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Another Chance

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Megan sat across from her sister seething with anger but controlling her emotions so as not to add to the crying hysterics. “Oh Megan! How could he? I thought he loved me!” Crystal sobbed. “I know it took a while for us to have a baby. But now that I am pregnant he decides to fool around?! What am I going to do?”

“Ok calm down Sis. You know that’s not good for the baby. First of all, are you sure that Jared is cheating on you?” Megan asked. “It may just be the hormones brought on by your pregnancy.”

“At first I thought it was just my over active imagination but when I started seeing how he would act whenever he would get texts or calls from her I knew for sure. I mean if you were not hiding anything you wouldn’t be acting antsy.”

“Alright. Do we know who she is? Where does she work or live?”

“All I got was a name when I took a peek at his cellphone when he was asleep. Her name is Valerie Summers. Wait… What are we planning to do? I see that glint in your eye and that means you have something planned.”

“We are not doing anything. You will just be calm and just enjoy your being pregnant. You will act normal with your husband and be the loving wife that you are. Just leave everything to me.”

“Aren’t you even going to tell me what it is you plan to do?”

“Well it’s as simple as finding her, meeting her, wooing her then bedding her to slap Jared’s face with it.”

“What?! How do you even know she will fall for you?” Her sister asked.

“I have my ways. I’m not called ‘The Heartbreaker’ for nothing. Now I have to go. See you soon Sis.” Kissing her on the forehead as she went.


Megan was still furious hours after she left her sister’s house as she was on her way to meet her friends at the local bar they frequented every weekend. ‘Ugh! So like a man to promise you the moon and the stars and when they have you they throw you away like an old shirt.’ She thought angrily. ‘And what about the bitch? Doesn’t she know she is destroying a family?’ She pressed on the gas pedal as she increased her speed channeling her fury to the car.

“Hey Megan! Over here!” Beth waved her over to the corner of the room. “Wow! Do you look gorgeous and dangerous tonight girlfriend! What’s gotten your goat?”

“I’m so pissed that I am planning retribution!” she answered as she sat and flipped her auburn hair.

“Ooh! And to whom are we exacting revenge on?”

“What I am about to tell you is strictly confidential and does not leave the two of us. Got It! I don’t want the others knowing or too much cooks will spoil the broth.”

“Hey! I’m your wingman…. Wingwoman…. Or is it wingperson?”

“Whatever! Anyway, my sister believes that her husband is cheating on her. She doesn’t have any other information about the other woman but her name. I will find this Valerie Summers meet her, get to know her, woo her, then bed her and slap it on my brother-in-law’s face to show him what a two bit whore she really is.”

“Hokee! Remind me never to get on your bad side. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of your wrath. So how do we go about locating this Valerie Summers bitch?”

“I don’t know yet. Will think about it first thing tomorrow morning.” She said as they saw their friends, Tina, Rachel, and Naomi by the doorway and waved them to their table.

“I’m glad you were able to get us a table or we would end up just standing around.” Tina said loudly over the booming music. “Oh! By the way, I brought with me a new friend from work. This is Valerie Summers. Valerie, meet Beth and Megan.”

As Megan turned towards the woman standing beside Tina she was simply struck by the beauty standing before her. The woman was about the same hieght her with shoulder length curly dark hair and brown mesmerizing eyes. It actually had to take Beth to nudge her for her to respond to the introduction. “Oh! Ummm….Hi Valerie! I’m Megan. Nice to meet you.” And before Valerie could respond Beth stands up from her chair and offers it to her to sit beside Megan. “Here. You could take my seat. I have to talk to Tina about our barbeque for next weekend.”

“I’m glad to finally meet you Megan. Tina has been talking about you guys that I feel that I already know you.”

“Well I hope that what you have heard are all good things about us?”

“Tina told me all of your antics since when you guys were in college until now. I can’t believe that you guys are still close even after all this time.” Valerie smiled flashing her dimples.

‘Oh my God! It’s no wonder Jared fell for her. She is so beautiful.’ Megan thought as she looked at the deep blue of her eyes and the curly brunette hair. ‘I just want to make her look at me like that.’ She then angrily scolded herself to stick to the plan.

“Well it is rare to find people who are loyal these days.” Megan said somewhat sarcastically which made the brunette give her a concerned look.

“Are you okay? You sounded a little angry there for a moment.” Valerie asked Megan amazed at just how gorgeous this dark haired woman was. Everything perabet about her seemed so perfect from her long black wavy hair to her emerald green eyes.

