Oca 10

Ashley’s Humiliation

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I walked downstairs and into the sorority’s common room, dressed in the costume that had been chosen for me; I was dressed in a private school uniform, a couple sizes too small, but not too revealing. All-in-all, it could have been worse; the other three girls were dressed in costumes that either barely covered them, or were practically see through, or both. I was amazed that I could clearly see the nipples of the girl standing to my left, Brenda, through the sheer fabric of the sci-fi costume she was wearing; I couldn’t understand why she hadn’t put on a bra.

Before I could ask her, the ‘sisters’ came in, dressed in their costumes; none of them as revealing as ours, of course. They surrounded us and waited for the ‘head girl’ to approach us. When she did, she stood right in front of the four of us and addressed us all. “Tonight we will attend the annual Halloween costume party. It is a tradition of this house, that any pledges wishing to join us, will wear the costumes chosen for them by us, to this party.” She paused and walked to the other end of the line. “At the end of the party, all pledges will return to this house, for the elevation ceremony; at which time, you will be made a full-fledged sister in this house.”

She placed a hand on the first girls shoulder and said, “Pledge Stephanie, you shall go with Sister Amanda and her group.” I saw Stephanie leave with three sisters through the front door. “Pledge Carla, you shall go with Sister Maria and her group.” Again three sisters left with the pledge. “Pledge Brenda, you shall go with Sister Elena and her group.” Brenda left with three more sisters, leaving me with the ‘head girl’, Tracy, and two other sisters. Tracy laid a hand on my shoulder and said, “And you, Pledge Ashley, shall go with me and my group.”

Without saying a word, I followed them out in time to see the car with Brenda pull away. I got in the back seat of Tracy’s car, and buckled up; ready for the ten minute drive to the party. I sat back and relaxed, thankful that after tonight, I would be a full-fledged sister, and wouldn’t have to do any more stupid rituals.

We had only gone a couple of blocks down the road when the Sister in the passenger seat, who had been watching me the whole time we were in the car, pointed at my legs and shouted, “What are those?”

Thinking that there were some hideous bugs crawling around my legs, I tried to move, but the seat belt held me firmly in place; so instead I spread my legs as wide as I could, hoping to see what it was that had attracted her attention. When I saw nothing, I asked, “What? What is it?”

She reached back, lifted the front of my skirt up with one hand, and pointed at my crotch with the other. “What are those?” she repeated.

I looked down, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. “I don’t see anything.” I said.

“Those panties!” she screamed.

“What about my panties?” I replied, completely güvenilir bahis confused.

“Why are you wearing them?”

I hesitated for a minute trying to figure out where this was going, but couldn’t; so I said, “Why not?”

She turned to the girl sitting next to me and said, “I’ll bet she’s also wearing a bra; check her.”

Before I could do anything, the girl next to me had lifted my shirt up. “You’re right, she is.”

I felt the car pull over, and the two girls released my clothing. Tracy turned to face me and said, “Why did you decide to wear underwear?”

I looked at all three of them before answering, “Because, the costume you gave me didn’t have any, so I wore my own.”

“What were you instructed to do?” Tracy asked me.

“I was instructed to put on the costume that my sisters laid out for me.”

“Then if we didn’t lay out any underwear for you, why did you choose to add your own?”

Suddenly, the sight of Brenda’s nipples entered my head, and I understood. “I didn’t know; I’m sorry.”

“Now that you understand, remove them.”

“What?” I asked shocked.

“If you don’t want to, then, by all means, get out now, return to the house, and pack up your things, you’re no longer welcome there. This is the biggest party of the year; Halloween is sacred at this school.” Tracy said.

Realizing I had no choice, I unbuckled my seatbelt, shifted forward, and slid off my panties; I placed them in Tracy’s outstretched hand. I then unbuttoned, and removed my top, glancing outside to make sure no one was walking by, then unhooked my bra, and placed it on top of my panties, before putting the top back on.

“Good; now let’s get to the party.” Tracy said, as she turned back and started driving again.

I didn’t need to look to know that, with the fabric of the top so tight, and the fact that it was a little chilly, my nipples were poking straight out, and the skirt was so short that, when sitting down, it was easy to see that I shaved completely down there. We drove the rest of the way in silence, and I vowed to find a quiet corner of the party to hide in until it was time to leave.

When we arrived, we gathered out in the back yard with the rest of the sorority. Tracy and the ‘cabinet’ gathered and started whispering. I was telling Brenda about what had happened to me in the car, when Tracy and the ‘cabinet’ surrounded me. The three sisters grabbed me and held me tightly while Tracy addressed the entire sorority. “Sisters and Pledges, this Pledge decided not to follow the instructions she was given about her costume. She has since corrected that mistake, but the question of punishment has still to be answered.”

“Wait; what do you mean ‘punishment’? I told you it was a mistake, and I gave you my underwear.” I pleaded with Tracy.

