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Aunt Flo goes out of town

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Aunt Flo goes out of town               When Flo told Allie that she had to visit her sister overnight, Allie asked his Aunt if he could stay overnight at her place. She was happy to have him stay over. No sooner was she out the door, when Allie was on the phone inviting Mike over for one of those “lunch breaks.” Mike was eager to have Allies white meat for lunch and Allie was eager to explore his new found interest in man2man sex. Mikes dark cock with the tan head would be a good place to continue his education.             “Ding-Dong” rang the doorbell. Allie thought it would get a laugh if he opened the door for Mike, stark naked. When he yanked the door open for Mike, two mouths fell open in surprise. Allies and Brenda’s. Quickly regaining her composure, she stepped istanbul travesti inside. Allie dashed to put his pants on. Brenda was right behind him yanking his pants back down.   “C’mon boy, give an old lady a thrill,” she joked.   Allie told her he was expecting someone else, Again, “Ding-Dong.” As soon as Bren saw Mike she was on to the whole scene. It was then, she remembered Flo would be away and she realized she stumbled into a sex tryst between these two highly desirable men.   Shit, she thought. I ain’t leaving until I get some of this chocolate-vanilla combination. \ Her thoughts continued, if I ask if I can stay and play, they could say no. With that she took off her blouse and bra. She sat on the couch and caressed her own breasts. istanbul travestileri   “Don’t mind me guys. I didn”t mean to interrupt anything.” With a sly grin she continued, “just go on like I’m not even here.”   Mike locked the door. Allie removed his pants once again. Mike took his clothes off too. Then he sat Allie on the plush upholstered chair across from the couch. He tugged at Allies legs to position the boy’s ass on the front edge of the cushion. Mike got on his knees between Allies legs. For about 5 minutes he stroked Allies body from knees to shoulders. He nipped at his nipples with his mouth. As yet he had not contacted Allies erect cock. Then Mike spent another 5 minutes with his mouth retracing the route his fingers took.   Brenda found travesti istanbul the scene so erotic she took all her clothes off and was massaging her inner thighs. It was usually the first step in her masturbation routine. When Mike finally took Allies cock into his mouth, both Allie and Brenda said, “Ahhhh,” in unison. Mike cupped the ball sack gently in his hands and slid his dark face slowly up and down Allies shaft. In Allies ecstasy he laid his head back over the low chair back. Bren’s pussy was wet from watching. Not a particularly athletic person, she was surprised at herself for being so nimble. Left foot on the cushion, other foot on the arm of the chair, swinging her first foot over Mike and onto the other arm, and she was standing on the chairs arms with her wet pussy in Allie face. Bren steadied herself by leaning on the top of the chair back and lowered her slit onto Allies mouth. Gratefully Allie accepted the gift. His lips worked up and down her pussy lips and her little hip movements encouraged him to lick and suck pussy to both, his and her contentment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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