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This is a story about my new life as a sex toy. Life up to this point wasn’t going all that good for me. For years, I had been in and out of relationships with different women. Nothing ever seemed to work out. We’d have wonderful sex. But nothing ended up permanent I was getting to the point where I figured it was time to make a change. So I decided to start over. I moved several miles from where I had always called home. A new beginning if you will. I found a nice house out in the country. Nice yard with a partial fence around it. After settling in, finding a new job and all. My day to day life was taking shape. I was cautious about who I made friends with. Didn’t want to fall into the same crowd as before. I wanted something different. But really didn’t know what this would be. So, I did spend much of my time alone at home. But, this was alright with me. You see. I love to masturbate and fanaticize about different women and the many sexual desires that we humans have. Some more than others. Being left alone meant for many uninterrupted hours of milking my rod dry. I had always been interested in anal stimulation. When I was a teenager. I explored anal play. But never had excess to the proper items I needed to do it right. So those early years were the fountain of my lust for anal play. But now as I got older. And with the help of the Internet. The world is at my fingertips. Over the last few years. I have gotten a few different toys to play with. So my ass has definitely been getting the attention that it deserves. In case you’re wondering, my name is Dan. I’m in my late thirties, 5 ft – 4in. So a little on the short side. But I’m built like a wrestler. In college, everybody thought I was a wrestler. But I was not. But I do remember that a few women always commented on they liked my “tight little buns.”
Back to my story. After another long workweek. It was finally Saturaday. I thought to myself as I woke up in the morning. “This is awesome! Have the whole day to myself. It will just be me and my dildos.” It was mid August. So it was another hot summer day. So something light and cool to wear was the ticket. That is if I decided to leave the house. Before the first pot of coffee was ready. My mind was already thinking about sex. I reached down and begin playing with my penis. Thoughts starting racing through my mind. As my hand stroked my cock with it’s usual precision. My collection of toys were sitting in the corner. Just begging to be used. One after the other. I thought “man, I hope I have enough lube to make it through the day.” As I laid there on the couch, with my one hand in auto pilot messaging my cock. I started thinking about my sex life. You see, I had only been with women. But I also enjoyed anal sex as well. But, the gay scene was not for me. I always wondered what it would be like to have a real cock in my ass. I had sometimes even considered visiting a gay bar. Just to see if I could “get lucky.” But always chickened out. Because I didn’t want word to get out that I was seen in a place like that. The world can get pretty small when you least want it to. If you know what I mean. I had from time to time watched gay porn on the internet. I love the fucking part. But the thought of all the kissing and other acts that go along with it. Well, just turned me off. Some of you might call me narrow minded. But the fact is. That’s how I feel. So,,,, I just kept fantasizing about having sex with different partners. As I kept stroking my cock thinking about which dildo I was going to lube up first to get my day off to a good start.
About that time, I noticed the mailman deposit my mail into the mailbox. “Damn,” I thought. I was expecting an important letter. I suppose I’d better put on a little something and go get the mail outside. So I found some shorts, no shirt and got the mail. Searching through the letters. I noticed the mailman had left me someone else’s mail. One letter. I looked at the address. I thought, “this must be the next house down the road.” You see, there are just a small amount of houses along the road I live. The next house down was only about an 1/8 of a mile from me. But since I hadn’t lived here that long. I hadn’t meet any of these folks. Never before had an excuse to do so. Plus, I am a little on the shy side. So I’m not one to just go up and introduce myself for no reason. This letter was addressed to someone named Beth. I figured it was only right to made sure this letter go to it’s proper owner. Being only 1/8 of a mile down the road. I decided to walk. As I approached the driveway, I checked to make sure the addresses matched up. They did. I noticed there was only one car in the driveway. I walked up to the door, and nervously rang the doorbell. Being shy, and not knowing who would answer the door. Well, made me wonder if I was doing the right thing. I started thinking, “maybe I should have just left this letter in the mailbox and called it good.” About that time, the sound of barking dog could be heard. Coming from inside the house. “Good, I thought, at least he won’t be coming around the corner of the house. Just to bite me or something.” And he sounded like a fairly big dog too. It was definitely not a Poodle. Then I heard a voice yell at the dog to settle down. Then the door opened. There before my eyes stood a woman. A very nice looking lady. About 6ft- 2. Definitely taller than me. Since I had already started the morning in a horny state of mind. Naturally, I had to check out her figure. Maybe she would be my new fantasy for the day when I got home. She had blonde hair, came down a little below her shoulders. And nicely done. Next, I sized up her breasts. She was wearing a low cut, tight fitting shirt that didn’t even cover her belly button. Her breasts were the perfect size. Not to big, and not to small. Perfect, and they looked very firm. Looking down further. She had long sexy legs, sporting a mini skirt on top to them. “Wow! I thought to myself.” She is definitely going to be my “fuck fantasy” for today. I at that point, all I could think about was getting back home so I could masturbate and think about my newly founded neighbor. I think I must have even gotten a little red in the face. Thinking she could maybe read my mind or something. Because I think I was a little obvious when I was sizing her up. My next thought was, “I wonder if she’s got a nice pussy hiding under that mini skirt?”
