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Aunt Jane Takes A Trip

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Jane was nervous going through security, just the unfamiliarity of it all. And she was nervous checking in, settling into her seat, and when the plane finally took off. This was David’s third trip to Vienna in three months and he was more focused on work than anything else. With his calm presence and the steady, droning confinement of the airplane, Jane finally relaxed. A little red wine with her meal and she was ready for a nap. David was working through a steel sector analysis as Jane quietly curled up and gently rested her head on his shoulder, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

They looked like a typical couple, only she was looked a little older, maybe even old enough to be his mother. And she could be, except she was his mother’s older sister, his Aunt Jane. His smiled down at her as she shifted slightly in her tight airline seat. It was his mother’s idea to take along his aunt on this trip, to keep him company and to get Aunt Jane away for a little mini-vacation. A year had passed since Jane’s divorce and she needed some time away, even just a four day trip to Austria.

David worked for an investment bank, researching companies, doing preliminary inquiries, and beginning the long negotiation process before the lawyers and bankers stepped in. His company was interested in a small steel mill in Austria and he was trying to become a quick expert in heavy industry. He glanced up from his papers as the stewardess passed by with drinks for another passenger. She gave him a curt smile and he tried not to let his mind wander to what she might look like in his hotel room. With his aunt sleeping against his shoulder, he hardly looked or felt like the kind of guy who could pick up a stewardess. His aunt had surprised him, though, wearing a smart, but casual, outfit for the plane ride, looking quite attractive. Going through the airport, he had sensed more than a few glances at them as a couple, which he almost mentioned to her. He looked down at her hair and face, his eyes straying for just a moment down her chest and to her legs. “Not bad for 51, 52, maybe 53,” he said to himself. Then he shook his head clear. “My mom’s sister, Aunt Jane, what the hell am I thinking.”

The first two nights he worked until dinner, met her at the hotel, walked to a restaurant and chatted about family and travel and life and the news through a delicious meal. After dinner, Jane changed into her flannel pajamas, crossed the hall to his room, and watched his tv and chatted while he worked through his notes and explained parts of the negotiations to her. When David got out his laptop, Jane offered to rub his sore neck and shoulders. He laughed at first and she told him she was in strong shape and could give him a true deep shoulder rub if he let her. Jane was as good as her promise and David looked forward to the second night’s massage as much as he dreaded the work he had to do.

Jane’s hands were working on David’s neck and shoulders as he tried to type into his laptop, reaching back into his memory to capture the tone of what his notes said the other party’s lead negotiator had said. He closed his eyes, trying to reimagine the scene in the conference room and the way the man spoke into his coffee cup every time he mentioned supplier relations. With his eyes closed, his mind wandered a bit and he relaxed further into the hands rubbing his sore muscles. Jane’s hands worked over his neck and down his shoulders and he realized when he heard it that he moaned a little in appreciation. A wonderful woman massaging him, exactly what he needed. His mind worked up an image of a woman in one-piece black lingerie whispering into his ear as she rubbed his shoulders, imagined her long brownish red hair and her soft cheek bones, imagined her full and curvy and luscious body, her shaped held in tight by the satin and silk wrapped around her, bright green eyes, delicious lips. His mind was racing now, taking his body along with him. Jane’s questions startled him back into reality.

“Do you have much more to do? Or is this too distracting?”

“Oh, no, that feels great, but, yes, um, I do have more to do. Your hands are so relaxing I am afraid I would be asleep before I get any more of this done tonight.”

Jane bent down and kissed the top of his head, then released his shoulders and stepped back, saying, “Sleep well, don’t stay up too late, and meet me for breakfast at 9, ok?”

He smiled to her as she went to the door, “Of course, breakfast, 9am sharp.”

Later, much later, David lay in bed and let his mind wander back to the woman massaging his shoulders, the woman in the one-piece satin and silk lingerie, the woman with the brownish red hair. Without thinking he reached for his growing hardness and brought the image into clearer focus, imaging legs and hips and breasts and a soft neck and lovely face. And his eyes opened wide as he realized he was thinking of Jane, imaging his aunt in lingerie, massaging poker oyna his shoulders and coaxing him into bed. He looked down at his now solid maleness, feeling both incredibly turned-on and unsure, uncertain. After a few minutes of trying to think about work, trying to get his mind elsewhere, he turned on the TV, found a late night Europorn channel and watched mindless, plotless fucking until his mental images were littered with blonde German girls and hot Italian women.

