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Apples , Oranges Too

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Disclaimer: This vacuous fictional stroker’s sexual players are humans aged 18+ who avoid condoms. Tags: clusterfuck, brother-sister, sister-sister, step-family, bisexual. If you object to any such, stop reading. Views expressed may not be the author’s. Details may be incorrect. Read the prior story too. Enjoy!


Apples & Oranges Too

(All in the families, with incest)


It was incest after all. I tried to deny it, but fuck! There it was. And there it still is,

“Mikey,” my little sister Shayla said, taking my cock from her mouth, “shut up.”

My girlfriend and sometimes roommate Midori’s tongue left Shayla’s open pussy long enough to say, “Nobody want to hear your guilt. You’re having sexy fun. Go with it.” Midori resumed her moist, tasty twat-teasing.

What could I do? I leaned back against the headboard, fondled my little sister’s near breast while she blew me, watched Midori’s lingual technique on Shayla with rapt attention, and accepted my fate.

I enjoyed the view, too.

Midori sloppily slurped Shayla’s sweet snatch more insistently. Fun to watch! Shayla picked up the pace with her oral gymnastics on my cock. Fun to feel! She reached up, pinched my nipples a bit, and so willfully triggered me, her tongue-work urging load after creamy load to fill her mouth. Oh fuck! She spasmed and came on Midori’s tongue around then, too. She sucked me harder but did not bite.

“Woah,” Shayla said, “that was great!” She turned to give Midori a long, soulful kiss, and then climbed up me for some face-sucking. I hardly tasted me on her.

“A good start,” Midori agreed. “But I need some stiff dick. I better work on that.”

We switched to a ‘recovery’ position. I was on my back. Midori snuggled between my legs, tongue-bathing my worn-out cock to recover my hardness if not my semen supply — not right away for the joy juice. She planned to ride me for a long, long time. I would not complain. Shayla knelt on my face, tugging my ears to aim my trained tongue into her works after making sure my hands correctly cupped her sweet breasts. She said this was to recover her spirit. That was the excuse, anyway.

I guess it was incest after all. Especially after Midori had finished with still-unrecharged me, and sweet sister Shayla saddled-up and rode me almost forever like a cowgirl with my cock wrangling deep inside her, her boobs swinging, our hips bucking like broncos. Yippie-ki-yay!

Shayla yelled about a half-dozen times before my last painful zap left me fucked-out.

“Okay Mikey, go on with your story now.” My wasted cock was limp in her mouth.


I have told of our merged families, two households force-fit into one large two-story territorial-style house in a compound on a hill over the Russian River, in redwood and wine country north of San Francisco. Our new home was on the redwood coast’s inland edge, above the prized vineyards.

Enough college-age progeny — DiDi Manson’s four kids and Dad’s (Dylan Todd) three — filled the place, though the oldest on each side were schooled some distance away and bothered us infrequently. Only five of we young ones contended for onsite space. We were like apples and oranges tossed into a crate to be sorted-out.

Dad and DiDi occupied the full house upstairs. We five ‘kids’ lived in varied rooms downstairs around a covered patio.

I had my big studio, spacious for me and any overnight friends, but officially with an extra king bed for the Manson big-bro Tank on his rare visits from uni. Just like my little sister Shayla kept a bed for our big sister Olivia’s rare returns, another bed in her little studio, smaller than the near-identical twins Briana and Belva Manson’s space, the twins that fucked me first The last and least of us, Taz Manson, got the unplumbed playroom, and so shared my kitchen and elaborate bath space when he bothered. He was gone a lot. Whew.

We used a door-signal system for our patio-access rooms. A locked door means nobody is home or otherwise go-the-fuck-away. A wide-open door means come on in — what you see is what you get. A not-quite-closed door means enter if you dare but expect anything — an ambiguous invitation that MIGHT lead to fun. Closed doors mean do not enter except in a real emergency, or otherwise think real hard before knocking. But I might be invaded anyway. I did not mind invasions if sex resulted.

Shayla rubbed me. “You never object to sucking and fucking.”

“Of course not,” I said. “Now let me continue.”

She bit my crank. Ouch. “Hey, ouch!”

“Kiss and make it better, Mikey?”

Little sisters can be pests.

Except during fellatio.

Yes, we needed time for studies, be they solitary or shared. Shayla, my girlfriend Midori, and I were in different music programs but could support each other in theory and practice. Taz and his girlfriend Cyndi were hospitality majors; they were crazy and kinky enough to want to manage hotels, resorts, all those people. Belva and Briana were in public safety, cops-to-be. We poker oyna moved in varied student circles.

