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Aunt Joan

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Aunt JoanEpisode 1 – Church Hat PegsA chance meeting on the late bus leads to a steamy encounter between generations.Members have messaged me to say they enjoy my slow burning stories. This story is one of those and it’s quite long so bear with me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy. At 17 I was tall and could easily pass for 18+. I managed to convince the owner of an old fashioned pub that I was of legal age. So I got a job as bartender working three nights per week including Saturdays (the pubs didn’t open on Sundays back then). The pub had a great bunch of regulars and was situated 15 minutes by bus from my village. I loved working there. On a Saturday night after closing time the staff would stay on for a few drinks so it was usually the late bus home. At that time of night there were never more than a handful of passengers. I flagged down the bus driver and climbed the steps to the upper deck. Teenagers never went on the lower deck that would be so uncool. You could smoke up top in those days and sitting there, on her own, was Aunt Joan a close friend of my Auntie Rose. I’d known Joan since I was a toddler and always referred to her Aunt Joan. She was smoking a cigarette and reading a magazine.‘Hello Aunt Joan’ ‘Hello Bill I didn’t expect to see you, what a nice surprise. Here … sit beside me’‘So what brings you out this way Bill’?‘I work in the Coach and Horses pub Aunt Joan’ ‘I didn’t know you had turned 18 Bill’‘I haven’t Aunt Joan, I’m still 17 but I needed some extra cash so I told the landlord I was 18 and he gave me a job’‘Your secret’s safe with your Aunt Joan’‘Thanks. Have you been out tonight Aunt Joan’?‘I work part time in a hotel bar in town Bill and I’ve just finished. I usually catch an earlier bus on Saturday nights but there was a wedding on and I had to work a bit later’Aunt Joan was an attractive lady in her late forties; nice curvy figure, brown eyes, brunette shoulder length hair, shapely stems and a lovely engaging smile. Size wise I’d guess she was UK 12/US 10. Her husband had passed away suddenly about a year ago and both sons had flown the nest. Back at the pub the plan had been for all the staff to relocate to the bar manager’s house for an impromptu party. The staff bought their own drinks to take with them but for some reason the party plan fell through so I had with me a brown paper bag with a half bottle of Vodka, mixers and a few cans of beer. We chatted about this and that until we arrived at our stop, a 10 minute walk from home. Aunt Joan lived only a couple of streets from me so we naturally found ourselves walking in the same direction. ‘I’ve been wondering Bill, what’s in your bag’? I explained what had happened. ‘Seems a shame to waste that Vodka Bill … it’s my favourite tipple … if you’re happy to share it you can come to my house’‘Yes I’d like that Aunt Joan, not much fun drinking on your own’ When we arrived at Aunt Joan’s place she removed her overcoat and I my jacket. She was wearing a fitted cream dress with a split at the back, brown leather heeled boots and dark tan nylons. Short skirts were the fashion of the day and the hem of her dress finished about 3” above her knees. To many she looked classy and she certainly did but to a horny 17 yo she also looked sexy … no, more than that … seriously hot. Aunt Joan lit the gas fire, put a record on and we settled down on the sofa with our drinks. As she seated herself to my right, the hem of her dress moved up another inch or so revealing even more of her nylon clad thighs. Joan’s first two Vodkas didn’t touch the sides and she was soon on her third glass. She took hold of her left foot and rubbed it … ‘What’s up Aunt Joan’?‘I’ve been walking around in high heels all night Bill and my feet are killing me. Be a darling and help me out of these boots’. With that she swivelled sideways, placed both hands under her left thigh and raised her leg in my direction. As she did so she tilted her knee slightly towards the back of the sofa to give me better access to the side zipper of the boot. I held the back of her ankle with my right hand, gripped the zipper with my left and pulled it right down. Still holding her ankle I gripped the heel of the boot with my left hand and pulled. It was a little tight so I had to yank again and off it came. It was then I noticed I could see further up her dress and got treated to an eyeful of her ample thighs. She swivelled further round so she could rest her left leg on my thigh and swung her right leg in my direction. In doing so the hem rode even higher; an opportunity I couldn’t resist to look up her dress again. Aunt Joan wasn’t wearing nylons as I had assumed but tan pantyhose. Her hem had hunched up her thighs such that I could see the edge of a band of darker nylon. I repeated the task and off came her right boot.