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At The Party

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It was billed as a jack off party. I found it by trolling gay groups on Yahoo. They said that they allowed no alcohol or drugs. They limited the number of men to 16 and you had to apply to get in. They mailed the invitation if you were accepted and that was your ticket for entrance. They said that you had to strip as soon as you got there and after that, you made the limits. “No means No” and all of that.

I was 40, divorced, and now that I was on my own again, I was free to check out what man sex was like. I had been working out and was looking pretty good without clothes, but I didn’t know what to expect. I was thinking that being naked with a bunch of men would be a good way to test myself and try to figure out if I liked sex with men. Sex with my wife hadn’t been good, and I wondered if it was because I was gay.

I arrived at the party. It was in a largish house. I arrived at 30 minutes after the start time so I wouldn’t be the first one there. I wasn’t. The party was in very enthusiastic swing when I walked in. I entered through the kitchen and was directed to a bedroom. I brought a backpack along for my clothes and put them in it. Other guys had done the same thing. It felt a little weird, doing this extreme thing, but I figured even if I didn’t have sex with anyone, I would remember this. I had tried gay bars and hadn’t met anyone I thought was my type. I was just about to take my boxers off when one of the hosts came in. He had a nametag that went around my bicep and offered some words of encouragement. I think he knew I was a little shy, because I waited for him to leave before dropping my boxers.

I left the bedroom by another door and was in the living room. As advertised, there were naked men spread around, making small talk. Some were touching each other and I knew that sex was going to break out any minute. The host offered a bottle of water and I took it. We exchanged names. He was the only one with his clothes on and there were two more people coming, then he would lock the doors and get to strip also. He suggested that I wander back to the family room and mingle with more people.

I got to look at more of the men and decided that I wasn’t here to get visually inspired to fuck. These were not models. They had never been models. These were guys who were not now in shape. They were just guys. I went back to the family room and there was one guy who was more animated than most. Trevor. He seemed know some of the other guys. Trevor was a few inches taller than me, at about 6’1″. He waved to me and I waved back. The TV was on and there was a ball game on. Just the average room filled with naked guys watching TV. With no beer.

I went back to the living room and the host came in naked. I guess the last of the crew had arrived. The host had a boy friend and proceeded to start playing with his cock. This broke the ice and people started to pair off. I had gotten there later, so I didn’t know anyone. I felt a hand on my hip and turned to face Trevor. He introduced himself and said that he didn’t get the opportunity earlier. He liked my name, Arnie, and didn’t make a comment about golf. I liked that.

We were standing next to a wall and I sort of leaned against it. He was talking about he game that had been on and reached out and stroked my penis. I was shocked! Not so much as a by-your-leave! I didn’t mind, because I knew that I would need someone else to take charge if I was ever going to do this thing. He continued his assault by stepping between my feet and sliding a hand around my ass. I was rock hard.

I reached out to reciprocate, and noticed that my hand was shaking. The house was warm, but I was starting to shake from nervousness. He put his arm around me and guided me over to a sofa. We were sitting side by side on the sofa, a decent looking guy and he had his arm around me. I turned to him and he looked right at me.

So I kissed him.

I was a little surprised by my forwardness and my kiss was timid. He knew it was an invitation, so he took me up on it and kissed me back. I was really starting to shake and he asked me if this was my first time and I said yes. He said that it was okay, everyone has a first time. He asked what I wanted to do and I said everything. He said “Take it slow at first, grasshopper, and remember to breathe.”

I cracked up. At least he had a sense of humor. He suggested that we find a quieter place so we went upstairs and met a guy coming out of one of the bedrooms. Trevor introduced me to Reg and said that maybe the three of us could snuggle down for a while. The beds were stripped of blankets and there was a plastic sheet under the mattress pad. I ended up in the middle of the bed between Trevor and Reg.

I was about to blow my top. These two guys stroked my body and made me feel really good. It was so fucking good! My cock was hard and leaking. They took turns kissing me and nuzzling me. I felt like I was being eaten alive and it was good. Trevor asked if I would like Reg to go down on me. I said yes.

