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As a trannySLUT in the red-light district in Amste

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As a trannySLUT in the red-light district in AmsteHi sweetie, hereby the continuation of my experiences as a whore behind the window in the Red Light District. Do you want to know how it started? Then first read part 1 (as a trannySLUT in the red-light district of Amsterdam).So there I was again behind the window, waiting for customer number 5 of my first evening as a real WHORE.It is busy and hardly needs to wait for another man to stand at my window. How much for a quicky darling he asks. Apparently someone who wants cheap, but I do not give in and eventually he steps in for 50 euros. In my room the familiar ritual and while I clean him I horned him a bit further.I take his cock in my mouth and start to suck. As soon as he stands hard, I slide a condom around it and lie down on the bed, come darling, fuck me, I say naughty. Fortunately he doesn’t need encouragement. I feel how he pushes my pussy impatiently. Then he carefully starts fucking me. I let him go for a few minutes and then I have something to encourage and to bump into. Fuck me darling, come on, I want your dick deep inside my pussy! Fortunately, he is now increasing the pace a bit and I willingly let myself be fucked. Then I think it’s enough, and I start to squeeze my cunt tightly around his cock. He wanted a quicky then he also gets one I thought. And that has an effect, like so many of my fuckers he gets too horny from my squeezing pussy, he starts panting and comes ready. He lets his cock slip out of my pussy. Then he freshens up and I work him out of the door again.After this customer has also left, I notice that I am still pretty excited. I actually want my pussy filled immediately, but how? Then I get a naughty idea. I grab one of my dildos and walk back to my window and visibly place the dildo on the stool. I wait until I get the attention of several men in front of my window. I turn my ass towards the window and pull my short skirt up a little further. Then I put the dildo against my cunt and let myself slowly sink all the way in until the full 25 cm disappears in my greedy pussy. Mmm that feels good again. And while there are several men standing in front of my window, I drive back and forth on the dildo in a challenging way. Then I lower myself completely over it, and slowly turn a circle on the stool so that I am now again facing the window. I see the men standing in front of my window, curious what will happen next. I decide to tease them a little more and horny and start riding back and forth on the dildo, without them really being able to see it. But they can probably guess what I’m doing ….Several men stop and watch, but apparently none is really interested because unfortunately my hints or beckons are not yet responded. I decide to go one step further now, I turn my ass to the window again and start fucking myself again with the big black dildo. I pull my skirt, which is already too short, even further up so that it is easy to see how that hard pole is slipping into my pussy. Just when I’m completely back on, my window is ticked. First I am a bit shocked and then turn around. Two men are standing in front of my window. You can handle a lot girl, says the one. But can you handle the both of us? How much for a real fuck the other asks. I take a good look at them. 150 euros for the two of you, I say. They seem to hesitate for a moment, but then they still step inside.In the room they undress quickly. As soon as their pants are out I see how big their cocks are. Now I also understand their question a little better. While one is lying on the bed, I crawl between his legs to take care of his hard smooth cock. I lick the hard shaft, play with its balls and suck on its thick dickhead. In the meantime I feel the other’s hands go over my ass and it doesn’t take long before his fingers slide into my pussy unabashedly. While I’m sucking and licking one, the other explores my pussy with multiple fingers at the same time. Then he crawls behind me and puts his fat cock against my ass. He does not hesitate and starts to bump, he slides right inside. Not so strange of course after I stretched myself well with that dildo.Behind with a big cock in my willing pussy and sucking from the front on an equally tasty hard dick I can’t go anywhere and both bakırköy escort my holes are getting fucked now. The cock in my mouth is also trying to push deeper and I have a hard time with it. I have no trouble with the dick in my cunt, I have practiced so many times in the end. While I lie on my knees like a real slut, I let both men go their own way, meanwhile I moan and secretly enjoy.Then they lay me down on my back, while one of them crawls on me and fucks me hard again while I clamp my legs around his back, the other looks on. He also calls ; fuck that bitch. Then number 1 is apparently ready for some rest, he crawls off me and then his mate takes over immediately. Again I let myself be pumped like a horny slut. The first one now offers me his dick and I lick his dick. Number two also fucks me full of dedication. After a while the men change positions again. One of them goes back to bed and gestures that I have to get down on his dick. As soon as I do that he pulls me a little forward. The other has stood behind me (again). It wouldn’t be that? but yes it would be. While one man now holds me tightly, the other also puts his dick against my pussy and starts pushing. This is going too fast for me and I want to struggle. But they are clearly too strong for me. Relax baby, relax, the one says. Relax or it will hurt! I try to relax and then I still feel how number two is pushing his cock into my