‘Oh güvenilir bahis Bill what a relief, thanks well done, I can’t tell you how sore my feet get at the hotel’. I was still holding her right foot and instinctively began to gently rub it. ‘Ooh Bill that’s heaven, don’t stop, it feels better already’. I continued massaging her right foot then switched to the left. ‘Bill that’s wonderful, you’re such a good boy’. I could sense Aunt Joan’s whole body relax, partly due to the discomfort easing in her feet and partly due to the effect of three stiff Vodkas and bitter lemon. ‘Let me get really comfy Bill’ as she slid further down the sofa and placed her neck on the arm rest. The hem of her dress was now two thirds of the way up her thighs and my view up her dress was virtually unrestricted. The dark band of nylon completely encircled her hips and left me wondering, why the change in tone? … I’m still wondering nearly 50 years later. [If there are any lady readers of my story who can solve the mystery of why some pantyhose/tights have a darker band at the top I would love to hear from you]. The best was yet to come, beneath the transparent nylon I could see her knickers and they were white. I swallowed hard and my cock immediately sprung to attention. Trapped in my skin tight trousers it was almost painful (skin tight trousers was the fashion reserved for cool, hip, trendy teenagers … but I bought a pair anyway!). As I massaged one then the other I could detect an odour from her feet. It wasn’t the horrible stink you get from the gym shoes of my mates and me. Yes it was musty but it was heady and strangely arousing. As I worked on her feet I couldn’t help but stare up the valley of her thighs, savouring the vision afforded to me. Aunt Joan had her eyes closed and was murmuring her approval as my fingers plied her feet and toes. It was developing into a sensual not to say erotic scenario. She surely must have known I was ogling up her dress but she didn’t say anything or make any effort adjust her dress. I thought to myself … ‘ehm, this is getting interesting’. My cock was now so hard it ached. ‘Bill you’ve got the magic touch in your fingers … I also get back ache if I’m on my feet for a long time. Do you think you could work your magic on that for me’?‘Of course … anything for you Aunt Joan. Turn over and I’ll rub your back’ Aunt Joan rolled over onto her tummy, placed her arms on the end of the sofa and rested her cheek on the back of her hands. To my surprise and delight she made no attempt to rearrange her clothing and if anything, the hem had slid a little further up her delicious thighs and, aided by the split at the back of her dress, I could now see that wondrous fold of flesh where her thighs met her buttocks. I was becoming very aroused and could feel my cock leaking precum. I knelt down by her side and began rubbing her shoulders but the position she was in was slightly awkward and less than conducive to giving a proper massage. ‘I can’t do it properly like this Aunt Joan … you really need to be laid flat. It might work if you lay on the floor’?‘I’ve got a better idea Bill. Why don’t we go upstairs and I could lie on the bed. I think that would be more comfortable than a hard floor.’‘Great idea Aunt Joan’ I stood up (well I was already ‘standing up’!) as Aunt Joan lifted herself from the sofa. She almost stumbled but I instinctively grabbed her to prevent her falling. ‘Oh Bill, thanks I nearly fell over there, all that Vodka I think’. As I held her steady she was facing me … she looked in my eyes and it was look I hadn’t seen before, at least not from my Aunt Joan. She had a glint in them and a look of sensuousness, dare I hope desire. Later in life I came to recognise that look as ‘come to bed eyes’. She suddenly pecked me on the lips and took hold of my hand … ‘come on, follow me, let me show my personal masseur the way to the bedroom.’ The tone of her voice was suggestive and the flick of her eyebrows was promising to say the least. When we reached the bedroom Aunt Joan wasted no time in spreading herself face down on her bed. She grabbed a pillow and rested her head on it. ‘This is better Bill don’t you think’?‘Much better Aunt Joan. Could you shuffle over a bit and make a space for me’?‘Of course Bill, you’re the expert’I sat down on the bed next to her and began working her neck and shoulders with my fingers and thumbs. ‘Oh yes Bill that feels lovely but it’s my back that aches most’‘I know Aunt Joan but it all starts from the neck and shoulders. Our football coach told us that’‘Okay Bill, he should know’I spent a couple of minutes manipulating her neck and shoulders before working my way down her back. I paused for a second.‘What’s up Bill’?‘I can’t really get at your back muscles’‘Would it help if I took my dress türkçe bahis off’?