Reg started kissing my güvenilir bahis chest and I knew where he was going but Trevor was kissing my face so I started making out with him. My cock was engulfed by Reg’s warm mouth and I was fucking giddy with delight. Reg gave my cock a tongue bath and I was in heaven. I had a hold of Trevor’s cock, a nice one about the same size as mine, and uncut. I had never touched an uncut cock before, so I wanted to try that out. Trevor asked me if I would like to 69 with Reg. I wanted to suck Trevor’s cock, but I figured Reg’s would do nicely.

Reg and I repositioned ourselves on the bed and went into a 69. Reg’s cock was bigger than mine and cut. I loved the warm head, the ridges, the veins. I did to Reg’s cock what he was doing to mine. He wrapped his top arm around my ass and started to slide his fingers in, so I did the same thing. Trevor was in back of me and it felt good to feel his warmth. Reg had one hand on my cock, stroking it gently while his tongue worked over the head. I did the same. I could feel the slippery precum and wondered what it would be like to catch a load of cum in my mouth. I wanted to cum, but Reg was holding me back, not letting me got to that point where I would blast him. I started to stroke his cock more firmly and he groaned. He reciprocated and I knew that he was close. He started to twitch and he came with a blast in my mouth. His body jerked spasmodically and I knew that he had been pleased with my cocksucking. I came soon after in the same jerky way and he sucked me dry.

I felt so good. Trevor hugged me from behind and I could feel his cock poking me in the ass. We all collapsed together and snuggled for a while. Reg and Trevor made out for a bit. The door opened and someone looked it. “It smells like sex in here!” a femmie voice said. Trevor tried to sound like Dustin Hoffman in “Midnight Cowboy”: “Hey, we’re fucking in here!” There was a laugh and the door closed again.

We were all laughing and in good spirits and Reg excused himself to get a drink from downstairs. Trevor asked me how I felt. I said that I was feeling all kinds of emotions and couldn’t really nail it down. He said that it was all right, just remember to breathe. Another couple came in and asked if we were done or could they just get down on half of the bed? It was clear that there was a shortage of beds, so we went downstairs.

The crowd downstairs was a lot looser. Trevor walked with his arm around me, like I was his girlfriend or something. I didn’t mind that. If I was going to be anyone’s bitch, I would rather be Trevor’s bitch. We walked back to the TV room, and there was somebody bent over the sofa, getting reamed. The reamer had the reamee by the hips and was fucking him. I have never seen anything so erotic. We had walked in just before the reamer got a nut and his face was contorted in painful pleasure, covered with a fine mist of sweat. He pulled the reamee away from the sofa and another guy got under him to take the reamee’s cock in his mouth. The reamer fucked, fucked, fucked and fucked. Their bodies slammed together with a wet smack and the reamee’s cock would slide into the fluffer’s mouth, backed against the sofa. Fuck, smack, grunt, fuck, smack, grunt. The reamer was giving the reamee a good fucking. And then he stopped, sort of transfixed. The reamee through his head back and started bucking. The reamer lost his rhythm and was like an animal. There was no art anymore. It was fuck, grunt, fuck, grunt.

Trevor bent over and started sucking on the reamee’s nipple. I went to the other side and did the same. He shrieked, an unholy shriek that seemed to come from somewhere deep inside. The reamer joined him and stabbed deeply, pull back a little, stab, ease up, stab with his cock. The reamee reached down to hold the fluffer in place and I could see the cum leaking from the fluffers mouth. The reamer bent the reamee back and kissed him tenderly, almost out of place from the violent assault his cock had just administered to the reamee’s tender ass. Trevor and I pulled back and I could see that I had scored points with him by joining in. The reamer and the reamee had decoupled and the reamer had the reamee in a tender embrace against the back of the sofa. The fluffer left and Trevor motioned for me to join him in the living room.

“What did you think?” I told him that it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, where the reamee gave himself to the reamer and enjoyed it. I learned that the reamer was Todd and the reammee was Albert. “Do you think that you could do that? Be like Albert?” I didn’t know if I could do it over the back of the sofa, if that is what he was asking, but I had been practicing with a dildo and I though I could take a man. “Maybe you are a Todd, looking for an Albert?” I said that I wanted to try it all. I began to wonder if he was trying to get away from me. He asked me if I wanted to do. I looked him right in the eyes and said that I wanted to suck his cock.

