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As The World Spins

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Beautiful Body

During the short drive I thought of turning around and forgetting about the whole thing. How could I go to Helena for help. After all those years and after our break-up. Desperation kept me driving till I got to her place. I looked at the house that I have known all too well. Time has been very kind to it; It looked better than I ever remembered it. Helena was a great decorator and even better gardener; She was good in all beautiful things. It showed in the lovely rose gardens circling the entrance to the house around interlocking stone.

I sat in the car and contemplated my dilemma. Trying not to think of all other beautiful things Helena was good at doing. She also was a beautiful woman. But, I still wished I did not make this visit.

It was dad’s idea. “So, you lost your money for one excuse or another and need help?” He said between drinks. He seemed to enjoy rubbing it in. “Well, I got no money. Why don’t you go to your aunt Helena, bet she still loves to see you.” There was this devilish look of satisfaction in his face. At least he did not call her Art’s whore, as he had done so many times in the past.

Yes, I had called her aunt Helena once. She never was my aunt, she was good friend of my parents. To my father, she was more than friends. “She’s got money. When Art died he left her lots and luck added to her wealth. In case you haven’t heard, she hit some jackpot or sumpin’ a year or so ago. Smart woman she is played all the right cards. Tons of money she got.”

It was humiliating enough to come to my parent’s house with a girlfriend in tow. But for the first time in my life I was experiencing panic. The market crashed and suddenly the millions I had in stocks became worthless paper. I only had my Lexus left and enough money for few month.

Why did I come home at all?

I had vague ideas when I came back to my hometown.

Old man Bailey wanted to sell his store. The deal, if I can close it, would be a catch. However, there was a catch: I was short a couple of hundred G’s for the bank to top-up. Few months ago I would have been able to buy it cash but today I am sitting in my luxury SUV wondering if I am sane. It was rumored Mr. Bailey, hampered by age, took a partner. When I met him he was a sharp as ever but bent under the weight of many years.

He remembered me; he did not mind selling to me but he had to check with someone. Her would not elaborate any further.

Sitting there in front of her house the memories flooded me.

I was much too young when I saw dad and “auntie” Helena in mom’s room. They had given me money for candy and thought I had left. In hindsight, I suppose they were impatient to get started.

I knew they were doing something very naughty but did not know what it was.

I tiptoed and left the house

When I came back they were sitting in the kitchen, fully dressed and smoking.

It became a habit of me since that day to spy on them. In a childish way it was excitement. With time, I became good at it.

When puberty hit me she was in all my fantasies. I had a terrible case of acne as a teenager and the girls paid no mind to me. I thought I was ugly and dad confirmed this belief.

My paternal grandpa came to live with us and he was as kind as dad was cruel. Mom was around but somehow she did not help. She was busy working. I have to be kind to her. Dad’s drinking was getting worse. Dad’s contracting business was getting smaller and mom compensated. She worked as a nurse and was aging fast.

Few days after my eighteenth birthday my grandpa died and I was devastated. Aunt Helena was there when I was unable to stop crying and dad barked, “why don’t you take this boy out of here Helena. I can’t stand this crybaby.”

Aunt Helena was married to “uncle” Art, who was dad’s best friend, according to dad. He was older than dad or Helena. I liked uncle Arthur very much; he was very kind to me. He owned an auto-parts store, was shrewd with his money; he was getting wealthy as fast as we were getting poor. Dad was getting worse and when drunk, he bragged in graphic detail about what he did to Art’s little whore. Mom just smiled and told him to watch his tongue in front of me.

Later, I would wonder why Helena kept her affair with him. I would eventually find out why, but for the longest time I just wondered.

That day, the day grandpa died, Aunt Helena ceased being Aunt once and for all. She took me home and served me a cold drink. The whole memory is a blur. Sitting in my fancy car in front of the same house I tried not to remember but it was like telling someone, “don’t think of an elephant!” And so the memories kept rushing, especially that day’s events.

She took me from the heat of my parents house to her place, about 15 minutes drive. Her and “uncle” Arthur’s was a bigger home by the lake in the richest part of town. It was a hot, stifling and sticky summer day but felt breezier as we approached the lake area.

