Ara 29

Anal Summer Ch. 08

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This story is a work of fiction even though parts of it were inspired by real-life incidents. Any similarity to real people, living or dead, is coincidental. All the characters are 18 years of age or older. Do not read this story if it is illegal to read about explicit sex where you live.

Edited by H.S.


As I entered the walk-in refrigerator in the basement of The Bistro, I was surprised to find Gemma there, and doubly surprised to see that she was topless. She looked amazing! Her ample breasts were dense and perky. The cold air made her brown nipples stand at attention, wrinkled and hardened to their sharpest, pointiest state. Her fit body was taut and her abdomen was flat and defined like that of the athlete she was.

Gemma was not startled at all when I walked in. She seemed to just look up and regard me as she normally would. I made no effort to leave or apologize for intruding on her, and I made no move to exit. I stood there and feasted on her. The vision of her: beautiful, exposed. Gemma started to pinch one of her erect areoles and stick out her tongue in a seductive way.

She slid her other hand up and down over her lower abdomen, then downward to the crotch of her black spandex pants. Gemna’s black leggings were super tight and looked as though they were sprayed on her with an airbrush. The sheen of the material enhanced the features of her fit, swank body.

Gemma began to rub her pussy through her leggings the same way she had done the time I secretly watched her deep throating Big D’s massive prick. As she stroked herself, I could see her middle finger separating the triangular mound of flesh that was her vagina through her spandex. When she started to get really into it, Gemma pulled her hand away away from her cooch and began to squeeze and caress her other breast. There she was, just groping and fondling her youthfully firm c-cup tits with both hands.

I stood there joyfully befuddled by the display of beauty and sex. Gemma’s masturbation through her tightly fitting pants had cause a frontal wedge that was enticing. It left something to the imagination and that somehow made it more erotic. She continued to meet my gaze and slowly ran her hands down from her bosom down her side and rib cage, caressing her ribs, then hips, clearly enjoying the the sensations she was treating herself to.

Finally when her hands reached her hips she rubbed her hips and started to shimmy out of her shiny black spandex. I held my breath, frozen and suspended, in the heart-stopping thrill of the moment. Her clear, dewy smooth skin upholstered her perfect body frame. When her clothes were completely off, I could not keep my eyes away from her smooth, bald cunt. She was completely waxed, shaved, and as hairless as a porn star. I don’t know if it was the cold of the walk-in or her youthful, athletic lifestyle but her vulva seemed taut and tense, the triangle of her pubic area and labia with a straight, rigid slit with just the hint of thin pink pussy lips ever so slightly flared open. “So tell me, Larry, do you like what you see?” she said in a sexy tone that I had never heard from her before.

“Yes, but are you sure we should be doing this?” I nervously answered.

Gemma stood there, seeming to ignore my concern. She reached behind her and balanced herself on stacked boxes of various vegetables. She parted her lovely trim legs and slightly squatted, then slowly and sensually reached down and spread her cunt open. Slow movement, as though putting on a demonstration, she opened her flower with her left hand and then eased the index and middle finger of her right hand to pull up her clitoral hood to stimulate her clit and slide her fingers inside her steaming sex. Her pussy was clean and fresh looking and almost all the same skin tone. Only deeper inside the minor labia did the color of her sex deviate to a light pinkish hue.

“Would you like to come over here and taste this?” she taunted, already knowing the answer, while gesturing to her open, ready twat. Now, full on fingering her joy road as she massaged the outer and inner labia she held open with the forked fingers of her other hand.

I now hungered to go down on her steaming pussy. Her heart rate and breathing started to increase as her enjoyment arose to a higher gear. “Say, where are you keeping the cucumbers down here?” She asked seductively joking and yet serious.

“Um, I think they’re in the second box in on that shelf,” I answered honestly, too off guard to be clever or even take action. Gemma continued to masturbate, and I made a move to the shelf on the other side of the walk in , because when your boss wants you to fuck her in the pussy with a vegetable… you do it.

