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As Soon As I Wake Up Ch. 02

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All participants’ in sexual activities are over 18. This is my fantasy so there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies. All characters enjoy good hygiene so showers are only mentioned when they pertain to sexual activities. Please enjoy my fantasy.


I wish I could say I lasted for hours. I doubt I lasted a full dozen strokes. Mum’s cunt was just too warm for me; it fit like a velvet glove around my prick. Soon, too soon, too fucking soon, I was spraying my cum into my mother’s pussy.

I didn’t understand what was happening. It was really just unfuckingbelievable. My mind couldn’t take it all in. I needed to give this some thought. As soon as I wake up.

At school, it was as if nothing had ever happened. As I walked the halls on my way to class, no one spoke to me which was pretty par for the course. The penalty, or the reward, of not having friends. I nodded to the occasional face I knew from shared classes. As usual, I was bored off my ass.

Things perked up for me in anticipation of being able to dream about Ms. Ariella through her history class. Taking my seat midway in the classroom, I focused on what was going on outside the huge windows. Even when Ms. Ariella began speaking, I continued watching some birds that flew into my view. I didn’t have to pay attention to the classwork since I had already made early acceptance at my preferred college. So, I didn’t.

The ringing of the bell indicating the end of class dragged my attention back to the classroom. There were a handful of good looking women in the class that I was able to surreptitiously ogle while we all gathered up our assorted shit.

As I was leaving the class, Ms. Ariella put her hand on my arm telling me she wanted to speak with me. Rather impatiently, I waited for my classmates to leave and my teacher to say whatever she wanted to say.

“Rick,” she started, “I heard you received your early acceptance letter.”

“Yup,” I said nodding my head vigorously. Gently replaced vigorously as my head started to swim. I guess, I sort of stumbled, being caught and propped up by my teacher. A moment or three passed before I could stand unaided by my teacher or the wall.

When Ms. Ariella was satisfied I was all right, she returned to her previous point of contention with me. One thing about teachers is that they possess one track minds.

“As I was saying, Rick, I know you are on the early acceptance list but that doesn’t mean you can just space out during my class.”

Feigning a suitable amount of chastening, I assured my teacher I would do better and left the classroom. In the hallway, it dawned on me that she was wearing her hair down.

Later that day, in Ms. Meloday’s class, there was no looking out the window. This twin, the ultimate of hotness, could not shake my attention from her clothing and the body it enhanced. Having been introduced to the joys of sex by my mother, it seemed that it had conquered my mind and my imagination.

My daydreams of Ms. Meloday seemed much more vivid and enticing than previously imagined. Wearing her bright red, above the knee length skirt, I focused on her legs, scanning them from her stilettoes to hem. I really wanted to see more of them.

As class continued and I became more bored, except for my daydreams, I must have come to Ms. Meloday’s attention. She called on me to answer a question that I had not even heard asked. When trying to pull the right response out of me failed, Ms. Meloday announced to one and all listening that I needed to stay after class.

Sometime later, with the classroom abandoned by all the students, it was just me and Ms. Meloday left. She pointed to an empty student desk at the front of the class close to her desk. Sitting behind it, she started to dress me down.

“Rick, you are not paying attention in my class. That is not right.”

I was paying attention. I was paying attention to her and not to the classwork. I couldn’t tell her that though.

“Yes, Ms. Meloday,” I said.

The center panel of her desk was open, giving me a view of her legs tucked under the desk. They were probably the sexiest legs I had ever seen. Once again, I was lost in terms of paying attention to what this sexiest of teachers was saying.

“Rick,” she said, “up here.” Ms. Meloday snapped her fingers regaining my attention.

“We need to do something about this, young man. It can’t continue,” she said.

I wanted it to continue just the way it was though. I had a chubby growing simply from admiring her legs. I wished the school board allowed shorter skirts for their teachers. I wanted to see further up Ms. Meloday’s thighs.

“Typically, we are able to keep a student’s attention through their final year of high school by the unspoken threat of them receiving poor grades.”

I guess my sexy teacher realized I wasn’t paying attention again. My eyes had drifted back to her stocking clad legs once again. I really wanted to see more of them.

“Rick!” she snapped at me. Dragging poker oyna my gaze away from Ms. Meloday’s legs, I looked at her in silence.

