Haz 04


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ANGEL’S SHOWANGEL’S SHOWI shouldn’t have had so much to drink last night. Last night? I mean this morning. Got in late, very late. Pretty classy group though. The women were pretty drunk and kept grabbing my ass. The men just watched. Probably mounted their lady friend soon after we left. Didn’t know the other girl well, just by sight. Roslyn I think. Roz anyway. Nice body. Hard little tits. Could get one of those in my mouth easily. Somebody spilled champagne over her, inadvertently on purpose, then one guy emptied his glass over my tits. I guess that got us going. Before we were just kissing and feeling each other up under our dress. They had told us no panties so we were fingering fleshy cunts. Then the champagne came and we got wet so we got naked. That’s when one old girl grabbed my ass and her date wanted her and me to do it together. But I had been told I was doing Roz so Roz and I got it going. I got licking her cunt and I could hear the buzz around us. We were on this plush carpet and I was licking her crack. The old gal started to kiss my ass. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. So I spun around and Roz and I started to eat each other. We both had a mouthful of hair which we often had to spit out. She ate me good. I’ll take a cock sometimes, not often, but I was told Roz is full-out carpet-muncher. She goes to lez bars and stuff. I rarely do. Plus I work at this office and I wouldn’t want to meet someone I know. I mainly do shows. Anyway Roz and I are going at it full tilt and the men start getting their cock out and I say to myself “God I hope they don’t want to poke us”. Anyway they kept their distance and the old gal finally got hooked up with another older slut. I was concentrating on Roz’s cunt and couldn’t see them but at one point they bumped into us. They were still half-dressed but they were going at it and they wanted to switch partners. Roz and I just rolled away from them. Then there was giggling and shouting and one gal got up in a hurry and went to the bathroom. I think she couldn’t hold her pee. The men thought it was hilarious. Then Roz got all wet and she held my head between her thighs like a vice-grip. I was suffocating. Finally she released her hold. The little fucker came in my mouth. I was nowhere near cumming. I groaned and moaned and made the men believe I was having a good one. Roz knew and she offered to get me off with her fingers. I declined. I had had too much booze and couldn’t do it. Anyway we broke it up. Roz was sitting on the can and peeing when I came in the bathroom. I couldn’t wait so I sat on her thighs facing her. That was kinda fun and we kissed each other at the same time. We had a shower and dressed. The man I had met paid us and gave us mariobet güvenilirmi a good tip. Then the old gal and her date approached me. They wanted a 3-way or at least the man wanted to watch her and me. I told them I was done for the night. On the way out, Roz offered to take me home and I knew she wanted to fuck some more. I was too drunk. I hailed a cab and got home to bed. God I had forgotten I have another show this week. I should be ok by then. Actually it’s tomorrow.—————————————————————————–Gord told me to keep it simple. No make-up, no thong, no bra. Just a short dress. That’s all I had to wear. I asked about the other girl. He said I didn’t know her. Some black chick my age. The money was really good so I had to put on a good show if I wanted more gigs. Gord said they were Japanese clients so I knew they would be lots of betting. Otherwise they tend to be civil. Anyway I got a cab and went to the hotel he mentioned. One of the big hotels in town. Usually the posher, the dirtier, I always say. Gord met me in the lobby. I like him. Always takes care of me and gets me good gigs. We took the elevator to the rooftop. Special something suite. Some President or something. Part of it was indoors and part outdoors with a pool. Gord had warned me that there could be prelims with hookers but that the men would stay out of it. Oh yeah he warned me about the cigar smoke. But I don’t care. We walked into a dark room, a large living room filled with people. There was some lighting but not much so my eyes took a few minutes to adjust. Japanese men in suits and hookers, all colours, in satin dresses and heels. One Asian lady put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. She was older but really hot. Gord had to pry her from me to pull my dress off over my head. People applauded when I got naked. I have a few tattoos and they liked that. Gord quickly covered me with some kind of nightgown. There were TV sets with large screens showing girls fucking girls, men fucking men. One screen attracted a lot of viewers showed a catfight between two very young Asian girls. I was led through a few other smaller rooms with couches, rubber mattresses and even a small plastic k**s pool. These people were naked and enjoying themselves. They barely noticed me when I crossed the room. Two big nude black men who were having a stand-up hugging session bumped into us and apologized. Their cocks were huge. Next we stood in front of a door and I could hear some shouting. Gord said we had to wait. So we did while he massaged my shoulders. He had warned be it would be quick and that the black girl was a pro at cunt-fighting. She had good initial moves mariobet yeni giriş but if I stood my ground I could get her fuse off. The shouting subsided and the door opened. Two Asian girls came out with their