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Aussie Christmas

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My husband and I moved from China to live in Australia a few years ago just before Christmas, we decided to celebrate our first Christmas in a very Aussie way by taking our lunch to the beach. We both enjoy the beauty and nature of Australia so we chose a beach in the National Park which can only be reached by a long walk through the trees.

In the tourist guide it said the beach was clothing optional so I hoped if there were no people we could take some naked photos. For many years I liked my husband to take pictures of me with my favourite clothes and sometimes with not any clothes, but we had never been able to do it in the natural surroundings before, so we were looking forward to this day.

The walk was very hot so we cooled off in a stream along the way and took some photos which we were very happy with. The beach was very beautiful with a small sandy beach and a rocky platform at the end. There were a couple of families on the beach, so we walked around to the rock ledge to spread our blanket on.

I changed into my new swimsuit and we started to take our photos. After we had been there awhile a couple of men came walking around the rocks from the next small bay. I was very surprised to see they were naked and smiled nervously as they came up to us.

They were not at all shy and smiled widely as they greeted us, “Lovely day for it!” I said yes, we were enjoying the nature very much and had taken lots of good photos. I asked if we could have a photo with them as a souvenir of our first Aussie Christmas. They were very happy to pose and stood closely one each side of me while my husband took a few shots. One of the men said it would make an even better shot if I used my hand to make them bigger.

“But you are already so big!” I blurted out in surprise. They just laughed and said I could make them much bigger if I wanted. I told them we were very happily married, but they said in Australia it was very common for married couples to swap with other people and it was called swinging.

We talked for awhile and then told as that we should bring our blanket around to where they were sitting to share their lunch and then go for a swim. We were very comfortable with our new friends and happy to share our special first Christmas day with some Aussies so we followed them around.

After we settled on the blanket they opened their back packs and brought out their lunch and a bottle of wine they had brought to celebrate Christmas. The cork flew out with a loud bang and they filled two glasses, one for each of us to share.

They tried our selection of treats and we tasted their delicious chicken sandwiches which they said was BBQ. After what seemed like a very short time there was another huge bang and we were sharing their second bottle of wine – they said it was champagne which suits chicken and the sunshine very much.

Our small party was a very happy one with the huge bright blue sky the fresh sound of the waves, and mostly the bubbling enjoyment from the wine. I felt dizzy with the happy feelings of how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful country, with such friendly people.

My husband said my shoulders were becoming darker in the sun and told me I should put some lotion on. As I reached my lotion from my bag, one of the men laughed and said that that was not suitable for the strong Aussie sun and I needed his big tube of proper Aussie cream.

Then instead of handing me the tube he humorously shook it strongly up and down then squirted it dramatically into his hand. It was a very suggestive movement and I quickly pulled away and looked at my husband, but he was very contented from the wine and just smiled back at me.

He took a long time rubbing the cream on my shoulders then put some on my arms and back and said I had a very nice body, but it will look even better if I will take off my swim suit and he can rub me all over.

I reminded him I am married and removed his creamy hand from where it was sliding towards my bottom, but he just laughed and said it would be OK as they were both married and shared each other’s wives often.

He pulled out his phone and showed us many photos of him and his friend and their wives, mostly naked and some having sex together. We were all sitting crowded around the small screen and I started to feel the heat and closeness of their bodies.

They were very humorous and made gentle fun of my husband’s wine affected English, calling him “Charlie boy” because they could not pronounce his name. One photo was of both the men having sex with a blond woman with a very good figure.

“What do you think about that Charlie boy? Who said 2 into 1 won’t go,” They said as my husband took the phone and zoomed in on her large breasts.

“Hmm, Aussie tits more bigger than Chinese tits HAHA!.” He said using some of his newly acquired vocabulary.

The champagne and the happy sexy talking made me relaxed. I was excited and proud to see how big and hard it made them just talking to me. bursa escort A few times I leant closer to the phone so I could also take a look closer at their cocks, and even brushed them with my hand.

Soon I felt a warm hand on my leg. I gently moved it away, but soon it was back even higher up, and I was excited to feel its gentle presence.