“With your early acceptance to university, that threat has been obviated. I don’t know what we can do with you at this stage.”

I knew. All she needed to do for me was to continue allowing me to ogle her legs. Ms. Meloday matched my silence with her own. Not able to fight it any longer, my eyes drifted down under her desk once again.

Fuck me! Ms. Meloday had pulled her skirt further up her legs. I was seeing more of her than I had ever seen before. Her skirt was high enough now that I could make out the elastic holding her thigh high stockings in place.

I thought I could just make out her panties even though I knew I really couldn’t. It was too dark under the desk. But, I was drinking in everything I could see. This hot, young teacher was showing me much of what I wanted to see. Typical male teenager that I was, I wanted to see more though.

I think Ms. Meloday had continued speaking to me while my focus was elsewhere. The next thing I heard from her though was, “Do you have any suggestions as to what can be done to ensure you are continuing to learn for these last few months of the school year?”

With that, she took to her feet, adjusted her skirt, and walked towards me. Coming to the front of her desk, my wet dream of a teacher leaned back on the desk with her legs pushed out front.

“The usual reward for paying attention in class is good grades. That is not working in this case.”

My eyes kept drifting from her legs to her eyes. I knew what she could offer me in terms of a reward. She could show me her legs up close and personal. I would study hard for that kind of reward.

“I’ve been considering what I could offer you as an inducement, Rick,” said the gloriously sexy teacher.

Saying that, this twin, this goddess of alluring sexiness, reached down to the hem of the skirt. Slowly, far too slowly, she pulled the skirt up her legs. I was seeing her legs as far up her body as I had seen them under the desk. But now, they weren’t in shadow.

I could clearly see the elastic of her stockings now. My mouth dropped open when my teacher began to caress her legs from knees to thighs.

“Could this be a reward for your attention in class, Rick?” she asked me.

The only response I could formulate was to nod my head vigorously. Again, I was forced to restrain myself as I began to feel a rush of dizziness. I looked from the woman’s legs to her face and back again.

“Well, Rick, will this do it for you?”

I gathered saliva in my mouth in order to respond verbally.

“Yes, Ms. Meloday, it is a fabulous reward.”

“Will you promise to pay attention in my class then?” the teacher asked as she spread her legs slightly.

I could definitely see her panties at this point.

“I promise, Ms. Meloday,” declared this completely awe struck teenaged student.

“Good,” she replied as she gathered herself together before returning to her seat behind the desk.

“That will be all for today, Rick, I’ll be watching for you to prove you are a man of your word tomorrow.”

A little disappointed at being summarily dismissed, I grabbed my book bag and left the classroom. My disappointment was quickly dismissed as I remembered the display, Ms. Meloday had put on for me.

I passed the other twin in the hallway on my way to my locker. Nodding at her, I said good night, continuing past her. I couldn’t help but wonder if she would look like her sister underneath the frumpy clothes. I know I wanted to find out. Ms. Ariella gave me an odd look as she passed me by.

Back at home, things were back to normal. Mom was in front of the television watching the early newscast. Her clothing was normal as well. Curled up in the corner of the couch, she was wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt I had grown out of some years ago.

Mom looked up to ask me how my day had gone. There was a suspicious tone in her voice.

“It was just a normal day, Mom,” I answered. “Nothing unusual,” I lied.

“I received a phone call from one of your teachers today.”

Oh shit, this couldn’t be good.

“Which one?” I asked.

“Ms. Franklin called me.”

Nope, not good. One of the twins.

“Which one?” I asked. “There are two Ms. Franklins.”

“Ms. Ariella.”

I let out a sigh of relief. I was afraid Ms. Meloday had ratted me out.

“She wants to see us after school tomorrow,” continued Mom.

“What for?” I asked.

“She says you are not paying attention in class and wants to discuss remedies to the situation.”

I could live with that. It wasn’t like what happened between Ms. Meloday and me. Nothing inappropriate happened between the frumpy sister and me.

“You need to concentrate on your classes, Rick. Even though you have early acceptance at university, you can’t slack off.”

“Yes, Mom,” I agreed. “I’m going upstairs canlı poker oyna to get changed.”

“I’ll start dinner now,” said Mom as she climbed to her feet.

