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Audrey – Moving Forward Pt. 01

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So at long last the follow up to Audrey Steps Out, I hope people will feel it was worth the wait. I wrote this as one story and decided to break it up into two parts, so part 2 will follow fairly soon after.


Rochelle laughed softly.

“I feel like we go through this every time. Although in this case in addition to money she’s actually young.” Audrey hesitated a moment as she ran a hand through her dark hair.

“How young?” Audrey leaned back in her chair, thankful that she was safely ensconced in her office for this conversation.

“Nineteen. But don’t worry I have checked thoroughly. She has the money. However she has very specific instructions for this.” Audrey sat up a bit sharply.

“What sort of instructions?” Audrey was now leaning over her desk as if concentrating intently upon something.

“She wants to meet you in the hotel room, where the fantasy will begin immediately. The fantasy will consist of her the naïve girl, in need of discipline and you the horny stepmother, who will punish and teach her.” Audrey shook her head.

“That’s quite specific.”

“Remember something to smack her bottom and a strapon. There is some suggestion of anal, but she wants to be forced. Although she has made no mention of bondage. Call her Jetta.” Audrey sat back as she thought about if she really wanted to get back into doing this herself.

“Alright, I’ll do it. I’ll text the room number and you can tell her.”

“Good, I’ll text you the day and time. Audrey how are you doing?” Audrey restrained herself from immediately ending the call and slamming the phone on the desk.

“Enough Rochelle, I don’t want to talk about it.” Rochelle’s response was swift.

“Fine. I won’t push. Call you later.” They hung up and Audrey carefully set the phone down to avoid slamming it. She struggled to concentrate on the shop’s finances, but she couldn’t focus and she was beginning to suspect the bookkeeping was getting complex enough that it was probably time to hire on an accountant. Finally too frustrated with the books she turned her attention to her plans for the shop for the next six months, mainly consisting of the display and things she wanted to order. She was just finishing and about to turn her attention to advertising for on accountant, when she received a text.

How’s tonight, 8? She considered this briefly before responding.

Yes The response was swift.

Remember the instructions Audrey continued to find things to keep herself busy until she heard a knock on the door.

“Yes?” The door opened to reveal Gwen, her assistant.

“It’s five, ma’am. I’ve already sent Robin home and prepped the place for tomorrow.” Audrey smiled as she stood to gather her stuff.

“I shudder to think what I would do without you. But seriously I’m going to be making some changes and I don’t think it will be appropriate for you to call me, ‘ma’am.'” Gwen tensed slightly as they headed out.

“What do you mean, ma’am?” Audrey continued smiling as she patted Gwen’s shoulder reassuringly.

“You need more help don’t you?” A nod. “I thought so, well I need to hire an accountant and I figured it was time to hire another assistant. So I’m promoting you to manager.” Gwen stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes shot open.

“M-manager, m-ma’am?”

“Yes, now go home and tell your boyfriend the good news. Good night.” Gwen almost missed the last part.

“Good night, ma’am…uh Audrey.” Audrey shook her head as she walked to her car, mildly amused, knowing full well that Gwen would still say ‘ma’am’. Once home she ate dinner and made herself ready for her client. After her shower she dressed in a sundress that while sexy would still suggest someone relaxing at home, comfortably and covering too much for going to a club. She finished by checking the paddles to determine which one she wanted to bring with her. She ultimately settled on a standard round black one as she decided to go with horny stepmother who has a few toys, rather than experienced dominatrix. She put the paddle in a bag along with a small butt plug, lube and a strapon.

Truthfully she was still uncertain about anal as she had only tried it a few times with clients, oddly enough more giving than receiving, she didn’t hate it, but she liked receiving somewhat and giving did nothing for her. As she zipped the bag she thought amusedly about how she had deliberated between two strapons, a small difference in size, before going with the one that was about average in size, maybe slightly bigger as she was uncertain of how experienced this teenager actually was. She noted the time and double-checked her appearance before grabbing her bag and heading out the door.

Once at the hotel she briefly noted the somewhat odd feeling of not going to the bar as her clients usually wanted to meet there, typically to get a drink and psyche themselves up to actually go through with this. Once she had the key she headed up to the room, noting absently that it was the room she got most of the time. She momentarily mused on whether they at least suspected what güvenilir bahis she was using the room for. However she shook her head as she decided they probably didn’t care as long as she was discrete and paid for a room on a regular basis, when they usually had a few rooms free, thus improving their income.