I mistook the cucumber inquiry as ligament never having used a toy or object to fuck a woman. I jumped at the new opportunity to try it. In the meantime Gemma, who really wanted me to fuck her with a cucumber mistook my movement for disinterest, so before I got too far away from her, she turned illegal bahis around and bent over halfway, seductively exhibiting her perfect ass to me. I stopped dead in my tracks. “Alright, then, here you go,” she said, and then reached back and spread her ass cheeks. Her inner crack and asshole were also the same color, flesh tone. Her anus was a tight, wrinkled circle of flesh almost perfectly symmetrical except for one bulbous knot of anal muscle, unlike Madison’s, that was brown in color and slightly oval shaped, or Joanne’s asshole, that was like four swollen lobes of purple and pink muscle drawn together in a bunch as if pulled tight by some internal drawstring. I guessed anuses were like fingerprints, all unique and sexy in their own way. Gemma used her palm to spread her crack open and the middle finger of the same hand to gently poke and rub her sphincter. As she rubbed more vigorously she quickly removed her hand and her asscrack clapped closed; this was momentary as Gemma was just moistening her finger tip with saliva from her mouth. Once again she pried her ass open, then replaced her newly moistened finger back to her wrinkled ass lips.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“Readying my ass for you.”

“Why? Why here? Why now? “

“Because it’s what you want.”

“Huh?” was my response, embarrassment crept in, I blushed at the hint of her having a clue about my fetish.

Gemma was now really poking her rectum and rubbing around the tight ring of flesh, gently pulling her anus open “You want my ass. You have always wanted it. Me and my ass… you are an ass worshiper, and it’s your thing. Take my ass…it’s what you want.”

“But how did…”

“It’s no secret. Besides, your girlfriend told me about what you’ve been doing. Everyone knows.”

“What!?” Embarrassment and angry fear ran through me; my blood ran cold, and I was having trouble breathing…my heart and… guilt … cheating on Madison …how could I… I am dirt!! This will really hurt my chances of making her fall for me the way I have for her …oh, Madison, I’m so sorry.”

I jolted up into a sitting position. Covered in sweat, breathing heavily, my sex-battered cock hard and a drop of pre cum on the tip. I caught my breath and felt relieved that it was a only a dream. I was seriously fucked up here. I was falling hard for my “sex only” partner, but I was having sexual dreams about my friend and boss… that felt weird enough. The weird, inappropriate feeling you get when you become sexually attracted to someone you have known forever, a disgusted incestuous feeling even though I shared Zero DNA with Gemma. The fact was I always liked looking at her sexy body but this felt evil and wrong, but she kept popping into my head whenever things of a sexual nature were happening. I looked over at Madison sleeping so peacefully. She was so beautiful. I felt so guilty for my feelings for her and my subconscious cheating on her. Top it all off, I was now all hot, horny and craving the taste of a woman’s pussy. In the dream, Gemma’s honey pot had looked so delicious.

I wanted to make up for my evil lust for Gemma, and I wanted to do something nice for Madison . Even with my balls flat and empty from our earlier sexual activities, I still desired sex; not just to fuck with my cock but with my tongue and mouth. I craved the aroma and taste of steaming hot pussy. It was too early to get up, so I slid down under the covers . Madison was sleeping on her back. I slithered between her legs and then took a long, slow lap of the slit of her pussy. It was damp and already seasoned by her honey from our earlier sex session. I inhaled the wonderful smell of wet pussy . As I slowly, methodically lapped her cunt she slowly opened herself, still sleeping, and as she opened up I began to eat her out more aggressively. I licked her up and down. I nibbled her clit and sucked her twat lips. It wasn’t long before my face was soaked in sweat and her sweet, womanly juices. With me making deep stabbing strokes in to her sopping vagina, she was now gradually waking up. As she came to she was already halfway to orgasm. She started to moan and coo with pleasure. Soon she was breathing heavily and convulsing in ecstasy . Her honey flowed and became thicker and sweeter as she came all over my face and in my mouth. I ascended out of the sheet and surfaced to the fresh air like a diver-an oyster diver. Her snatch was my oyster and her cum was my pearl.

Madison was lying there collecting herself as I just plopped down on my back, my face covered in her juices. I laid there satisfied as if I had come myself, truly satisfied with just having given head and bringing pleasure to a person that has brought me so many great carnal thrills. When she caught her breath she asked,”What was that for?” Meaning, why would I wake up and suck her vagina to orgasm just for the heck of it?