“Umm… Yes I am. Sorry just had a bad memory come back to haunt me.” Smiling sheepishly. “So how long have you been working with Tina?”

“I just started two months ago when I moved here with my son from Chicago.” The brunette said sadly.

“Hey! You okay there? You looked like a bad memory came back to haunt you.” Megan touched her hand softly rubbing her fingers on top of it. Two things happened when she did this. Valerie gave a slight shudder and Megan felt a slight jolt to her loins. ‘Oh great! If touching her hand gives me this feeling what happens when I get to touch her whole body?!’ She asked herself.

Valerie visibly shakes her head. “I’m okay. Just have both good and bad memories. Let’s not talk about that. Let’s just have fun tonight.” She can’t believe she reacted that way from a simple touch.

“So you have a son. Are you married?” She asked the brunette.

“Umm…No I’m a single mother. My son is 2 years old. He could be trying at times but he’s my life.”

The girls had fun that night talking, drinking, and dancing. Valerie had to leave around ten p.m. since she still had to relieve the babysitter. They invited her to their barbecue next weekend and any other outing the group may have. This suited Megan perfectly since it will give her all the time to pursue her plans. But she started asking herself if she really was pursuing her plans or Chloe herself.

“Well aren’t you the cat that ate the canary!” Beth elbowed Megan as she watched Valerie leave the bar. While Tina, Rachel, and Naomi were dancing with some guys.

“What do you mean?” Megan growled rubbing the spot where Beth elbowed her.

“Well, the Gods must be smiling down at you cuz we were just talking about you know who and voila she is brought to you literally on a platter. Although, I must say she doesn’t look to me like the mistress type. She seems to be pretty down to earth and nice.”

“We can’t decide with just one night of meeting her if she is really nice and not the vamp. With that face and body?”

“I don’t know Megan, you seem to be pretty taken with her. I hope you don’t fall on your face with this one. I got really good vibes with Valerie.” She warned.

“We’ll see…” With all her bravado Megan can’t help but feel warring emotions about Valerie.


Megan taps her fingers on the table as she waits for Tina to pick up her direct line at the office.

“Tina Sanders speaking. How may I help you?”

“Hey T! It’s Megan. I was wondering if I could get from you Valerie’s number?”

“Hey Meg! Ooh! I knew there was something brewing between the two of you last weekend! You do know that she was asking about you after that night.” Tina said gleefully.

“Huh? What do you mean asking about me? Like what kind of questions?” She asked warily.

“Oh you know….things like…. If you were single, if you were into guys, girls or both, what is your type….those kinds of questions.” She giggled.

“Uh huh…. And what did you say?”

“Well, I said that yes you were single & into girls totally. And as for your type I really wouldn’t know since you date various types of the female species.”

“Wait…. So you’re telling me she is into me? Doesn’t she have a son? So that makes her bi?”

“Ok Megan, promise me you will not breathe a word of this to anyone alright?”

“Alright I promise. What is it?”

“Valerie told me in confidence that she was raped three years ago.” Megan gasped out loud. “She doesn’t want her son to know that he was a product of such violence. She told him his father died in a car accident.”

“Oh my God!” Megan closed her eyes rubbing her forehead. Somehow thinking that she can’t push thru with what she planned. ‘I don’t think I’m that heartless.’ She thought to herself. ‘Maybe if I just befriend her and then try to talk to her about Jared. Who am I kidding? I want to be more than just her friend.’ Thoughts swirling in her head.

“With regards to her orientation, I wouldn’t know but she seemed pretty interested in you. So that says something right? Megan just…”

“What?” Still deciding a better way of approaching Valerie.

“Just be gentle with her she seems fragile… to me that is.” Tina gently advised her friend. “So you still want her number?”

“Yes please.”


Megan was staring at nothing in particular as she waited for the phone to be picked up.

“This is Valerie Summers. How may I help you?”

“Umm… Hi Valerie. This Megan… friend of Tina…. We met last weekend. Remember me?”

“Oh hi Megan! Of course I remember you. What’s up? You looking for Tina?”

“No… I mean… No I’m not looking for Tina. I called to ask if maybe you are okay to have dinner with me.”

“I would love to have dinner with you. When?”

“Oh…Ummm… When would be a good day for you?”

“Well… let’s see…are perabet giriş you okay coming over to my place tomorrow night for dinner with my son Jacob? I am making his favorite Lasagna. I guarantee it will make you forget your name.” She teased.

