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Andy’s Master Comes Home

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Authors note: This is a male on male BDSM fantasy that may be a bit rough for some tastes. If this isn’t your cup of tea, skip it. It is just a fantasy. My regular readers know my mind works in mysterious ways.

As Andy lay on his bed, he wished his master would come home. Andy hated being left alone so much. He knew his master had business to attend to but wanted more of the master’s love and attention. Even though that attention was not always gentle and kind. Andy loved serving Master Edward and would be happy do anything for him and readily submitted to his every whim. At least on this particular day the master had not left Andy tied up. Although confined to his room, Andy could move about the room and enjoy the nice things his generous master provided. Though not allowed to wear clothes without specific instruction from Master Edward, Andy was chilly and had put on the expensive silk robe that Master Edward bought him last week. Surely the master would not be cross at him for using the generous gift. The silk felt wonderful against Andy’s skin. Andy closed his eyes and dreamed of his master coming home and using Andy’s slim body for his perverse pleasures.

Just then the door flew open. Master Edward entered the room, clearly in a fool mood. Andy laid on the bed the robe open slightly, his cock hard from his daydream. Andy’s eyes flew open as Edward snarled at him, “Enjoying your self, you nasty little slut!”

Andy trembled and tried to make a stuttering reply, “Nnnno Iii wwas just thhink of you Sir.”

“Thinking of me isn’t enjoyable, slut?” Edward asked angrily.

“Of course, Sir,” Andy replied cowering.

“Take that fucking robe off, now! I never told you to wear it today!” Edward bellowed.

Andy quickly complied but knew he was in for a rough time now. It mattered not. It would give his master pleasure and that is all Andy lived for.

“You picked a bad day to displease me you ungrateful little cum whore!” Edward said as he striped off his own clothing.

Edward stood over the bed still holding the belt that had held his pants up minutes before. Andy trembled as Edward slowly rubbed the leather strap along his body. While it had never happened before, lying on his back Andy knew his balls were fully exposed and he could see the fiery anger in Master Edward’s eyes. When the strap touched his cock and balls, tears of fear welled up in Andy’s eyes.

“Are you scared slut?” Edward practically spit out.

“I do not fear you, Sir. I am you obedient slave and you are my kind and generous Master. I am here for your pleasure and enjoy whatever you chose to do to me.” Andy lied, trembling.

“You have chosen your words well even though you lie, Slut!” Edward shot back. Andy was too canlı bahis şirketleri fearful to speak further as he lay there with tears now running down his cheeks. Edward was clearly aroused by his slave’s fear. Andy saw Master Edward’s cock grow and was now excited as well as afraid. Andy thought the master’ cock was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The long thick shaft with its bulbous flared head and protruding vein was like candy to the slave. He desperately wanted to suck his master, but dared not move until told to do so.

“Turn Over, Slut!” Edward ordered.

As soon as Andy turned the belt came down hard on his ass. Andy felt the sting but was grateful it was his ass being punished and not more sensitive areas. Five more times Edward struck his slave’s ass hard with the leather strap. Andy moaned with each lash, settling in for what he assumed would be a long beating. Red welts were beginning to form over the slave’s buttocks. Master Edward’s snarls indicated that the beating might continue until Andy’s ass was bleeding. Andy proudly bore the scars of a few previous severe beatings. Andy knew that his Master beat him because he loved him and wanted him to be good. The next lash came down lower across Andy’s upper thighs. Andy jumped and yelped as the edge of the belt dug into his soft flesh. The Master enraged, reached down and grabbed Andy’s low hanging ball sack. Master Edward pulled Andy back into position by the balls. Andy felt the pain shoot through him and began to shake with fear. The belt came down again, harder then before. Andy had to bite his lip to keep from crying out.

To Andy’s surprise the strikes stopped and he heard the belt fall to the ground. When he realized his master had left the bedside he feared a new torture was coming, but he did not dare move. When Edward returned he lashed Andy’s wrists to the headboard posts using long silk ropes. Then Edward took two more ropes and tied them behind Andy’s knees pulling them forcing Andy’s redden blistered ass to be pulled up and spread open. Andy was completely immobile when Edward finished. His head against the bed, his arms spread wide and tied securely, his knees spread and pulled up under his belly and his ass pointed up spread open his anus winking at its master. Edward leaned down to Andy’s ear and asked in a harsh but whispering tone, “What do you think I should do with a slut in this position?”

Andy replied excitedly, “I would expect that you would abuse my ass in a way that pleased you before giving me a proper fucking sir.”

