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Are Drugs Bad? Ch. 03

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Thank you all for waiting for this long-expected follow-up. I will promise to try to get future chapters out sooner.

Big thank goes out to WA001 for his assistance with editing this chapter

Please keep the comments coming, whether good or bad, as I do read all of them.


Jasmine had been rudely awakened due to a sound she heard. She was grumpy as she was having the most wonderful dream. Then her eyes went wide as she heard her mother scream out. Her hand immediately went to her own tight pussy and started rubbing her clit, using the juices that were already running through her slit. She then heard something else that brought her closer to orgasm. Her brother screamed out as his orgasm hit. She couldn’t wait until she could be the one who was making her brother make those sounds and he was making her scream like that. She just hoped it would be sooner rather than later.

She stuffed her face into her pillow to muffle her own scream as she climaxed, thinking of her brother plowing her into oblivion. Once she was done, she heard her mother in the bathroom doing something then going back into her brother’s room as they talked much more quietly now. Jas turned over in her bed, so she was laying on her back again as she stared at the ceiling. She smiled as she floated back into her slumber thinking about her brother being between her legs for the first time.


Tony woke up to a wonderful feeling again. He had been dreaming what the years coming up would have to offer while being with the three women in his house. To him, it was strange thinking his mom and two sisters could be his lovers, or even girlfriends, one day but in his dream, he was comfortable with it, as well as with impregnating each of them. He truly didn’t know if his mother could have any more children or if she or his sisters would be willing to have his children for that matter. Hell, he didn’t even know if he wanted to get them pregnant. He was still young and could still find Miss Right out there somewhere. Then again, it could be one or all of them.

He sat up a little seeing the head bobbing underneath the sheet. This time however, he didn’t know who it was. It could be his mother back for more or Jasmine coming in for the second day in a row or even Isabelle trying her luck. He lifted the sheet and saw the silk curtain of blonde hair and knew immediately that it was Jasmine.

Feeling the sheet being lifted off her head, she looked up at her brother, frozen in time and could only smile at him with her lips around his fat cock. She refused to stop now as she looked back down and continued her assault on his cock. She just couldn’t get enough of the taste. It was just… divine. That is the only word she could think of when tasting his cock.

“Well, since you didn’t obey what I said…” Tony started.

His cock plopped out of her mouth as it wobbled back and forth, hitting her in the face a couple times as she smiled, “Actually, you said you would take me sooner than expected. Though this isn’t you taking me, this is just a snack before I start the day.”

Tony smiled down at her, “Good point, though I’m not happy at the moment.”

She cocked her head to the right as she looked at him confused, “What do you mean?”

He smiled wickedly at her, “Well… you have tasted me now for two days in a row, but I have yet to see what your sweet little pussy tastes like.”

Her eyes went wide as she heard her brother’s words. Her heart fluttered as he actually was upset that he hadn’t had a chance to taste her yet, “D-do you r-really mean it? That you would like to taste me?” she asked with tears in her eyes. She had to force some of her boyfriends to eat her out with the promise that she would let them fuck her. Some of them she actually slept with afterwards or on other days but some she hadn’t as she didn’t find them worthy of her.

“Of course Jas. I have seen you for years walking around in skimpy outfits but last night, I felt just how tight you were and wanted to get a taste for myself.”

She squealed as she jumped into his arms, her lips mashing into his as her nipples pressed hard against the tank top that she was wearing. Jasmine pushed her tongue to his lips and he gladly opened his mouth and allowed her tongue to invade his mouth. She was ravaging his face with her kisses as she had a passion that he had not felt yet. His hands ran down her sides and into her shorts as he cupped her tight ass. She moaned as he kneaded the skin, pushing her against his erection as she was now dry humping him.

Once they broke the kiss, finally, he smiled lovingly at her, “You know, I can’t taste you if you have these shorts on.”

“My thoughts exactly, little brother,” she giggled at him as she jumped up off him. She decided if he was willing to eat her out, then Ankara escort she would let him see her whole body naked like she truly wanted him to see her.

