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Aunt Sally

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Author’s note: Please read my other stories as well . . . “A Summer At Home: Parts 1-3” and also “Christmas Break.”

After my parents suddenly died in a car accident, it was decided that I would move in with my Aunt Sally. At first, I was opposed to the idea . . . it was the summer before my senior year in high school and the last thing I wanted to do was move to a new town, enroll in a different school, find a new job, and try making new friends. The truth was, I also didn’t know my Aunt Sally very well. My mother had always referred to her little sister as the “black sheep” of the family . . . although I never really understood why. Before the funeral, the last time I remember meeting my aunt was when I was only six-years old, and she was heading off to college. And now, twelve years later, I was being told that I had live with a woman that I barely knew and someone I had almost no memories of.

For the first few weeks after moving in, I actually saw very little of my aunt. It seemed that she was always working. I also think that she really didn’t know how to deal with the loss of her older sister or my sudden re-appearance in her life, so she just tried to stay busy. As for me, I just spent a lot of time in my room, by myself. Honestly, I was thankful for the time alone . . . it helped me to sort through my thoughts and feelings, and perhaps even navigate the whole grieving process a little quicker.

However, as the summer progressed, I was able to find opportunities to spend some time with Aunt Sally and we started talking more and getting reacquainted. I learned of the reason why my mother always referred to her as the “black sheep” . . . when my aunt was away at college, she met an older guy and moved in with him. My mother, who was almost 14 years older and has always looked after Aunt Sally after my grandparents passed away, disapproved of the relationship and there was a break in the relationship. I also learned that Sally had lived with this guy for almost six years before they broke up. Since that time, she had gone from relationship to relationship, dating an unending line of “jerks,” as she called them, and now she was happy just living on her own.

As I talked to my aunt, I started to notice that she was still a very attractive woman. She was barely 30-years old, but still looked like was just out of college. However, it wasn’t until that fateful day late in the summer, that I realized exactly how sexy my aunt really was.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished mowing the lawn. Ever since I had moved in, I tried to be helpful with the chores and doing different odd job around the house. Aunt Sally referred to me as “the man of the house” now, which kind of made me feel good, and she was always thanking me for helping her out. Anyway, it was a hot summer day and after finishing with the yard-work, I had decided that instead of taking a shower, I was going to simply poker oyna go for a swim in the pool. Walking around back, I noticed that Aunt Sally was laying out in a deck chair by the pool, which really got my attention.

For some reason, until that point I had not really paid much attention to her appearance. Sally usually wore conservative business suits to work during the day, and often lounged around in sweats while wearing her glasses and no make-up in the evenings. On this day however, she was wearing a hot pink, two-piece bikini, which showed off her full body tan very nicely. Her long blonde her, which she usually had pinned up, was down around her shoulders. Her full, pouty lips glistened in the sunlight. But it was her incredibly sexy body that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. I knew that Sally worked out three to four times a week, but she always changed at the gym, so this was my first close-up glimpse of her body. She had firm, full tits – at least 36c’s – and her nipples poked through the material of her bikini, as if begging for attention. Her tummy was also firm and flat, and she had slender hips, and long shapely legs. A bulge started to grow in my shorts as I stared at her.

I didn’t realize that I had been checking out my aunt until she looked up at me and cleared her throat to get my attention. I looked away in embarrassment and she giggled a little.

“Danny, honey . . . would you be a dear and please come over here and rub some suntan lotion on my back?” she asked me coyly.

“Ummm, sure thing Aunt Sally.” I replied.

“I thought we already talked about this . . . please just call me ‘Sally’. ‘Aunt Sally’ always makes me feel so old!”

“Sorry about that! I guess that I just need to get used to the idea,” I simply replied.

I walked over to her hesitantly, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my shorts that only seemed to be growing larger. She grabbed the suntan lotion, and looked up at me and smiled as she handed me the bottle. She then rolled over onto her stomach, and I sat down on the edge of the chair next to her. Slowly, I began applying the lotion to her shoulders and then her back. She surprised me by reaching around and untying her bikini top, letting the material fall to her sides. I could barely see the swell of her breasts from the side and I was certain she heard me gasp a little as I rubbed the lotion into her back.

“Hmmmmmm . . . that feels so nice! I almost forgot what it was like to have a man around the house to take care of things for me,” she said and giggled again.

Was my aunt flirting with me? Surely it was just my imagination, I thought to myself. I continued to rub lotion into her back, stopping just above her bikini bottoms.

“Don’t forgot my legs, sweetie!” she reminded me.

“Ummm, okay.” I was barely able to manage speaking a couple of words in response. I knew if my aunt . . . I mean, Sally . . . turned canlı poker oyna around, she would see how turned on I was at the moment. I just wish that I knew what she was thinking! I was so nervous that my hands started to tremble a little bit. I began by rubbing lotion into her calves and worked my way up her shapely legs. I stopped applying the lotion just past her knees and started to get up.

