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Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 03

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Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 03Note:- This story is one of the story i came across on net so would like to share with u This story is not written by me…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Over the sound of the radio I heard the back bedroom door open and my aunt’s low laughter, followed by Jack’s muted voice, then heard the bathroom door close. A moment or two later, I heard the shower begin to run. My stomach gave a little churn at the thought of them together under the jetting water, soaping and rinsing each other.I leaned over to kiss Lucy’s breast, but she gave a little flinch.”Sorry, love — it’s just that they are a bit ticklish after I’ve come! Anyway…” she said softly, as she pushed me gently away, “it’s nearly time to make a move. This was just the first session!”I watched her stand up.”There’s another toilet downstairs, James, if you need it. The upstairs one seems to be…” she paused and licked her lips, seemingly innocently, “er… occupied.” She grinned suggestively.I pulled on my clothes and watched as she stepped to the washbasin across the bedroom. She stood with her back to me, filled it with water and sponged under her arms and between her legs. Her legs had once no doubt been shapelier, but they were still slender and looked more than good enough to me, and I gazed at her pale, slightly flabby bum cheeks. A pang of shame came over me as I thought of her most intimate hole tucked between them where I had just spent myself.As I left the bedroom and passed the bathroom door I tried to block out the sound of the running shower and the muffled voices of my aunt and of Jack. I went quietly but quickly down the stairs and found the other toilet.To my surprise I found that I was beginning to develop another erection already. I’d like to think it was entirely due to my high state of arousal but would have to admit that the viagra I had been offered earlier probably played a part in it.After taking a pee I washed my face in the washbasin and looked in the little mirror. My reflection smirked back at me. I puffed out my breath with near incredulity of what had taken place and of what potentially still lay in store.An mental image of my aunt as she approached the spy-hole to cover it flooded my mind. I recalled her naked, little breasts and her big, puffy nipples. I couldn’t help wondering whether she had been simply teasing me or whether she was leading me on. But I reminded myself that she was my dad’s sister, and told myself not to be so perverted and to focus instead on Lucy, and Caroline. And to consider instead what the next hour or two might hold in store with one or other — or even both of them together! That thought successfully banished images of my aunt. But then, in my testosterone-fuelled mind, I had another vision — Caroline and I and AUNT ANNE, or Aunt Anne with Lucy and I…As I emerged from the toilet, the dining room door now stood ajar. The busty Caroline was standing with her back to the door and Bill, Lucy’s husband, was zipping up her dress. They were laughing softly. I saw the pale skin of her back, and a wide, pale blue back bra-panel until it disappeared from sight. They both smiled at me. I tried to smile back, but looked away sheepishly, but not before taking in one of the dining chairs pulled away from the end of the table. A towel was d****d over the back of it. I guessed later that it had probably been used to protect the carpet from any stains.It wasn’t that big a deal, of course, but it seemed very spicy that they had chosen here for their sexual liaison rather than the comfortable — and more conventional — surroundings and furnishings of the lounge. I wondered whether they had done it on the chair or on – or over – the table.I sat on one of the sofas and hoped that it would not be too long before the others arrived and delivered me from my straining imagination.I poured myself one of the cans of beer while I waited.A few moments later Caroline and Bill came into the room. They both greeted me, and after pouring a glass of wine Caroline sat beside me on the sofa. My erection gave a little twitch of approval. Like me, Bill poured himself a can of beer. I didn’t know whether I hoped Caroline would or wouldn’t notice my fledgling erection.Bill sat on the other sofa at ninety degrees to the one where I was seated. He was good at small talk. It turned out that he was a senior partner of a firm of solicitors. Caroline was a fairly senior manager in a regional office of a bank. I said little. I was too embarrassed, nervous and excited. It was a heady cocktail of emotions, and most of all bursa