She pulled off her top and Tony got his first real look at her breasts. Her breasts did indeed rival his mothers. Though her tan was not as dark or natural as his mother’s, Jasmine had close to no tan lines on her breasts. They were a lighter color, but it was hard to tell where the tan lines were exactly as her skin color faded from the lighter color to the darker of her tan. He also noticed that though her breasts were large, they had no sag to them at all. Her areolas were closer to her tan color while her nipples themselves were much darker. While his mother had smaller but longer nipples, Jasmine had shorter but fatter nipples. It made his mouth water as he stared at her nipples, wondering if they would taste as wonderful as his mother’s did.

He followed her body down and saw her navel piercing that had a diamond looking center as it covered her navel. He was never a fan of navel piercings as he found a woman’s navel to be sexy as it was but hers seemed to bring attention to her navel with the way it sparkled. Her stomach was much flatter than his mother’s but that was to be expected; she had not had three children. His eyes stopped and made their way back up to her eyes.

She smiled and giggled at him as she brought her hands down her body, feeling the curvature of her breasts and her sides. She gripped the waist band of her shorts and did a one-eighty as she slowly dropped her shorts to the ground, bending at the hips to give her brother a perfect view of her ass as she bent over in front of him, shaking her ass as her shorts made their way down. Once her shorts were on the ground, she looked over her shoulder and saw her brother’s eyes were glued on her ass. Her thick booty was one thing she got from her mother’s side of the family and she was glad it could entice men. She had made sure to keep her ass as toned as possible as it was one of her main features.

Tony was practically drooling as he stared at her ass and saw her slit glistening between her cheeks. He wanted to jump from the bed and sink his tongue inside her, but held himself back. As she straightened herself out, she gave her ass a little shake followed by a spank, as she looked at him, biting her lip. As she turned around, Tony got a good look at her shaved pussy, however something else caught his eye. Just along her bikini line to the left of her mons, she had a small tattoo that had the letters “AJS”.He wondered what it meant as he turned his head thinking about it.

Seeing her brother looking at her intently but not in a sexual way, she looked down, wondering what he was looking at. At first she wondered if the spa hadn’t waxed her correctly, but as she touched herself, she realized it was smooth. As her hands were coming up, she saw his head move as her hands came up. She moved her left hand back down and saw him move his head again. She looked down and to see what he was looking at and saw it was the initials she had a tattoo done a couple years ago.

She then giggled as she moved her hand, “What has got your attention little brother?”

“W-what?” he asked being brought out of his thought, “Oh sorry, I was just wondering what the initials meant.”

She laughed, “Think about it little bro.”

He looked at her, confused, but then again, he never knew the names of most of her boyfriends. “AJS bro… Antonio Juan Sutton.”

Tony looked back down as his eyes bugged out of his head and then back up to her. “Why would you have my initials tattooed there of all places?” he asked.

She giggled while she was blushing, “Because little brother, you mean so much to me.”

“But… but I just got this body yesterday. Why…?”

“Antonio,” she said sternly. She only used his birth name when she was mad at him or wanted him to truly be serious. “Do you think I would all of a sudden fall for you in one day? What kind of woman do you think I am?” she asked as she put her hands on her hips and cocked them out to the side.

“Well… no but if you did have feelings for me, then why didn’t you say anything?” He asked, confused as all hell.

She sashayed over to him and sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his cheek gently, “Sweetie,” she said softly, “Both of your sisters didn’t know how you would react so we couldn’t say anything. Yet between the both of us,” she blushed, “We both hoped that one day you would show us that you feel the same way for each of us or at least one of us.”

“Wait. What the fuck are you saying? That Izzy feels the same way you do?”

She giggled again and blushed even harder as she kissed him lightly on the lips, “Yes little brother, she does feel the same. Even when you were overweight, had that goofy looking haircut and were not considered cool no matter how hard you tried, we both still loved you more than sisters should love their Ankara escort bayan brother.”