“I’m cool with that….What time should I come over? Oh! And what do you want me to bring?” Liking the sound of the happy voice of the brunette over the phone.

“How about red wine? Jacob has dinner early so you could come over around six.”

“Red wine it is. See you tomorrow at six then.”

“Can’t wait. Bye Megan.”

“Me too. Bye Valerie.” She can’t seem to stop smiling long after the phone conversation ended. “Maybe Beth is right I might just end up falling on my face here.” She muttered to herself.


At ten to six Megan was standing in front of the door of Valerie’s house. She was checking herself to see if her outfit, which consisted of dark bootleg jeans, low heeled shoes, and an emerald green buttoned down blouse, was just fine. ‘Why do I feel so nervous like it’s my first date ever.’ She asked herself. Visibly shaking her head she took a deep breath and rang the bell.

“Mommy! Mommy! Open door!” Megan heard an exuberant child’s voice from inside.

The door opens to Valerie looking back at her son talking to him. “Alright sport! Take it easy or you might just scare the guest away with your enthusiasm.” She turns to Megan and they both gave a slight gasp at seeing each other. Valerie was wearing a summer dress that clung in all the right places.

“Umm… Hi… Uh … you look great!” Megan complimented passing the bottle of red wine to her host.

“You too! I love the way the blouse brings out the color of your eyes.” Valerie shyly said. “Please come in to our humble abode.”

as Megan enters she sees a small boy standing by the side of the sofa looking at her curiously. “Oh! And this dashing young man is my son Jacob. Could you say ‘Hi’ to our guest, Jacob?” Valerie asked the boy as he slowly approaches and stands in front of Megan.

“Hello there Jacob. My name is Megan.” She kneels to keep at eye level with the child.

Jacob reaches out to touch Megan in the face. “Pwetty Megan!” Giving her a big dimpled smile so much like his mom that she fell in love with the boy.

“Yes she is pretty.” the voice behind her whispers.

“So who wants Lasagna?” Valrie asked hoping Megan did not hear her whispered words.

“Me! Me! Mon pwetty Megan! Eat!” Her hand grabbed and tugged towards the small round dining table. Jacob sitting in between the two adults smiling at his excitement then at each other as they ate their dinner.

After dinner Valerie took the boy to his room to prepare him for bed while Megan sat on the sofa drinking the wine. “He asleep?” she asked as Valerie sat beside her taking her drink from the table then faced her with her right arm on top of the back of the sofa.

“Yes he had a full day.” she said as she took a sip from her drink looking at her guest from the rim of her glass.

“You have an adorable son. He looks so much like you.”

“Why thank you. I’ll take that both as a compliment.”

“You know you’re right you do make a mean Lasagna. I’m glad that you invited me over for dinner.” putting the side of her head at the back of the sofa making a strand of hair fall forward.

“Well I’m glad you called me to have dinner.” Valerie reached over and move the fallen strand of hair behind Megan’s ear making her slightly gasp. Then as if realizing what she just did she pulls back her hand.

“Umm….I don’t know how to go about this… but you do know that I’m totally into girls right?” She asked Valerie directly.

“Uh yeah…. I asked Tina about you after last weekend. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No I don’t mind. I just… What about you? Are you into girls as well or are you bi since you have a child?”

“I’ve never been bi…I’m totally into girls as well. As for Jacob, I don’t really announce this but I was raped three years ago…” She halted tears forming in her eyes recalling the horrific event.

Seeing this Megan pulls her in for a hug hoping to alleviate the pain clearly seen in the brunette’s eyes. “Hey c’mere! It’s okay. I’m sorry that had to happen to you.” Rubbing Valerie’s back with her right hand while cradling her head with her left. Megan while holding the brunette close decides she simply could not go thru with her original plan and inflict anymore pain to the person she was slowly falling for.

After a few minutes Valerie reluctantly pulls away reluctantly not wanting to lose the feeling of those arms around her. “I’m sorry about that. I thought I was over it.” She wipes at her eyes.

“It’s okay. It gave me the excuse to hold you in my arms.” She teased as she wipes the wetness from Valerie’s cheeks. Drowning in those brown soulful eyes.

“It’s getting late. I think I should go.” Megan said as she slowly stands up. Valerie stands as well and walks her to the door. As they neared the door Megan turns perabet güvenilir mi and asks. ” Ummm…. Since you fed me dinner tonight would it be alright if I bring over dinner here on Friday same time? If you don’t have any other plans that is.”

