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Another Girl Next Door Story

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They must have moved in while they spent the weekend at Kings Island. They noticed that the for sale sign was missing from the front lawn and there were now blinds and curtains in the windows. Zak and his parents all hoped that the new neighbours would be good people like the last ones. As it had been a long weekend and despite it being only 9:00 pm, his parents decided to turn in early because tomorrow was the beginning of a new work week. Zak wasn’t tired but he headed to his room to go online. He was about to turn on the lights his room turned off his lights when he noticed a faint narrow rectangle of light against his blinds, seems there was light coming from next door. Curiosity got the better of him and he headed to the window for a better look, The light in the room was dim and the gauzy curtains though parted obstructed his view, so he dug out his binoculars for a better look.What he saw as he adjusted the focus got him very excited. For there in the room sitting at a desk was the most attractive girl he had ever seen outside of the senior cheerleaders at school.She was wearing one of the sexiest pink nightgowns he had ever seen. He could only see the profile of her face and then only glimpses as she was brushing her long dark hair., but from what he saw she was beautiful and she looked about his age. His sixteen-year-old dick began to get hard and he started to formulated a plan to meet her.  So Zak dug out an old cardboard box and flattened it making a large piece of white cardboard from the lid. He then wrote his email address on it in large letters bahçesehir escort with a thick black magic marker. Then before he placed it in his window he opened it and threw a penny at hers. He then closed the blinds and drapes behind the sign.Hidden in the darkness of his room and peering from behind the curtain he saw the pretty girl stand up and walk to the window to investigate the sound she heard. His dick became harder when he discovered that her nightie was see-through and that her beautiful tits, as well as the tiny bikini panty she wore underneath, were quite visible. He saw her look wildly around and then up. Less than ten seconds later his laptop informed him that I had a chat request and he couldn’t accept fast enough. He accepted the request and placed his headset on before he activated his camera. She must have done the same because a heartbeat later her beautiful face also wearing a headset filled the screen.Zak introduced himself and so did she, her name was Ariel. She complimented him on his novel was of getting her attention and he thanked her. A short question and answer session followed and Zak learned that she was seventeen and would be attending college in the Fall. She had an older sister who was in college and had elected to stay there and work over the Summer. Zak had an older brother and sister also in college that had their own places.”I should probably grab a robe or something as I’m kinda exposed,” Ariel told him.”Don’t bother on my account,” Zak replied.”You just want to stare at my girls,” she replied as she gently ran beylikdüzü bayan escort her hands over her breasts under the thin fabric.”I’ll look but I don’t stare,” Zak responded.”Fair enough, but all I see is a t-shirt,” she informed him.Zak quickly removed his t-shirt. He wasn’t shy about his body as he and his whole family were in fantastic shape. Swimming, running and weightlifting were enjoyed almost daily. The end result was that he had a firm and muscular body for one so young. His Mom and Dad were very attractive and they passed their genes down to him. As a result, he too was blessed with good looks.His chiselled features and sandy blonde hair along with a great personality had been a blessing. As a result, girls his age, as well as older females, found him very attractive. His parents still considered him their little boy as he had no steady girlfriend and would have been horrified if they found out how he spent his nights during the weekend vacation.  He left his room almost every night and crept across the hall to spend hours between the arms and legs of the girl they had met in the park during check-in. “Nice,” Ariel said in an appraising voice.”Not as nice as you,” Zak responded.Zak was glad that he was sitting and that the desk hid his lower portion of his body. Between Airel’s killer body and soft voice, his cock had become quite hard.”Wish I could see more,” Zak added.”Not going to happen. I’m not wearing much down there,” she smiled.Zak smiled to himself. He didn’t add that he knew how little she had on thanks to his binoculars. escort beylikdüzü Then came the questions about boy and girlfriends and schedules. Neither was seeing anyone. Ariel attended ballet school during the day, that left almost no time for boyfriends. Zak admitted and that there was no one in any of his classes that really interested him. Before they knew it they had been chatting for three hours and were getting really tired.They decided to log off but made plans to chat tomorrow.”So tell me, is there a colour you like to see on your ladies?” Ariel asked.”I think black is sexy,” he admitted.”Good enough. Chat at ya tomorrow,” she said as she blew a kiss at the camera before her image vanished.Zak headed to his bed and grabbed his rock hard cock and began to masturbate. He imagined Ariel in his room wearing that pink nightie and allowing him to hug and kiss her. He called her name as he let loose all over his boxers.Zak thought about Ariel all day while at work and he couldn’t wait to get home. He was restless during his workout and was forced to concentrate lest he hurt himself. He had no appetite at the dinner table and only picked at his food. He claimed he wasn’t hungry and quickly excused himself and headed to his room.He sat alone in his room with only the light of his laptop screen providing illumination as he waited for Ariel to make contact. He couldn’t believe that one girl would have such an effect on him. Getting the girl had never a problem and he had a collection of phone numbers that would welcome his call at any time of the day or night.Finally at 10:30 his laptop beeped to tell him that he had a chat request. Zak stripped down to his boxers and then placed the headphones on his head. He took a seat and punched the accept button and once again was blown away by the vision of Ariel on the screen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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