For their last dinner in Vienna, Jane decided she should buy her nephew a gift. A thank-you gift, for the trip, for being a great nephew, for everything. She wanted to buy him a suit, but knew he had a tailor back home, so decided to find a nice jacket, shirt, and tie, something casual enough to wear to dinner, but for a nice dinner out. Going through the racks in the men’s department, Jane thought about his build, about the strength in his shoulders, neck, and arms that she felt last night giving him a massage. She imagined what he would look like in each jacket, taking her time with careful consideration. When she finally got to the counter, the saleswoman smiled and asked her something in German. Jane smiled back and answered in English, apologizing for not speaking German.

“Oh, madam, I just complimented you on your selections. Your special friend will certainly appreciate his gifts.”

Jane’s face flushed as she thought of David and started to tell the sales girl that her “special friend” was her nephew, but she stopped herself and just smiled. Walking out of the store, thinking about David, she wondered why she didn’t say anything, why she kept it to herself, almost like a secret, that her “special friend” was her sister’s son.

Coffee and a croissant for lunch, then Jane felt a little sexy, a little frisky and playful, a little like a girl getting ready for a big date. She had seen a small boutique near the hotel which specialized in lingerie and she decided she should wear something special tonight, too. Not just the dress she had saved for their last night in Vienna, but something special underneath. As soon as the thought crossed her mind — “something special for my special friend” — she blushed and felt a little unsure, uncertain how she could be thinking such things. Jane almost walked passed the lingerie store, then rationalized for a moment and stepped inside. “Something simple and black and suitable for an old lady like me,” she thought, and found just the right satin and silk piece in just her size.

Jane had saved a special dress for their last dinner in Vienna, a long black dress with a velvet top, cut just a bit low in the front. Underneath, the new black satin and silk lingerie. Jane looked at herself in the mirror, thinking she could lose a few more pounds and maybe her chest was not as large or prominent as it once had been, but she also hadn’t felt so sexy in a long time. David would certainly have an attractive date for the evening, maybe even turn a few heads. David had called when he was ready and suggested a drink in his room before they set off for dinner. She crossed the hall and watched his eyes roam all over her body when he greeted her. She felt sexy, wanted, desired, delicious, even if this was her nephew, it felt great to sense his obvious attraction to her.

David was nearly speechless, trying to making some small talk in his room and then quickly getting them out the door and into a taxi. His aunt Jane was stunning, in a beautiful black dress, her face seeming to glow even more this evening than usual. His immediately thought of kissing her and clawing through her dress and ravaging her and he knew they needed to get out in public quickly. At the restaurant, he watched her walk away from the table to the ladies room, admiring her every curve and silk smooth motions. When he looked away, an older guy at a nearby table caught his eye and gave him a wink. David smiled, then felt a little foolish. This was his Aunt Jane, his mother’s sister, and even though she was the most incredible woman in the restaurant, they were on the kind of date that ends with separate rooms and separate beds. And one aching hard-on.

A delicious dinner, a bottle of red wine, a shared chocolate desert, and they were off. Jane had enjoyed every minute of the meal: David’s attentiveness, his stories about traveling and work, his careful questions about her divorce, his ease with the German waitress, and the looks she got from other women around them. She was the center of this young handsome man’s attention and she loved it. And they had enough delicious food and wine to make them both relaxed and happy and completely at ease in each other’s company. They laughed about doing this kind of trip again soon.

In the taxi, David said the name of the hotel and Jane laughed and leaned up against him. “I am so glad you speak German, dear, or I would be completely lost here.”

The cab driver canlı poker oyna said something, looking back at Jane and David as he started to drive. “What did he say, David?”

“He said we looked like two lovebirds, a perfect match.” David started to lean forward to explain to the driver that this was his aunt, not his date, but Jane put her hand on his arm and pulled him back.