“I just wanted to make you come…wasn’t it nice? I thought it would be nice to wake you up to an orgasm,” I said, not sure if she illegal bahis siteleri was mad that I’d awakened her. Madison answered in an appreciative, honest way. “No, it was great, unexpected, wonderful. Can’t remember the last time someone ate out my pussy with no strings attached.”

I was relieved. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I answered. She embraced me and put her head on my chest. I soon dozed off. All the hours at The Bistro in the heat of early summer, all the mornings at the gym and the hours and hours of hot sex sessions with Madison had worn me down. I fell into a deep slumber. Finally, somewhere in the distance from what seemed like another world, I heard, “Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence, dear. Lawrence, it’s a beautiful morning. Wake up.”

When Madison gently nudged me and softly called my name over and over to rouse me from the deep coma-like slumber I was in, I finally heard her voice. Her perfume and freshly washed hair tickled my olfactory senses, causing them to awaken. The aroma I had come to adore; a bouquet forever fused in my brain to the feeling of pleasure and happiness. I eventually came around and opened my eyes to Madison’s beautiful smile beaming on me. “Lawrence, I made some coffee. Would you like some?”

Madison was all dressed and ready for the day. She looked beautiful and classy, her business attire was sophisticated and sharp yet somehow relaxed and free like the early summer season she had dressed for: A black and white checkered skirt suit that was double breasted and looked as if it was made especially for her.

“Coffee sounds great,” I groggily replied, trying to sound more awake than I was. I sat up and hugged Madison, in my sleepiness forgetting the boundaries that I had imagined were there.

I didn’t want to seem “clingy” or overly attached, in fear of scaring her away, but that protocol was lost in my sluggishness.

She hugged me back briefly and said, “Come, now, I’ve prepared some breakfast for us.”

“Great, I just want to wash up, I’ll be right out.”

“Of course. Meet you in the kitchen.” Madison smiled again and walked out of the room. I grabbed my bag and washed up, brushed my teeth, and then followed the aroma of coffee down the hall to the kitchen area.

I awakened more with every step, and the memory of the weird happenings was also stirring. The event was strange and surreal, and I began to question myself whether or not it actually took place. While Madison and I were engaged in a sexual act, Margot snuck into the room and watched us while she masturbated. Madison and I were having anal sex, Madison was on her knees, blindfolded, receiving me in her rectum doggy style, swimming the deep depths of pleasure completely oblivious to Margot’s presence, as was I ’til Margot took it further and started to caress my buttocks and scrotum. Petrified with not knowing what to do and also aroused by the entire thing, I didn’t protest, even when Margot penetrated my anus with a finger moistened by the her vaginal juices. The naturally lubed finger and smell of Margot’s dripping gash was how I knew she was masturbating as she watched. Still too caught up in shock, fear and pleasure was to out Margot for her behavior I just let it happen. Guilt was beginning to take me, too; I had secretly grown very fond of Madison and didn’t want to hurt her. Even if it wasn’t my fault, I should have stopped Margot and been true to Madison.

“Maybe it didn’t even happen, or perhaps it was just a dream like the one about Gemma. Yes, a dream, a fantasy; yes, a dream; yes, a dream wrapped in a deep, dark, hidden desire,” I thought to myself.

As I approached the kitchen island/breakfast bar, I could see that Madison had put out an entire continental breakfast. I was so happy, because in my culture and upbringing to feed someone is the ultimate form of affection, wishing so hard that she had those same feelings that started to creep up in me. These thoughts only made my guilt worse, if what Margot had done even happened for real. As I mounted the stool of the breakfast bar the dull soreness inside my rectum removed all doubt of what happened being a dream. I was crushed and guilt ridden.

I tried to have a look around to see if Margot was still here, I looked at the sofa where she had been sleeping and it was vacant. There was no sign of her at all, and I was happy about that. Not sure I could handle the awkwardness of it all if Margot was still here. So many scary questions ran wild through my head like angry bees in a hive. Would Margot tell Madison right in front of me, all nonchalant without fear of losing her friendship with Madison? If so, would Madison even be angry since we were technically only “fuck buddies?” If Madison did get angry would her anger be at me? Would Madison be angry at just Margot but dismiss me anyway, guilt by association, would I be viewed as an embarrassing moment in her life? After all, Madison was beautiful, wealthy and influential. Would Margot keep our dirty secret between canlı bahis siteleri herself and me and use it for blackmail later? Or maybe Margot was just as afraid as I was and wouldn’t say a word.

