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Another Photo Shoot For The Twins. (Part One)

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Another Photo Shoot For The Twins. (Part One)One Saturday night, Rich had another photo shoot with his two favorite lovely twins: Samantha and Hannah. They were both stunning, and they kept him up at night too. Rich got out his new digital camera that he loved to use for this photo shoots so he could get the best shots for erotic photos. The twins were always more than ready to please the camera, and him. They both came in the room in their sexiest bras and panties.”Oh my, I swear you two become more ravishing and revealing every single day,” Rich said with his camera in my hand.”Well, we aim to please, Rich,” Hannah replied slowly.They both got into their positions on the couch, and Rich began taking some pictures. First, they were separated, just making some very sexy poses. He swears every time he saw them, he got a massive hard on. They had their eyes on each other, or just generally not towards the camera. Although, eventually, both pairs of eyes looked over at him.”Oh my, Rich. We didn’t know you were bringing a gun to the shoot. You look like you are locked and loaded,” Samantha said.Hannah couldn’t help but to look and see it for herself.”Damn, you are packing, Rich,” Hannah said.He never slept with any of the women that he photographed, he thought it was an ethical thing. Also, he loved working with them, and he thought that might screw up the great cliental relationship he had with them. As with every other photo shoot, after he took about fifty pictures of the twin’s separated, they got close to each other. That was always his favorite part of it. First, they just put their hips together, and as the minutes went by, more skin bakırköy escort would be touching.”Oh yes, ladies. The camera loves you,” He said.The twins both just giggled a little bit, and then they did something extra sexy for him. They both stood up, and pressed their boobs together.”Now, that’s sexy. I mean, you two are goddesses,” he said.They both giggled again, but said nothing. They began to titty fight slightly. It was almost as if they were teasing him. For about ten minutes straight, they stayed literally only inches away. Then as Hannah was right behind Samantha, she undid her bra, and it fell off.”Ladies, we only need shots of you two in the sexy bras and panties,” Rich said.”I think we have enough erotic pictures, Rich. I think you need some for your personal collection,” Hannah said as Samantha took off her bra too.”I think I have plenty of personal pictures, ladies,” he said.”Don’t worry about it, You’re our best friend and we know that you wouldn’t try and have sex with us. Just enjoy the sights,” Samantha replied.As they were both half naked, He knew things were about to get even hotter. Samantha gently pushed Hannah onto the couch, and then she took off her panties too. He loved it whenever he saw the twin’s naked. There were two beautiful and young twin sisters that were really close with each other, and they seemed to get off teasing him whenever they had the chance. In the first couple minutes, they noticed they didn’t hear camera going off.”Come on, Rich. We all know you want a little more than a mental picture,” Hannah said.So then he began taking pictures of beşiktaş escort them completely naked. They got really close together. He’d felt his cock getting harder and harder. He saw Hannah’s face buried right in Samantha’s pussy. She spread out Samantha’s soaked pussy lips, and made sure he got a good shot of that.”Zoom in here, Rich. You’ll want to remember this forever,” Samantha said.Rich did just that as Hannah stuck in her tongue as deep as she could into Samantha’s pussy. Seeing two sisters have sex together, let’s just say the real thing was a hell of a lot better than porn. Samantha put her hands onto Hannah’s head, and her tongue went in just a bit further. Samantha had no choice but to moan. Of course Hannah knew what she was doing down there. Her face was drenched, and in no time at all Samantha was moaning really loudly.”Here’s another photo finish, Rich, make sure you get my good side,” Samantha said.Rich made sure to get all he could of that photo finish. It was definitely something he would remember, with or without a camera. He still made sure to get the photographic evidence though. Samantha came all over Hannah’s face, and it was a spectacle, and it was great. “Did you like that, Rich?” The twins asked in unisons.He just nodded slightly. They both just smiled really widely for a minute, then got up and walked towards him. They both took one of his arms, and kissed his neck.”Why don’t you take a break from the pictures, and have some fun with us?” Samantha asked.Was He actually going to get to have sex with them? Well, he wasn’t about to just jump in head first.”You beylikdüzü escort know, that I wouldn’t try and have sex with you two,” he said.”Yeah, but no one said we wouldn’t try to have sex with you though,” Hannah replied.He was just grinning as widely as he could, and then Samantha leaned over to kiss him once. Hannah did the same, and then took the camera. She put it over on a table as Samantha put her hand onto his cock. She felt it very hard through the Demin of his jeans, and then Hannah came back. She got down onto her knees and undid his jeans. She pulled the jeans and underwear down together, all the way to his feet and his cock popped out inches from her face.”Oh my, Rich. You are very happy to see us?” Hannah said.Samantha pulled Rich’s T-shirt over his head just as Hannah began stroking his cock. Her hands were soft. Samantha got down on her knees with Hannah, and he knew he was in for a treat. Hannah took her hand off his cock, but then they both put their tongues on there. They both began licking the sides of his cock.”Oh shit, ladies,” he said.They both just giggled a bit and began licking the sides of his cock again. It had only been going on for about a minute, but he was already in absolute paradise.”Ohh,” he moaned softly.Then Hannah backed away a little bit, and Samantha took Rich’s cock into her mouth. He had masturbated thinking about the times both of them blowing him hundreds of times before. Samantha took as much as she could. Sha was deep-throating his cock, and it felt wonderful. He began inhaling and exhaling very sharply, and Samantha let Hannah have a turn. Hannah immediately went as far as she could trying to deep throat him without gaging. Rich put one hand Hannah’s head pulling her slightly closer, and then Samantha got right next to Hannah’s face. He put his other hand on Samantha’s head, and she began licking his balls. That really tickled him so as you could imagine, He had a huge smile on his face.TO BE CONTINIED…

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