He was sitting chair and I got down on my hands and knees and assaulted türkçe bahis his cock with my mouth. I let him know that he didn’t have to do anything. I slid the skin back to reveal the helmet head of his cock. I slurped my tongue around it. We were in the middle of the living room and the center of the action. Guys gathered around. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to last long enough to get him off. His cock was a beautiful cock and I saw it up close. I stroked it gently and worked the head with my mouth. He had precum on it from before and I tasted that. I worked his cock for all I was worth. I was rewarded when he started to groan. He put his hands on my neck and slowed down my head. I kept working it and he moved his hands to my head. I knew that he was close. I kept stroking and licking and sucking and his hands held my head in place. I could feel his cock sort of swell and I knew he was going to cum. He came with a gush and I couldn’t hold it. It leaked out of my mouth as his cock thrust against me. He pulled me up and licked the cum off my face and kissed me deeply.

I got up and realized that just about everyone at the party was watching us. There was a murmur of approval and I knew that I had done a good job. Trevor was very happy. He pulled me to him and I knew that he liked me. “Goddam, that was good. Are you sure this is your first time?” I was quite pleased with myself for getting two guys off. We got up, went to the kitchen and got a drink of water.

Albert was there and hugged me, thanking me and Trevor for helping out earlier. His cock was quite shrunken and I held his ass loosely. Trevor asked him if he would like to join us upstairs. He said sure. We went upstairs and found an open bedroom. Trevor said that he wanted Albert to be my first. Then it dawned on me. He wanted Albert to take my cherry. I looked at Trevor and I got the feeling from his eyes that it would be okay.

Albert was about my height, but softer. His cock was smaller than mine. He got down and started to suck my cock. I liked that because he was very attentive. Trevor was kissing me and we were making out. I felt something cold and wet against my anus and I knew that Albert was lubing me. I opened my legs to give him better access and I felt his finger slide into me. I liked it. I wanted more fingers. But Albert took his time and put some lube into me. I could feel more fingers, two I think. It pinched a little, but he was very slow. Trevor and I were making out and I was kissing his nipples and he was kissing my neck and just under my ears. I felt Albert lift my ass up and I helped him put a pillow under me. He was between my legs. I looked up enough to see that he had a condom on.

I felt him push against me and my ass didn’t open that quickly. But Albert knew what he was doing and gently pressed again. And again. Rocking slightly. I could feel his cock start to enter me, then back out, enter, then back out. Then it slid in far enough that it stayed in. He stopped for a minute, what seemed like a long minute and then started gently rocking back and forth again. He kept it up and was soon inside me. I looked into his eyes and he started fucking me gently, rocking back and forth. It was mind blowing. I could feeling him all the way into me. He started telling me that my ass felt good.

This was a lot different from the violent fucking he had gotten downstairs. Trevor slid down and took my cock in his mouth. I was about to lose my mind. It was so awesome. I wanted him to fuck forever. But he didn’t. I think my ass started to grab his cock because his breathing became labored and he soon pushed hard into me and started cumming. I was ready also and I think the last pushes against my prostate sent me over the edge. I came, holding Trevor’s head as I shot into his mouth.

Albert collapsed on me, saying that it was beautiful and thanking me for letting him fuck me. I had the thought to say “The pleasure’s all mine”, but I didn’t. I thanked him also. I think people got the vibe that Trevor and I had sort of hooked up. We snuggled for a bit. We talked about what I was feeling and I was, in a word, ecstatic. I was a little bummed that he and I hadn’t fucked. Other guys popped into the room and he suggested that we go downstairs. We went down to mingle again and I got more hugs from guys, guys who would hug with one arm and stroke my cock with their free hand. I reciprocated with some of them.

Our path had taken us back to the TV room. I noticed that a video camera had been set up and the TV was being used as a monitor. It was pointed right at the couch. I hadn’t noticed it earlier. Trevor said that it wasn’t being recorded, and that was easy to verify as the camera plugged right into the front of the TV. We were in back of the couch and Trevor stepped in back of me and hugged me from behind. It was a very erotic image, his hands coming around to possess me.

I could feel his cock in back of me and I wanted it. I reached back and he knew what I wanted. I had already been fucked once. I wanted it again. He asked güvenilir bahis siteleri me where I wanted to go. I said right here. There were some condoms and lube on a table next to the sofa. We had everything we needed.