Shayla was not the most thoughtful of women. She brought home skanky boyfriends. They abused her. Taz and/or I rescued her more than once — too many time, really. Belva and Briana, cops in training and tough babes, found semi-legal ways to punish abusive turds.

Shayla saw me and Taz as her stalwart heroes after a few such rescues, heroes due to be rewarded. She rewarded Taz with many fucks but not me because incest. That seemed okay then. I received many kisses around my face and upper body..

And I kissed in return: her face, neck, shoulders, boobs, arms, anywhere above and including her cute outie belly button Feet were okay too but not above the ankles. Toe-sucking was not incest. I was only brotherly. She was only sisterly when she nipped my nips and soul-kissed me, her hero. My sloppy cock did not slip inside her anywhere and we did not finger each other. No groin-work. Those were our rules. Affection but no incest.

Sometimes Shayla and Taz wanted a threesome, and none of their other friends from the community college we attended were nearby, so I fucked my new step-brother’s face while Shayla blew him taut, and then fucked his really tight little ass while I watched him lick my little sister’s wide-open pussy to moaning satisfaction, her legs spread, belly heaving, breasts rolling, firm nipples seeking heaven. I was entranced, watching her orgasmic face and shaking body. Watching was not incest.

“I like to watch you too,” Shayla said. “You fucking Taz is sort of hot. But I really like to watch you fucking the girls. And I know you like to watch me with them.” Indeed. My unexpectedly kinky little sister put on quite a show with our guests.

Most of my group playtimes with Shayla featured girls like my excitable Midori, or Taz’s inventive pal Cyndi, or both, maybe joined by Tia or Lia or Anathea or Latrella or whoever from school. But usually Cyndi and/or Midori. They had gate keys and often stayed over, almost roommates for Taz and me. Cyndi might be here even if Taz was not, which was a lot. Not that I complained.

One musical study hour with Midori had evolved into a nice fuck session when Shayla waltzed through my not-quite-closed door — meaning that privacy was not demanded. I was soon fucking into Midori’s crisp cunt while Shayla sat firmly on her sharp face and I lovingly sucked my sweet little sister’s sweet breasts, in between some deep tongue-to-tongue sibling tonsil-chasing. Not incest.

Or Midori sat facing me, sitting on supine Shayla’s busy mouth. My little sister’s thighs were spread; she masturbated. Her boobs bobbled, nipples taut, as she licked at Midori’s wiry wound. I nuzzled Shayla but did not disturb her self-fingering. I kissed her neck, her breasts, her navel. No further. No incest.

Or torchy Cyndi strode in while I was studying alone and demanded, “I am horny! I need to suck and fuck. Taz is not here. Nobody else is here. Let’s you and me suck and fuck!” Straightforward, indeed. She was atop me in an energetic 69 when Shayla arrived. “That looks like fun!” My little sister slipped off her dress and bent to rim Cyndi’s rosebud, her tongue and mine maybe meeting at Cyndi’s taint. No incest.

Of course no incest! The twins kissed others’ faces and tits as they doubled-down on me but they did not lick pussy, especially not each other. That would be wrong. But slurping my cock together, kissing and sharing my spurting semen, licking any loose cum off each other outside pubic hair — that was only sisterliness, not incest.

So Shayla and I could morally kiss. We often lay naked, face to face, inside Cyndi’s or Midori’s or Tia’s inviting thighs, licking at whoever’s juicy pussy was up, and one of us might slide down to mouth the others’ neck or nipples, and our knees might be rubbing together and up between our thighs, Our sibling closeness felt great! But Shayla and I left each others’ genitals alone, so there was no incest.

Or Shayla and Cyndi had captured Midori on my club chair and were nicely posed between her knees, double-tonguing my girlfriend’s tasty twat. After a “Hi, Mikey!” it was okay for me to stick my cock into Midori’s mouth. Okay and fun, too. Nowhere near incest.

Sometimes we neared the line.

Shayla’s door was not-quite-closed and thus inviting. Sandalwood incense graced the air. My little sister was under Midori or Tia or Lia or Nikki in a juicy 69. Their hair was similar so I did not try distinguishing them in low light.

I never needed an invitation beyond a breathy, “Hi, Mikey!” from the first to notice me. If I was noticed but not addressed, I figured I was not invited, so I only watched. But when I was greeted, I got naked fast, hard almost as fast, and was on my knees and aimed into our guest’s pussy mere moments later.

I screwed in. Shayla slurped up. Good teamwork, hey?

Shayla’s tongue teased the girl’s clitoris just under the lewd labia I was parting, penetrating, and owning. Shayla’s partner, whichever canlı poker oyna she was, groaned in varied pitches as I fucked in and out. Shayla licked faster, but her tongue never quite reached my cock. Well, maybe just a little accidental lick or three. But no incest, not really. Just a taste.