escort my illicit desire for my aunt kept haunting me. I tried to picture each of them in their workplace, prim and proper and no clue betrayed of what they got up to in private.Not long after this Lucy entered the room. She was wearing the red blouse and her black skirt and stockings, but she was evidently not now wearing a bra, and her modest orbs quivered and swayed deliciously under the shimmering satin. She sat next to Bill and joined in the trivial conversation.The situation was almost surreal. The four of us were talking about nothing in particular as if nothing had happened between any of us. Yet Bill’s wife Lucy had just allowed me to have sex — and anal sex at that — with her on their marital bed with his full knowledge and consent, while Bill for his part had been screwing their friend in the dining room. And here we were talking about the weather, and a controversial plan to build a local supermarket on a couple of local fields! The fake normality of the atmosphere was bizarre yet delicious.And inevitably as the conversation continued I found my gaze drawn to the sexy Lucy with whom I had just had sex, and to the busty Caroline with whom I deeply longed to. Whilst I was too respectful to leer for too long at either of them, the situation meant that I felt little coyness in glancing overtly at their necklines and hemlines.After a few more minutes we heard voices and footsteps on the stairs, and my Aunt Anne and Jack, Caroline’s partner, came into the room.I looked up and blushed as her eyes met mine — each of us more or less fresh from a sexual encounter in adjoining rooms — then I looked away. She joined Bill and Lucy, with Lucy seated in the middle. Jack joined Caroline and I, with Caroline in the middle.Aunt Anne was dressed as I had spied her with Jack, wearing a white doctor’s jacket that didn’t cover much of her well-toned thighs. The top buttons were open, too, giving a view of her pale skin, though the smallness of her bust meant that little cleavage was visible. She had gathered her long straw-coloured hair up on top of her head with a clip. The brief image I had had earlier of her small naked breasts and puffy nipples came to my mind. So did uncertainties as to whether it was just a tease or was heading further – either once back in the privacy of her house or, more outrageous still, right here in the home of her friends with their knowledge.Bill poured a drink for Jack and for my aunt, then produced a laptop from a cabinet in the far corner of the room. He pulled up a coffee table and placed it near Lucy, and rejoined her.I was intrigued as his wife Lucy switched it on. As earlier in the evening I felt at a disadvantage, the only one who did not know what was going on. I contented myself with watching her modest breasts surge forward under her red shiny blouse.The inane small-talk continued for a while as Lucy messed with the laptop. Then she sat upright. She ran her tongue across her lips endearingly and cleared her throat to attract everyone’s attention.”Right. Is everyone ready for a story? Then let me begin! Once upon a time…”I forced a laugh but groaned inwardly at the tackiness of it — but not for long.The computer clearly held a stock of erotic stories. She began to read one out.The gist of it was a married man in his thirties calling next door with a parcel that had been left with by the postman on their behalf. When he went round to the back door, however, he looked through the window. She saw his older female neighbour posing for her husband to take erotic photographs. The first few photos were fairly innocuous, just up-skirt and down-dress shots, but then she dropped her top and bared her breasts. The bloke looking in on them froze to the spot, transfixed, but after a few minutes they smiled, waved, and invited him in. The wife didn’t even cover up.It was clearly an amateur story and I guessed it must have been downloaded from the internet because it was clearly set in the U.S. It was far-fetched, but it was erotic and arousing. We all listened as Lucy read out the narrative, but my Aunt Anne read aloud the words spoken by the wife in the story and Bill read those spoken both by the husband and male neighbour.It may sound slightly puerile, but it was very erotic to hear Lucy’s voice and my aunt’s reading the lewd story and the explicit direct speech. And — as your intuition will have worked out — it developed into my aunt actually saying things like “I think YOU should take a photograph or two now. Why don’t I pull my panties up into my slit?” and inviting the neighbour, “Lie on the floor and let me ride you… let me feel that big hard dick inside me…”She avoided looking at me and I looked bursa escort bayan nowhere near her. I looked down at the floor and tried simply to enjoy the story, but