‘Yes I think it would Aunt Joan’She stood up and was fumbling with the hook of the zip.‘Bill be a darling and help me with the zip’I unhooked the zip and pulled it part way down. Aunt Joan did the rest and her dress fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, neatly folded it over a chair and, calm as you like, lay face down again on the bed. She wasn’t wearing a slip just her pantyhose, white bra and knickers and for the first time I got sight of her bum. OMG it was to die for! It was ample but not overly so and her buns were rounded and curvaceous. I noted that darker band of her pantyhose I’d got a glimpse of earlier and her panties were those full bottomed ones worn by women of a certain age and school girls. I was transfixed staring at her sexy bottom and drinking in the delicious view. I desperately wanted to put my hands on her bum and see what those delectable buns felt like but I didn’t want to rush my fences. My trance was broken by Aunt Joan.‘Bill … stop ogling my bottom young man and get on with the job in hand’ ‘I wasn’t ogling Aunt Joan’ said I, wondering how she knew. ‘Yes you were, now get on with it please’I got back to business starting again with her shoulders and gradually working my way down her back. I paused again. ‘What’s up now Bill’?‘Your bra strap is in the way Aunt Joan’‘Well unfasten it then Bill’ she retorted with a hint of impatience in her voice. I fumbled at the fastening as young guys invariable do but eventually unclipped her bra. It was a little awkward but Aunt Joan managed to reach behind and pull the straps to one side. ‘Is that better Bill’?‘Yes Aunt Joan, that’s a lot better’While Aunt Joan was fiddling with her bra straps I had taken the opportunity to climb across her and kneel up on the bed next to her. I massaged the area the bra strap had been hindering but I was uncomfortable due to my trousers being so tight.‘Aunt Joan? … is it okay if I take my trousers off? … they’re really tight and digging in to me’‘Yes go ahead Bill … if it makes your more comfortable’It was a bit of a struggle to say the least but I eventually got them off. As Aunt Joan was face down I thought … what the hell … and whipped my trollies off as well. My cock was sticking up like a flagpole. I continued down her back. When I got to the lower spine I pressed my thumbs into the muscle area and Aunt Joan let out a moan which was a mixture of pain and relief. ‘Ooh Bill that’s the spot … yes right there … it still aches a bit though’ ‘Here I’ll put a pillow underneath’‘Why’s that Bill’?‘The coach says putting your muscles in tension is supposed to help’ ‘Okay Bill it’s worth a try’I reached for a couple of pillows, Aunt Joan arched her hips and I slid the pillows under. ‘Gosh your coach was right Bill that feels really good’I couldn’t help but notice that a side effect of that was to raise her bum in the air stretching her pantyhose tighter over her twin peaches. Oh wow I thought to myself … that’s so damned sexy … my cock twitched in response. I then moved right down and rubbed the soles of her feet. ‘That tickles Bill’. So I started to massage her calves and on up to her fleshy thighs. The feel of the nylon as I rubbed her legs was wonderful and accompanied by more cock twitching. ‘That feels nice Bill but I don’t think it will help my back much’‘Our coach says all the muscles from your neck down to your feet are connected’‘Are you sure he said that Bill’? she enquired in a rather sceptical tone. ‘That’s what he said Aunt Joan’ I replied with my fingers crossed.‘Okay I guess he must know about these things’As my hands approached the secret valley I gently stroked the inside of her thighs. Aunt Joan was silent but her legs parted ever so slightly. Much encouraged I inched nearer and nearer to the head of the valley and as I did so Aunt Joan’s legs parted a little further. I ran my fingers tentatively across her mound and, through the nylon fabric, I could feel that the outer lips of her sex were swollen.‘Mmm … that feels nice Bill but I don’t think that’s in the coaching manual … I’m not sure you should be massaging your auntie down there’ she said but not with much conviction.‘Sorry Aunt Joan I got a bit carried away’. I stopped stroking her but left my hand resting against her pubis.‘No its okay Bill, don’t stop … it felt really good. I’m a bit tense down there as well and could do with some relief but this has to be our secret … yes?‘Yes Aunt Joan, I won’t tell a soul’Any doubts about Aunt Joan’s intentions now dispelled and feeling emboldened, my fingers picked up where they left off and I pressed more firmly against her sex. Aunt Joan let out a soft moan.‘Would it help if I take my tights off Bill’?