Tracy continued on as if I hadn’t said anything. “The rules clearly state what the punishment türkçe bahis is for disobeying instructions during a tradition. The ‘cabinet’ has discussed this matter, and has decided that the punishment shall be carried out, and it shall be carried out right now.” She turned to face me. “Pledge Ashley, do you know what the punishment is?”

My mind was completely blank and I was unable to remember what the specific punishment was; but I knew that they were all humiliating in one way or another. “No, Sister, I can’t recall what the punishment is.”

Tracy smiled at me before answering, “A spanking.”

Now, a spanking for our sorority is not what people might consider a basic spanking; instead, the girl would bend over at the waist, while the sisters would all line up. Then they would each get a turn to spank each of her bare butt checks, and after each girl had spanked her, the girl would have to ask ‘Please Sister, can I have another?’. Finally the ‘head girl’ would proceed to continually spank the girl until she deemed that it was enough.

“So, Pledge Ashley, what is your decision? Shall you accept your punishment, or shall you forever be banned from our sisterhood?” Tracy asked me.

Like in the car, I knew that I had no choice. “I accept my punishment Sister.”

I was dragged over to a picnic table, and told to bend over it; which I did. I noticed that several of the party goers had come over to watch what was happening, and hoped that it would be over before too many people came to watch. Tracy kicked my feet apart, making me spread my legs a little bit, before lifting my skirt up and onto my back, baring my ass to the crowd; and with my legs spread apart, my pussy too.

I had no idea who was first, but I knew that none of the sisters would hold back. I felt the first smack land heavily on my right check, and could feel it stinging even after her hand was removed; shortly after that, the second smack came on my left check. I could feel my butt already starting to burn red, and knew that the redness would be obvious to everyone there.

“Please Sister, can I have another?” I said.

Sure enough, the second sister stepped up and gave me another hard smack in the right check, and followed it up with a quick smack on the left check.

“Please Sister, can I have another?”

It kept going on, some sisters preferring the hard full handed smacks to my butt, while others liked the quick stinging flicks across the checks. I could hear more and more people gathering to watch, and found myself actually getting turned on by having all these people watching me get spanked. By the time it was Tracy’s turn, I was so wet that I could feel it start to run down the inside of my legs.

Tracy stepped up behind me and seemed to hesitate. She stepped right up to me, and I felt her hand cup my pussy, while shielding it from view with her body. She leaned over the güvenilir bahis siteleri back of me and whispered, “My, my, my; aren’t you a naughty little girl. You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you? And don’t lie, I can feel the truth.” As she said that last bit, she pressed her hand against my pussy, and squeezed the flesh, covering her hand with my juices.

“Yes, Sister; I’m enjoying it.” I whispered back.

She started running her two middle fingers along my slit, from my hole on up to my clit. “Would you like me to make you cum?”

Her teasing had broken the last of my inhibitions and I said, “Yes; please do.”

She kept up her teasing now inserting her fingers a little bit on each stroke. “Are you sure? Everyone will see you spread open wide for me.”

“I don’t care; please do it.” I gasped.

I expected her to step back to let everyone see that she was fingering me, and then continue until I came; instead, when she stepped away, she removed her hand. I was wondering what was going on when I was suddenly surprised to feel a wet tongue press against my pussy. I glanced down between my legs and saw that Tracy had sat down between my legs, facing the crowd, and had started eating my pussy. It was evident that I was not the first pussy she had ever eaten; she knew exactly how to do it.

Every now and then she would reach up and give my ass a spank, or stick a couple of fingers inside me. I could feel my legs start to shake, and knew that I was not far off. Tracy seemed to sense this too, and concentrated on my clit with her mouth, while fingering my hole furiously.

I exploded, in a mind numbing orgasm, and knew that I had actually squirted all over Tracy’s face. If she hadn’t been supporting me the way she was, I would have collapsed to the ground. My legs felt like jelly, and both my ass and pussy were on fire. It felt like an eternity, before I was able to support my own weight, and I finally stood up. I fixed my skirt and looked around, surprised to see that the entire back yard was full of party goers, who had watched the whole thing, happen. I could see that the men had enjoyed the show, the bulges in the front of their costumes being obvious, and even a few women seemed to have enjoyed it, their hands were mysteriously hidden in their costumes but there was movement around the erogenous areas.

Tracy stood up next to me and finished wiping my juices off her face. “I must say, you put on quite a show Pledge Ashley. I think you’ll end up being a legend in this sorority. I’ve never heard of anyone having on orgasm during a public humiliation.”

I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Please Sister, can I have another?”

She smiled at me and whispered back, “If you’re a good girl for the rest of the night, maybe after the elevation ceremony.”

I smiled back and asked, “And what if I’m a bad girl?”

Tracy just smiled and walked away, through the path that was parting before her, and into the house.

I finally had a Halloween memory that wasn’t about getting candy, or wearing a stupid costume; it was about realizing that I might be a lesbian.


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