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Another walk in the rain.

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Another walk in the rain.I have always loved walking around with my fly undone and seeing how longbefore my cock flops out of my pants and into the cool air. This is just asmall story about my recent masturbatory adventures.I’m around 37 years old, a white guy with an average body, I hope, and apenchant for rubbing my cock while thinking about cuming all over theplace. As I write this right now my thick cut 7.25 in cock is sticking outfrom my button flys and I’m stroking every once in a while.Recently after reading through a few submissions on xhamster I decided togo for a walk in the rain. It was a warm night but there was a breezeblowing. I got away from my house and walked down the dimly lit street. Ihad left the top button buttoned and bit by bit unbuttoned all of thebuttons. The denim rubbing against the head of my cock made itswell. Suddenly I felt a cold breeze running up and down my crotch and Irealized halkalı escort my cock had completely came out of my pants. I looked at itbouncing with every step. Trying my hardest I resisted pulling on it, toprolong my pleasure. I felt this was going to be a long walk and wank. Rainbegan to spatter onto my hard and hot cock, making me shiver. I was onlywearing a pair of jeans (fly undone) an old pair of sneakers and a loosefitting sweat shirt.This way if I had the opportunity I could take everything off and walkcompletely nude. I do enjoy being mostly naked while walking as my clothingrubs against my cock, balls and asshole. Oh what a feeling.I walked a while more into a sparsely populated area near a farm. I tookoff the sweatshirt and let the rain spatter my chest and back. This feltawesome. A few minutes later I dropped taksim escort off my sneakers and dropped my pantsto my ankles. I sat in the middle of the street, rain streaming off of mybody and dripping off the end of my rock hard cock.I began to stroke my wet member, remembering how it felt now, it was alittle bit better when dry, but I was on a mission, to splatter my jizzwherever I wanted. I pulled up my pants, still allowing my cock and ballsto hang out of the fly, buttoned the two top buttons and put my drenchedsweatshirt back on. I walked onto a large sports field at a nearbyfarm. That’s where I left my sneakers, again, and my shirt, leaving mysoaking jeans on.I ran around the field watching my cock bounce, enjoying the feeling of mystraining cock with every step I took. I dove onto my stomach, driving mysteely rod into the grass. The pressure felt şişli escort incredible. By now my jeanswere riding up the crack of my ass. As the rain subsided I decided now Ineeded to come. I stood in the middle of the field, a slight night mist,the sound of passing cars I rubbed my straining cock. Moving my hips roundand round, pulling my cock skin over it’s head and bringing it back, ohhthe stars in my head, I was reeling and in need of coming. I felt my asstense, my cock swelled, a feeling that started at the base of my cock, ranthrough my body and ended at the base of my skull. I grunted and held mycock high, fell backwards, spewing rope after steamy rope of jizz all overmy chest, my stomach and finally all over the front of my pants. I stroked my wet, sticky tool until the feelings subsided and I relaxed. I wiped some of mymess up with a finger and brought it to my lips. I love the taste of mycum.A few moments later I arose, walked to the edge of the field with my softcock sticking to my rain soaked, cum covered jeans and gathered mybelongings. I put my sneakers on, leaving my shirt off to show off thedripping semen to passing cars. I, of course, covered my cock as theypassed, and smiled knowing that I was still “kind of” exposing myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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