An idea was forming in my mind and I reached forward, took one of the men’s hard cock in my hand and squeezed the head between my finger and thumb. It was warm and swelled strongly in answer to my pressure. The butterflies in my belly told me to continue.

“Dear husband, I want to experience these Aussie men fully on this special day – I hope you do not mind,” I said quietly in Chinese to my husband.

We had never been close to anyone but each other so I can see he was very shocked, but somehow it seemed the right thing for all of us on this wonderful day.

I smiled, closed my eyes and slowly began sliding my hand up and down over the fat swollen shaft and the full round head. I imagined how every bump and swollen vein will feel buried inside me.

Very soon a confident tug released the strings of my swimsuit top, and as it fell away a warm hand began squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples.

When I opened my eyes, it was a wonderful surprise to see that it was other man playing with my breasts, and rubbing his cock, while my husband looked on through his drunken and groggy eyes.

It made me happy to see them enjoying my experience too. The first man was moaning contentedly in time with my hand. My body was reacting to every touch, I writhed in ecstasy.

It started with the tingle from my nipples as they were being rolled and fondled, but soon I felt the deeper heat from between my legs and I began squeezing the muscles there as I imagined what it will feel like with this strange strong cock inside me.

I squeezed my legs together in time with my stroking, encouraging the blood to swell me up and feeling my juices flowing and ready. He reached underneath me from behind and massaged between my bottom deliciously squeezing my cheeks wide apart, his fingers stretching closer and closer to my sex. I leaned forward a little, so he can reach it.

“Fuck you are so hot, oohh God that feels good,” he groaned as his finger went in and began moving round and round.

Realising there was no time left to get his cock inside of me there, I quickly sucked it into my mouth and gripped his lovely swollen head firmly between my lips.

“Oohh, I am gonna come, I’m gonna come, I am coming, fuck I am coming!” He cried out urgently.

I pumped up and down on it, excitedly anticipating the precious sticky mouthful I knew would be coming very soon. As his fingers grasped at my insides and his cock pumped and jerked in my mouth a small orgasm came over me. I swallowed his first surge of juice down then kept gently sucking him in and out until the flow stopped and his cock softened in my mouth. His finger slipped out of me and his hand left my breast as he lay back on the rug.

The other man had been watching closely and could hardly wait for his friend to be released before coming to me. I took hold of his straining cock and as I stretched back on the rug, my husband pulled the stings to release my swimsuit bottoms. As soon as they were out of the way, the man lifted my legs high.

“Charlie boy, you are a lucky guy to be able to stick your dick into that any time you want. It looks so fucking beautiful with those big brown wet lips and the pink inside. My God, it’s heaven on a plate. I am going to lick that pretty pink Chinese pussy until it comes then put my fat Aussie cock in it. What do you think about that Charlie boy. You want to see my cock in her wet Chinese pussy?” He said to my husband, tormenting him.

I felt vulnerable to be in such a position exposed and open to his eyes and hear him talk like that as if I couldn’t hear, but I was unexpectedly excited by it and hoped he will start soon.

“Fat Aussie cock in Chinese wife, haha, very good. I want to see it very much,” said my husband repeatedly sounding more and more stupid each time he said it. It was then how I realized just how drunk my husband was.

With my legs wide apart, the man lifted my bottom off the rug and licked me like a cat lapping cream. His tongue parted me circling softly around and around my entrance, dipping inside, teasing and opening me up more and more.

“You think she’s ready for this fat Aussie cock now Charlie?” he said to my husband.

“Chinese pussy very ready for Aussie cock right now haha!” replied my husband as the man lifted my legs to his shoulders and pushed his cock against my opening, but even though he was determined, and I felt very ready, it wouldn’t go in.

Putting his fingers to his lips he covered them with a large globe of spit and rubbed them over my already wet lips. It was hot, slippery and delicious. A second globe rubbed on the end of his cock and he bursa escort bayan was ready to try again. This time it went in, and kept going in an in and in. When I thought I had no more room left inside me, he kept pushing himself in, not painfully, but more than I ever felt before.

