Ara 29

Anya’s Raven Ch. 06

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Voices carried through her head as Anya fought her way to consciousness. Pain slashed through her head, but she felt urgency about something. She just couldn’t remember what.

Raven, she thought absently. She drifted away from the voices, floating further from the pain in her head, before the sounds came back into sharp focus.

“You aren’t going to touch her. Enough damage has already been done.”

The vehemence of the voice brought Anya closer to awareness, and she chanced opening her eyes just a little bit. Shutting them tightly on a groan, the voices faded in and out again as her mind protected itself from the pain.

A warm hand cupped the back of her neck as bitter brew was urged passed her lips. Anya’s brow wrinkled in distaste, but she swallowed reflexively before turning away.

“Come on, Anya. You must drink this.”

No doubt that time. It was him. Her body shivered with the knowledge.

He lifted her head again, and she forced herself to drink, hoping the pain and foul taste didn’t cause her to vomit. Allowing her stomach to quiet itself for a few moments, Anya lay back without urging her eyes open again.

There was only silence now, and after a time, the pain in her head began to dull. Anya was aware of Raven’s presence in the room, but the usual pull of him was gone. She was unreasonably distressed about its absence.

“Are you able to talk?” Raven asked her quietly.

Her eyes still closed, she responded with a question. “Did Syril send you?”

Raven didn’t answer for some moments. When he did, she was puzzled by his answer. “Yes. But perhaps not for the purpose you suspect. Regardless, I came for my own reasons.”

She looked at him now, and was relieved she could open her eyes without incident. Memories of the last weeks were erratic. She couldn’t recall at all how he came to be here, nor what had occurred to put her in this bed. Had he attacked her?

No. She wouldn’t be alive if he had meant to kill her. She studied his face, but could discern nothing from his expression. As usual. Raven, in turn, stared at her, so that they sat in silence, each one gazing upon the other.

Anya was surprised how similar her dream visions of him were to the reality. But it was still a shock to her senses to be in his physical proximity. His eyes were as shuttered as ever, the newer lines around them giving a character to the hardness of his face. He sat near her bed, his posture casual and watchful. Though less intense, his presence still dwarfed her own and Anya felt engulfed by him.

With steady voice, Anya asked him, “And what are your reasons, Raven?”

He didn’t answer, just continued to watch her, and when he finally spoke, it was on a different matter. “The Sisters have explained some things to me. What you attempted to do. Despite their…wariness of me, they would like to study us.”

Anya remained silent, waiting for him to continue.

“But I’m more curious about your father. What knows about the Kujheel, and from where. Aren’t you?” His eyes were intent, and she couldn’t help but nod, though her shock held her mute.

This was so far from the encounter she had anticipated, illegal bahis Anya felt afloat in reality. Were they actually conversing? She couldn’t trust him, yet. Raven had been the tool of her father for too long. When she remained silent, he spoke again.

“There’s something between us, Anya. What you’ve done may have altered it, but I can still feel you.” He leaned closer so she could feel his breath on her face, and Anya’s heart picked up speed as her body felt the familiar yearning for him. His voice lowered to barely above a whisper. “Can you feel me?”

Her face flushed as she felt something stirring inside her. She couldn’t break his gaze, and her breath became shallow. Yes, she could feel him. Every fiber of her body was in tune with him, though altered bond or not. Her mind protested the feeling, but her body wanted him, as she had always wanted him, and she was a slave to the euphoria flooding her senses.

Raven reached a finger to her face, running a path along her jaw, and Anya shivered at the touch. Just the nearness of him caused heat to flood between her legs, and her nipples perked up in achy response.

Had Valdine’s death been for this? So she could just give in the next time Raven beckoned? Guilt at the Sister’s sacrifice washed through her. Despite that, she found it hard to summon a protest.

“It’s what he wants,” Anya whispered, hoping the thought of Syril would steer her away from this madness.

“But is it what you want, An?” Raven whispered back, and then his lips closed over her mouth, inhaling Anya’s gasp.

She felt as if she was drowning in him, and her sex throbbed as their tongues collided. The dam was suddenly breached, unleashing pent-up desires that had been suppressed for years. She moaned into his mouth as his hands clutched her hair, turning her head to his will. They shared breath, hearts beating in sync, and Anya melted under the onslaught of his lips.

Anya had the presence of mind to notice the difference in what they were experiencing. She was aware of her mind opening to Raven, but there was a wall between them now, and she wasn’t sure if there was a way, or even if she wanted, to tear it down.

Either way, her body glorified in being touched by him. When his hand came down to her breast, she arched up into him. He kneaded her breast and she groaned, her pussy aching and wet.

Raven came up suddenly, throwing the blankets aside. One of his knees knelt between her legs, and he grabbed the bottom of her bed gown, roughly pushing it up so that she was bared all the way above her breasts.

They were both heaving breaths, and his eyes darkened perceptibly as he stared at her naked form. Her nipples were dark and peaked, burning under his eyes, and the scent of her arousal filled the air around them.

Anya’s body felt like molten fire, and she ached for Raven to come back to her, but she couldn’t move under his stare. Couldn’t even speak.

And then he was on her, kissing her mouth, her jaw, her neck. He pushed the gown the remainder of the way off her body, lifting her shoulders to tear it from her head. Her eyes shut in bliss as his mouth closed on her breasts, illegal bahis siteleri sucking the tender skin around her nipples, and finally closing the hard tips into his mouth.