pussy. Then they start fucking me. In the beginning it is still painful but I try to relax further. After a few minutes the pain subsided a bit and the pleasure again prevails for me. I start to move and moan again. Yeah baby, moan me and fuck up the pace a bit. My pussy feels smoother now, apparently the men feel that too and keep on going. In the meantime, I secretly enjoy the two cocks in my hole. Then the first man starts to moan and I notice how he cums in me. His dick, which is now rapidly shrinking, slips out and now gives number two all the space. He pushes me forward so that I lie flat on his mate which uses this position for a deep french kiss. In the meantime, I’m getting fucked hard and wild in the way that I secretly think it’s horny. For a moment I think he will keep going for a long time, but then he also starts moaning. Makes a few really hard knocks and after that he also releases all his sperm into my whore pussy. I roll them off and feel the tingling in my now glowing pussy. While they freshen up and get dressed, I enjoy the feeling in my wet dripping pussy.I let the two men out. After this heavy experienceI need a break I notice. I brush myself up again and rinse my pussy clean. Big blobs come along, I notice that I am well-creamed. Then everything is out, I get dressed again and walk to my window. I leave the curtain closed and close my eyes for a moment. Then I wake up again because someone is ticking. I open the curtain a little further. Wie viel fur blasen? a stereotype German is at my window. 30 euros, I gesture. Ohne gummi? Dann ist es 50 honey, and he bites.Quickly back to my room, again the same ritual. I wash him in front of the sink and play extensively with his cock, hoping to get him horny. But that is hardly necessary. At the first touches his cock comes up and a big drop appears on his dickhead. I gesture to him that he may lie down, I lean forward and let my long blond hairs tickle his belly. With my tongue I lick the drop off his glans, he moans. I close my red lips around his glans, he moans even louder and mumbles nicht so schnell bitte. Gently I start to suck him. I am barely busy for a few minutes before he grabs my head and without further warning he comes and he also squirts into my mouth. I let the seed run out and look at it for a moment. But he comes up quickly and puts on his pants again, I am fine again and I help him to the exit.I am just back behind my window or my eye falls on a man who is looking across the street. I look at him, he hesitates. I look at him again, and now more challenging and beckon with my finger. Then he comes to my window. You’re Petra, right? he asks surprised, from Rotterdam? I doubted at first but when I just saw that dildo disappear into your pussy I know for sure, and if I answer in the affirmative beşiktaş escort (and meanwhile wonder how he knows), what are you doing here. I’m the whore tonight baby, you can see that!Yes baby I will certainly see that. Do you still recognize me? Then I should see your cock, honey, I laugh, I recognize most men by that. I fucked you a few times in that hotel, you know Campanile, he says. But then you did it for free …..Yes, honey, that’s right, but I really wanted to play the whore once, but as a regular customer you get a discount. Are you coming in? I see him hesitating but for 20 euros he does it. He follows me to my room. As soon as the door is closed I immediately lie down on my knees on the bed, with my ass up provocatively. Come on, baby, this pussy is for you. I am ready as I often had myself fucked in Campanile, hard and willing. The man is already behind me, buttons his pants open and immediately I feel another cock pushing against my ass. Come fuck me hard darling, I moan again, my pussy is hot and wet for you. Then I feel how he is able to fold at once. Ahhh delicious, and while he immediately starts fucking me hard, I enjoy every shot. It is clear that he has fucked me more often and knows what makes me horny. I moan and shout, no now cry for more and harder and he fucks me wildly. Unfortunately, he does not last that long at that pace, and far too quickly I feel that he is squirting and cumming on me.After a few hard blows to my ass, he slips out of me, I feel his sperm run mmmmmm. While he is getting dressed again, I turn carefully, here whore, he shouts and throws 20 euros on the bed. Next time I will fuck you again for free! Then he walks out of my room.I stay on my belley for a while, but then I get up again. After all, work has to be done and earned. For the washbasin I tutor myself again.Again I look out the window behind my window, it is clearly a bit quieter than earlier this evening. In the meantime I enjoy the hard fuck I just had. In my mind I also think back to my earlier slut nights in a hotel room where I am unabashedly fucked by several men. I am so lost in thought for a while until I realize that I am not sitting here daydreaming.I turn my attention back to the street and the men passing by my window. It takes a while but then I have another one interested. A wonderfully muscled guy carefully inquires about the options and prices. After some negotiations we come to 150 euros for a long date and he comes in. I precede him and he gives me a big slap on my ass. Hey baby, first pay hey, then I’m yours, I challenge him a bit.In my room I help him out of his pants, wow what a body I think. And without further hesitation I will go on my knees to suck him a bit. Mmmm nice dick you have honey! Then he is completely naked and with my hands and tongue I explore his whole body. He really is completely smooth, I notice, his balls and ass are also beautifully shaved. Then he pulls me to the bed and puts me down on my back. He sits on my arms with his knees and his dick