“Yes…. I mean…. Yes it would be alright.” She says with a big smile on her face.

“It’s a date then!” Megan beamed as she turns around and heads toward her car.


Over the next two months they fell into comfortable pattern of having family dinner at Valerie’s house two to three times a week and picnics on the weekends. Jacob adored Megan and relished the attention he was getting from both women. If Megan was not around he would always look for her and when she is he would always make sure to be near both women. It was a Saturday late afternoon and Tina came over with her son Matthew to pick up Jacob to go to the zoo and sleepover their house. Valerie and Megan were sitting on the couch when Jacob launched himself in between them hugging them both before he left.

“Bye Mommy! See you tomowow.” As he kissed Valerie on the lips. “Bye Baby! Be good for Auntie Tina.”

Turning to Megan and kissing her on the lips as well. “Bye Mommy Megan! See you tomowow.” All three adults gasped. “Umm… Bye Sport! Missing you already.” Megan softly responded not knowing how Valerie will take what her son just said.

“Well as they say out of the mouth of babes. At least he knows what he wants and says so. Which is more than I can say for some people I know.” Tina addressing the two women in the couch. “Well c’mon kiddos let’s hit the road!” As she and the two boys left.

“Umm… I’m sorry about that… Will talk to Jacob tomorrow when he gets back.” Valerie said looking anywhere but Megan.

Grabbing a hold of Valerie’s hand and waiting for her to look at her. “Hey! It’s okay really…. Unless you are not comfortable with it I completely understand.”

Looking down at their hands. “It’s not that…. It’s just that…”

“What? What is it?” Tightening her hold on the brunette’s hand.

Lifting her eyes. “What is happening to us?….. I mean…. What are we?”

“What do you want us to be?” Megan asked hoping that Valerie wants the same thing she does.

Linking their fingers together she continues to look at Megan and taking a deep breath. “I want for us to be more. I want so much for us to be a couple.” Hoping she is not setting herself up for heartache if the dark haired girl does not want the same thing. She holds her breath while waiting for a response.

Megan lifts her hand and gently rubs the back of it on Valerie’s face. “I want that too. I’ve been wanting it since the time you asked me to have dinner here and I held you for the first time.” She said huskily as she pulled the brunette towards her for a hug. Burying her face in her neck lips slightly touching the skin breathing her in. “You smell so good.”

“You feel so good. I don’t think I want to let go.” She sighed closing her eyes.

After a few minutes Megan pulls her face from Valerie’s neck and kisses her forehead. “Do you want to go out for dinner and a movie?”

“No. I’d rather have we have dinner and watch a DVD here. Is that ok?”

“More than okay.” She smiled.

After a simple dinner they went back to the living room. Megan was lying on her side facing the tv while Valerie was setting up the DVD player. As the movie started Valerie walked to the couch and Megan was lifting herself up to make room when the brunette stops her. “No don’t please stay where you are.”

“What about you? Where will you be?” And as soon as she asked Valerie lies down in the couch pushing Megan to the back grabbing her right arm and pulling it down across her torso to rest just below her breast with her hand on top of the dark haired girl.

“Here with you of course. Where else will I be?” She teased giving that dimpled smile.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Megan said softly as she pulled her in closer kissing her at the back of her neck feeling Valerie shudder.

The last thing Megan remembers is putting her head in between the shoulders of Valerie while they watched the movie as she fell asleep. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Valerie facing her and watching her with the most loving and serene look that her breath hitches.

“Hey.” She whispered.

“Hey back.” Whispered Valerie tracing Megan’s face with her fingers.

“Sorry I fell asleep on you. What time is it?” Loving the feel of the brunette’s fingers on her face.

“Just a little after ten.”

“It’s getting late I think I should go.” She said reluctantly not wanting to leave.

“Did you… Umm… Do you want to stay the night?” Valerie hesitantly asked.

“I would love to. But are you sure? You once said that you haven’t had anyone touch you that way since you know…”

“I’m sure. I… I want you to be my first…. To take away the ugliness and give me back that loving feeling.” She said emotionally tears glistening in her eyes.

Megan brings her head closer as she tentatively kisses the brunette tracing her lips with the tip of her tounge. Their kisses became more passionate with tounges duelling like they couldn’t get enough of each other. Megan breaks off the kiss breathing deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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