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Angel wings

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“Angel, angel, angel…” Damian’s voice purred as he ran a finger over Angel’s tanned shoulder. He nibbled gently at her ear, making her shiver. “Excited?” He ran a hand down her back, racking his nails across her skin. Damian chuckled under his breath.

“Please,” Angel begged, “let me go.”

“Let you go? Why would I do that, when I prefer you at my mercy.”

“I don’t know what you want, I just want–” Damian snapped his hand up to her throat, cutting her sentence off. He enjoyed the feeling of her choking against his palm. It gave him a strong feeling of power, and he could feel the bulge in his pants growing larger. As he released his grip, Angel gasped for breath.

Damian tightened the chains around Angel’s wrist, hoisting her further into the air. Angel sobbed quietly as she lost touch with the ground. Her mind flailed around, searching for a reason to explain why this stranger had taken her. Damian licked a tear from her cheek. Angel squirmed away, Damian grabbing her chin and forcing her to look at him. He kissed her roughly, reeling away as Angel bit his lip. He wiped a drop of blood away, smiling evilly. “Like it rough, huh? Good.” He growled and grabbed the front of her shirt, tearing it away. He revealed her 30F breasts sitting perkily in her bra. He roughly groped them, enjoying how she tried to get away. He pulled a knife from his pocket and ran it across her chest, careful not to cut her. Yet.

Angel squealed as Damian cut the front of her bra, watching as her breasts fell free. Angel wasn’t tiny, she had larger hips but a toned stomach, and her breasts completed the sight. Damian kissed her stomach, holding Angel’s hips so she couldn’t move. He bit her side, making sure to leave a mark. Angel gasped in pain, fresh tears coating her cheeks. Damian dug his nails into her skin, yanking her closer. “We aren’t even close to beginning the real fun,” Damian chuckled threatiningly.

Damian moved to Angel’s jeans, unbuttoning them gently. He pulled them down, stopping at her 6 inch heels. Damian wanted to keep her heels on, but knew he’d struggle to remove the jeans. Angel kicked suddenly, her foot connecting to his jaw. Damian fell backwards, anger rushing through his blood and negating the pain. He got to his feet and grabbed a handful of Angel’s long, auburn hair. He pulled down, until she yelped in pain. “Do that again,” he snarled, poker oyna “and I’ll break your ankles. Do you understand?” Angel nodded weakly. Damian smiled. “Good girl.” He returned to her jeans, unbuckling her shoes and throwing them to the side. The jeans landed on top of them. He straightened up, taking a moment to admire Angel’s lacy, black underwear. He could already see that she was shaved, not that a little hair bothered him. He took his knife, hooking it through the legs and slicing Angel’s underwear off. Damian ran his hand along Angel’s slit, satisfied when he found it moist. He clicked his tongue, bringing his fingers to her mouth. “We are naughty, aren’t we?” He gently pushed his finger in, letting her taste herself.

Damian left Angel for a moment, moving for a cabinet. He pulled out a plethora of toys. He chose a vibrator and waved it in front of Angel’s face. He turned it on, playing with the settings until it vibrated roughly. He placed it on her nipples, Angel wiggled and thrashed around in response. Damian pressed harder, moving between each nipple.

“Fuck,” Angel moaned. “Please… Don’t…” Damian slowly moved it down, nearing her pussy. He placed it on her clit, laughing as Angel gasped and moaned in ecstasy. Damian knelt down, shoving a finger inside her slit. He slowly pumped it in and out, waiting for a minute to add another two. Angel moaned loudly, her head rolling backwards. “I’m gonna…” Damian pulled his fingers out, removing the vibrator as well.

“Don’t you dare,” he warned, slapping her leg. Angel whimpered, trying to rub her legs together. Damian slapped her again, urging her to cut it out. Angel continued to squirm, even after a third slap.

Damian grabbed a bar from on top of the cabinet. He bound Angel’s ankles to it, restricting her movement even more. “This should help.” He took a step back, admiring his handiwork. He took the vibrator, placing it back on her clit. He resumed finger fucking her, starting with 3 fingers. Angel moaned loudly. Damian added another finger, taking care to get as deep as he could. He pulled away, discarding the vibrator. Angel muttered something he didn’t quite catch, although he could have sworn she was begging for more. Damian clenched his fist, flexing his wrist a few times before pushing against her sopping cunt. “You’re so fucking wet, I don’t think we need lube.” Angel realised canlı poker oyna what he was doing and thrashed around.