My husband’s long almost childlike ooohhhh of wonder and excitement was overshadowed by the short, grunted exhalations of the other man, as I took more of him into me with each thrust. It felt heavenly and hot in me and gave me another small quiver as it went slowly back and forwards.

“What do you think about that Charlie boy? Do you like how my fat Aussie cock looks in your wife? Can you see her white juice creaming on my cock Charlie? You want me to fill her with my hot Aussie cum Charlie?” He said mockingly.

“Ahhh, Chinese juice on Aussie cock, very good. Make more juice in pussy even better. Haha!” said my husband sounding more and more drunk.

My husband was holding my hand, almost hypnotised by our rhythmic movements and sound of the man’s body slapping against me. Our bodies collided together over and over again.

“Fuck, oohh fuck, oohh god, ooh fuck, ooh that’s good!” the guy grunted.

The mans’ thrusts grew increasingly urgent and my husband advised me unnecessarily that the man would be cumming soon.

Immediately the guy started thrusting into me so hard it slid me along the rug, and I could feel him even deeper inside. He lifted my legs and bottom even higher until he was hammering his cock straight down into me and I could feel it bumping the very back of my insides.

“God that’s good, oooh, aaahh, huh, huh, huh, huh aahhh!” He started crying out louder.

I held him tightly to me while his cock convulsed and squirted inside me, and my husband squeezed and patted my hand as another small orgasm washed over me. Although he was softer now, it was still very deeply inside, and as the full length of it slipped slowly out of me, air and juices gurgled and flowed down between my bottom.

On my other side I could see the first man was squeezing his half hard cock and waiting for his friend to roll off me.

“The other one is ready again. Can you do it?” My husband told me excitedly in Chinese.

Without waiting for a reply, he helped me up on my hands and knees and angled my bottom towards the first man. Nothing happened at first and I thought my husband was wrong about the man being ready, but then I heard him breathing.

“My God, what a beautiful bottom, and perfect pussy!” I heard him say excitedly.

When I looked back I could see him behind me just looking at it with his face very close. The feel of his warm breath between my legs made me anxious for him to be in me, and I was pleased to feel his hands on my bottom, opening me up and rubbing the juice all over me and teasing both my holes with his fingers.

His cock slid in more easily than his friend’s had and soon he was bumping against my bottom, saying how nice and good that felt.

I was nearly at another orgasm when he pulled out and replaced his cock with his fingers. My juices mixed with his friend’s cream were flowing out freely and when he started scooping them up with his fingers I was nervous and excited to realise what he is planning. One slippery finger slid into my bottom and started moving gently, then another one followed in.

My husbands gasp told me he was watching closely, and I was excited to think he was enjoying it too. It was so delicious I started pushing back onto the fingers and I can hear myself moaning. Then he slid them out and I felt his cock scooping up more cream and pressing into my bottom. He was gentle and took some time to fit it all in, but the feeling was heavenly. My insides were turned to honey and melting out of me.

My muscles are gripping and shaking uncontrollably from me as I concentrated on that pinpoint of pleasure growing and fading with his slow rhythm. Each time it grew more and faded less until it was a continuous pulsing lance of pure ecstasy.

“Oooh fuck look at that creamy smooth bottom. Charlie. Look at my cock in that beautiful bum hole, oooh God that feels good, god she is so tight, my God I wanna come, I’m gunna come!” said the man.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and pleased to find it was my husband, pulled him round until he was kneeling with his head close to mine and his arm around my shoulders kissing my neck and murmuring that I was doing good in Chinese.

I was so happy for him to share my pleasure and wished I could also see how I look from behind with that lovely cock going in and out. Behind me the man was thrusting desperately, his sack bumping against me with each stroke. When he made the last desperate lunge and held hard into my bottom, I was ready for it and as his cock began pulsing inside my bottom, my own muscles fluttered and spasmed on it.

My husband supported the two of us gently to the rug as my legs turned to jelly and collapsed. We couldn’t move for a escort bursa short while then the man pulled out of me and lay on the rug.