Just then, she brought me out of my quick little fantasy and said. “Hi, how can I help you?” Her voice wasn’t what I expected. A little on the deep side. Not the typical sexy woman’s voice a person would expect. I explained to her that our mailman had left a letter addressed to her in my mailbox by mistake. And I was here just to make things right. She said, “Well, isn’t that neighborly of you, how sweet. It’s nice to know there’s still some decently in the world.” Then we introduced ourselves. The usual thing. My name is Dan, her name is Beth etc., etc. Her dog didn’t go unnoticed by me either. He sounded pretty mean when I rang the doorbell. This whole time, he just sat there at attention beside her. Didn’t move an inch. He looked to be about 85-90 lbs. A mixed breed. Maybe German Shepherd crossed with maybe a little Lab and something else. Kind of hard to tell. He looked like a pretty “sturdy” dog none the less. Beth then looked at me and said, “boy, sure is hot outside today isn’t it.” I said, “yes it is.” That’s when I realized I hadn’t put on a shirt before I left home. I then apologized for not wearing the proper attire. Beth didn’t seem to mind one bit. She said, “I don’t blame you, with this heat, I wouldn’t wear a top either if I could poker oyna get away with it.” I then thought to myself, well, nobody’s stopping you. But I guess that’s beside the point. Beth then suddenly said, “Well where’s my manners. This is my dog Max. He’s my companion. He keeps me from getting lonely at night.” I then asked her, “don’t you have a family?” Beth said, “no, I just live by myself.” She said, “how about you?” I told her, “same story, no family, but at least you have a dog to keep you company.” Beth than said, “sounds like we have a little something in common don’t we.” I agreed. Beth than said, “Say, I know it’s only 10:00 in the morning, but it’s a hot day outside, it’s Saturday, and I don’t have to work today. And I’m assuming you don’t either. Would you be interested in a cold beer? It’s the least I can do for your kindness.” I told her that sounded great, I love beer.
With that, Beth invited me in. As she turned around to go get our beers. I naturally couldn’t but help notice her backside. Those nice long toned legs going up inside that mini skirt. And a sporting a nice ass to boot! Her ass looked so nice and firm. Just like mine. I stood there and watched her go into the kitchen to get our beers. I started to fantasize again, wondering how tight her little asshole would be. I had another quick fantasy about bending her over, lifting up that mini skirt, and then driving my cock right up that tight little ass of hers. I snapped out of my fantasy as Beth entered the living room again. Beth handed me my beer and said, “We might as well sit down and relax. Since we’re neighbors, we might as well get to know eachother better.” “Sounds like a got idea to me,” I replied. Beth sat down on the sofa. And I picked another chair across the room. Thinking to myself. I want to get a good view of her. I just knew that once I got back home. I would be thinking about her. While jerking off my manhood. I wanted to take it all in.