Being polite, I reached out a hand to help her up. Teasing my mother, I gave a hard yank on her arm. She yipped in protest as she crashed into me. I loved feeling her tits squashed against my chest. With a chuckle I let her go. Mom smacked me playfully across the shoulders, walking towards the kitchen.

I just had to stop there and admire her ass. The yoga pants made such a display of it. Contoured to her shape, separating each cheek, her ass was eminently admirable. Mom waggled her ass out of the room as if she had heard my thought. I definitely wanted to get her bottom in my hands and mouth.

Upstairs, in my room, I did the little bit of homework I felt was necessary. I actually had to struggle with a part of it. Perhaps everyone was correct when they said I still had things to learn before entering university. Sheesh, I hated when that happened. Everyone else being right, I mean.

Mom called me as supper was getting close to being on the table. I found her in the kitchen with her back to me, standing on her toes, reaching for something in the cupboard. As I walked over to help her, I thought how good her ass would look in her stilettoes at this particular moment.

She was a fabulous cook. Mom had produced one of our regular meals, hamburger stew over mashed potatoes, and I scarfed it down quickly. Even had seconds. I couldn’t hold back a burp as I finished eating. My phone toned indicating an incoming message.

It was a text from my buddy letting me know that a group of my friends, male and female, were going to the movies that night. He especially mentioned a girl named Holly that I had a small crush on. Before responding I asked Mom if she had any objections to me going out.

“Well, Ricky, you can go if you like. I hoped we would be able to enjoy a movie night ourselves though,” she responded.

Movie night? Cuddled up on the couch with my own MILF? After last night’s events, how could I pass on it? I texted my buddy back telling him my mother would prefer I not go out tonight. He texted back that I was a wimp and that Holly would be disappointed. I almost changed my mind but I didn’t want to miss a chance to spend quality time with my mother.

Telling her movie night was a great idea, she gave me a big grin.

“Okay, mister, you tidy up the kitchen and I’m going to go get cleaned up.”

Without hesitation, I began to gather up the dishes to place them in the dishwasher along with the two waiting pots. It only took me five minutes to make the kitchen spic and span. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I heard Mom’s shower running. I decided it wouldn’t hurt for me to shower as well.

About twenty minutes later, I was back downstairs wearing just a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I was going through the Pay Per View listings when Mom came down the stairs. Immediately, I knew that staying home with Mom had been the right decision.

My sexy mother was wearing the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen. I think her top was called a basque. It went from her chest to her waist, bright mango in colour, and cupping her breasts, holding them up and out. The only covering was over her nipples. She was wearing the stilettoes I loved seeing her in.

Raising my eyes from her feet upwards, I especially liked her stockings attached to the garters hanging from her basque. Her thong panties, matching the mango colour of the basque were just a tease. With Mom pirouetting, I saw that her ass was fully displayed since the rear of her thong narrowed to a tiny strip of material tucked into the cleft between her bottom cheeks.

Man oh man, this woman was immeasurably beautiful and the ultimate in erotic display of her womanly charms. She was looking over her shoulder at me seeing my reaction to her wriggling ass. My eyes were as wide open as they could be, drinking in the hot exhibition.

No further thought of a movie crossed my mind. I could not possibly think of anything except my Mom flaunting her body. Still looking over her shoulder, Mom took steps backwards toward me, the muscles in her legs flexing with each step she took.

She kept coming towards me ass first until she was standing between my widespread legs. I didn’t wait for any further invitation than that. My hands went immediately to my mother’s butt. I couldn’t get over how great her legs looked as they segued into her cheeks. Mom’s legs looked so toned and muscled in her high heels. The added height put her at the perfect height for me to simply lean forward in order to kiss and lick every part of her ass that wasn’t covered by my roving hands. As I ran my tongue over her cheeks, I wondered how many sons in the world were able to show their love and lust for their mothers in just this fashion.

I grabbed a handful of each cheek, pulling them apart and then pushing them together. Still a part of her internet casino ass was hidden from me. Without asking permission, I pulled her panties down to her ankles, lifting each foot, one at a time, before tossing my mother’s thong aside.

Now with the granting of full access, I pulled her cheeks apart again. My tongue began licking my mother’s wonderful crack from top to bottom. I could hear my mother humming in appreciation of my tongue’s work on her delightful ass.