“Why did you stop, silly?” she asked while looking back at me. “You don’t want me tan to be uneven, do you?”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that . . . well . . .”

“No, I’m sorry,” she interrupted, “I shouldn’t have asked you to do something you aren’t comfortable doing.”

“It’s okay, really.” I told her. “I don’t mind.”

“Well, please continue then . . . you were doing such a good job,” she said as she spread her legs apart a little.

My mind was spinning out of control by this point. I wondered if Sally had any idea what kind of effect she was having on me. Was she just playing games; teasing me a little? Or maybe she was just naïve and didn’t really know what was happening. I began applying the lotion again . . . slowly at first. As I worked my way up her thighs, towards her firm little ass, I noticed she spread her legs even further apart. Finally, as I continued to gently massage her legs, I heard her moan softly. I’m not sure how to really explain it . . . but at that moment, it was almost as if my mind took a vacation and my hands just took over. Moving my hands higher, I allowed one of my fingers to briefly graze her pussy. She wiggled a little, but did not seem to object to my fingers’ exploration. Growing bolder, I began to gently rub her pussy through her bikini bottoms.

“Oh God! Danny, that feels so good!” she moaned. “Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?”

At first, I was shocked that she didn’t object to my fingers’ exploration . . . but after pausing briefly, I continued rubbing her pussy. I noticed a small wet spot beginning to form on the triangle of material covering her pussy and I heard her moan softly again.

“It’s been a long time since somebody touched me like that,” she whispered.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how far she would let me go with this . . . but taking a chance, I hooked my fingers underneath her bikini bottoms and slowly began sliding them down. She lifted her hips to make it easier for me and before long, her gorgeous little ass was in full view.

“Are you sure you know what you are doing?” she asked coyly as she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Uh-huh.” I said simply and nodded my head. The truth was, I had only previously been with one other girl and had very little sexual experience . . . but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. My instincts immediately took over and I slowly began kissing up the back of her legs, before moving to the inside of her thighs. She parted her legs for me and for the first time, I caught internet casino a glimpse of her pussy. I was completely mesmerized. I wasn’t 100% positive, but it appeared that her pussy was shaved completely smooth and her swollen clit was already beginning to peek out from it’s hiding place, begging for attention.

Slowly, I let the tip of my tongue dart out and flick her swollen clit. She jumped a little and shot me a quick look over her shoulder. “Don’t tease me, baby!” she told me. That was all the encouragement I needed. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her to me and let me tongue slide along her wet slit, tasting her wetness for the first time. She moaned loudly as I continued to lick her sweet pussy. It was my first time tasting a woman’s pussy . . . but it definitely would not be my last!

Before long, Sally pulled away from me and turned around. Staring at the bulge in my shorts, she reached out and began to rub it lightly with her hands. “Hmmmm . . . well, I guess little Danny has really grown up to be a BIG boy,” she said with a wink. “Why don’t we get you out of these shorts and see what you are hiding underneath them,” she added.

In one smooth motion, she slid my shorts down past my knees and to the ground. My hard cock sprang up and hit her in the face, and without hesitating, she simply grabbed it in her smooth hands and sucked the head between her lips. “God, Aunt Sally . . . that feels incredible!” I moaned as she continued to suck on my aching cock.

“I know something that will feel even more incredible,” she said while standing up and flashing me an evil grin. As she slowly pushed me into the lounge chair, I knew that she was about to take complete charge and I just needed to sit back and enjoy the ride (so to speak). She quickly moved above me, so that she was straddling my legs, and with one hand reached down to grasp my hard cock. Stroking it gently, she began to lower herself down onto me . . . until the head of my cock was touching her swollen pussy lips. “How does this feel, baby?” she asked, as she rubbed the head of my cock along her wet slit.

Instinctively, I reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling her down onto me. Slowly, my cock pushed inside of her wet pussy . . . inch by agonizing inch, until I filled her completely. Without a doubt, she had the tightest cunt that I had ever felt! We began to fuck very slowly at first . . . but soon she was riding my hard cock up and down. I began to match her rhythm with my hips, thrusting my hard cock deep inside of her. Realizing I wouldn’t last much longer, I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately on the mouth. At that moment, my cock exploded, shooting streams of hot cum deep inside her wet pussy. Feeling my cock spasm sent her over the edge also and she began cumming. Then she collapsed onto my chest, both of us exhausted and completely out of breath.

“Aunt Sally, that was absolutely incredible! Honestly, I have never experienced anything like that before,” I declared while trying to catch my breath.

She leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips. “I already told you, please just call me Sally . . .”

To be continued.

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