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Aunt Tina Ch. 2

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Lying back as she directed, I tried to grasp what had just occurred. Aunt Tina, who I was staying with, caught wearing her panties. This led to us watching a porn video, hers, and the same one I jerked off in this morning. Not only did I suck her tits; she masturbated me with the panties she discovered me in.

Lying beside me, I wanted her so bad. Ironic being until I found her panties in the hamper, I never thought of Aunt Tina as sexy. She was 48, divorced, and always seemed aloof and prudish. Then I find out about her sexy undergarments and porn video. Now she was the most desirable woman in the world to me.

I dozed off with her lying against me. I awoke to her fondling my naked balls. Rubbing them softly, I quickly began to harden. She kept on all the while staring at my rigid prick. I started to make a move for her, only to stop.

“Wait,” she said, rising up to show me her beautiful breasts again. “Auntie just wanted to see how hard you would get. That’s the great thing about 18-year-old boys, hard in an instant. Don’t usually last long, but recover quickly. Your huge cock must drive those little girls crazy. Who’s the lucky nympho who gets the privilege of being filled with your monster? I bet they line up to get a turn at such a fine penis, don’t they?”

“Well, uh, well,” I stammered, embarrassed to tell her I was a virgin.

“What’s wrong,” she asked, still playing with my nuts. “Don’t be shy now. Not after we just both came a little bit ago. I’m sure you’re accustomed to that, though. Now tell Aunt Tina about the sexy little bitch that my old body has to compete against.”

“Your body is sexy, Aunt Tina,” I started, staring at her naked tits. “I don’t have a girlfriend and no the girls don’t line up for my penis. Actually, the only girl who saw it was scared it would hurt too much. I was twice as big as her last boyfriend and his size suited her.”

“My god, you are a virgin,” she giggled, squeezing my balls hard, causing them to hurt and me soften. “No wonder you were beating off in my underwear. Do you like older women? Is that why you said I was sexy? Or is it because I’m the first female you’ve been with?”

“Please let go of my balls,” I pleaded, feeling the pain as I went half limp. “That hurts, why are you doing it? I thought you liked my dick.”

“Ohhh, but I do,” she cooed, releasing me and sliding up my body, presenting her fine boobs again. “I had to slow you down, now I know it’s your first time. Why don’t you start playing with auntie’s titties? Yeaahhh, like that. Now, tell me how long you’ve wanted me? Do you think of me often while you jerk off?”

“Well,” I began, while I toyed with her juggs. “I never thought of you in that way until I found your underwear in the hamper. Now I find you the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. No girl has ever made me so horny.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I planted them there then,” she said, tweaking one of her own nipples. “I hoped they would excite you enough to see if anymore developed. So why didn’t you find me sexy before?”

“You seemed prudish and uptight,” I said cautiously, now playing with her other nipple. “You never are with a guy and the way you dress. You didn’t seem like you were even interested in sex of any kind.”

“Prudish, I show you prudish,” she retorted, grabbing my thick cock and urging me up. “Upstairs now, young man. Tina wants to show you how interested I am in sex. Come on now, up the stairs to my room. Here we are, sit on my bed.”

I didn’t know what to expect as I sat down, my hard cock straight up. She then approached me with a lustful smile. Straddling my lap, she again presented her sexy tits to me. Lifting one up, she kissed the top of her bosom.

“Just because a woman doesn’t act like a slut, doesn’t mean she isn’t into sex,” she said, kissing her other tit while bringing my head closer to the other one. “I believe in being a lady in public and a whore in bed. Problem is that being a whore is hard to do when you haven’t had sex in 5 years.”

I sucked her nipple hard into my mouth. I began flicking my tongue over her puffy nub, her actions indicating her approval. Roughly raising her other tit higher, her tongue stretched to contact the upturned aureole. Touching what she could, her hips began rocking gently. Her pantied crotch was only inches from my engorged tip.

“Why so long,” continuing talking, squeezing the end of her breast hard, she pulled it up until her lowered mouth allowed her tongue to stab at the erect nipple. “My job dictates that I behave in a professional manner. Not knowing many available men, none of who excite me enough to risk the dangers, makes it even harder. Here let’s trade tits.”