Getting inside her house, the place being air-conditioned, I bahis siteleri felt a mild cold shock and sudden arousal. She put her arms around me and asked if I were cold. I felt the warmth of her lean body and felt a heat wave run through my spine. For years she been the woman of my fantasies and just being close to her I became so aware of my sexuality. I tried my best not to get hard.

She served me a cold drink and sat on the kitchen table in front of me.

When she bent slightly to comfort me with her hand on my neck I could see the cleavage between her breasts. I could smell her scent. I was losing my battle against the hard-on and losing it fast.

Her hand rubbed my shoulder and was murmuring comforting words about my late grandpa. I could not hear anything; I was lost in her, her scent, her body so close to me.

She must have seen what was happening to me and she pushed it. She bent forward farther and her hand rested on my thigh but that planted my nose in this soft scented valley between her breasts.

Then her hand kept moving ever so slowly and rubbed my now very bulging cock. She gasped something like, “did I do that?” I could not stop myself, I kissed her titts.

Suddenly she freed my cock faster than I could have done myself, with one hand. The other hand pushed my head deeper in her cleavage. “Suck my titts, chew them nipples off.” She was panting and her hand working my cock expertly. I sucked one nipple. “Harder baby harder.” I bit harder and she moved to allow me to suck the other nipple.

I was about to cum and she slid quickly off the table and I almost passed out when she took it full length in her mouth. In seconds I shot, and shot and kept shooting for a long time. Feeling so guilty for all this stuff in her mouth that I thought then was disgusting.

When I subsided she would not stop licking all over the shaft. I was young and never lost my erection even after all this climax. The silliest thought crossed my mind then: Since I came in her mouth not her pussy, would that mean I was still a virgin?

The issue was settled at once when she sat on my lap, facing me and urging me to keep chewing her nipples. Somewhere during all this we were both totally naked. In few minutes the question of my virginity was settled. It excited me to see that she turned totally rosy; her whole body turned rosy and she looked the most beautiful woman in the world.

The rest of the day we were in bed. I never stopped wanting her. She was very understanding and knew how awkward I was. She never embarrassed me.

It did hurt me to “fuck” uncle Art’s wife. Soon I found the justification as young people always seem to do. If she already been fucking others, what difference would one more cock make?

The difference was, in few weeks, I would have done anything for her. Anything. I was madly and insanely in love with her. Finally I got to taste her whorey cunt. Not knowing any better, I tongue-fucked her cunt. It did not taste that bad after all but after the first time, chocolate stayed in the lead.

Finally she taught me, ever so gently. “Don’t tongue-fuck her, you fuck her with your cock or fingers. With your tongue you lick it, lick this little piece here, my clit.”

“You will get used to the taste of her, go gently, sniff a little, let me show.” Then she would take my cock in her mouth and show me what a slow pleasure is all about.”

In describing genitals, Helena always used she for the cunt and “he” for the cock.

With time, I learned to say that too and, with time, I forgot all about chocolate.

This summer I was always with her. Whenever we were surprised by someone dropping in, I hid in a walk-in closet in her bedroom. From there I would watch her fuck. There is a saying “Nobody becomes corrupt all of a sudden.” I suppose what that means is that you get used to anything. I got used to watching her, mostly with my father but occasionally with other men. One day I discovered I liked watching her as much as I liked doing her.

Oh, that closet with the her aroma from on her stored cloths filling my nostrils, my cock in my hand while I watch the best show.

It was the last summer before shipping to university. Of course my father said he got no money to send me for fancy school. I remember with guilt it was uncle Art who pulled few strings and got me a hockey scholarship. Sadly, with the scholarship I was leaving town. Helena bought me nice cloths and gave me money. I never asked; she gave.

It is with mixed feeling that I remember it was her and uncle Art who came to watch me play hockey. I learned to bury the guilt away once I was alone with her. No doubt I was madly in love with Helena, but I was too young to know.

She also came to visit alone and spend nights with me. She managed to leave behind more than spending cash. I never asked and never planned to ask for money; until today.

