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Anita and tha black bachelor party

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Anita and tha black bachelor partyAnita and the black bachelor party My lovely Anita and I were hanging out on Friday night when she got a call from Francis, a black guy she had met one year before, whilst I was out of the town.According to her story, he had fucked her wildly just one time, but then had dissapeared until now…For sure he was telling my wife something hot because her face got bright red and excited. She hung up and explained to me that Francis was attending a bachelor party and the stripper they had hired suddenly got ill and had to walk out. And now he was asking her to go there; “just to perform a sexy strip tease for the guys”… Oh, yes, just what Anita needed tonight…My wife went upstairs and got ready faster than I have ever seen in many time. She picked up a short black dress. A very sexy black garter, black nylon hose and naturally a pair of “fuck me” stilettos…Then she asked me to go with her and be a silent witness of her strip dance performance.When we arrived at the hotel room, Francis himself opened the door and greeted us cheerfully.The room was large, lit with the dim electric lights imitating candles, flickering which made the room feel like an old comfortable club with armchairs, low tables and a nice plush carpet on the floor. A bar was at one end and a warm fireplace at the other corner. There must have been at least ten men, most of them black and huge; of course, that made me think that they were all well hung also…Anita headed straight to the bar and asked şişli escort for a double rhum shot for me and a margarita for her.She handed me the full glass and then she mingled with a group of black guys. Francis looked at me when he noticed the alcohol my wife had been drinking seemed to kick in because she had started getting a little touchy feely with the guys. She knew for sure every man there was going to use her.A little while later someone turned on some music and Ana got in the middle of the room and started dancing to get the sexy show started. Somenone let out a loud “Wow, the little bitch is not wearing panties” when Ana’s dress went up enough to see her nice shaved mound…Francis yelled at the guy who was the reason of the bachelor party:”Hey Marcus, go there and turn her on, so we can watch you fuck her.” The young black man did not appear too experienced but he was able enoufg to push Ana onto all fours at an angle so the group could watch him fuck her. My lovely wife looked at me, indicating me that she was feeling more completely used than in her whole life, as another black man quickly unzipped his hard black prickand unceremoniously shoved it into Anita’s mouth.Behind her Marcus asked “Are you ready to be fucked like a real slut?” as he flipped her dress over her back at the same time he was undoing his pants. Ana could not answer while she was gagged with that huge piece of black meat, but she screamed wildly when without any preparation Marcus slammed mecidiyeköy escort his nione inches young black cock straight into her wet cunt. Francis smiled looking at Ana’s pain expression and moaned “Oh yes, this is a real pussy”…My wife gasped again whe she felt the suddenness of the assault as he literally pounded her and with each thrust pushed her mouth onto the other black man`s erect dick.After just a few minutes of pumping her cunt, suddenly Marcus pulled out and began spreading Ana’s ass cheeks to look at her small puckered back door. My wife knew what he wanted to do, because she felt him gently probing her ass with a wet finger. She dropped the black cock from her mouth and turned her face to Marcus, whispering in a sexy voice: “You can fuck my ass if you want to…..”Marcus needed no further encouragement as he spit on his cock and slammed that huge stick straight up her butthole in a very hard move which made her scream in pain. Marcus also cried out.I even thought that Ana’s was his first piece of ass in his whole life…The other man in Ana`s mouth yelled at Marcus: “Do not make it too loose, you selfish bastard”.Marcus ignored the request of swapping palces with his friend, as my wife grunted with each pump in her ass. Ana could feel now him losing control as he fucked her rear entry even faster and harder.The black jackhammer had only been destroying her bung hole less than three minutes, when he suddenly tensed up and shouted out loud esenyurt escort he was cumming. Ana seemed to be relaxed, as she could feel her inside sprayed with his warm black cum. Marcus only laid his head on her back for a few seconds and then pulled his deflated cock out of my wife’s anus without any consideration, telling her: “Nice ass, bitch… love to fuck that thight asshole” and simply smacked her bottom as hard as he could on her cheek as my sweet Ana yelped in ashtonishment. Almost immediately the other black man, whose name was Big Jack, pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and maneuvered around to stick his black cock in her now well stretched asshole. He made her spread her cheeks wide again, to put her puckered ass on display and pushed the mushroomed cap on his huge cock against her sphincter. He was slowly and deliberately poking his cock against her back slit; pulling out and teasing Anita.My wife was making a low groaning noise as he slowly pushed until the head dilated her anal orifice. This time Big Jack drove the entire length of his huge cock in her asshole and then back out. Ana turned to show her frustration as she mouthed to him “Fuck my ass now, you bastard”.At this point I was so fucking tired of watching my sweet wife used by that bunch of black huge cocks; so, I decided to go back home and wait for her there.It was nearly seven in the morning when she got back to our home. My lovely Ana walked through our bedroom with certain difficulty; she could not even close her legs together…Her dress was fully covered in cum, her hair was a mess; had some bruises in her neck and arms and some semen was running between her nice shapely legs…She was too tired to get a shower; so, she went to bed with puddles of cum leaking out of every hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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