“Don’t spoil it for him, dear, let him think we are a lovebird couple.” Jane laughed with a little conspiratorial giggle. David glanced at her, then told the driver, in German, “take the scenic route, not so directly, understand?” The driver nodded. Jane asked what he said and David laughed in his own conspiratorial way. “I just asked for a quiet ride.”

Jane sighed and leaned against him. He slid his arm around her and she shifted her hips, resting her head on his shoulders. “Don’t think I had too much wine, David,” she said, “This just feels so comfortable, gliding around Vienna with you.” David took one of her hands in his and rested his head on hers. “I know, I know.” She moved their hands to his leg. Jane took a deep breath and wondered if she had ever had such a completely perfect date in her life. David looked up at the taxi driver just as he glanced back and winked.

When they arrived at the hotel, Jane pulled herself up a little and smiled at David. “Such a pleasant evening.” Before the doorman could let the cold air in, David leaned into Jane and gave her a light kiss on the lips, then said, “Such a pleasant trip.” The door opened.

When the elevator door closed, she leaned over to him and kissed him lightly on the lips and said, “Thank you for a wonderful dinner.” David smiled and leaned down to kiss her again, saying, “And thank you for the new jacket and shirt.” Jane smiled and stepped back a little. “No ‘thank you’ for the tie?” He laughed and went to kiss her again just as the elevator stopped. They looked at each as the door opened.

She laughed and started down the hall, her mind racing. Was she flirting, was she seducing, how could she seduce him, this wasn’t a movie, this wasn’t a pretend date, this was really her nephew, this was really the man who just enchanted and charmed her for the entire evening and who arms and chest felt so strong and comfortable and who kissed slowly and softly and she knew he was watching her every step down the hall.

David stared at his Aunt Jane, in her glorious black dress with her deliciously round ass and the soft sway of her hips. He closed his eyes for a half second and imagined her kneeling above him, her full breasts swaying above his lips. He caught up to her as they reached his door.

“Come inside for a glass of port, to round out the evening, the perfect after dinner drink.”

“My dear, David, you are such a gentleman, maybe a bit of port would be just right.”

Inside, he poured their drinks while she opened the curtains and looked out over the balcony into Vienna’s night. “Beautiful,” she said. Yes, you are, he thought as he handed her a glass.

He stood behind and bent down slowly, lightly pressing his lips to her bare shoulder. She sipped her port and stared straight ahead. “How long have you wanted this to happen?” he asked.

“This what?” she asked, smiling just a little and tilting her head slightly. For a moment, David was unsure, thinking maybe he had gone just a little too far. Their kisses had been just soft kisses so far, suggestive, yes, but nothing more. Then she leaned back just a little, letting her shoulders come back to meet his kisses. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nibbled her neck and said, “why don’t you tell me exactly what you think, what you want to happen next.” She sighed and rested one arm on his, taking a long sip of port before she started talking quietly.

“I have thought about they way your lips would taste and imagined your eyes closed as your lips met mine. I have thought about your hands running through my hair and pulling my face closer to yours, your lips pressing more urgently against mine.” He nibbled and slowly unzipped the back of her dress, revealing for the first time the black silk and satin lingerie beneath. She kept talking, almost a half-whisper, “I have thought about your hands linked together with mine, slowly exploring, slowly touching.” He slipped the dress down her arms. “I have watched your hands and imagined them touching me, massaging me.” His fingers pressed her dress down over her waist and over her hips and down her legs. He was amazed by the sight of her in the exact black satin and silk he had imagined. His growing hard-on was aching in his pants.

“David, David?”

“Yes?” His teeth bit into her neck as his fingers ran up and down the length of her soft legs. “David, I have wanted you deep inside me, David.” He groaned and pressed his hips against her, letting her feel how hard he was, how much he wanted to be inside her. internet casino She closed the curtains. “Yes, David, yes. Please.”