We had a nice visit, Beth informed me that she to came to the area to start over again with her life. And she was so happy to know she had a nice neighbor just down the road. Just in case she ever needed anything. I rest assured her that if she ever needed something. Anything at all, I’d be there to help her out. About that time. I noticed that her dog Max was lying on the floor. Licking himself, just like dogs do. I couldn’t help but notice that his red pointy dog boner was sticking out of it’s sheath a couple of inches. I didn’t say anything about it. But I noticed that Beth was sneaking a couple of quick peaks in Max’s direction too. We kept on with our little visit. Beth would sneak a peak at Max’s boner every chance she could. And me, sneaking a peak at her sexy body every chance I could. Than I noticed that her nipples were starting to poke right through that low cut shirt she was wearing. They looked to be ¾” long. Firm and hard, just like her breasts. Wow, what a sight I thought to myself. Then all of a sudden, Max got up, walked over to me, and sat down on the floor. Just looking at me with “puppy dog eyes.” And his boner was sticking out 3-4 inches now! I tried not to pay much attention to it all. I finished my beer. Beth finished hers. And I all I could think about was that hot body of hers. Wishing that I could have my way with it. But I knew, this was a pipe dream. Why would she want to have sex with me I kept thinking. I might as well go home and continue with my fantasy in private like usual. Beth then said, “Boy, we finished those beers in no time flat. Good thing I stocked up yesterday. Will you stay for another Dan?” “Yes, I’ll stay for another” I told her. This would give me more time to admire that hot body of hers. My imagination was starting to go wild. Beth handed me another beer. Max did not move. Just sat there looking at me. Boner and all. Beth sat back down on the couch and we continued our chat.
As I still kept sneaking peaks at those sexy long legs of hers. I just couldn’t help but wonder, how good the merchandise was hiding under that mini skirt. Beth still kept looking at Max’s boner when ever she could. Then, I couldn’t hardly believe my eyes!!!!! Beth’s mini skirt was starting to rise! Right in the crouch area! There was a bugle forming! She tried her best to hide it. But after awhile. It was getting to be very obvious. I thought to myself, “My god, could it be that Beth is a shemale? Cock and all? It would explain her voice.” Now I’m in a ackward sitaution. You see, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a shemale. She could fuck my ass. But when it comes to all the other foreplay. I would be kissing a woman, not a man. But, how do I go about getting my wish? She then asked if I needed another cold one. I instantly said yes! “As long as you have another one too” I told her. Beth’s reply was a simple one, “Yes, I think I’m going to need another beer. There seems to be a lot of excitement in the air.” As she handed me another beer, I noticed that the bugle in her mini skirt had gotten even bigger. I just couldn’t stand it any longer. I finally got up the nerve. “Beth, I just couldn’t help but notice. What’s that big bulge under your skirt that has appeared in the last few minutes? Are you trying to hind something from me?” Beth got really quite. She said,”Well, I guess I do have a little secret. You see, I am a shemale. That’s why I had to move here. Nobody back home would respect me for who I am. You don’t mind to you Dan?” “Not at all” I told her. “Your secret is safe with me” I said. But now, my mind is racing once again. Could it be? Maybe for the first time in my life. One of my fantasy will come true for real? I just had to ask her. “It’s easy to see that your cock can get hard. But are you able to have an organism too? And cum like a regular man?” Her cock got even bigger now. Almost ready to poke out the top of that mini skirt. She replied, “If you keep asking all of these questions, you just might find out first hand what my cock is capable of!” At that moment, I felt my asshole twitch. The thought of real warm cock in my ass. Instead of a cold dildo. It gave me goosebumps just thinking about it. I drank my beer down in an instant. And so did she. Beth looked at me. “I think we need another beer Dan.” I looked at her and said, “I couldn’t agree more. While your getting the next round, I need to pee. Where’s the bathroom?” Beth pointed down the hall as she headed into the kitchen. I got up from my chair. Almost tripped over Max. My mind had gotten so fixated on the Beth’s cock. I had forgotten about Max sitting there in front of me. I started to wonder if the site of Max’s boner sticking out is what turned Beth on. Or was it me? I figured at this point, it didn’t really matter.
I opened the bathroom door. Just to find Beth standing there. I stepped out into the hallway. Suddenly, she pinned me up against the wall. Her reached down and slid one of her hands down the back of shorts. I felt her hand grab a handful of my buttcheek. Since Beth is taller than me. My face was buried deep in between those luscious firm tits of hers. She had me pinned. I couldn’t move. Not that I wanted too. I could feel her cock pressing against my mid section through her mini skirt. As she gave my ass cheek a nice firm squeeze. She asks, “Where to you think your going?” I looked up at her and said, “I’m going wherever you want me to go.” Now the thoughts are again racing through my mind. What’s going to happen to me? I’ve never had a real cock before. But I’ve always wanted to try it. All of those dildos get old after a while. Mainly because they don’t have a mind of their own. But then again, canlı poker oyna a dildo, I have control over. I can control how fast and how deep it goes. When to start, when to stop. If her cock is like mine. It has a mine of it’s own. Who knows what it will think of next? Beth looked at me, “my bedroom is down the hall, that’s where we’re going.”