I realized I will never be able to ask her to lend me the money; even if she had 200 G’s to spare; I just would canlı bahis not be able to ask.

Sometimes fate has a strange way deciding things. I was about to leave when a Jaguar pulled in the driveway and out came Helena. Time has been also very kind to her. She threw a look at the car infront of her house and knit her brows. If anything, she looked more beautiful. She was 33, close to double my age the day she deflowered me. She would be fifty something now but looked nothing over late thirty.

The light of recognition made her face brighten up. She walked back to my SUV. “Adam, what a nice surprise. How delightful to see you.”

“Hi Helena, you look fantastic, like a billion dollar.”

“I hope you are here to visit. Sorry I was not home. I have a son and he plays hockey. I go to his games sometimes, just to annoy him.”

I did not tell her I knew. I’ve been to a local game already and watched number 11 at left wing. I had worn the same number when I played. It was my mother who told me that he was Helena’s boy.

I played hockey once and was good at it. It would have been nice to see any of my parents watching me play.

“He is a very good skater Helena.”

“You been to a game already? You watched my son? How nice.”

I got more nervous with the small talk but she saved the day.

“You coming in?”

“Oh, yes.”

I realized I still can not say no to Helena, not that I wanted to.


The house was much richer than I ever saw it. She gave me a tour of the new addition, the swimming pool, the whirlpool and the loping grounds to the edge of the lake. The house too was well kept and renovated.

“This is my son’s room. I named him Adam after you.” She said and then she blushed. It was this same rosy color that made her more beautiful by few hundred folds. Something in me stirred. “Where is he now?” “He lives here. But you know young men.” “Actually I don’t. My childhood was not all that happy and my boyhood was miserable.”

She gave me a pained look and I added quickly, “I was not a boy, I was eighteen. Our relation was the best thing that happened to me Helena. It was a turning point in my life that gave me the self-confidence I sorely needed.”

“It was love on my part, Adam. You…” She never finished.

The memory flashed in my mind. We were in a hotel room she booked when she came to visit me. We were making the repetitive love every possible way. She was still panting and still rosy recovering a huge orgasm. I got on top of her and pushed into her missionary position. She moaned and held my face hard, her nostril wide and eyes wider than I ever saw them. “I love you.” She said loud enough with burning passion. I fucked her till I came while she kept telling me I love you. Even her orgasmic scream was declaring her love to me.

“You do love my cock Helena. You are much older than me and you are married to uncle Art.” “He is not your uncle.” She said then quietly added, “have no fear, I was not expecting much, nothing like you to marry an old woman like me. I know I am fifteen years older than you. You told me you saw me with your father. But Art is older than me and I love him too. You could have lied and said you loved me. But thanks for not lying.”

“I do love you Helena.” It sounded hollow, and yet, something my heart moved.

She never visited again and I spent my summers away all my academic year. The money however, kept coming on regular basis.

I wondered about that for a long time.

It is not that I did not love her. I just did not know any better. I knew I was that I was sexual athlete only with her. None of the young girls I dated got me going as much as Helena did. It took me a while to recognize that I probably loved her all along, but it was too long, too late.

That was eighteen years ago. There I was standing in front of her inside the same old yet renovated house. I had a girlfriend living with me and we were expected to get married sometimes. I looked at her firm breast in the designer dress, her shapely body. The few wrinkles added to her attraction. She must have taken good care of herself. I Moved quickly and held her in my arms. Her body softened for a second and I kissed her lips.

Her tongue went as far as my lips then she pulled back, stiffened and gently pushed me away. “Please don’t, it took me a long time to get over you. Let’s just be friends. As good friends don’t lie to each other, please tell me why you came to visit a woman you broke her heart years ago and never once came to see how many pieces?”

“Nothing, just wanted to see you. I better go.”

We were in the expensive dining room and she sat on the table’s edge. It was not the same table of our first sinful union, yet the sweet memory came back strong. “You are not fooling anybody Adam. You came to ask me for money. You lost all your fortunes in the market and you are talking to Old man Bailey.”

I stopped and turned. “Aren’t you very clever?”

