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Auntie helps me

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Auntie helps meThis is a fictional story. I was staying with my Aunt Teri. The rest of my family had gone to a wedding in another state. It was a long trip and luckily I had an excuse. I was in football and couldnt miss practice for a week or I wouldnt be able to play. Besides I loved staying with my aunt she was a hottie. She was not that much older than me. I was 17 and she was 25. She was beautiful, with a slim body and nice titties and the loveliest long blonde hair that I had ever seen. Anyway she agreed to look after me while my family went to the wedding. It was Thursdad and I was a little bored so I asked if there was anything she needed done. Aunt Teri said that she did need the rain gutters cleaned. I decided why not. It was something to do. I got the ladder from the garage and climbed up to the gutter and started digging out the junk that had accumulated. It was messy work but I was moving right along when I reached just a little to far and felt the ladder slip to the side. Before I knew what was happening I was falling off the side of the house. I fell about 15 feet, riding the ladder all the way down. I landed with both of my arms out in front like a push up. Aunt Teri heard my scream as I fell and was beside me almost as soon as I landed. My arms hurt like hell. I couldnt move my hands. Aunt Teri helped me up and we drove to the hospital. The Dr. in the emergency room xrayed my hands and arms and said I had not broken anything just a bad sarıyer escort sprain. He put splints on both arms and told me not to use them for at least a week. This was a real problem. I had football practice.The first night went OK. I was able to go to the bathroom as long as I wore sweat pants and Aunt Teri actually taped a fork to my bandaged hand so I could eat. I had to go to practice the next day, but, I didnt know what I would accomplich. It was hot as hell, over 100 degrees and I was sweating like a pig just sitting on the bench watching. I couldnt wait to get home. As we were having dinner that night, Aunty kind of turned up her nose and said “you really need to take a shower. You stink.” I told her I knew but with my splints I didnt know how I would do that. I couldnt get them wet. She thought about it and said that the only solution was a bath. I said that would work for a soak but not to wash myself.”OK, she said I will just have to help you. I guess I owe you that.” “I will run the water and you get in when it is ready and I will come in and scrub you.”I undressed and got into the tub and called out to Auntie and she came in. She had taken off her blouse and was wearing a white tee shirt. The water was just up to my waist, and there were a lot of bubbles, so it seemed alright. She washed and rinced my hair and scrubbed my back and chect. Next she soaped up the wash esenyurt escort cloth and washed my thighs, moving up to my crotch. As soon as she got there I could feel my cock hardening and the head just broke the surface of the water. I dont know for sure if she saw it but as she tried to work up a lather with the soap, she dropped the soap an splashed the front of her tee shirt. Her nipples were out there for me to see. They were awesome, pink and the size of a quarter. Now my cock really got hard. She quickly finished washing me and helped me stand up and get out of the tub. It was so embarrasing, standing there with a rageing hard on but there was nothing I could do about it. Auntie dried me off not pretending not to notice my hard on until it came to dry it. She asked “that looks so painful. Is there any thing you can do about it?” I said that I didnt know what I could do with my hands in bandages. She asked what I usually did and I told her that I usually took care of it at least once a day.”Well, I cant leave you like this, she said.She told me that I couldnt tell anyone, but, she could leave me like this after all, I had worked for her when the accident happened. She took my bandaged hand and lead me into her bedroom. She helped me get onto her bed and laid me on my back. She reached into the nightstand and brought out a tube of lubricant. (I wondered why she had that there) She lubed up my cock and started avrupa yakası escort stroking it. It didnt take me long to shoot a huge load of cum high into the air, landing it on her shirt.It didnt surprise me a lot that my cock stayed hard as a rock. I was staring at Aunt Teri’s nipples that had gotten like erasers. I also noticed that she had her hand down the front of her jean shorts and it was obvious what she was up to. She just stared at my cock and kept stroking after I had cumed.She asked if I had ever seen a girl naked and I told her that I had see pictures but not a real live one. She looked me in the eyes and got up from the bed and took off her tee shirt followed by her shorts. She was wearing pretty flowered panties, which quickly followed to the floor. I stared at her pussy, covered with the most lovely yellow pubic hairs. She crawled up on the bed and straddled me, lowering her pussy down to my now purple headed cock. I couldnt believe the feeling as she lined up my throbbing head with the hole between her legs. She slamed down on my cock, taking all of it up to my balls at once. She threw her head back and moaned as my cock hit the bottom of her cunt. She started riding me as I massaged her perky tits. It wasnt long before I felt my cock begin to twitch and I unloaded my second load of the night into my thrashing aunt. She didnt quit humping my cock, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone until she shudded her orgasm. I spent the whole weekend learning about sucking and touching and cuddling. On the day my family was due to return we woke up early and had one of the best lovemaking session ever. Just as we heard my folks turn into the drive way, she asked “Do you think you would ever consider sticking your cock in my butt?”Well that will have to wait for some other time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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