We entered her bedroom. First thing I noticed was how many pillows she had. Couldn’t help but wonder why she needed all of those pillows. Beth instructed me to stand by the bed. She stood back and started sizing me up. Ordered me to remove my shorts. I quickly did as I was told. After all. She is bigger than me. She then pushed me back onto the bed. There I was naked, on my back. With a sexy shemale looking down at me. I could see her cock was now rock hard. That sexy mini skirt could hardly contain that hard cock of hers. Beth then looked at me and said,”I’ve noticed for the last 3 hours. You couldn’t keep your eyes of my body. Which part do you like best she asked?” I replied, “Well, up until I realized you had a cock. It’s that sexy ass of yours that has my imagination going wild. You see, I have an anal fetish. I love a nice firm ass.” She then turned around, as if she had been reading my mind. She kept those long sexy legs straight as she bent over forward. As she did, her mini skirt started to rise above that succulent firm ass of hers. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I started to wonder if she had this all planned out ahead of time. Maybe she was the one who put that letter in my mailbox? At this point, I didn’t care. All I knew was that someone was going to get their ass fucked. Deep inside I started hoping it was going to be me. Beth was still bent over, legs still straight, she slowly lifted her mini skirt up and over her sexy ass. Exposing the firmest tightest looking ass I had ever seen. She then dropped the mini skirt to the floor and stepped out of it. Then bent over again, put your legs as far apart as she could. Then reached back with both hands and spread both ass cheeks apart. Her balls were just hanging there. Looking like they needed to be drained. Her cock was beautiful. Big mushroom head and all. Her little asshole looked so tight and inviting. It was just begging to be fucked. Then reality hit me. As turned on as I was. I realized that her hard cock would more than likely be in my ass sooner than I think. I started to wonder if it would fit into my tiny asshole. Her cock was around 9” long and around 2” thick. I had a dildo almost that size that I used fairly often. It fit, but was a little shorter than her cock. Beth suddenly asked, “So, do you like what you see? Does my little asshole look tight enough for you?” Now my cock was getting rock hard also. It is only 8” long, but is almost 2 ½” thick. I’ve tried to have anal sex with the other woman in my past. But none of them could fit my girthly cock. Now I was looking at Beth’s tiny little hole. Somehow, deep in my mind, I just knew that she would be able to take me. After all, she’s a shemale. She must have experience with anal sex.
Beth then looked at me and said, “It’s time, hell with the foreplay, let’s just do it. And since your already waiting in bed. You must want some cock real bad.” Beth then ordered me to rollover and get my little ass in the air. I quickly did as I was told. The anticipation of having a real cock in my ass was driving me wild. I rested my head on my arms. Ass in the air, just waiting for the assfucking I was about to receive. She then spread my legs apart to give her total access to my waiting love hole. She rubbed my cock. As she held my now stiff cock in her hands. Beth said,” Wow, it’s like we’re almost twins! You’re going to really give me a run for my money. But not yet, first it’s your turn. She reached into the nightstand and brought out a large tube of lube. Thank god I thought to myself. Before I knew it. She was lubing up my spinckter slowly inserting one finger. Then two, then three. She leaned forward and said, “I promise I’ll go slow and gentle. I want you to enjoy this.” I replied with a thank you. I could feel her getting lined up behind me. I looked in-between my legs. All my eyes could see was that 9” cock of hers lining up to impale my tight little ass. Soon, I felt that big mushroom head pushing against my ass. I knew from experience with my dildos. It’s best to relax and “open up” your asshole. As I did this Beth slowly pushed her steel rod past the first ring on my spincter. “Oh,,,!” She said, “you are tighter than you look.” This is going to be a treat fucking you!” Slowly her cock made it’s way in. A couple inches in, she held it there. Then pulled out. In again, slowly, half way this time. Then back out again. She kept her word, went slow and gentle until all 9” were in. Damn she is good I thought. This feels better than I ever imagined! This went on for 20 minutes. She once again, pushed her big cock all the way up my ass then stopped. Soon, I felt her warm breath on the back of my neck. Then, she started nippbling on my ear. “Oh My God, she found my weakness!” I thought to myself. I was so turned on at this point. She kept pushing and pushing. Making sure every millimeter of her cock was buried in me. She started gyrated her hips and grinding her love stick into my ass. She then softly whispered in my hear, “Remember I said I would go slow and easy? Well,,,, “I lied.” I quickly turned my head around and looked her in the eye. “What do you mean you lied?” Her voiced suddenly got a commanding tone. “Your ready, so you had better brace yourself for what’s coming next” she said. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” Long, hard, and fast. You’ll be screaming and begging for me stop. I’m going to pump as much cum into your tight little ass as I can. No matter how long it takes. She says, “Not that you have a choice, so, what do you think of that!” All I knew at this point was this. Her cock felt so, so, so good in my ass. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was wishing she would pick up the pace a little. Because it was feeling so good. I looked at her and simply said, “Go for it.” I barely got the last word out of my mouth. When she pulled her whole cock out of me. Now I felt nothing at all. All of a sudden her cock came slamming into my ass, all 9”. Then out again, then buried it again, all the way. In, out, in, out. I didn’t a person could move their hips that fast. Beth was truly a woman of her words. Damn, she was fucking my ass, and fucking it good! She just kept hammering away. Oh My God!! I cried out! You feel so good in my ass! Don’t stop I begged her! And stop she didn’t. I lost track of time. But I think she kept slamming her cock into me like an out of control jackhammer for almost an hour. I enjoyed at least three anal orgasims. My head was spinning, I had cum leaking from my cock. My asshole felt like it was on fire. But it felt so good! She then stopped her thrusting and pulled out of me. She leaned down to me once again and said, “You’re a hot little bitch aren’t you. I pumped 3 loads of cum up your ass. It makes me wonder how much cum a bitch like you can hold?” That’s when a trickle of cum started leaking out of my tiny hole. Which wasn’t so tiny any more. Not after that reaming.
We were both totally exhausted. Beth laid down beside me. She could hardly catch her breath. Her nipples were standing straight up. Just begging for attention. I looked at that gorgeous cock of hers. The cock that had just been pounding my ass for the last hour. It was soaking wet, and still throbbing. “Damn,” I thought. This is one special lady. I still had my ass up in the air. I was weak from the internet casino pounding I had just received. I fell forward and was lying on my stomach. We snuggled up next to each other. Both smiling, thinking about the awesome fuck session we just had. Beth broke the silence and said, “Boy, I worked up a thirst. I could use another beer. How about you?” “Sounds good” I replied. She stood up and walked out the door. As she did, I just had to turn around and get another look at those long smooth legs of hers. I put my face back into the pillow. It was weird in a way. My ass was still tingling. It almost felt like I could still feel her massive cock going in and out. I was in a world of my own. All I could think about was Beth’s cock in my ass. Her cum was still trickling out. My ass crack was still all wet and gooey Suddenly, the whole bed started to shake. Beth must be back with our beers I thought. All of a sudden, I felt and wet hairy nose spread my ass cheeks apart. I was startled. I looked over my shoulder. There was Max. The beast that he was. He started licking my crack. It felt so good. His long tongue just kept going deeper, and deeper into my ass crack. He soon found my sweet little hole. It felt so good! Without even thinking twice. I reached both hands around my back. And spread both of my ass cheeks apart. As wide as I could. Max didn’t pause for a moment. He kept on licking. I was getting the rim job of my life. His tongue started going in and out of my ass. Like he wanted to swallow every drop of Beth’s cum. I snapped back into reality. “What the hell am I doing?” I thought to myself. He’s a dog. I’ve heard of people playing around with dogs. But I had never given much thought to it other than that. But now, my asshole started to develop a mind of it’s own. It’s like it took over my brain. It was doing my thinking for me now. Max kept on licking. Once again, my ass was getting the attention it deserved. All I could think about was having a hard cock in my ass once again. I needed more cock. I was ready for more. I then noticed Max’s cock was sticking out of it’s shealth again. Just like it was earlier this morning. I started to think, “I wonder if Max would fuck me?” Beth hasn’t returned yet. And I wonder what she would think if she found me fucking her dog. But I was to full of lust to do any kind of logical thinking. All I knew was this. I wanted more cock in my ass. And I want it now! I figured I’d give him a little encouragement. So I reached back and rubbed his red hot little boner. He started humping the air. “Good” I thought. That’s a good sign. I then lifted my ass off the bed. To my delight. Max got the message loud and clear. He instantly mounted me. I felt his hard little boner stabbing away at the top of my ass crack. The thought of his cock finding my asshole. Filled me with overwhelming lust and desire. Then the thought came into my mind. “I