“No, güvenilir bahis you were the clever one. I am just nosy. I nosed around and found out. I saw without you seeing me. Your girlfriend is lovely. But then, we know you always get the good ones.”

My mind screamed, “none as good as you.” But the words just chocked me. I said nothing.

For some reason all this angered me. I loved her, desired her, wanted her. I forgot about the stock market, the big wild fish who made me believe I was the smartest kid in the room then ate me alive.

Instead of telling her how much I desired her I shot back in anger, “since we are in truth-mode I still desire you very much. Perhaps I love you but you were uncle Art’s wife. Now I have a partner and I feel guilty I do not want to cheat on her. I want to make love to you now more than anything.”

“No, you want to fuck me Adam because I am a great fuck. You just don’t know. And you don’t want to fuck me and then ask for money. Now sit down and let’s talk.” Helena always had this talent, she made the most innocent gesture look like a come’on. When she finished her words by just spreading her thighs just a little bit and shifting on the table in front of; I simply could smell her cunt.

“What is there to talk about. I still have enough liquidity to move away again. I can get work somewhere else.”

“Look, the Bailey store is a good place to start and it is due for expansion. It is a good deal. How much do you need?”

I did not know what to say. I was totally lost in her attraction. She must have misunderstood my silence.

“Look Adam, if you want to buy the Bailey store you will have to go through me anyway. Not too many people in town know this but, matter of fact, I have a controlling interest in the store.”

“What? How did this happen?” I said and felt my head spin.

“Adam, Adam my love. There is lots you do not know. I was praying that you come back because there is lots you do not know and lots you should know.” She sopped suddenly as if feeling she had said too much.

The air remained pregnant with silence. My mind was racing but in void.

She sighed, “When Art passed on, he left me everything. I got rid of few small businesses like the motel and the tavern in the outskirts but I had the auto parts and hardware. For Bailey to expand added the hardware store, he needed it. In fact, the store you want to buy now is a partnership between me and the old man. I have the controlling interest and I told him to talk to you.”

She pointed to a chair and I moved to the one closest to her. She stayed on the table and smiled at me. Same pose many years ago. She was the woman who taught me how to pleasure women orally. She did a good job. The irony was, I never ate her but few times, less than some one night stands. Then she raised one foot and rested on the chair I was sitting on. I was getting dizzy.

I was not imagining the scent of her cunt, I could almost taste it.

This time I was not an eighteen years old virgin with acne. I bent and kissed her crotch, sniffing her cunt. She moaned and opened them. I lifted the dress and ran with my tongue on one thigh, then the other. She had red flexible tongs and I pulled them out of the way. Her pussy was clean and shaven. I licked the labia enough till the clit hardened then took it between my lips. I ate her and ate her well. She jutted hefty gushes and I funneled most of it with my tongue to swallow as much of her but took most on my face.

If she were fifty something her cunt was still as hot and wet as ever.

I pushed her back on the table and freed my cock out of the tight confines of my pants.

She pushed me gently and said, “we have to go to the bedroom love. Rather embarrassing if my son walked on mommy being fucked on the table and liking it too.”

I carried her the bedroom. I discovered I was again the sexual athlete I always was with her.

It was the same old bedroom, our old love nest. Memories came back as we undressed, hugging, kissing, licking and biting all the time.

Then she went down and started to suck my hard cock. I stole a glance to the walk-in closet and the memories flooded me.

As she ran with her tongue along the shaft and the head, as she fondled my balls and licked them while her finger teased my asshole; the memories flooded me.

It was in this same large closet that I hid many times and watched her fuck and suck dad. Oh the flood of memories. My orgasm was intense and so were the flashbacks.


The sex was intense, rabid and feverish. Getting to the bedroom we stripped quickly. With no second thoughts we got lost in each other, totally and completely. I saw nothing and thought of nothing other than Helena and her lovely body and my urgent need to smell her, taste her and mix bodies with her.

We sexty-nined, sucking and licking passionately and devouring each other’s tastes. We fucked on top of each other, side by side facing and spooning then we sixy-nined again tasting our mixed glands’ secretions.

We were recovering after the long session; gently holding and caressing each other and licking the juices off each others’ faces.

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