“WOW!” was all he could say. She laughed again. He then shook his head, “Well we better finish before the whole house comes in here, but we will need to talk about this later.”

She smiled lovingly at him and kissed him again, “Of course little brother, I’m sure you have all sorts of questions.”

With that, she kissed her way down his body and took hold of his painfully hard cock. Tony on the other hand, grabbed her by the hips, hearing her yelp, as he lifted her up and put her pussy right above his face. He finally got a good look at her sex for the first time. He knew she was tighter than he had thought due to how his fingers felt but she looked like she was close to being a virgin by the look of her pussy. Her outer lips were full but her inner lips were not splayed out. He had wondered if this was all a ploy to play with his large cock, but now he second guessed it as she may have not been with as many men as he’d thought. Yes, she had a lot of boyfriends but he guessed she must not have given herself to a lot of them.

He then ran his tongue from her clit and through her slit. “Mmmmm,” Jasmine moaned around his cock as she felt his tongue on her. Tony then slowly parted her lips and tasted her nectar. It was slightly tangy with a strong sweetness to it. He couldn’t understand it, but it tasted so much better than any other female he had tasted. Could it be due to the drug/virus, or was it the fact that it was his own sister, or could he be truly in love with his sister himself? He didn’t know the answer and, with the exception of the last question, he wouldn’t be able to answer the others any time soon.

Tony then wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her closer to him as his lips parted her outer labia as his tongue searched and prodded her tight pussy. He could feel her juices starting to flow much more aggressively as he gladly sucked and drank down her juices.

Feeling her brother tasting her most sacred treasure gave Jasmine a renewed vigor as she tried to take down as much of his cock in her throat as she could. She was determined that one day, soon, she would be able to take the whole thing down her throat. She just needed to train her throat on how to do it. The more her brother licked the harder she sucked. She started to feel her first orgasm from his oral skills building up. She could already feel that this was going to be the biggest one she has had in a while.

Tony could feel her canal tighten as a small orgasm rippled through his sister causing her to shake above him. She screamed out, “Oh god Tony, you’re making your sister CUUUU…!” She didn’t finish her sentence as her orgasm crashed over her. Her hard nipples were pressing into his abs, adding to her pleasure as she moved her body back and forth, adding to her own stimulation. She could still feel the large orgasm building as other, smaller ones, kept hitting her over and over again. She had never felt anything like this before as her body shook and shook. She could feel her juices leaking out of her pussy and onto her brother’s waiting face as he lapped up everything she provided.

As his tongue was working its way around her vaginal walls, tasting every inch of her, he moved one of his hands so that he could play with her engorged clit. He started to fuck her pussy with his tongue, hard and fast. His fingers were pinching, pulling and rubbing on her clit, making sure he kept her body guessing at what his fingers would do next.

The added pleasure to her clit caused Jasmine’s orgasm to hit her hard and much faster than she had thought. Without warning, her massive orgasm hit her. She had to release his cock from her mouth for fear of biting it off. She then arched her back as she lifted her head, feeling her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her ass squeezed as her legs clamped down hard on the sides of his head. She then dropped her hips down hard onto his face as his assault on her increased tenfold. Her body started to shake as she screamed out, “ASFEEGEGEAHHHAAHHER,” but it was nothing other than incoherent gibberish.

Tony was having a hard time breathing in his current predicament, but that didn’t stop him from pleasuring his older sister. He then felt her body shake, almost like she was having a seizure. He released his hold on her clit and moved his arms further up her body and held on to her for dear life as his face was flooded with her juices. He tried to lap up as much as he could, but his face, neck and bed were getting soaked currently.

Once her orgasm was done and Tony realized this, he carefully twisted her body so that he could lay her down on the bed. She had also released her hold on his head so he was free to breathe again. He was still hard enough to hammer nails, but he focused solely on Jasmine as she would always be more important than any orgasm he would have. He looked at her with her eyes Escort Ankara closed, her mouth hung agape as her chest heaved. Drool was puddling on the bed as it ran like a river from her mouth. He knew the same was also probably happening from her pussy as well.