managers. They were oily and looked tired. I could smell cunt and it got me excited. We walked through thick cigar smoke as we reached the cage. There were whistles, catcalls, and I was grabbed a few times after I took off the nightie. The black girl was already there waiting for me in the small cage. The bars were made of transparent plastic so viewers could see through. I had used one of those before. It was designed so that you couldn’t stand up. Money was changing hands quickly around the cage. It smelled of Cuban cigars and whiskey. The girl was a hottie. She had small hard tits and a full mop of black cunt hair. I couldn’t see her ass but it was probably also hot. The way she looked at me up and down focusing on my triangle and tits, I think she liked me. A dressed man crawled into the cage with us and set us up in the scissor position. He made me slide forward on my ass and then made the black beauty slide also until I could feel her cunt hair tickling the inside of my thighs. His fingers poked around our mops so he could see our cunt lips. He made sure they were about an inch apart. Throughout this set-up the black girl kept glaring at me and after awhile I just glared back. He told us not to move then he crawled out of the cage. I didn’t know if she was a hair-grabber so I extended both hands towards her. She grabbed my hands and our fingers intertwined. I don’t remember the first few seconds except that I felt her cunt rubbing against mine as she pushed with her hips, her ass making a thumping noise as it when up and down on the cage floor. That was the initial attack Gord had warned me about. I bit my lower lip as our clits touched. She was lusting for me as much as I was lusting after her. We were in love and showed it. We let go our hand clasping and grabbed each other’s tits. Hers were hard and her nipples long and black. She twisted my nipples first then I twisted hers. I couldn’t hear the shouting because of my concentration but I’m sure the men were going crazy. We got our scissor tighter and tighter. Her foot was soon in reach and I sucked on her toes. She started sucking on my big toe. We were practically on our backs as we pushed our cunts together and sucked toes. Then she tried to get on top of me but I reacted in time and we ended up face to face, our legs on either side of our waist. We were humping each other like crazy. She had her eyes closed. I pushed my head forward and kissed her on the lips. She opened her eyes and stuck out her tongue, inviting mariobet giriş me to battle. We engaged in a vicious tongue fight, our right hand behind the other’s head and pulling. The fight turned into a kissing match. I managed to suck on her long tongue and she moaned. We were fucking and I could feel her clit rub against mine. She tried to disengage and poke it into my crack but I moved so that they kept on rubbing. That’s when I think I got her. I spit in her face and she spit back and we spread our spit on each other’s face with our mouth. It was becoming a dirty fight. I tried to reach behind her with my left hand and explore her bubble ass but she moved so that her hole was right on the floor and inaccessible. We were fused together and moving enough so that we could both feel our clits rubbing ever so slightly. I lowered my head to her tit and tried to suck on her long nipple. She moved back. It was a sign she was sensitive there. I offered my tit so we could mutually suck but she shook her head. We went back to tongue kissing and I moved my left hand down her lower back and touched the top part of her asscrack. She bit my lip and apologized. I took her hand and put it on the small of my back. I guess she felt she hadn’t been fair about the titsucking so she agreed to ass-grabbing. Neither of us could reach the other’s hole but our finger went down as much as possible inside the other’s crack. I could feel her fuzz so I was near. We had been going at it for only a few minutes but it felt like hours. We were both sweaty. She tried to rub her underarm in my face and I took a whiff of it. She was so close I had to finish her off. When she lowered her arm I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. I put the end between my teeth in case she wanted to pull out fast. “Fuck” I heard her scream as she began to shake a little. That’s when I heard the crowd roaring for the first time. I pushed my clit against hers with all my strength and sucked on her nipple. She finally let out a scream and I felt her cunt open up against mine and shower mine with her spunk. Her body grew limp in my arms. I heard the door of the cage open and Gord dragged me out. He wrapped me in a bathrobe this time and led me out of the room. I could hardly walk. The Asian lady I had met coming in kissed me again and whispered something in my ear. I saw Gord write down a number in his notebook. She wanted me for sure. Gord sat me down on a large chair and kissed me on the forehead. He was busy taking down numbers and names in his notebook as I rested. One tall blonde hooker squeezed next to me in the chair and put my head on her shoulder. I nearly fell asleep. She wanted to do wet things with me in the k**s pool but I referred her to Gord. The pool seemed occupied anyway by two Japanese men who were splashing and wanking. When I finally got to put my dress back on and we were ready to go. I asked Gord about the black girl. He said he had her number. That’s good. I think were in love. THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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