Once in the room she considered a moment before putting the toys in a drawer in an end table by the bed as she sat on the couch. She texted Rochelle the room number and settled back to wait. A short time later she received a text informing her that Jetta had arrived and would soon be at the room. Audrey gave one last thought as to how she wanted to approach this as she usually had a chance to discuss with clients how they wanted the night to go, but she understood, this client did not want prior conversation to take her out of the fantasy. There was no knock at the door and Audrey was momentarily startled as there was usually a knock from even the most confident client. The door opened to reveal a young woman of dark skin, although Audrey guessed she was from India, hair short, just past the ears in a ponytail. Collecting herself quickly Audrey and focused on the young woman’s eyes.

“Where have you been young lady? Do you know what time it is?” Jetta hesitated a moment, but she soon recovered and returned to the fantasy.

“Just out with a friend, no big deal mommy.” Audrey shook her head and pointed to the floor in front of her. Jetta approached slowly, head lowered, looking the very picture of dejected innocence.

“Jetta, I know I’m only your stepmother, but you still need to listen to me.” Jetta looked up, eyes appearing on the verge of tears. “You didn’t call to say you would be late, I think you should be punished, agreed?” Jetta looked hesitant a moment, before nodding slowly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Audrey struggled not to laugh at the irony of this young woman calling her “ma’am” hours after her latest attempt to get Gwen to stop calling her that.

“Good now I think a spanking is in order.” Jetta sharply inhaled and Audrey wasn’t completely convinced it wasn’t part of the fantasy, but chose to continue regardless. “Remove your skirt and panties.” Jetta raised her head as her eyes opened wide.

“What?” Audrey slowly released a breath as she shook her head, confident that her clients were fully briefed on how to end things if it got to be too much.

“Clothes will get in the way and it won’t be much of a punishment. Now, be a good girl.” Jetta lowered her eyes as she unzipped her skirt to lower it to the floor and after a moment’s hesitation lowered her panties as well. Audrey gestured to her lap and Jetta understanding climbed on to the couch and lay across Audrey’s lap with her rear in ideal spanking position. Audrey pulled out the paddle that she had carefully concealed. Audrey suddenly brought down the paddle on Jetta’s left cheek, causing the younger woman to cry out. This was soon followed up by a series of rapid strikes to her rear, eliciting more cries and the occasional moan.

Audrey suddenly stopped her spanking to begin stroking Jetta’s rear with the paddle. This caused Jetta to moan softly and even press back into the paddle. Without warning she made three rapid swats, one to each cheek and one to the split between. Jetta cried out once again as Audrey set the paddle aside.

“Alright up, up.” Jetta awkwardly rose to kneel next to Audrey on the couch, gingerly touching her red bottom. “Now turn around, head down, ass up and out.” Jetta quickly moved into the position indicated, and Audrey momentarily admired her handiwork before retrieving the toys. She pulled out some ointment and spread it on her hands. She soon began rubbing the ointment over Jetta’s rear, causing the younger woman to moan and even whimper. She rubbed the ointment with care as she did not want to cause the girl too much pain. Once she was satisfied she wiped off her hands and picked up the bottle of lube, which she squirted directly into Jetta’s rear, causing the younger woman to gasp and head to shoot up.

Audrey firmly held Jetta’s rear to hold her in place, otherwise she would likely have moved to another part of the couch. Audrey set aside the lube and began pushing a finger into the hole between the cheeks. Jetta made a sharp intake of breath as Audrey’s finger slid all the way inside. Audrey switched to using two fingers to spread her wider until she was ready and pushed the butt plug inside. Once the plug was inside Jetta looked up.

“Mommy, what did you do with my butthole?” Audrey pulled up her dress and removed her panties.

“Just a little reminder about the lesson. But I think it’s time for you to show mommy how sorry you are.” She sat on the couch and Jetta turned to her.

“I’m so sorry mommy, how can I make it up to you?” Audrey spread her legs and pointed to the floor. Jetta looked a moment before moving to kneel on the floor. Audrey pointed between her legs.

“Look how wet you’ve made mommy. You can help me with this.” Jetta nodded and made to stand, but Audrey put out a hand to stop her. “No little türkçe bahis one, use your tongue.” Jetta’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t speak as she lowered her head and briefly looked up before extending her tongue. The initial lick betrayed the younger woman’s experience as it was not a straight lick so much as one that soon found the most sensitive points between her legs, causing Audrey to moan.