I fired long shots into that happy vagina, not onto my sister’s tongue, not into my sister’s mouth. My furious infusion indeed filled and overflowed our guest’s altar of lust. I pulled out. Shayla drained the cunt and drank the overflow but she did not suck my drippy cock, no direct contact, so no incest, not quite.

Shayla’s eyes stared into mine while she slowly and lasciviously slurped and swallowed my cum. But I do not think that was quite incest.

Each studio room held a comfy fuck-chair, a wide, low, leather-covered club chair whose occupant could be approached from many positions. This added a dimension to fuck-fests.

Maybe Shayla or I were busy with Tia’s or Mia’s or Nikki’s pleasant pussy on our mouth when the other of us cracked a not-quite-closed door, saw the scene, stripped and stroked and whispered — and we re-positioned so I sat in a club chair with the victim riding reverse-cowgirl in my lap, impaled on my saddle-horn, my and her legs wide. Shayla knelt before us and soundly slurped the girl. No licking of my cock, that would be wrong, except maybe a few inadvertent contacts. No incest.

But, more than once, Shayla pulled my cock from the cunt sheathing me. She fisted me, and dove full-face into the girl’s delta, those smooth thighs quivering. I fondled my moaning lap-sitter’s boobs and teased her puffed nipples. Shayla slurped deeply and then aimed my rod back inside. Fucking and clit-licking continued. But Shayla did not swallow or even tease my cock, not with her tongue or lips. Oh, her fingers worked me a little. That was right on the borderline. But no copulation or cunnilingus or fellatio between us. No real incest. Not really.


We crossed the line. It was probably inevitable.

The first time was a common session. Shayla’s ajar door invited me inside. Shayla and Midori shared a double-ended dildo. Evil Cyndi held the toy in place between their conjoined cunts and lavished slurps between their faces and boobs. None were clothed, of course. I was soon naked too.

Cyndi looked up and greeted me, “Hey Mikey! Glad you’re here!” She resumed suckling and clit-rubbing Midori. The dildo moved faster. Midori clenched, groaned, and went limp. “Did ya cum good, Middy?” asked Cyndi. Midori sighed.

Midori hunched into herself. The dildo pulled loose. Her wobbly eyes saw me.

“Oh Mikey, I… oh, I’m so glad to see you, but oh…” Her gaze moved past me — to the clock, I discovered. “Oh Mikey, I was here for you but you’re so late and now I’ve got to…” She shook herself.

“So go do what you gotta do, girl,” Cyndi ordered.

Midori slowly extruded the long plastic dong from her depths. She played the dicky end in and around her opening a bit before surrendering the toy.

“Hi Mikey,” Shayla said, “Midori has to go but I want more and so does Cyndi, right?”

“Fuck yeah!” Cyndi said. “I’m still torchy and I want a GOOD fuck!”

No surprise. She was always torchy.

I fucked into her at a good pace. Shayla settled on her face and jiggled. I kissed my little sister’s cheeks and mouth and throat. I bit her neck. I nibbled her shoulders. I cupped her wonderful sweet breasts. I teased her and suckled her, and resumed on her neck and mouth. She likes neck bites. But I did not stop pussy-grinding Cyndi.

Shayla and Cyndi both uttered appreciative sounds. I was nowhere near cumming.

“Okay, more then,” Cyndi said after escaping from under us.

Cyndi pulled my sister into place, “Like this,” she said.

The wild tart huskily 69’d atop Shayla in high-crawl pose, butt up, pussy open and inviting. Shayla’s head was pillowed; her tongue easily reached Midori’s excited clit.

“Ummm, fuck this pussy here, big bro!” Her tongue worked my target.

I lmelt over Shayla’s chest. My knees missed catching her hair. I slid my cock into sighing Cyndi again. My thighs beat against Cyndi’s excellent butt. My cockshaft wetly brushed Shayla’s nose. My balls bounced off my cute little sister’s forehead again — we had done this before. Fucky fucky, bouncy bouncy, licky licky, oh yeah.

I was firmly fucking a girl, who was eating my trusting little sister, who was licking her. The visuals were wonderful. So was what my cock felt. And the rest of me.

Some say incest only occurs when an erect, potent penis enters a closely related, fertile vagina with a good chance of insemination. If it ai not P-I-V (penis-in-vagina) fucking with chance of pregnancy, it ain’t really incest, insist such mondo-pervo wackos you do not want to know. I draw the line elsewhere.

But our line came closer. I felt Shayla’s tongue on my cock during my slower out-strokes. But my cock was not in her mouth, so no incest, right? Shayla held my cock aside, internet casino fisted me, and went full-facial into Cyndi. Her fingers stroked me and then re-inserted me in Cyndi’s portal. Shayla kept at her love-licking. No incest here, I hope.