hangs above my mouth, I close my lips around his thick purple glans mmmm. He shoves his cock deeper and deeper into my throat and I have to make an effort to fully handle it, actually it doesn’t work but he keeps pushing, so I swallow and lick. Then I feel how he pulls out my trannydick under my skirt and starts to suck me. Oh darling I mutter, don’t. But he goes on. You probably know that I rarely allow myself to be fucked by my fuckers, but now I can’t go any further and it is actually quite nice. He certainly knows how to do it. We suck and blow each other more horny. Then he pulls his dick out of my mouth and sits with his ass on my face, I can’t go anywhere. Lick slut, lick me asterisk but he just calls. Carefully I stick out my tongue and taste its smooth ass. He moans, yes, yes, nice baby, just go in, I flushed myself for you. I put my tongue further in and explore his hole with deeper licks. After a while he comes up a bit and crawls to my abdomen and before I realize it he grabs my hard tranny dick, puts it against his ass and lets himself groan on it. Then he starts to ride up and down, and I feel my dick slip into his ass more and more easily. After having stuffed his ass for beylikdüzü escort a while, he comes up again, he turns around and his cock is really rock solid. Wow honey what did you become horny, I moan.Then he goes on his knees in front of me and shouts, come slut, fuck me deeply doggy and pulls his ass open for me. I crawl behind him and slide my cock inside. Grab his hips and start bumping. He moans softly with every shot. I feel his hard cock with my other hand. Although I actually rarely or never fuck men, I have to say that I enjoy doing it again. And I notice that it makes me pretty horny already. After a while like this he thinks it is enough.Ok now it’s my turn he says. He looks around in my room and takes the set of handcuffs from the wall together with the chain. He ties the necklace to the leather collar that I have been wearing all night. Well, now I am really the boss! He pulls the chain and gestures that I should lie down on my knees, hands behind your back! I doubt, but then he grabs my wrists and fixes my hands with the cuffs on my back. I can now bring in little more and lie with my bottom up waiting for what is coming. Then he slaps my ass hard a few times, grab it. Fuckimg men, what do you think, he calls almost angry. You have to get fucked, that’s what I paid for! I feel how he puts his fingers in my pussy and starts fingering wildly. After a few minutes, he apparently thinks it is enough and I can feel how he is putting his still hard cock on my ass. Take it, whore, this is for you for. At once he pushes hard, and darlings, to be honest, I love it. I moan and moan that it is a sweet delight.Then he starts fucking me with long strokes, his thick dick sometimes slips out of my pussy but then he quickly pushes back inside. It makes my pussy wet and starts dipping well again.He apparently feels that too, you enjoy it, he shouts, you enjoy having yourself sewed hard!In the meantime, he fucks me so hard and deep again that I completely let go of all professionalism, as far as I still had as a whore. I moan and gasp for pleasure. I just want more and more. I squeeze my pussy tightly around his thick pole but he just keeps on going. Shocking hard and in the meantime pulling my dick with one hand and turning my nipple with his other hand, I am completely wild. Go on baby, go on, use me. All the excitement of that evening now comes to mind, my pussy sums up that it is a sweet delight. My dick is rock hard and my nipples have become painfully sensitive. Hitting my butt with one hand and pulling on the chain attached to my collar with the other hand it almost gets too much for me, I moan and scream even louder and then I start spontaneously spraying. While jet after jet squirts out of my tranny dick he keeps on pounding and pounding, with my butt up and my hands on my back I completely absorb every blow of his nice dick. Then it is also time for him, he grasps my hips firmly and with a few final hard pushes he releases all his seed into me. With my pussy as tight as possible I milk it empty.Mmm what a willing pussy you have, slut of me. And then it’s really over. He slips out of my cunt and a good load of seed also gulps out. He remains lying down and then comes up again. Then he releases me again, freshens up, gets dressed and looks at me again. Wow honey, I want you more often, what a horny slut you are anyway!Thank you honey, well who knows. Just come to Rotterdam once when I’m in heat. I’ll give you my number . Then I walk with him to the door.When he is gone, Naomi also comes along and says that it has been enough now. Time to go home girl! I take stock of my first time as a real window whore .; many men and after paying Naomi also some money left. With a satisfied feeling I undressed and freshened up in the shower. And, Naomi asked me, did you like it? Well, honey. I found it really exciting to do. But I have to say that it is sometimes difficult not to let myself be carried away in my own horniness. Yes we have heard that sometimes, she said with a smile …After I got dressed again and grabbed my bag, she pointed me to another door. Take it here but then you can take it easy again on the street and they will not immediately come after you. See you next time?Well that was it, honey, my fantasy now. I actually hope for someone who can help make this come true for me. And for all those men who would like to come and fuck this trannySLUT, feel free to send me a (private) message or leave something for me on my profile.xxx your slut Petranote: also read my true experiences! (search for trannySLUT in the stories)

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