the sound of my aunt speaking coarsely and in the first person was hugely thrilling.I felt a hand rubbing my rising erection. I looked down. Caroline was rubbing me with her right hand and her husband Jack with her left. Jack’s hand was on her thigh and running up and down it below her dress hem.I glanced across. As she read, Lucy was fondling her husband Bill’s groin and my Aunt Anne’s thigh. Although her caresses were restrained, it was spellbinding to see my aunt’s leg being touched up by another woman. I looked at Lucy’s wedding ring, and then at her husband, Bill. And of course it was slightly kinky for my aunt still to be wearing her doctor’s jacket from her role-play with Jack. The end of the story approached with Bill and my Aunt Anne reading out — now in deliberately exaggerated tones of voice accompanied by little giggles — the repeated “Oh yessss!”, “Oh, yes, do it, do it!”, and so on, from the story. The ultimate, though, was a few minutes from the end when she actually spoke the words displayed on the laptop screen “Fuck me – fuck me now!” I had only just come to consider my dad’s sister in a sexual way but now really had the hots for her. And even though she was only reading from a story, the impact of hearing her voice saying those words of invitation was almost unbearable. I longed to shout out, “Alright, alright, then! I will!” But of course I didn’t.When the end of the story was reached we all laughed, and applauded, and Bill — with Aunt Anne then taking her cue from him — sank against the back of the sofa saying, “I’m quite exhausted!” We all roared at that.My Aunt’s face was red with embarrassment, though, and she avoided looking at me. I too was red. And hard. I longed to know what thoughts were going through her mind, and wondered whether some of them matched my own illicit ones.”Time to roll the dice again, Caroline!” my Aunt Anne said, breaking the awkward silence.”But the dice can’t decide everything,” Lucy said, and for a moment she drew her lower lip pensively under her upper one. Her eyes were almost bulging with excitement.”First, as Bill said earlier — we can’t match James and Anne together…” she observed.At this point she looked quizzically at my aunt, then at me, almost as if silently questioning whether in fact this really was off-limits. My stomach gave a small churn. Lucy licked her lips in that innocent way that seemed to me anything but innocent.”And,” she continued, “we don’t want the same pairing as last time, either…”It seemed to me to be almost pointless to shake the dice if there were few options for the next round.But as Caroline walked to the coffee table, picked up one die and shook it vigorously in her cupped hands, I changed my mind. As she shook it in her hands my eyes were drawn to her ripe breasts bouncing subtly up and down under her tight blue dress. Although they were big, her bra restrained them quite well. But not completely. The sight almost mesmerised me. Her dress hugged her waist and hips, too. The blue jersey fabric looked soft and inviting.Although I was embarrassed by the presence of her partner Jack and of my aunt, I found myself looking openly at Caroline and glancing to see if the others were watching me.Like me, Bill, Lucy’s partner who had just had sex with Caroline, was watching the restrained jigging of her breasts. Lucy was eagerly staring at the coffee table awaiting the roll of the die.My aunt was doing the same, but as I glanced at her, her eyes briefly met mine. She followed my gaze to Caroline’s bouncing bosom, then blushed at my shameless ogling of her friend. She looked at the coffee table again.I couldn’t face looking at Jack, Caroline’s partner. It was daring enough to be ogling his partner without gauging his reaction as I did so.”An even number for pairs this time — odds for groups…” she said, as Caroline leaned forward considerably but briefly and tossed the dice onto the table. My heart was pounding again with anticipation and with the lovely sight down her neckline.”Five!” Caroline announced, and Lucy almost squealed her delight.”Groups! But — a four-and-a-two, or two threes?” Lucy asked. “We can’t have one group of all six of us — not tonight,” she added more softly, and looked over again at Aunt Anne.My aunt laughed — a rather forced laugh — and blushed.”Shake the other die, then, Caroline to decide,” my aunt urged, seeming eager to move things on.”Evens for two equal groups, odds for a four-and-a-two!” Caroline explained, beaming over at me as she continued to shake the die — and her breasts. Her smile was natural, and her blond hair escort bursa framed her face.She leaned forward as she shook the die, to show more of her lovely, pale cleavage. I felt myself begin to go harder, and hoped that I would end up with Lucy and Caroline and not to find myself vying with Bill or Jack for Caroline’s attentions.She tossed the die.”Two!” Caroline cried. “Two groups of three!”Lucy clapped her hands in excitement and gave a little squeal of joy.”Given that we have a certain arrangement to avoid tonight and that we want different partners this time, that means…” at this point Lucy placed her hand on my aunt’s knee and gave it a brief and gentle squeeze. I felt a twinge of illicit arousal as I watched.”