I moved faster. I felt the onset. I made sounds, and came into Cyndi’s pussy with a hot, steaming stream of burning spunk, a major cum. Gobs and gobs of fertile goo sprayed into her. I pumped again, the last drops, or maybe a few more on the way.

Cyndi, you can keep on squeezing my cock with your cunt muscles, fuck yeah…

Then my cock was out in the air. But not for long. That squeezing I felt… that was Shayla pinching my urethra to block my final spurt(s). “It’s my turn now, Mikey,” my little sister told me, and took my softening cock into her mouth. Almost incest.

My instincts took over. We fell over. We crawled a little. Next thing I knew, I was eating Cyndi’s tired pussy — only a bit of my flavor was left there — while her mouth music inflamed Shayla, who gobbled me faster. A little threesome daisychain where I was fully blown by my sweet little sister. Pretty close to incest.

And then the next instinctive move. We switched. Shayla’s mouth extracted the last of my living jizm from Cyndi, who lay peacefully blowing me while I stuck my tongue all around and into my sweet little sister’s forbidden snatch. I licked her till she moaned. Really, really close to incest.

We fell apart. Cyndi regained sentience first. She looked at us.

“Hey, did you guys change the rules or something?”

Shayla’s eyes captured mine. “I dunno, did we?”

I watched her soul. “Are any rules left?”

The soul behind her eyes said NO.

Her voice said, “Let’s fuck.”

That worked for me.

Shayla later amended: “Wait, just two rules. You don’t fuck my ass and I don’t fuck yours, okay? And no animals.” Those worked for me, too.


Cyndi was part of our breakthrough. We started lazy after resting a bit. We cleansed in my lavish shower, yes, with spray-fights and orifice-sluicing and taste-testing. We dried but did not dress. I closed my door to un-invite others. We snacked, drank, giggled, and took to my big bed.

Yes, we started lazy. I sat back against the cushioned headboard. Cyndi sprawled against me, my cock in her mouth, my hand on her breast, as Shayla slowly slurped her snatch. Quite a nice show for me!

Then they switched. My little step-brother’s wild-ass girlfriend was face-deep in the pussy of my little sister, who was blowing me. Very very nearly incest.

Next, a familiar pose as described before, with Shayla sitting on Cyndi’s face while I fucked our guest and suckled my little sister. Then they switched. Upright Cyndi was mouthed by supine Shayla, who was solidly fucked by me. By me.

Yes, I willfully P-I-V fucked my little sister. That was incest — no doubts, no excuses.

And she willfully fucked me back. My incest was her incest, too.

But at least I was not a motherfucker. Whew.

(What was Mom doing in Arizona?)

We could not stay secret, of course, but I do not think Dylan or DiDi found out. Or maybe they had other concerns, both with maintaining their business cashflow, and with other fuckings. My horny new step–sisters, the near-identical twins Briana and Belva, mostly kept me for themselves, but admitted fucking my dad too. They said they preferred me to Dylan. I sure hope so. They said they never did their little brother Taz — but he had enogh others to keep him busy, including Shayla. And DiDi fucked me whenever possible. So kin-fucking was almost superfluous.

Midori knew. She liked group-fucks with Shayla and me, with maybe Cyndi added. But we stayed discreet with other guests, the irregulars, those without gate keys.

“I wondered when you guys would get around to this,” Midori said, recovering from the longue-gasm Shayla had inflicted on her while I fucked my little sister doggy-style. “It’s not like you haven’t been dry-humping and safe-sucking for weeks now.”

Shayla and I had a pattern with Midori.

They conspired, took my room with me in it, and closed the door. They pulled me from my studies, stripped me, pulled me into my big, snazzy shower, and got us all very clean. They dried me and themselves. They pulled me to bed.

We sat together, kissing, feeling, stroking, fingering. Shayla lay back, her boobs high and rolling, her thighs open and clean, her knees up invitingly.. Midori moved in to slurp my little sister’s spread snatch. I snuck under Midori’s raised butt, between her legs, and slurped her pussy from below. I reached for her breasts. Ahhh…

I shifted, knelt, entered into sighing Midori, doggy-fucked squirming Midori, holding her hips close — just straight-on pistoning into her vivid vagina, so well-lubed with soggy slurps. But Shayla’s eyes and mine were synchronized, tethered, locked in place. Midori was only our go-between. We always knew who we were fucking.

Then they switched. Midori laid back, her cunt crushed and ruddy, the prize victim of my penile efforts, now claimed by Shayla. My little sister nearly drowned in Midori’s pussy while I full-incest fucked her. My cock was Shayla’s. Midori’s eyes were lost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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