Sucking in the new one, I watched as she pinched my saliva soaked with force. Starting to moan, she twisted it between her fingers. Her hips still rocking, her panties touched my raging harden. I shivered as the feeling coursed through me. Gently touching my teeth to her inhaled, swollen nipple, caused her to push güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her hips forward. This time her panties pressed into my prick again, maintain contact for a moment.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned, stretching her tit higher enough to kiss the whole nipple. “I love having my nipples nibbled on. The extreme pleasure I get from the slight pain causes my pussy to moisten. Be cautious, but keep on doing that. Show Aunt Tina how much you want me.”

This time when her hips pushed forward, she pressed harder against my aching shaft. I responded by trying to push into her encased snatch. The heat of her twat was apparent through the silky material. Pulling away from me, she continued to tweak her rubbery nipple. Carefully biting a little harder, her hips pumped to me again.

“I see, sucking auntie’s tits isn’t enough for you,” she replied. “It appears that you want more. More of Aunt Tina’s body to enjoy. Good, but for now we must do something to prevent you from getting carried away. Stay put for a moment, I got to grab something.”

Pulling her big tit from my eager mouth, she stood and turned opening her panty drawer, she fished around for a moment. I stared at her big breasts bouncing softly, her approaching me again, my dick like a beacon to her.

“That cock of yours is something else,” she spoke, dropping to her knees in front of me, her face close to the darkening prickhead. “As sexy as it is, we need to do something about controlling it until needed. Stand up for auntie. Here, step into these.”

She laid the new pair panties by my feet. Stepping into them, she began raising them up my legs. Nearing my sac, her fingers tickled my steel-like shaft. Pulling them up over my aroused phallus, her hands went around my waist to my partially covered ass. Sliding the waistband, her hands came back in front. When finished, my bulbous head was above the top of her panties.

“Much better,” she commented, tickling my balls through covering. “You really are sexy in Aunt Tina’s panties. They are an older pair from before I started wearing sexier garments. You may keep these ones.”

Resuming her previous position on my lap, we continued our tryst. Sucking one nipple hard, she held my head tightly to her bosom. Directing me to the next one, she placed my hand over her other tit. Gently tugging on the erect nub, I softly scraped my teeth over the neglected one.

“Excellent,” she purred, her hips pumping again. “Keep sucking them, I love it. Now I’ve finally found someone who likes pleasuring breasts as much I. Now listen up. You are mine for the week, at least. You will experience many new things and feel horny beyond anything you’ve imagined. The cost to you is total obedience. Aunt Tina knows best and punishment will result if you try to do otherwise.”

Rocking back and forth on my lap, she was breathing hard again. I loved sucking and playing with those glorious melons. If that is what she wanted, fine with me. By now her huge aureoles had darkened to a deep, purplish-brown. The nipples as erect as gumdrops and better tasting.

“I take it you are in agreement on this, if not leave my room now and it’s all in the past. From this point on, there is no turning back,” she explained, her panties beginning to lightly graze my half-panted cock. “You are going to be my release for my pent-up sexual frustration, only to please and satisfy Aunt Tina. Your pleasure is not to be a concern of yours, nor mine for that matter. Don’t worry though, rest assured that your pleasure will surpass that of the typical male. Those who believe that a quick kiss, a few pawings and licks where he thinks the woman magic spots are. The spot where once he races over, she completely pleased and grateful for the 2 minute pump he gives her, before being finished and sleeping. If only the idiot would realize that if he stayed awake and looked at her, that she is just to the point of thinking sex might be nice tonight. Too bad her man is sleeping and she is alone with no partner. A partner to experience what she so desperately craved for so long, what few women achieve, what he isn’t aware of. Listen to the woman, awaken her sexual being, and receive the rarely given reward. The sensation that rocks his world a million times more than the he thinks was ‘mind-blowing'”

She was really getting into it. Her breathing was more like gasping, her hips going faster, yet still barely touching my throbbing cock. She quickened the pace, now her panties began sliding against mine. She then grabbed my sac and clamped down hard, this as she sucked in her nipple. Pain screamed through me and she went rigid.

“Fuck, yes, yes, I cumming,” she screamed as she released her nipple. “Tina is cumming, my pussy wants more. Ah, aaggghhh, my fucking cunt feels so goooooodd. . .”

She spasmed a few more times and I was here hurting. My balls were in such pain that my arousal faded. I supported her relaxed body, her slowly coming to her senses. Stirring a little, she rose güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a little. Thrusting forward, her panties pressed into my exposed cock. Suddenly my arousal returned and strong. Rising up to stand, her twat slid away from my urgent need.