Anya was no longer aware of herself, or any of the reasons she had to protest this. Her mind was swimming in the sensations of Raven’s tongue, swirling delicate circles around her nipples before sucking them in hard, drawing pressure to the nerve endings before releasing them again.

She felt him probing at the edges of her mind, and they circled each other around the damaged edges of their bond. The barrier between them was a fluid thing, moving back and forth between with every touch.

His hand drifted to her cleft, sliding up and down her slit with tantalizing slowness. She pushed her hips into his hands, groans of pleasure escaping her throat. Her hands squeezed rhythmically on his shoulders, moving up and down his arms and back around his neck.

Without warning he thrust two fingers deep into her cunt, and she tossed her head aside as she bit her lip on a scream. She heard him groan at the tightness of her pussy, and her hips lifted as she felt his fingers moving.

Raven’s head moved down her abdomen, nipping her skin in sharp little bites, before soothing her with his tongue. Finally, his mouth stood level with her slit, and he blew softly on it, teasing her with the anticipation, while his fingers continued their slow assault from within her.

When his tongue finally touched to her clit, she nearly exploded, moaning his name as he slowly licked all along her folds. Before she knew what he was about, he had withdrawn one of his fingers from her cunt, and was pushing it against the tight bud of her anus.

She half raised herself, surprise blanking her features, and Raven thought she had never looked so beautiful as she did now, fully mature curves, skin flushed and heated.

“What are you…” But she never finished as her body fell back, succumbing to the working of his mouth on her cunt. He pushed his finger as far as it would go, feeling the clenching of her sphincter around his digit.

He was going to have her, but he couldn’t risk a child, not until he was certain about Syril’s intentions. But they could enjoy each other in every other way. His cock squeezed painfully at the thought of her ass tightening on his shaft the way it was clutching his finger. He eased second finger in when her moans grew more desperate.

“Raven,” she called throatily, and he gave her clit one last flick of his tongue before rising and quickly shedding his clothing.

The taste of her in his mouth was driving his desire to the bursting point, and he plunged his cock into her pussy for the first time ever.

Her beautiful eyes widened on her intake of breath, and he kissed her mouth hard as he thrust into her, the heat of her pussy nearly sending him over the edge.

She mewled in protest when he withdrew, and then she wriggled in shock when he started pressing the head of his erection into her ass.

“What are you doing?” she cried, futilely moving her hips away from his seeking shaft.

Raven pinned her with his body, holding canlı bahis siteleri both her wrists above her head with one of his large hands.

“I can’t risk fathering a child on you An. Not if that’s what Syril wants. But I’m going to have you. Now.”

“No!” she gasped. “Not like that!”

“Yes Anya.”

And his other hand held her hip in place as he positioned his cock to the entrance of her ass. Her face was panicked now, and he pushed tentatively at her mind at the same time he pressed into her anus.

Raven broke through both at the same time, the bond finally surging to life as the head of his cock entered past the tight muscled ring of her anus. She sucked in a gulp of air, and he flooded the bond with his exaltation, watching as her eyes misted over, her features relaxing into an expression of intense arousal.

“Oh,” she breathed, and Raven felt the muscles of her rectum relaxing. He slid in further, and groaned at the tight heat gripping his cock.

He lifted her leg so her knee hung over his shoulder, and leaned down to capture her mouth again. His tongue thrust into her mouth as he sheathed his cock to the hilt, and they moaned into each other.

Raven unleashed everything he was feeling at her, and she reciprocated in kind. He felt the agonizing pleasure of her as he began to thrust into her ass, and at the same time, he felt the pleasure/pain of his cock violating her anus, her confusion at her pleasure, her elation at his pleasure, which in turn fed her own.

Reaching between them, he fingered her clit, circling around her nub in time with each steady thrust of his cock. Another groan burst from her throat, and her head turned aside, her brow furrowed as her mind reconciled the euphoric tension of her body. Raven dipped his head and licked the shell of her ear.

She strained against him now, reaching higher. She was moaning constantly, and he could barely tolerate the intensity of their linked minds with the incredible feeling of fucking her.

He increased the speed of his thrusts, rocking her body as he sank into her ass over and over. The force of his orgasm built in him, tightening his balls, and he grunted with the effort of holding himself back until she climaxed. He accelerated the movement of his fingers, driving her clit back and forth under his touch, plunging into her with his cock.

And then she exploded, biting into his shoulder and screaming as she came, her ass clenching him with the pulse of her orgasm.

Raven let loose, pummeling into her ass while her body squeezed spasmodically around his driving shaft. The intensity of her pleasure whipped through his body along the bond, pushing him to come with all the forces of nature. He unloaded into her, a hoarse shout emerging from his throat, energy seeming to shoot from every surface of his body. His mind floated with hers in oblivion as their bodies shuddered around and into each other.

He heard his name, her voice in his mind, and he could see her there suddenly—not her physical form, but it was her, nonetheless, and holy gods, he could see everything she felt. Not just the rush of ecstasy they had just shared, but the uncertainty, the distrust, fear for the future, and still something else. Something he had seen all those years before, but never acknowledged.

She loved him. Loved him helplessly, and feared it. And gods help them both, because he loved her back.

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