wonder how big his cock gets? He’s a big dog. I was pretty sure I could handle the size of his shaft. But, what about his knot? That’s a different story. He’ll maybe rip me apart with it. But I knew, his knot wouldn’t be at full size right away. I figured the best thing to do was to get his whole cock into me a fast as possible. Then suffer the consequences after that. Max was still probing around the top of my ass. I knew he was more than ready. And so was I. The thought of his dog cock slamming into my ass. Made my little asshole tingle once again. My legs started to shake with anticipation. No more time to waste. I want that dog cock in my ass. No matter what! I lifted my ass higher in the air. Arched my back and spread my legs. Totally submiting myself to this beast of a dog. Max wasted no time. I could feel his cock stabbing me. It was only within an inch of finding it’s new home. I shifted my ass a little. Hoping to help his bone find it’s way in. His next thrust found my hole. His cock pierced into my ass ring. But just barely in. Max paused for a quick moment. Then,,,,,,, wham!!! He thrust his cock deep into my waiting ass. “Oh God that feels good” I cried out. Max started pounding away. With each massive thrust. His cock went deeper and deeper. His dog cock started to swell and get bigger and bigger. The bigger it got, the better it felt. I thought “Finally, I’ve got another cock in my ass!” “ That’s it Max I cried out! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! I want your whole cock! And I want it NOW! FUCK ME LIKE I’M YOUR HOT LITTLE BITCH IN HEAT!!!” I felt his partially swollen knot push through my love ring. A wave of pain and pleasure raced through my body. I spread my legs out even farther. My ass was totally exposed for Max. I had completely and fully submitted my tight little ass. For him to use and abuse in any way he wanted. He kept pounding and thrusting as hard, and as fast as he could go. A wave of pleasure raced through my whole body! I relaxed and opened up my asshole as wide as I could go. His knot was now trapped. And I had no intention of letting it go. His knot had now swollen up to full size. My planned had worked! His whole cock, knot and all was in my ass. I squeezed my asshole behind his knot. Squeezing and squeezing, I wanted to milk every drop of cum out of the huge dog cock. Max kept thrusting and thrusting. Like he still had more cock to push into me. Another wave of pleasure went through my body. My legs and knees started to uncontrollably shake. My own cock was hard as a rock. I was jacking myself off as hard and fast as I could go. I felt Max’s cock start to pump it’s hot doggy cum deep into my ass. I squeezed my asshole again. His cock started pumping more cum. With one more stroke of my hand, my cock drained it’s load. We were both cumming together. I almost passed out. My whole body went limp. I was totally spent. Max was spent too. We both collasped onto the bed. His cock still knotted into to me.
Now, I had totally forgotten about Beth. All I could think about was my ass being taken again. The next thing I heard. Was Beth clapping her hands. “ Boy,” she said, “You two really put on a good show!” “I knew if I left the bedroom door open when I went for our beers. Max would find you,” she said. “I was hoping you would let him fuck you.” I replied, “he still is, his knot is still to big to pop out.” I asked her how long she had been watching. She explained to me that it only took her a couple of minutes to get our two beers. She said she basically followed Max into the room. So she watched the whole show. I asked her how long Max and I had been going at it? Over an hour she said. For some reason, I wasn’t ashamed of myself when I heard this. Beth than said, “I just knew, after the pounding I gave your ass. That you would be able to handle Max. I think Max has found himself a new bitch to fuck.” “Oh boy,” I said, “the two of you have fulfilled all of my fantasies. That was unbelievable! I never knew that real cock would feel that good!” Max’s cock suddenly fell out of me. His cum was leaking out of me. I turned to Beth and said, “There is still one fantasy of mine that didn’t get done. I still want to fuck your ass with my 2 ½” cock. That is if you think you can take it.” Beth giggled and said, “Oh yeah, you owe me a damn good assfucking. That’s for sure.And I’m going to hold you to it. But not now, two weeks from now. The anticipation will make it better for the both of us.” “This is true” I said. I got up, and we had another beer. Max was busy licking himself clean.
As I was about to leave. She grabbed me and gave me a nice long kiss. I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of ass cheeks. I told her, “In two weeks, you had better be ready. Because I’m going to take my big thick cock and ream out your ass.” She winked at me. And I headed home. I could barely walk straight. Because of the intense butt fucking I had just received. But I was smiling from ear to ear!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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