After some ups and downs, I stopped at her asshole. Without even thinking about it, I pursed my lips and delivered my first kiss to my mother’s ass. She was still humming her approval at me.

I decided the next logical move in making love to my fabulously erotic MILF was to treat her butt to some deep and passionate soul kisses. Hardening my tongue, I lunged into Mom’s asshole. This was certainly new ground for me and I loved it. I continued spearing my tongue in and out of her bung hole.

Removing it, I glanced at the next target in my sexual conquest of my mother. Gently, I pushed her forward until she had to hold herself up with her hands on the coffeetable. This put my mother’s glistening pussy right at lip level as well. Replacing my hands on her backside, I squeezed Mom’s muscular thighs and pushed them aside enough to open her pussy wide enough for me to engage in more oral play.

Gawd, my mother’s pussy smelt and tasted like the embodiment of sex. I could tell she had lightly sprigged herself with some sort of perfume. The perfume had the smell and taste of vanilla. I could also smell and taste her fluids, slightly salty, and absolutely the best tasting liquid ever to pass my lips.

Inserting my index finger between her pussy lips, I began a churning motion inside her. I was able to lick her fluids and run my tongue back up to her asshole. Mom’s humming morphed into moans of pleasure.

Her sounds, the velvety feeling of her skin, and the taste of fine wine leaking around my finger penetrating her cunt, had my cock standing as tall as it could. Much as I was enjoying this oral play on my mother’s ass and pussy, I was still an impatient male teenager.

With one hand on Mom’s ass, I used the other one to work my sweats off my body. Fortunately, I hadn’t bothered to put on briefs or boxers so my cock was free of all encumbrances. I tugged my Mom gently up and back towards me. I guided her hips until my cock was poised at the entrance to her welcoming cunt.

Realizing the next move was up to her, Mom slowly lowered herself until my dick was fully seated inside her sopping wet and warm pussy. As she lowered herself to meet me, I lunged upwards with as much force as I could muster. Withdrawing until my little head was the only part of me inside her, she slowly lowered herself again.

Leaving Mom to take charge of her son fucking her, I lifted my hands from her ass to her tits. The more my hands wandered her full C cups, the more my mothered increased the pace of our fucking. Mom’s cunt was simply awesome. Every time, she lifted herself off my dick, Mom’s muscles would tighten around my cock. Her lifting herself up felt like she was milking me.

It was too much for the next best thing to a virgin me. I couldn’t hold back. I reached down to my nuts and tried squeezing them to distract me. Nope, nada, I was going to cum shortly. I could feel my sperm gathering at the base of my cock, readying itself to spew into my mother’s waiting cunt.

Mom must have felt it. Her moans of ecstasy changed to yips and yikes signifying even greater levels of sexual enjoyment. As my prick began to explode ropes of cum into her, Mom screamed and locked down on my cock. My hands dug into my mother’s tits. I could feel the waves of her fluids squelching past my dick, leaking onto my thighs.

I bellowed, Mom shrieked. Both of us gave ourselves over to our sexual climaxes. Eventually, mother and son both exhausted, she leaned back against me. Mom twisted her neck around in order to kiss me. We exchanged a round of deeply passionate kisses as our bodies began to recover from their erotic endeavours. I had the oddest feeling in my cock as it shrank, sliding out its newfound home in my mother’s pussy.

The rest of the evening passed in the normal fashion. Normal, that is, if you consider a mother and her teenage son showering together, normal. In the shower, Mom sucked my rod to steel hard strength and brought me to my second cum of the night. I returned the favour by finger fucking her while nibbling on her clit. Normal if you consider a mother and son sleeping together, naked in Mom’s bed.

There was no sense of anything amiss after spending the night spooning my mother’s naked body. Waking up that morning felt great! I felt like I had reached full manhood after fucking my mother twice in one day. I wanted today to follow the same course as yesterday but decided I needed coffee first.

Stopping in my room long enough to put on my robe, I went downstairs to join my mother in the kitchen. She was standing at the sink fiddling with something in front of her wearing her soft, terry towel robe. I walked up behind her, slipped my hands into the robe to cup her boobs, and began to kiss her neck.

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