My husband kissed me gently from my neck and shoulders, down my back and rubbed his cheeks across my bottom. He massaged me tenderly down my legs then back up to my bottom and back.

He murmured gently in Chinese how beautiful I am and how proud he is of me. When he opened my legs and massaged inside my thighs and bottom I can feel the first slow stirring of my excitement again. When he rolled me gently over and massaged my breasts and tummy his endearing words and loving hands stirred my love for him. He kissed my lips and nuzzled my tingling nipples.

He put the flat of his palm against the warm sticky part between my legs and massaged me gently where I was still throbbing and sensitive. My body was warm and glowing all over as he kissed me deeply and when his fingers entered me I opened wide and deep for him. There was a power and purpose to his motions as his hand moved rapidly up and down, lifting my bottom off the rug, and making a delicious wet noise. It was a new and intense experience for me and as he squeezed his fingers against my insides I felt a different feeling from any other time, like I was going to pee.

I forced myself to concentrate on his fingers jerking inside me and the palm of his hand rubbing hard against the swollen folds of my open sex. I swivelled around so I can get him in my mouth, but I was being bounced up and down so much I can only clamp my lips around him and suck him hard and deep. Beside me on the other side I was aware of another body and felt a new hand pulling and squeezing my breasts.

Grasping blindly around me, my hand found another cock and I grabbed it hard near the base and rubbed it roughly over my nipples and breasts. I could feel both men building up and crazy with excitement, watching and feeling each other’s wild enjoyment of me

The feeling from inside me was so intense I fought and thrashed against my husband’s hand like a huge fish trying to free myself from his fingers hooked deeply into my flesh.

I squeezed my legs together until his fist was a hard knot between my thighs, then I threw them wide apart and pushed my hips high in the hot sunshine until I could see the part of me where he had me caught. He held me firm through my every wild lunge, and every move embedded him deeper and brought me closer and closer to him.

Quite suddenly I had no energy left to fight, I fell limp in his arms and surrendered to the overwhelming waves of my orgasm flowing from my belly and gushing hotly over his fingers and out of me. Gasping as he pushed desperately deeper one last time, his own hot creamy juice flooded into my mouth. As it spilled out over my chin and neck the other man grunted and started pumping and squirting over my breasts.

For many minutes there was only our rough breathing in the stillness and I thought how much pleasure we can get from the natural things. I rubbed my husband’s sperm from my chin and mixed it with the other running over my breasts and belly.

The smell of it was so wonderful as I scooped some up on my fingers and rubbed it over my hard nipples and put it to my lips. They both watched as I licked my fingers and smiled up at them. The other man came over and ran his hands lightly over my breast belly and between my legs.

“Fuck what a work out! Did anyone keep the score? Good on you Charlie boy! That is some wife you’ve got there!” He said laughing.

I was very happy and very proud these strong Aussie men wanted to be with me, and proud my husband trusted me to enjoy the day in such a special way.

After awhile I took my husband’s hand and we stumbled on rubbery legs into the sea, swimming out to the calm water, past where the waves were swelling and foaming their way to the shore.

The sky was brilliant blue above us as we floated side by side on our backs, resting with hands just touching as we paddled to keep afloat. When we came back in our friends had opened more beers and kept drinking.

Their gay mood had turned more serious now, and they talked mostly about what we had just done and what they wanted to do to me next. For me and my husband, the hot, steamy mood and the dizzy wine had been washed away in the sharp clear ocean and I wanted to leave the memory behind as a free and happy celebration of something special.

I covered up and tried to talk lightly of the beauty of life and how we were looking forward to the freedom to enjoy many experiences in our new country. The men were a little drunk now, and just wanted sex with me again.

They touched themselves as we talked and tried to slide their hands under my swimwear. This time their sex talk was rougher without the light humour of earlier, and I was disappointed when they didn’t understand that I had taken them simply and naturally as equals because it was what I wanted too.

Now they talked mainly of their enjoyment of me and asked if anyone had given me so many orgasms before. They asked so many details of how it felt to have it in my bottom, if I ever had that experience before, when I peed at the end, and which one of them I enjoyed most.

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