“Wow, that was a good one,” she gleamed, softly caressing her tits. “I didn’t have to even touch my wet pussy to assist in it. My tits receiving attention has always turned me on, but every man who has touched them never gave me enough. That asshole ex of mine rarely cared, besides a few times in the beginning. At best, all any ever did was start to really excite, and then either figured I had enough or cared only of their goal. That, of course, being their selfish needs to get their quick fix to being horny. Until today, I didn’t fully realize how fucking horny it’d make me to get what I needed.”

I blushed at her roundabout compliment. I, an 18-year virgin, had pleased my Aunt Tina like no other man has. Precum escaped my tip, eager to be followed by the reward of my service. Would it be a blowjob or the ultimate, feeling her pussy sucking the jism from my pumping prick? I was about ready to jump up and slam into her from behind, urged on by the sight of her upturned ass.

She had bent to open her bottom drawer. Her pantied ass screamed to me that it wanted to feel my body pumping against it as my big cock filled her neglected pussy. She then stood and turned to me, breaking the siren call of her shapely ass. In one hand was a magazine. The look in her eyes was much like that of kid with a new toy.

“Aunt Tina is a little nervous,” she said, sitting on the bed beside me. “The way you just helped me cum is not the only thing I have wanted for way too long. You have already begun fulfilling the other. I have entertained the idea for awhile now, but the last couple years has seen it’s ever growing craving began to mature.”

Laying the magazine, I saw the cover. A naked, young man stood before an older woman. The title, Yearning for Youth, piqued my curiosity. In smaller print it read ‘First Fuck Fantasy’. I never had realized such books existed.

“I have developed a fondness for young men,” she began, opening the cover. “I guess it might be better called a compulsion. I don’t even have an interest in being with someone over 30. One of the reasons it been so long since being with a man. My interest in younger guys began a few years before it happened. It’s probably is a result of no guy ever really giving me what I really wanted in bed. It occurred to me that a willing young guy could maybe be instructed to pleasure me, as I desired. I began buying mags on the subject. I now have quite a large number of mags and videos with no other subject besides mature women and/or young men.”

Flipping through the pages as she spoke, I saw a number of scenes involving young men and older women. I could not stand it anymore, I needed to cum. Grabbing the exposed section, I began sliding my hand up and down. She quickly grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

“There will be no more of that this next week, unless you are instructed to,” she said authoritvely speaking, pulling my hand away. “You have masturbated uncountable times in the past and certainly will again after this week. This week though, you’re mine. You will do what I say, when I say, for however long I say, and you will obey. You see, I’m going to get what I want. Aunt Tina is going to have a cock to use for whatever she craves.”

Handing me the book, she directed me to lay back on the bed. Propping my head up on her fluffy pillows, she lay next to me and told me to read the article at the beginning. It dealt with the needs of mature women and the advantages that a younger guy can bring into the bedroom.

“Here, a little taste,” she interrupted my reading, presenting her fingers to me. “Aunt Tina’s pussy is getting so wet. Nothing unusual about that, other than the fact that it was hardly touched. That’s good, keep licking my scented fingers. Tell Aunt Tina what you would like do”

“I want your sweet pussy,” I said. “I want to put my big cock into you and then really give you the attention you want. Your titties, what can I say? The sucking of your nipples is going to happen a lot this week. Most of all I need to cum soon.”

“So, you’d like to put your huge cock in Aunt Tina’s hot, wet pussy and blast off another big load?” she replied with a sly look. “How do you know it is sweet? You haven’t even seen my pussy yet. Would you like to? Maybe my pussy will turn you off, causing you to realize that you don’t me after all.”

“Not a chance,” I blurted, brimming in anticipation of her unveiling.

“Well, I guess we’ll se about that,” she said, this time she retrieving another tape from the bottom drawer. “You will get your chance, but first I have another video for you to see. I think you’ll find it interesting. Want to go downstairs and watch it?”

I jumped up and followed her downstairs. I couldn’t wait güvenilir bahis şirketleri to see it, her sure to be excellent twat. She didn’t say I couldn’t fuck her, so maybe she’d let me. My panties rubbed against my yet harder prick, giving yet another thrill. I never thought it’d be like this.