Jetta stopped a moment and her next lick only hit some of her sensitive points, but it moved randomly from skilled to awkward as if she was attempting to appear to be a naïve young woman, when in fact she was nothing of the sort. However despite the awkwardness Audrey soon found herself fast approaching orgasm. Audrey took the strap from her left shoulder so she could start pulling on her nipple with her left hand while gripping the younger woman’s head with her right. Audrey moaned as Jetta pushed her tongue in as far as it would go. Audrey knew it would not be long as the younger woman clearly had plenty of experience getting other women off.

Audrey switched hands as she now removed the strap from her right shoulder, leaving her effectively naked. She began pulling on her right nipple as her left hand held Jetta’s head. However she soon switched to holding the younger woman’s head with both hands, although she largely surrendered to Jetta’s vigorous tongue. Jetta gave up trying to pretend she was a naïve virgin, so she began sucking on Audrey’s clit and a finger began probing between her lips. Audrey moaned, struggling not to be too loud as she barely remembered she didn’t want to sour the unofficial relationship she had with the hotel. The probing finger turned to two which soon found her g-spot triggering her orgasm. Audrey shuddered as she felt the orgasm tear through her.

A short time later Audrey opened her eyes to look down at Jetta, who looked up with a wet, eager face. Audrey struggled to pull herself together in order to fulfill the remainder of her client’s request. It took her a few moments, but her client showed no sign of impatience. At last Audrey felt confident enough to stand. She swiftly donned the strapon and stood in front of Jetta.

“Probably never given a blowjob before, huh?” Jetta shook her head and Audrey momentarily considered if this was true or just part of the fantasy. “Use your tongue, get it nice and wet, then see how much you can take in your mouth.” Jetta stared wide-eyed for several beats before nodding and hesitantly licking up the side of the dildo hesitantly. After a few licks Jetta began licking with more enthusiasm as she switched back and forth between licking one side than the other. Once the dildo was covered in her saliva she opened her mouth to take the head between her lips, but once it was inside she pushed further, but almost immediately started spluttering and pulled off. She took a moment to get her breathing back under control.

Once she was breathing normally she returning to taking the head in her mouth, but this time she hesitated and moved slowly forward. She spluttered a bit and pulled back to take a breath before pushing forward again. She soon entered into a rhythm of pulling back for a breath and pulling forward. Despite her best efforts she couldn’t take much more beyond the head into her mouth. This did not last long before Audrey tapped Jetta’s shoulder, who pulled off and looked up expectantly.

“Follow me.” She led the way to the bed. Audrey patted the bed and Jetta quickly climbed up. “Lie on your back, honey.” Jetta nodded, but looked a bit uncertain. Audrey climbed up beside her and shifted to position herself between Jetta’s legs to line up with Jetta’s pussy. Jetta’s eyes went wide as she looked up uncertainly.

“But mommy, I’m a virgin.” Audrey smiled reassuringly and stroked Jetta’s left arm.

“Don’t worry, baby it will feel good soon enough. Especially after you did such a good job helping mommy.” Jetta nodded, but didn’t look all that reassured as she turned her attention to the dildo that was starting to penetrate her. She cried out as Audrey slowly pushed forward. Audrey leaned forward to rub Jetta’s clit as she continued to push forward. Audrey realized that Jetta was quite wet, reassuring her that the outcry and the whimpering that followed were a part of the fantasy, rather than a sign of real discomfort. It didn’t take long for her to reach all the way inside with the dildo. As she reached the base Jetta’s whimpering turned to moaning that Audrey was sure was genuine.

Audrey leaned down to suck on one of Jetta’s tits causing the younger woman to gasp in surprise. Audrey began thrusting, slowly building up to speed as she continued to suck on Jetta’s nipples, going back and forth between them. Jetta’s moaning grew louder and she held Audrey’s head against her chest. Audrey continued to thrust and Jetta wrapped her legs around her and began matching with her own thrusts. Suddenly Jetta slammed against the bed and slammed up into the dildo. Jetta did this several times before collapsing onto the bed and Audrey slowed her own thrusts until she stopped. Audrey güvenilir bahis siteleri sat up and waited until Jetta’s breathing slowed and she looked up smiling. Audrey grinned and thrust the dildo toward Jetta’s mouth, who readily opened to allow it inside. Again she didn’t take very much of it in, but she eagerly sucked what was in her mouth. Audrey waited a few moments before gesturing for Jetta to release the dildo.

