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Maria woke up to another warm summer day, alone in her house. She liked being alone, as opposed to being around her husband, who just really didn’t excite her anymore. The sex in their marriage was dismal. Maria was extremely tired of seeing her hairy husband do the same old routine thing of pulling out his rather small penis, having her suck it, and then pumping it in and out of her for 3 minutes until she pretended to have an orgasm so that she could go to sleep.

Things had gotten so bad for Maria, that the only time she got sexual excitement was at home, on the internet. She would log on to different porn sites, looking at pictures of well-hung men.

The men on the porn sites were more like what she wanted. They were men, in the since that they had penises and testicles, however they were not OLD men, like her husband. Maria liked to see guys who looked like teenage boys. Guys who had hairless chests, sexy 6 pack stomachs, and tight asses. Just seeing a simple picture of a man like this could get Maria as wet as she could be, while the simple act of fucking her husband did absolutely nothing for her.

“I deserve a guy that can stimulate me.” Maria thought to herself, as she fixed herself a cup of coffee. And she was right, she did deserve better.

Maria was an attractive woman. She looked a lot better than most women her age. She kept in shape at the local gym, making sure that she did not ever look old. That was what turned Maria off, being old. That is what she hated about her husband. Maria had a sexy dark cinnamon like complexion. She often sunbathed and her body was perfect from it. Her legs were smooth, no ugly stretch marks or nasty cellulite. She had the legs of a swimsuit model. Her ass was plump, round and Maria liked it so much she would sometimes get herself off just by rubbing it. But Maria’s best feature by far were her tits. They were just 2 huge bundles of woman hood that dominated any shirt she wore, and she never liked wearing bras, because she wanted the young sexy guys to see her nipples trying desperately to penetrate her shirt.

Maria began to log on to the internet, so that she could go to her favorite porn site and pleasure herself while looking at pictures of strapping young men, when she caught something out of the corner of her eye.

It was her sexual fantasy, walking right past her window.

A young looking man wearing shorts and a tight white shirt was entering an urban trail that was right next to Maria’s house.

Maria Ankara bayan escort knew then that something was going to have to happen between her and this young man. Since the trail led into the forest, she decided to follow him.

She entered the trail about 50 yards behind him. As they both walked along a long road that led up to the tree covered forest, Maria eyed him. He looked to be about 18 or 19. He had beautiful wavy blonde hair. His skin had a nice, dark tan and his body could be compared to that of a Greek God.

Maria knew she would find a way to have sex with this man, but she didn’t know how, all she knew was that she was going to follow him.

Soon they were both in the forest. Huge pine trees blocked any view anyone may have had of them. This made Maria hot. She saw that the young man came to a stop.

Maria took this opportunity to get herself a better view of him. She ducked down low, and was sure to be quiet as she wondered through a maze of trees and bushes, until she found a safe spot ten feet away from him.

The young man removed his shirt. Maria let out a muffled gasp. His chest was glistening in the sun. It was dark, tan and his pectoral muscles and abs had obviously been worked out daily.

But what Maria saw next was incredible. The attractive young man pulled off his shorts, and then his boxers underneath, and laid down, facing Maria in nothing but his hiking shoes.

Maria felt her pussy become very wet inside from this gorgeous view. She quickly pulled off her own clothes, squatted down and ran her fingers over her clit while staring at the young man’s beautiful dick.

She looked down at her thighs. They were glistening from sweat. The site of such intense arousal aroused her even more and she began to get hot by watching her own beautiful body.

But then she remembered what had gotten her hot in the first place and she looked at the man again.

“Oh my god,” Maria thought to herself. “He’s jacking off. He came up here to be alone while he got himself off!”

And indeed he was stroking his big, fat cock slowly. Sweat was making his big, hanging balls glisten.

Maria stared at the man’s cock, which was definitely bigger than her husband’s and she stopped rubbing her pussy when she realized something.

“There is a reason that I followed this young man up here today and saw this, and I am going to capitalize on it.”

Maria knew her naked body would be enough to turn the man on so Escort bayan Ankara that he would fuck her brains out. So she got up and boldly walked in front of him.

When she first let her presence known, the man was startled. He immediately grabbed his shirt and made a poor attempt to hide his big cock, which was still sticking out form underneath the shirt.

