure I had enough cocks to fill me up. I also made a point to anyone wishing to get involved in this that they dont have sex or masturbate for a long as they can before the event so their balls will have enough slippery sperm to ejaculate in to me. The bigger the wads the better. I didnt get a chance to check my inbox until the day beforethe event and I was pleasently surprised. I had well over fifty responces stating that they would turn up for it. The thought of over fifty cocks enetring my backdoor and unloading deep in to my colon nearly sent me in to convulsions. I was exstatic and my cock was rock hard and itstayed hard right up until the event. The day came and I was preped. My ass was clean and shaven and ready to get ploughed. The event was to begin at 9pm so I made my way there earlyenough to set everything up. I set two stools either side of the chosen cubicle. One was poisitioned where I would sit with my ass pressed against the hole and the other was placed on the opposite side for me to rest my elbows so that I could suck cock through the other hole. I posted notices on the door explaining how this is to be done. Those who enter the toilet should queue at the first cubicle. This is where I wouldsuck them off, I wanted to sample each cock before queenbet yeni giriş it pumped my asshole. Then when they were ready, or if I wanted another cock, they would moveto the third cubicle (I was in the middle one) and pump away until they cum. By 8.40 I was positioned and ready to go. The cubicle door was locked and I sat naked with my ass pressed against one side and my head positioned at the other. It was’nt more than five minutes before the first suitor arrived. I heard him walk in and up to the cubicle door. He stood there for a moment, obviously reading the instructions, before shuffling in the the first stall. He approached the hole. All I could see was his crotch as he unzipped his fly and took his penis out. It was semi erect as he placed it through the hole. I licked around the head for a minute as it steadilygrew hard at which time i then swallowed it and tried to fit it as far as i could in to my throat. Once it was all the way in I held it thereand he began to thrust back and forth groaning as he fucked my throat with his hard erect cock. After a minute or so he pulled up his trousers and quickly ran to the third cubicle. I could hear him unzipping again. He paused for a moment and started touching my asshole pressing one his fingers in. Once I could feel his finger deep in my butt I began winking my asshole which I think really turned him on. He positioned his cock right a my brown star and pushed forward. I had already lubed my ass so his hard cock slid easily in to my backdoor pipe. I groaned as he pushed all the way in.He started pumping away really fast. I had to place my hands against the wall to keep my ass pressed against the other wall. He groaned as I could feel his dick start to swell and then his cock poured all of its cum deep in my ass, yummy. He stayed for a couple of seconds before removing his now semi erect cock, pulling up his trouser and leaving. It wasn’t long before the next suitor arrived and all went just the same as the previous one. I now had two loads in my ass. Then another two arrived together. They read the sign but queenbet giriş decided that each one would go both ends at the same time, so there I was sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass through both of the holes. The guy behind me fucked my ass real slow, obviously enjoying every ripple in my sphincter, until he came. Once he was done the other guy ran to my rear and immedialty began pounding really hard and fast until I could feel his hot semen shoot out of his cock and deep in to my asshole. By now I had four creamy loads in my ass and I knew I could not hold on to any more so I just let it dribble out and run down my legs. While I was getting fucked by the last two cocks, I heard more people arrive. I wasn’t sure how many because I was so focussed on sucking hard dick and having my ass pummelled. As soon as the last two had finished I was sucking another cock and I could feel another cock pushing its way in to my ass pipe. From here on in I’ve no idea how many people were coming and going because as soon as I was finished sucking one cock there was another right there for me to deepthroat. My ass was by now taking some serious pounding as cock after cock filled me up with a steady stream of hot cumunloading in to ass. A number of times guys came suddenly as I was sucking them off so I just swallowed as much as I could. It was goin inside me at either end. Other times they would wank themselves off and just aim for my mouth which I kept open ready to catch every last drop. At one point someone had just cum in my ass. They quickly pulled out and shouted give it back to me, so I pushed it back out and I could feel them licking it off as hot cum dribbled out of my ass. For almost fourty minutes straight I took cock in my ass with not no more than a few seconds rest and I must’ve sucked off at least thirty dicks. I had no idea what was goin on outside my cubicle. All I could hear was lots of footsteps, men talking and groaning, and the sound of belts and zippers. Cock after cock appearing in front of me to suck off and as soon as one had ejaculated in to my ass I could queenbet güvenilirmi feel another cock push its way up my backdoor.Every three or four minutes my anal pipe was gettingpumped full of cum. Some could’nt even last a minute before dumping their load. My ass and legs were drenched in cum and a large pool of hot semen began to collect on the floor beneath my ass. Eventually I could hear less and less footsteps and soon everyone had left. It was now 10.15 and I sat there in the cubicle waiting and hoping for just one more cock. After a few minutes I could hear some one walk in. They paused at the toilet and mumbled a bit. They then moved cautiously toward my cubicle door and stood, I think reading the instructions. I think perhaps this was someone, unbeknownst to the preceding events, had innocently stumbled accross this anal depository. I was in for a real treat because this guy immediatly went to the right cucbicle and unzipped, revealing the biggest cock of the day by far. It must’ve been nearly ten inches. He put it through the hole and I beganto kiss and lick this by now rock hard giant dick. I could barely fit it in my mouth let alone deepthroat so after a minute or so slobbering on it I said ‘stick it in my ass’.He then went to the other cubicle and readied his cockzilla and my butt entry point. Slowly he pushed forward and I could feel my anal ring open up and swallow this monster shaft.As he pushed deeper in to my colon I gasped as my entire backpassage filled up with all 9 or so inches or rock hard cock. He then pumped my ass hard and deep smacking his ballsof my perineum. He ploughs my ass for a solid five minutes pushing his mighty dick deep until he started to moan and I knew he was goin to cum. With an almighty heave I felt his cock surge of hot sweet cum shoot through his shaft and deep in to my asshole. It was amazing. Cum oozed out for almost thirty seconds. He slowly slid his meaty cock out of my and cleaned himself up before leaving. I sat there dreched in cum tingling all over. After a while I cleaned myself up and made my way home. By the time I got back my backside was soaked from all the cum leaking out of my ass. For the next three days any time I felt the need for the toilet all that would come out was hot semen, yummy. I knew that monster cock had pushed all that cum so deep it would be a long time before it went anywhere.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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