“This one is very special,” she said, inserting the tape and sitting by me on the couch. “I have other tapes to watch as well, but this one first. Watch now, you be shocked at the end, but I promise it will make you even hornier than you already are.”

Yeah right, I thought. It wasn’t possible to get any hornier. The scene started with a shot of a pantied crotch. Sheer white panties covered a hairy bush. The dark hairs visible through the thin covering, with numerous tufts of fur poking out here and there. A hand entered the scene and began rubbing the whole crotch area.

The fingers kept dancing over the woman’s pantied bush. They started focusing towards the center of her pussy. First up one side then down the other, the fingers teased. Then starting at the bottom, he pushed a finger into the flimsy material. As the finger slid up her slit, the material stayed like that, the slit sucking the panties in some.

That’s when a dildo appeared. A slim 6″ fake cock began teasing her pantied bush. One hand rested above her panties, the middle finger placed at the top of her ever more visible slit. The dildo slid up, just to the side of her entrance. Near the top, she rub it under her other hand, then down the other side.

Watching the action on the screen, I felt the need to orgasm very soon. I slid my hand down to my pantied shaft. They had slid down some, now about 5″ was exposed. The head, appearing bigger than ever, had darkened and veins bulged alongside the thick pole. It tingled as I lightly tickled my raging manhood.

.”What do you think so far,” she asked, her hands on each tit. “Do you like her pussy, at least what you’ve seen of it? Aunt Tina seems to think your cock believes so. Still want to cum? Still want to cum in my pussy? That huge monster of yours is going to feel spectacular pumping into auntie’s sex starved twat. Wait a sec, you should see this.”

The dildo then pressed into the crease between her lips. With just the tip, she started at the bottom and slowly worked her way upward. Near the top, direction reversed again. Rising this time, her upper hand moved. The tip going to the top followed this. She spasmed a very little. The process repeated again and again.

Lowering her head, she went for the exposed tip. Pushing my hand away, she flicked another gob of prejizz, at the moment my sac was clamped onto again. She timed it perfectly to delay my desperately need orgasm just at the moment it started. Her hold on my jewels remained, but her mouth hovered above my ready to explode cock.

The feeling was intense as I teetered on the line that once crossed, was it. The moment I knew that I couldn’t stop regardless. The woman was now pushing the dildo into the sheer panties. It stretched the silky material over her twat, causing area near the top to appear. The woman now was moving her hips.

“You are so naughty,” she smirked, giving one more firm squeeze to my scrotum and moving her mouth by them. “Auntie never said if was alright for you to play with yourself. Now I must punish you. My, my you sure are worked up young man. You’re going to have learn about stamina though. Tina’s twat loves to be pounded and no I don’t mean for 2 minutes either I need a man to bang my pussy. Now tell Auntie if you still want to fuck her.”

She tickled my balls, bringing the feeling of pleasure back into my cock and sack. Then I felt her mouth on my pantied nuts, kissing all over and sucking a little. It was pleasure like never felt before. Her fingers began dancing up the huge shaft, teasing it. She sucked my nuts into her mouth, one by one.

“Yes, yes, oh god yes,” I bellowed, she released my first nut and inhaled the other. “I want you so bad. Please let me fuck you Aunt Tina. Let me bang your pussy and show you how bad I want you.”

“Bang my pussy, ha, what a joke,” she laughed, squeezing my pantied sac again. “Didn’t you hear me say, ‘more than 2 minutes’? I know you want me. This large prick of yours, not to mention these heavy balls, tell me that you want me so bad that you’ll do as I say. Watch what happens next on the screen.”

Refocusing on the video, I was surprised to see what occured next. The lady had the dildo underneath the top edge of her panties. The thin prick could be seen running up and down, between her parted lips. Her head thrown back, I stared at the scene before me. The thin, plastic prick was clearly visible under the sheer, white panties.

“Watch what she does. See how she just slids it up and down her wet slit. Notice how she’s applying pressure to the top of her pussy, yet the tip never enters her. Watch now, watch her orgasm,” Aunt Tina instructed, her fingers touching me only where I was covered in her panties.

The woman’s hips bucked about, her hand pumping the dildo faster. The lady was obviously in the grip of an orgasm. Her hand stopped, but her hips kept pumping. Calming slowly, the actress removed the small prick. The scene faded as her hands rubbed her pantied mound.

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