But then he noticed that the woman was naked also. And he furthermore noticed how incredibly sexy she was.

“Can I help out?” Maria asked, with a kinky smile on her face.

“Would you please?” The young man asked.

Without answering Maria walked over to him, took the shirt out of her way, grabbed his thick cock, and began to lightly lick it.

Maria loved the taste of the dick. It was hot, sweaty and deliciously salty. It tasted like sex. Maria was indulging herself.

She kissed the tip of his penis with her voluptuous lips, and then took the shaft into her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled as she slid her wet lips up and down his cock. She knew she was turning him on.

Maria’s chin was lightly rubbing against the man’s balls. She suddenly got very turned on by this and gave the penis her last suck, as she pulled it out of her mouth, she smiled at him again, and then took both of his balls into her mouth and began to lick them and suck them as well.

After about 30 seconds of this the young man piped up and said, “Ms, this is great. I’ve never done anything with an older woman before. I’m only 18. You suck dick so much better than my girlfriend does.”

Maria just smiled and said, “Well, if I can suck your cock better than she can, I imagine I can also ride it better than she can.”

They both smiled. Maria briefly looked down at the young man’s lubricated, stiff dick.

“May I hop on?” Maria asked. “Hop on” The young man replied.

She grabbed the young man’s cock tightly and squatted over it. She slowly slid his fat member inside her moist vagina. She loved the feeling so much. His dick was extremely bigger than her husband’s.

Maria began to slowly hump the young man’s dick. She leaned over and passionately tongue kissed him while she softly humped, and he softly thrust. They continued to make out, but as their kissing got more passionate, the fucking did also. Maria began to bounce up and down, her pussy always encompassing his dick. She slid her slippery, juice filled pussy rapidly up and down his shaft. Then, she had an idea. She stood up, letting Bayan escort Ankara the man’s gorgeous thick cock slide out of her with a sexy wet sound.

“Hey! I didn’t get to come yet!” said the young man.

Maria just smiled. Then she bent over, and spread her legs far apart. She looked at the man through her legs.

“Don’t I have the sexiest ass you’ve ever seen?” She asked him.

“Actually, you really do!” Said the young man in amazement.

“Well,” Maria said seductively, “Would you like to see what it’s like to have my gorgeous fat ass cheeks hugging your cock.”

“Yeah, I would.”

“Well then, why don’t you come over here and cram your dick into my asshole?”

The man walked over shyly. He obviously had never had anal sex before.

“Spread my ass cheeks apart and just put it in. It may take some work, but don’t worry, it’ll get in there.” Maria instructed.

The young man did as he was told. He slid his rock hard dick into Maria’s luscious ass slowly. Finally it was in. The young man started thrusting. Maria braced herself. She had never had a cock as big as this up her butt.

He banged her ass with a passion. Maria let out moans of excitement, pleasure and pain. Her body was rocking. Her entire rectum was filled with the young man’s cock. She was loving every second of it.

Maria took one hand off the tree she was using for balance and stuck her middle finger inside her pussy. Her other fingers grazed the man’s sweaty balls each time they slapped her pussy. Maria’s pleasure was intense.

Maria felt her juices flowing. She took a moment to enjoy what was happening. “I have an 18 year old cock up my 35 year old ass!” she thought.

The young man began to moan from the pleasure he got from having Maria’s tight ass swallowing his dick. His penis began to pulsate and Maria felt it.

The realization that this beautiful, 18 year old, well hung hunk was about to shoot a load of hot cum into her ass sent chills all through Maria’s body. The chills were the precursor to the tingling she then felt. She was having a thunderous orgasm.

Maria came 3 or 4 times, screaming and moaning loudly the whole time. At the same time, the young man was exploding into Maria’s fat ass. Maria could feel the warm sticky fluid engulfing her anus. Finally, the young man’s thrusting slowed down and he pulled his cock out her ass.

Maria was finally satisfied. She loved the fuck she had just gotten from this 18 year old kid. She passionately tongue kissed him a few times more, and then exchanged e-mail addresses with him so they could fuck again.

Maria got home and walked into her bedroom. She fell asleep, dreaming, of an 18 year old dick, up her sexy ass, once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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