“Wait!” Damian grinned and shoved his fist into her pussy. Angel squealed in pain as he buried his fist inside her. He wiggled his fingers, feeling her clench around his fist. He pulled his fist out, then thrust it back in, opening her up slowly. He mercilessly fisted her, and her squeals slowly turned into grunts, then moans of pleasure. As she neared an orgasm, Damian pulled his fist out, standing up and wiping her juices on her face, smearing her makeup.

Damian released Angel’s wrists, allowing her to fall into his arms. He held a knife to her throat as he dragged her roughly over to a table, tying her to the supports. He secured her legs and stood over her. He unzipped his pants, pulling out his rock hard cock. Angel’s eyes went wide as the massive, 20 inch dick was released. He stroked it gently, rubbing his length along her stomach. He rubbed her slit, coating his hand and using her juices to lube his dick. When he was satisfied, he stood between her legs. Angel threw her head from side to side, protesting his actions. Damian grabbed her hips and positioned his dick at her entrance. He thrust forward suddenly, burying 6 inches in the first go. He groaned and rocked his hips, slowly working in more and more. He got 8 inches in before hitting her cervix. He tried to get further but it wasn’t happening. Angel cried heavily, trying to get away but moving nowhere. Damian pulled out, glaring at Angel as if it were her fault.

Damian lifted Angel’s hips slightly, repositioning. Angel stared in surprise as Damian pressed against her ass hole. She’d never done anal before, she wouldn’t even let previous partner’s finger her ass. Damian pressed forward, placing his hands on her ass cheeks to spread them. He entered her, revelling in her scream. He was glad that the room was soundproofed and deep underground. Angel could scream until her throat was raw and nobody but Damian would hear. As he buried himself further, nearly 9 inches now, a noticeable bulge had appeared in Angel’s stomach. He thrust deeper, burying another 4 inches in. Angel suddenly went quiet. Damian looked up at her, reaching up to check her pulse. It was still there, she’d just passed out. Damian chuckled before continuing. He thrust over and over, deeper and deeper, until internet casino he was fully enveloped by her ass. He reached to a nearby table, grabbing a needle and syringe filled with adrenaline. He stabbed it into Angel, who woke up with a shriek. “Welcome back,” he said mockingly. Angel could feel every inch of Damian’s monster cock, and the pain was immeasurable.

Damian pulled out a few inches of cock, noticing a small amount of blood. He shrugged and drove his member back into her. The bulge in her stomach moved alongside his brutal thrusts. Angel was still screaming and crying as he fucked her. The more she did, the more turned on Damian got. He could feel his orgasm building and fucked her faster. Angel pleaded for him to stop, but after a hard punch to the face, she fell silent. Damian gripped her hips and buried himself fully into her. He grunted and released his load. Angel could feel herself filling as he came inside her ass. Her stomach bloated, stretching and gurgling. Damian didn’t stop cumming, weeks of built up desire flowing out of him. Angel made a choking noise as she looked down at her belly, which now looked 9 months pregnant. She opened her mouth to beg again and Damian pulled out slightly. He rammed into her, releasing even more cum. Angel felt the cum rise into her throat and coughed as it flowed out of her mouth. Cum covered her face, dripping from her nose and washing into her eyes. She felt like she was drowning. She tipped her head to the side, letting the cum drip onto the ground. Damian finally finished, pulling out at last. A waterfall of semen rushed out of her gaping asshole, which Damian plugged with his fist.

“Time for you to cum, sweetheart.” Damian purred as he coated his other hand liberally with his cum. He ploughed his hand into her pussy, fisting it at the same time as her ass. He pumped viciously, listening to Angel as she cried, choked and moaned. As she tightened around him, clenching her muscles as she reached an orgasm. Angel shamefully came as she was fisted, but Damian didn’t stop. Angel became a blubbering mess as she continuously came. She felt a different sensation through her orgasm, like she needed to pee. Damian pulled his fist from her ass, allowing his cum to cascade out. He rubbed her clit and Angel squealed in joy. She climaxed again and felt herself squirt. Damian licked it eagerly, slowing down, then moving away.

Damian unlocked Angel’s chains and pulled her to a cage. He kissed her roughly before locking her inside. “Same time tomorrow?” He laughed before turning out the lights.

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