‘Definitely Aunt Joan’‘That would be difficult güvenilir bahis siteleri for me in this position, could you be a sweetheart and do that for me Bill’?I hooked my fingers in the waistband and slipped her tights over her hips, down her thighs and calves, over her feet and eased them off. Her panties were stretched tight across her bum cheeks and looked unbelievably sexy. The top section was transparent but the gusset consisted of a thicker material … I thought I detected a damp patch. I put a finger to the spot and yes it was moist. ‘You’re knickers are damp Aunt Joan’‘Your massage made me feel a bit fruity Bill and when I feel fruity I get wet down there … it must be leaking out onto my panties. If you want to check Bill you can take them off’ Aunt Joan obligingly lifted her hips and I quickly slid her knickers off. I poked the inside of the gusset with my index finger and it was much damper inside. As I held her panties I could detect a familiar aroma. I held them to my nose, closed my eyes and thoughts of Jenny (my s*s’s best friend) came flooding back. I briefly wished it was Jenny stretched out in front of me but the sight of Aunt Joan’s naked body, gorgeous bare bottom and puffed up pussy lips quickly banished those thoughts. Anyway as Stephen Stills once famously wrote … ‘If you can’t be with the one you love – love the one you’re with’. ‘Mmm … your panties smell nice Aunt Joan’‘You shouldn’t be sniffing your auntie’s knickers’ ‘Sorry Aunt Joan I couldn’t help it, I love the smell of panties’‘You’re such a naughty boy Bill … what am I going to do with you’?I ran my fingers lightly through her hair, over her shoulders and down her back. I then moved to her lower calves and worked my way up and over her thighs. The flesh of her bottom felt wonderful. I put my fingers to her sex and felt her wetness. ‘Aunt Joan’? ‘Yes Bill’‘The wet stuff that made your panties damp … what is it’?‘I don’t exactly know Bill but it’s some sort of fluid that a lady produces when she gets excited … you know … sexually excited’‘What does it taste like … is it nice’?‘Some people like the taste, some don’t’ ‘Can I taste it Aunt Joan’? ‘Yes if you want to Bill’ I got in position and zeroed in on my target. I brushed her outer lips with my tongue and licked the moisture. ‘Ooh Aunt Joan … it’s delicious’ ‘Don’t stop now Bill your tongue feels wonderful’I licked her lips again and pushed my tongue inside her.‘Oh Bill that’s lovely … keep going that’s just what I need’Her sex was now gaping and I began lapping her inner chamber.‘Oh god Bill … yes that’s it … faster … do it faster’Aunt Joan raised her hips and pushed back against my tongue. Her hand suddenly appeared from under her and immediately found her engorged button. She started by stroking it slowly with her fingers then rubbing herself with increasing intensity. ‘Bill! … oh Bill … don’t stop I’m nearly there’I grasped her hips and continued lapping her opening, working my tongue as hard as I was able. In concert with my tongue Aunt Joan was furiously rubbing her swollen bud and moaning loudly. ‘Bill! … Bill!! … oh my god … I’m cumming!’Aunt Joan shuddered and cried out as an intense orgasm ripped through her body. I felt her juices flood over my tongue and I swirled the nectar-like liquid in my mouth before swallowing … gosh it tasted good. Aunt Joan slumped forward and lay motionless for a few moments aside from the rise and fall of her body as she fought to fill her lungs with oxygen. ‘Ooh Bill that was simply wonderful … it’s been a while and just what I needed’. She rolled onto her back and stretched out her arms inviting me in. I dropped onto her and she took me in her arms, hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. The side of our heads resting together she whispered in my ear …‘You dark horse Bill, that’s not the first time you’ve done that, is it’? ‘No Aunt Joan’ I replied rather sheepishly. ‘Okay Bill I won’t pry, no questions asked – no lies told eh’? As I lifted myself from her embrace we both took a sharp intake of breath. Don’t know how I missed them as she rolled over, but for the first time I saw Aunt Joan’s breasts … they were magnificent. ‘Aunt Joan your breasts are fabulous … and look at your nipples’. Her boobs were perfectly shaped; rounded and firm and just the right size. Her nipples were large and sticking out like church hat pegs. ‘Oh my Bill who’s grown into a big boy then’? I looked down and my cock was sticking out proudly like the jib of a sailing ship. She reached for me and held me in her hand. ‘What a beautiful young cock … is that for your Auntie Joan’? I took that as a rhetorical question so I simply nodded my head. I couldn’t resist and placed my hands on her wondrous breasts and circled her erect nipples with the tip of my fingers. ‘Mmm that’s nice Bill … kiss me’ I leant in and pressed my lips to hers. I felt her tongue on my tongue and with open mouths clamped together we kissed passionately. ‘Oh baby I want you … come to your Aunt Joan’‘I want you too Aunt Joan’To be continued

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