Either way I was happy that Margot had gone home. Perhaps her early morning departure was her wanting to remove herself from it all too.

Madison was sitting next to me saying something about Ernest Plorde. So heavy were my thoughts that I was missing something important that she was saying. Madison was telling me about her friendship with Ernest Plorde and finally mentioning the whole weird relationship with Gemma , Davey, Margot, herself and her brother. Ernest Plorde was a locally famous restaurant critic who happened to be in need of a decent price on a retail space for a kitchen supply store he wanted to open across town.

“So, if I can help him he promised to give The Bistro an extra half star in his review and a tip on when he will show up there.”

“Well, that would be a huge advantage for us. All we would have to do is put out a three star meal, and we would get three and a half out of four. Yet it feels cheap, like were cheating. I would rather earn it,” I said, more thinking aloud than responding.

“You are more than capable of earning four stars on your own, but why not get on his good side first? Gemma is nervous. She would feel better with some insurance,” Madison explained.

“I appreciate it, but I would rather not. Stars are something you earn, and as far as Gemma is concerned… I’ll handle her and her insecurities.”

Madison smiled and seemed impressed. I smiled back, knowing I had just acted like a man, and not just any man but a man in charge of his professional life. Madison looked at me and bit her lower lip. I knew right there I had earned a point with her. I galvanized her attraction to me just a little. I began to relax and think it was going to be alright when I heard the clack of high heeled shoes down the hall. Margot was indeed still here and was just finishing washing up in the guest bathroom.

“Good morning!” Margot beamed as if nothing had happened and she had never left her place on the sofa.

“Good morning, Margot,” I replied, my heart sinking.

“Oh, what a dear he is! Thank you so much for putting up with our girlish behavior last night,” Margot said, again speaking to Madison and me as she softly brushed the back of her hand on my cheek like an aunt who visits once a year. “Well well, I must be going. Still have to go home and change,” she continued, gesturing to her attire that was what she had been wearing the night before. She picked up a coffee mug and quickly quaffed down its contents. As I watched her bony little fingers wrap themselves around the mug’s handle, I couldn’t help but think how she slid those same fingers up my ass. Anger and distaste for this woman grew within me. She carelessly put my relationship with Madison at risk,and spoke around me and about me as if I wasn’t there. Like I couldn’t comprehend what she was saying and was myself incapable of speech. Madison walked Margot to the door. They seemed to be speaking in a code, in soft inaudible tones designed for me not to hear. They said goodbye finally, then Madison returned and we finished breakfast.

I was ready to leave and get my day started. I didn’t have to go to The Bistro ’til late afternoon. “So what do you have planned for the day?” Madison asked.

“Well, I haven’t had a day off from the gym since I can’t remember when, at least a month, and I don’t feel like going, so i thought I might go down the park and work on my tan.”

“Nonsense. You should use the roof deck upstairs.”

“Really? That’s okay?”

“Yes. I have to go to a bunch of closings today and won’t be able to hang out with you, but I don’t need to be here. You are my guest, and besides, I co-own it, so if you want to sunbathe up there, please do. Just remember that when you leave the condo, the door will lock behind you.”

“Thanks. I’ll grab my bag and go on up, and you can get to your meetings.”

“Oh, and Lawrence, I wanted to remind you that I will be going out to dinner tonight with Robert Thorn, but I can still meet you after you get out of The Bistro.”

I felt a pang of jealousy, and I tried to hide it. It was not my place to tell her where she could go and whom she could go there with. After all, we were not in a committed relationship. We were just “fuck buddies,” but I was falling hard and fast and knew if that showed I could scare her away. Nevertheless, it must have shown on my face, because Madison said, “Oh, cheer up. It’s nothing, just dinner. Most of it is business, and I want to defuse this petty competition he has with my brother. …I will even meet you after.”

“It’s fine. I’m not upset,” I lied “Besides, I have no right to tell you who, what, or where to go, or be with,” I said, lying again.

Madison either saw right through it or was just being thoughtful. She stepped to me, stared at me with her spell casting eyes and said, “He buys me dinner, but you give me the dessert.” She bit her bottom lip and added, “By that, I mean your cock and the delicious cream it makes.” She gently groped my cock and balls. “I’m addicted to it,” she continued.

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