Jane reached behind her, set the port down on a desk, and pulled David hard against her, pressing her ass back against him. Everything felt so good. His strong arms. His soft kisses and bites. His cock pressed between her ass. He mind raced with the thought, “his cock.” But even what she was saying felt good, just to say it, to say the words out loud and hear what she had been thinking and wanting. She felt him unbuckle his pants and step out of them, then press himself against her again. She leaned her head back. “Kiss my neck again, dear, please.” His hands wandered over her hips and massaged her thighs, then shot up strong across her belly and nestled under each breast. And she started talking again. “When I massaged your neck I thought about kissing you, massaging you all over, running my hands down your back and legs.” His fingers reached between her thighs and unclasped her lingerie. She let out a low slow moan as his fingers felt how warm she was. “When I sat across from you at breakfast, I thought about waking up next to you and resting my leg across yours, feeling your nakedness next to me.” His fingers slowly parted her legs and gently cupped the soft mound of her pussy. He shifted against her ass, moving his hardened cock against the fabric of her lingerie. “When I put on my dress tonight I imagined you taking it off me, your hands ripping it off my body in a fit of pure lust.”

She moaned as his fingers danced across her pussy lips, just grazing her wetness, carefully exploring. She wanted to press his fingers into her, push her ass back against him, feel his tongue on her lips, her breasts, her pussy. She tried to say everything all at once, then just nuzzled back against him, her legs feeling weaker. “Keep talking to me, Jane,” he growled, and his fingers slipped along the outside of her pussy lips, pressing them together.

She wrapped fingers around his and gently led their hands in a slow stroke along the length of her pussy, pressing against her lips but not yet diving into her. With her other hand she reached back and felt for his cock. He bit hard on her neck as her fingers found him, then he growled again, “talk to me, Jane. Talk to me, Aunt Jane.”

Hearing the word “aunt” made her fingers push his in between her pussy lips finally, snaking and sliding into her deepness. They both groaned a little then she started talking again, still guiding his fingers with her, moving them faster and deeper now. “David, David, David, I need your fingers, I need your kisses, I need your mouth, oh…” David slowed down their fingers and started slowly pressing just one of her fingers and one of his past the very edge of her opening, teasingly slipping inside and slipping out. “Tell me everything you want, Aunt Jane.”

She felt her body melting onto their hands, not sure she could still stand up. His cock was pressed against her ass, her cheeks opening for him. She wanted him, everywhere, now. “When you kissed me, David, when you kissed me in the elevator…” She suddenly pushed two of his fingers deep inside her, bending over just slightly, letting his cock slide a little closer against her ass. “That kiss was it. I knew I had to fuck you, I had to fuck you, oh, fuck, David.” He bit her neck hard and she felt all her energy, all her feeling, every ounce of her body seem to rush between her legs. “I need your cock, David, my David, I need your…”

“Jane, I need to be inside you, fuck, I need to be inside you now.”

“No, David, no, just, oh, fuck, just keep, oh, cum with me, David.” She bent a little lower with each thrust of his fingers deeper into her pussy. He couldn’t hold back much longer, his cock near bursting, his eyes soaking in Jane’s beautiful ass as she fucked his fingers. “David, David, I am cumming now…” He held her up with one hand, pressed three fingers deeper into her sloppy wet pussy. “David, fuck, yes, your cock, I need…”

He exploded. His cock fired streams of white cum all over her soft ass and her black lingerie, the warm liquid goo landing all over them both, running down their legs, between her ass cheeks. She reached back and pressed his hips hard against her to feel the last burst of cum pulse through his cock. Jane’s body shook and writhed on its own, just moving to move against him. He looked down and smiled, the mess he had made all over her incredible ass.

She turned quickly, trapping his still hard cock between them. Jane looked straight into her nephew’s eyes, and said, “David, I think I need a long shower.” Then, finally, she reached up with both hands, held his face, and gave him a deep, long kiss, her tongue teasing him, her smiling finally overcoming their mouths. “I will join you in just a minute,” he said.

A few minutes later, David stepped into the shower as Jane soaked in the hot water. “What took so long, dear?”

“I had to make two calls.” Jane was a little surprised, but saw the smile on his face. “I changed our hotel and our flight reservations. We are here for the weekend, Jane. Right here.”

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