An evil sounding combination moan and purr came from Master Edward’s throat. Edward nibbled on Andy’s neck and ran his tongue around the aroused slave’s ear. Then Andy felt warm oil being dribbled on canlı kaçak iddaa his ass crack. Edward forced the oil into Andy’s rectal chute with his fingers. Andy began to moan as Edward finger fucked the helpless slave’s ass using the warm oil for lubricant. Andy’s well-fucked ass easily stretched to accommodate three of Edward’s large fingers. When Edward was satisfied that Andy’s ass was properly prepared he took the largest dildo in his collection and placed its tip against Andy’s anal orifice. The dildo was 12 inches long and tapered from and inch and half in circumference to over four inches at the base. Edward pushed and half the huge plastic cock was buried in Andy’s willing ass. Seeing Andy’s ass stretched over the big dildo excited Edward. He grabbed Andy’s balls as he pushed more of the fuck toy into Andy. When almost ¾ of the monster dildo was in Andy, Edward pulled back and began pumping the dildo in and out of Andy’s ass. Andy was moaning at the incredible combination of pain and pleasure this brought him. Through his moaning Andy said, “May I cum sir?”

Edward squeezed Andy’s balls hard and yelled, “No Slut! I will tell you when you may fucking cum!” Andy somehow willed the raising load of thick man cum to stay in him. Edward pushed the huge dildo as far into Andy’s rectum as it would go and left it there. Then Edward put his own cock in Andy’s face. “Lick me slut!” Edward said forcefully.

Andy happily complied. He loved his Master and his Master’s cock. Nothing made Andy happier then when the master allowed him to taste his delicious cock. Andy licked as much of Master Edward’s cock as he could reach. Andy was bound in such a way that he could not move so only the part of Edward’s cock closest to his mouth received attention. Andy desperately stuck his tongue as far out as it would go to taste as much of the master’s cock as he could. Soon Edward pressed the tip his cock head to Andy’s soft wet lips. Andy’s lips parted and Edward pushed his cock into Andy’s warm mouth. “Oh yes, slut, spread your pussy mouth for me,” Edward moaned as his cock slid deep into Andy’s waiting throat.

Edward humped Andy’s face for several minutes and then pulled away. Edward then reached under Andy and stroked his rock hard cock. Andy felt his hips want to buck, but he was immobilized. “Oh, God Master, you are so good to me. You make me want to cum, sir,” Andy moaned.

“Hold it my hot little slut I want you to cum as I fuck your ass. I am going to use your ass as I would use a cheap whore’s cunt!” Edward said in his amazingly sexy deep voice.

Andy’s whole body trembled with anticipation. Edward withdrew the dildo that had been left in Andy’s ass chute earlier. Andy gasped, as the huge plastic cock popped out of his asshole. canlı kaçak bahis “Please sir, I can’t hold on much longer,” Andy pleaded.

Edward let go of Andy’s cock and smacked Andy’s ass hard. The earlier spanking had left Andy’s ass sore and the pain shot through him. “You will hold on as long as I like, or you will suffer my anger, SLUT!” Edward said in a booming voice, “Beg to be fucked, bitch!”

“Please sir, fuck my ass hard. Use me; make me your little bitch, Master. Turn my ass into a cunt. Oh god, please show me how a man fucks a slave, sir,” Andy said in his softest must innocent little voice.

Andy knew how to excite his Master. He knew Master Edward’s cock would be twitching as a result of his begging to be fucked like a girl. He was right Edward climbed on the bed and positioned himself behind Andy. He put his cock against Andy’s oiled and stretched anal orifice. “I am going to pound your ass hard slut! You will know what a man does to a little cum whore like you now!” Edward snarled as he plunged his cock deep into Andy’s tight anal canal.

Even though Edward had a thick cock, Andy’s ass easily took it having been thoroughly stretched by the plastic cock fucking earlier. Edward pounded his cock mercilessly in and out of the bound slave beneath him. Edward’s balls hit Andy’s ass with each thrust. After only a couple of minutes Andy cried out, “I-I-I-I am going to cum, my hot Master!”

Edward said, “Oh yes, slut cum for me! You are my hot little bitch!” and began slapping the side of Andy’s ass as he continued mercilessly splitting him open with the hard ramming action.

Jets of hot cum shot from Andy’s cock and his ass clamped onto Edward’s fuck rod as it impaled Andy. Edward felt as if his cock was being pulled into the depths of Andy’s rectum. Edward moaned loudly and hot ribbons of thick cum shot into Andy’s innards. Andy cried out, “I love you Master, fill me with your seed!”

Edward’s entire body shook as the intense orgasm took hold. Edward bent down and bit into Andy’s back hard. His teeth sunk into the slave’s soft flesh. The faint taste of blood drove Edward to a second peak. Edward pounded himself into the slave’s body with the force of a wild animal lost in some evil lust. When finally Edward’s orgasm ended he pulled out of Andy’s ass. Andy could feel his Master’s thick cum begin to ooze from his ass. Edward took his hand and scooped some of Andy’s cum from the bed. He dipped his tongue in it for a taste. “Mmmmmm delicious,” Edward said, offering the palm full of sticky goo to Andy.

Andy did not need any instructions. He happily licked his own cum from Mater Edward’s hand. Then Edward picked up his clothes up and left the room. Andy was left tied in the vulnerable position with Master Edward’s thick cum dripping from his hard fucked ass. Andy smiled broadly even though he knew he would be left tied in the position until his body ached. Andy also knew there would be more punishment later when the Master returned.

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