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Another pretty good sex story from brighteyes (lon

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Another pretty good sex story from brighteyes (lonAlright, so I had been out all day and night with my girlfriend and her mom. We just went in city for shopping, food, ect. At Walmart, after I walked off from my girl to go piss, I came back and she hadn’t seen me. I wanted to see how she would react to this. I walked up behind her and grabbed a big handful of ass and rubbed my hand down her thigh. She was wearing some extremely short shorts, yes jean daisydukes pretty much. She freaked at first and then realized it was me and then she was ok. I continued to give the little gestures of getting her excited.. the usual. My arm around her hip would slide down her thigh with a little pressure. She started to warm up a bit. We met back up with her mom and grabbed some food from Firehouse Subs (my favorite). On the sahabet güvenilirmi way home, we were in the backseat, both of us feeling frisky. You guys know what I’m talking about with what happened. We were petting a lot, and she bit my neck a few times. My hand was sliding inside her thigh, and she was slowly opening her legs inviting me. Her mom had been busy on her cell phone while she was driving the whole time. My fingers found their way into her extremely tight shorts. Man, she must had been quite frisky as well, she was extremely wet! She switched positions to where she was laying against me. This made it easier to keep everything hidden. With two fingers, I went deep into her juice, and started teasing her *ss a bit (I like the second part more than she does). She had me pull my sahabet yeni giriş fingers out as she wasn’t feeling so good since we just ate. She did agree to help me out though, like we’ve done in the passed, she was going to give me a quick bj outside when I was leaving. We get back to her house, and I went ahead and said bye to her mom as I was leaving (it was 8pm). Standing just outside her garage, with it quite dark out, she got done and began going. It was feeling great, but I prefer the tang. I asked her if I could just do it real quick since I was beyond horny. She agreed. She wanted me to make it a quickie though, she wasn’t too worried about her getting off this time.I turned her around and pulled her tight little shorts to the side. It took a moment to get it in as we were both sahabet giriş standing, and still trying to be as discrete as possible. I got it in, man she felt amazing! She started bouncing her sculpted hips against me. To my surprise, she was really getting into it although she had said she felt sick earlier. My hand was holding tightly against her groin muscle, yea, that’s the killer spot. Since we had stopped fingering earlier, yet she was still horny, she was tighter than usual but still just as wet. After pumping for a few minutes, I went ahead and pulled out (risky, but she’s on birthcontrol, still risky I know). When she turned around, she said, “Oh my goodness, I started crying.” I then asked her if it had hurt that bad. She actually said, “No, you were just hitting the right spot I guess.” She giggled a little bit over it. She went ahead and asked in advance if we could do that position next time. So that wraps it up. I should start doing more foreplay. She started freaking crying because it felt so good! D*mn! I hope everyone enjoyed the read, I sure as hell enjoyed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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