“Now turn around, ass up, head down.” Jetta didn’t hesitate to get up on all fours, turn around and get into position as requested. Audrey held Jetta in position with her left hand and lined up the dildo with her right. The dildo slid inside with ease and Audrey was soon thrusting away causing Jetta to moan. Audrey was soon thrusting away at full speed, interspersing this with the occasional swat on Jetta’s rear and squeezing with both hands.

As she continued to thrust away Audrey saw the plug and realized that she had forgotten about it. Grinning she grabbed the plug and twisted, causing Jetta to moan, and after a number of further thrusts she pulled the plug out, causing Jetta to cry out in her orgasm. Jetta writhed on the bed, her moaning now almost continuous. After several moments she settled and grew quiet.

“Relax little one, we have one more thing to try.” Jetta didn’t respond, but struggled to stay in position. Audrey lined up the dildo with Jetta’s other hole and held her cheeks apart as she slowly pushed forward. Jetta gasped as the dildo entered. She moaned as Audrey worked the dildo in and out, carefully moving deeper in until she couldn’t push in any further. Jetta moaned softly and Audrey hesitated a moment before she began thrusting in and out with increasing speed. Jetta moaned and even began muttering softly, although Audrey was far more focused on continuing her thrusting as she was beginning to tire.

Audrey did not personally get much out of giving anal, but at that moment there was something enticing about the way the dildo filled the younger woman’s ass and then almost pulled out. Audrey returned to spanking Jetta, but in an absent almost reflexive way. Suddenly Jetta cried out, her head rose and she tightened up to the point where Audrey found she could no longer thrust in and out. She waited almost mesmerized as the younger woman moaned and writhed beneath her. At last Jetta collapsed onto the bed, the dildo plopping out as she did so. Audrey quickly removed the strapon and lay down next to Jetta, taking her in her arms. Jetta appeared to sleep, but in time she opened her eyes to look into Audrey’s.

“Wow, you are incredible. I truly wish I could stay in your arms, at least for a while, but I really do have to run.” Jetta rose to quickly, if unsteadily, dress and leave. Audrey sighed, shook her head at the idea of falling for a client, and stood to dress and collect her toys, before leaving. Over the course of the following month Audrey would continue to see a series of clients all of whom wanted something different, including one who first wanted a date, going out to dinner before going to the hotel.

The shop continued to prove successful to the point where she went through with her plan to hire an accountant and an additional assistant, as well as promoting Gwen to manager. Now Audrey only came into the shop as she felt guilty about benefitting from all of Gwen’s hard work without any contribution from her. One day upon entering the shop she nearly ran into a woman who was closely examining a display that was by the door.

“Oh, excuse me. Are you being helped?” The other woman didn’t turn around as she continued to look over the dress on display.

“No, thank you young lady, I haven’t made up my mind.” Audrey struggled to stifle a laugh, causing the other woman to turn around. Now that she had a good look at this woman and she was standing up straight, Audrey saw that the woman was several inches taller. Audrey saw a truly beautiful woman with features clearly demonstrating an Arabic heritage, with dark hair flowing freely down her back. Audrey smiled as she extended a hand and restrained herself from examining the other woman any further.

“Actually I’m the owner, Audrey.” The other hesitated a moment before taking Audrey’s hand in her own.

“I’m so sorry for mistaken you for staff. But in any event could you call for an assistant to help me try this on?” Audrey grinned as she reluctantly released the other woman’s hand as she turned to the dress.

“No, I would be happy to assist you myself.” Audrey swiftly removed the dress from the dummy and led the other woman to the dressing rooms. They soon found an empty one, along the way the new sales assistant looked over, but did not speak, the other woman accepted the dress matching Audrey’s smile.

“I’m Fatima, thank you.” Fatima disappeared into the dressing room and Audrey stood thinking about Fatima and the confusion she was arousing in her, amongst other things. She couldn’t forget Susan, but now she was thinking about Fatima. Her thoughts were interrupted by Fatima emerging from the dressing room wearing the dress, an icy blue thigh length dress with straps holding it up. Fatima turned around and Audrey found despite herself she was drawn to the rear where the dress gave her a hint of Fatima’s ass. If Fatima noticed she didn’t say anything as she spoke.

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