Without consciously realizing it, she pulled her knees to her chest and laid there in a fetal position. She was truly exhausted from the massive orgasm her brother had given her. Sweat ran from every orifice as she tried to recover.

If this was how good it felt to have his lips on her, she could only imagine how it would feel to have his cock inside her stretching her beyond belief. She knew she hadn’t been with that many guys and was a lot tighter than most had thought, but she just hoped she would be able to take him without too much pain.

Jasmine then felt a hand running up her thighs, past her sides and up and down her back, caressing her in a loving way. She slowly opened her eyes as she looked up at her brother. He had a loving look on his face as he smiled at her. “You doing okay, sis?”

“Mmmm. Much better than okay. You definitely have some skills, little brother. I have never cum like that in my entire life,” she replied as tears started to stream down her face.

“Hey, hey. Why are you crying?” Tony asked, confused.

“These aren’t tears of sadness dear brother… these are tears of joy! You made me so happy that you are willing — willing to share this with me,” she said through her sobs. She then reached up and caressed his face as he brought his down to hers and they shared a passionate kiss. He held her tight as they shared the intimate moment. In that moment, he really thought it would be possible for him to fall in love with his own sister.

Once they broke the kiss, he sat up and caressed her cheek. “Stay here and rest up. I’m going to get something to drink and then shower.”

Her eyes went wide as she realized she hadn’t made her brother cum yet, “B-but, you haven’t cum yet,” she said with worry in her eyes. “P-please let me finish you first.” She put her hand on his leg and started slowly running it towards his cock.

He looked down at her hand moving up his thigh, but instead stopped her as he put his hand on hers, then lacing his and her fingers. He then smiled at her, “No. You rest up my dear sister. When you love someone, you are willing to do things for that person without receiving anything back. But I will say this. Soon, you and I will be together exactly how you want, okay?”

She smiled back up at him and although her mind was more than willing, he was right in that her body needed rest. She could easily go again after one of her larger orgasms, but this was nothing close to that. This orgasm was on a whole different scale all together.

Tony kissed her forehead once more before he threw on some underwear, jeans and a t-shirt. As he neared the door and went to leave he heard his sister, “Psst.” He turned around to look at her and she smiled at him in a loving way, “I love you little brother and not just in a sisterly way.”

“I know, sis, and I love you, too.”

Tony headed out of the room, closing the door as he left. He went to the bathroom first to relieve his bladder, though it took him longer than he expected due to his erection. Once he was finally finished, he washed his hands and face along with brushing his teeth. When he was done, he headed out of the bathroom and downstairs.

As he came towards the kitchen, he could hear his mother’s Salsa music playing. Once he was on the threshold of the kitchen, he could see his mother in a short sundress as she was shaking her ass to the music. He could see her lips moving to the song as she turned to the side but couldn’t hear her words.

Deciding to surprise her, he quietly walked up behind her then at the last minute took hold of her hips, causing her to gasp. When she turned her head, his lips caught hers as one of his hands went across her stomach before traveling northward, gripping her voluptuous breast. She moaned in his mouth, pressing her ass back against him as he caught a nipple in his fingers, realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra. For a woman in her forties with large breasts, they were rather perky, all things considered.

Breaking the kiss momentarily, she looked into his eyes and said, “Good morning baby. I was going to give you a special wake-up, but I saw your sister had beat me to it so I decided to make us all some breakfast.”

“Well… she didn’t get to finish me, but I definitely finished her,” he replied, allowing his innuendo to fill in the details.

Vanessa moaned biting her lip before responding back, “I hope she lived up to your expectations?”

He chuckled for a second before putting two of his fingers in his mouth and pulling them out, “Finger licking good.”

Vanessa moaned again, this time having a shiver run through her body, “I do hope you plan to taste me as well baby. And I don’t mean from your fingers. I want you to taste my sweet nectar right from the source,” she said with pouty lips.

“Of course Mom,” he replied with a devious smile, “Though I hope you can control yourself when I’m working my magic.”

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