…that Bill and I have the pleasure of the lovely ‘Doctor’ Anne!” she declared.”And you, Jack, will have James to keep you and Caroline company!” she laughed. I was thrilled at the prospect of having the lovely, busty Caroline, but disappointed and nervous at the idea of being joined by her partner. Caroline picked up one die and was about to roll it again, but Lucy motioned for her not to.”I… I thought we should decide which rooms each threesome…” Caroline protested.Lucy shook her head and licked her lips slowly.”No need,” she affirmed. I think that we should all retire upstairs,” she said. “Jack, Caroline, and James can have the back bedroom — and Bill, Anne and I can have the ‘room-with-a-view’…”She said the phrase as if it were all one word. She glanced over at me as she said it and drew her lower lip under her top one.This time it was my turn to blush. Firstly I was nervous yet excited that instead of being in the room that afforded a view, I would be the one providing it if I so wished. Secondly I couldn’t help but wonder whether, as I had done with her, my aunt would avail herself of the opportunity to spy on me. It was clearly Lucy’s plan to engineer the possibility for it…Caroline beamed warmly and naturally at me. Her face was attractive in a natural, understated way, with her shoulder length blond hair framing it. Her neck and throat were slightly lined, but it somehow added to her appeal as a mature married woman (well, as good as married – she and Jack lived together). Her neck was quite long, giving her an added natural elegance. I ran my gaze over her forty-something curvy figure and felt another twitch in my trousers as my erection began to swell further.She walked over to where I was sitting and stooped to kiss me. I stared at her surging breasts under her tight fitting blue dress, only inches from my face. Her partner, Jack, was watching intently but with a smile of approval.”Nice one, James!” he said encouragingly.Caroline’s lips were fuller than Lucy’s; soft, and enticing, and her breath was sweet. She moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Let’s go up, then, love. I’ll go first so that you can see up my dress — for Jack’s benefit as much as yours!”I glanced across at Jack, who was still smiling.Caroline straightened and stepped to the doorway. I arose and followed her. I found myself glancing at Aunt Anne, and wishing I hadn’t. She too was smiling, though her face was flushed. I looked away and fixed my gaze instead on the sight before me. Jack also got up, and Caroline led the way along the hall and up the stairs.It was the second time in as many hours I had ascended those stairs for sex – and with a different lady than last time – and now with her partner as our companion, too.Although it fitted tightly, her pale blue, jersey dress had a modest slit in the back that did indeed allow a view of the backs of her lower thighs. They were pale, bare and fleshy without being too plump. Her bum cheeks rolled subtly under the soft-looking fabric, and the close fit of the dress made it crease across her hips and her waist. She was wearing navy blue shoes with low heels. I was very conscious of her nicely rounded bum just inches from my face — and of her partner, Jack, close behind as I ogled her. I felt very perverted – and highly aroused.She went into the back bedroom, and I followed her, followed in turn by Jack. I was surprised to see that, apart from the space that the en-suite took up in the front bedroom — the “room with a view” — this was not much smaller. In fact it looked as big, partly as the bed was a standard double size rather than the king-sized one in the front bedroom, so the floor space seemed proportionately bigger. It had a small vanity washbasin. I felt tingly as the phrase “room with a view” — and its implications for my time ahead with Caroline and Jack. I looked at the wall separating the two rooms and tried to guess where the spy holes from the adjoining room were. A clothes hook on the wall would allow a garment (or a picture) to be hung up to provide a screen from prying eyes – if desired.A surge of arousal ran through me as I wondered again if any of the others would avail themselves of them — and if so whether one of the voyeurs would be my aunt.TO BE CONTINUED…

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