He turned me around and stepped between my legs pushing my ass against the sofa. I could feel his cock against mine. He kissed my hard and deep and I wanted to wrap myself around him. He played with my cock and I got down on my knees to get him hard. He was already engorged, but not completely hard. I saw him look over at the TV and watch me go down on him and he got harder. He stood me up and started to use his fingers, but I told him that all he needed was a little lube. I was ready.

He handed a condom to me and I opened it and put it on him, rolling it down that wonderful shaft. I picked up a small bottle of lube and lubed his cock, squeezing to get a groan or two out of him. I handed him the bottle and turned around. I could feel his fingers pushing lube into me. Then I saw him step up behind me. I liked the line that his shoulder and side made. He was actually quite muscular and his muscles stood out when he took me by the waist. His hands were strong and held me in a vise like grip. I felt his cock poking me and I bent over at the waist and reached back to guide him into me. He started pushing and I felt him pop in. I pushed back and he knew that I was ready for him. He pulled back a little way and then pushed all the way into me in a single stroke.

I stood part way up from the sensation and he was afraid that he had hurt me. I shrugged it off and stroked his hip in back of me then leaned over again. He was just the right height to give me a good fucking. He pulled out and pushed in again. I could feel his cock all the way into me. I liked it. I liked getting fucked. I wanted to get fucked good. And Trev didn’t disappoint. He started varying his strokes, short and long, and I could only hold on to the sofa as he fucked me. I was trying to push back against him, and when we connected, he really went deep into me. I looked up at the TV and I could see a different me. The me in the TV was a completely wanton person, someone who was alive in the moment, but alive in a way that he had never been alive. I could feel Trev push deep into me and his pubic hair grind into the tender flesh around my anus. I had never felt that before and it was amazingly good. I realized that I had bowed my back a little so I dropped my back down and pushed my ass up and out to meet his thrusts. In, deep, deeper than he had been before. Hard, hot, I could feel my tightness on him. He was fucking me. I looked at the TV and he was lost in bliss, the bliss of fucking my ass. I wondered how long this would go on and if I would be sore the next day. I squeezed my ass around his cock and felt something new. So did he. He gasped and it seemed to bring out an animal in him. It brought out the animal in me too. I wanted his cock. I wanted his cock to fuck me. Fuck me deep.

I looked at the TV and saw that my face was contorted, the way Todd’s face had been contorted. I saw them coming in back of me and then realized that just about everyone in the house was there, watching me in my animal world, watching me getting fucked. Albert and Todd started sucking on my nipples and stroking me. I was a reamee, I was getting reamed and I was one giant set of nerve endings and they were all firing. I wanted to cum long before I actually came. I could feel it well up inside of me, somewhere deep inside, where I wanted to just explode. I had never felt that way before. I wanted to explode and be exploded. I could feel someone’s mouth on my cock. I was not hard at first, but I became hard. Trev was sweaty and I could feel it run down the backs of my legs. He started hitting me hard and deep. I was pushing back on him and my muscles were all locked tight. I became aware of more guys around us, stroking our bodies.

I wanted to cum so badly that I began to flex my ass on Trev’s cock. I think that pushed him over the edge because he was like a tethered animal, tethered to me, tethered to my ass with his cock. He started to cum and that pushed me over the edge, into the mouth that was wrapped around my cock. I was dimly aware of the mouth and I never found out who was the receiver of my cum. But Trev’s thrusts into me were so brutal that I stood halfway in a futile attempt to shoot every bit of cum in my body in a single blast. Trev held me against him and pushed hard and spasmed, hard thrust, spasm, hard thrust, spasm. I relaxed and held onto the back of the couch again, and it was a good thing because Trev had one hard shot left in him. His last thrust and spasm was the deepest he got and I felt it down to my feet.

I stood a little and he pulled me back against him, his cock still in me. My back was bowed in as I reached my lips to kiss him. I looked at the TV and I saw a man who had found a part of himself that he didn’t know existed. I had been well fucked. There was a collective exhale in the room and chatter picked up. They had seen a man get good and fucked and it was exciting. It seemed like we had been the last attraction of the night, as the crowd started to break apart. There was some crotch grabbing and stroking but it was basically over for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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