Oca 01

Autumn Romance

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When I really became aware I was lying on a gurney in the back of the ambulance. There was no siren going but there was a young, good looking paramedic, sitting next to me. He had broad shoulders and a taper to his torso that looked interesting but I couldn’t see much. I didn’t have my glasses. He leaned in close and smiled. He was clean shaven. He had a square jaw and straight white teeth that gleamed. His dark hair was about shoulder length and I smiled back at him. I like a man with long hair. I don’t understand why a man with a full head of hair would shave it all off. I find that so unattractive.

“What happened?” I asked him. “Where are we going? Where’s Roger. I was with Roger. We were… well I’m sure you figured out what we were doing.” I added abashedly.

“It’s OK Ms. Dee. You’ve had an accident.” I heard a giggle from the front seat, “We’re taking you to Dominican, to have you checked out. You’re going to be OK. Can you tell us what happened?” He smiled again and it was about that time that I realized I had no clothes on, a blanket was pulled over me and my left arm rested on my stomach. An IV tube began at my left hand and snaked out of site above my head.

“I don’t know what happened.” I blushed. “We were doing it and all of a sudden I’m here… talking to you. The whole thing’s a little embarrassing.”

I lay my head back down and tried to piece together what had happened. It had been a day like any other. Roger had picked me up at about 7:00. We had a dinner date and went down to that little shack by the beach. We both had oysters. We ate, drank, enjoyed the night air on the patio. We danced a little bit to the calypso music that was floating in across the water from the freighters anchored offshore. It was late when Roger took me back to his house and got a little frisky. He slapped me on the ass. I jumped but I smiled all the same.

“Why don’t you go put a record Ankara escort on,” he said, “I feel like dancing a bit more.” I love to dance so I did what he asked, only I was feeling a little frisky myself and I decided I would give him a lap dance. Maybe we could turn it into a pole dance if my charms and the oysters worked. I dropped the LP on the turntable, and when the music started I began to sway from side to side. I was picking up on the rhythm. When I turned, Roger was there and I shook my head and shook my finger at him as he approached. I pointed to the recliner and he got the hint. He sat down.

I unbuttoned my blouse as I danced around him on the chair and when I came back out in front of him I removed it and dropped it in his lap. Before long, I was topless and he was sucking on my tits as I straddled his legs and moved my ass. I might have been twerking like that Cyrus girl, but it was probably somewhat less provocative. When I turned around and sat on Roger’s lap to grind on his cock he reached around and cupped my tits in his hands. We stayed like that for a while. It felt good. Barry White was singing, Roger was playing with my tits and I could feel the beginnings of his boner coming on against my ass. This is what I wanted, the oysters were working. I let him finger me for awhile and I rubbed him through his pants. Finally, I stood up and pulled him to the bedroom with me. We dropped our clothes in the hall and by the time we got to the bed we were both naked. A little more foreplay seemed in order so we collapsed in a 69 position. His tongue knew exactly what to do and I was transported; but I wanted to fuck so I didn’t let it go on too long. I popped his dick out of my mouth and crawled forward towards the headboard. I was reluctant to leave his tongue but I wanted more. I wanted it all. I grabbed the headboard and presented my ass to him. I wanted it bad.

He slid out from under me and got Ankara escort bayan up on his knees. We’re a good fit, Roger and I, and it felt great when he rubbed his cock up and down on my pussy first. When he pushed it in, I was ready and knew I wasn’t going to last long. That was OK with me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, I was filled. I was aware of only the sensation brought on by his cock and its rapid in and out thrusting. His boner was spectacular tonight, and I whispered a silent thank you to the oysters right before I climaxed.

The next thing I knew I was face down on the bed with my ass up in the air and Roger was on the phone. I could feel warm cum running down my back. Then, I was here. I didn’t tell all this to the ambulance guy though. I didn’t have to. It was about that time that we pulled up to the Emergency entrance at the hospital.



The fat cop stood next to the straight backed chair where I sat with a blanket wrapped around me. Beneath the blanket I was naked. The flashing red lights from the emergency vehicles outside were illuminating the room and I could hear the paramedics administering to Irene in the bedroom. I watched them wheel her out on the gurney. She was strapped down and had an IV in the back of her hand.

“You want to tell me again what happened, Mr. Smittikens?” this time he opened a small notebook and pulled a stubby yellow pencil from his shirt pocket.

“It’s just like I told you, Irene and I were doing it doggy style on the bed… Is she gonna be OK?”

“The EMT’s say she’s going to be fine,” he told me, “they want to keep her overnight to monitor her. That’s SOP for concussions. How old are you sir?”

“I’m 87, Irene’s 79. She’s my girlfriend.”

“And, you guys were going at it, huh?”

“Yeah, yeah; we were. You see, my dick doesn’t work as well as it did when I was a young man so when the Escort Ankara opportunity pops up, if you catch my drift, Irene and I like to take advantage of it and, well anyway, she really likes doggie style and she was holding the headboard. I had grabbed her by the hips and was pumping away from behind. She was breathing hard, urging me on. I could tell she was about to cum and when she started to climax her muscles musta tightened up. Suddenly it was like fucking a teenager, and I haven’t done that for a long time.”

I kinda drifted away, as I thought about teenage girls and teenage pussy, but the cop brought me back.

“Go on sir.”

“Oh yeah; well when she tightened up, it heightened my sensations and all of a sudden I knew I was about to cum. I was down to the short strokes, pushing hard and pushing fast. Then, I’m not sure what happened; either she finished her orgasm and went slack or, maybe it got to be too much for her and she passed out. Anyway, I drove it in and she didn’t push back. I guess my momentum made her head hit the wall. She hit it pretty hard, but it didn’t really sink in what had happened. At that point my dick was doing all the thinking, and I kept going, I finished, probably two or three more strokes. She hit the wall again with each of them and when I stopped thrusting and started ejaculating she fell face down on the pillow, out cold. I came all over her ass and her back, and there was a hole in the wall. I didn’t mean to hurt her. Are you sure she’s gonna be OK?”

The cop closed his notebook, “Like I said, the EMT’s tell us she’ll be fine. They’re gonna transport her to Dominican and they’ll probably hold her overnight for observation, but everything checks out here. You should be able to go be with her. You can patch that wall in the morning.” He paused then added, “Might want to take her some flowers though. She probably deserves something nice.”

I nodded and pulled the blanket tighter as the fat cop tucked the small notebook back in his shirt pocket and headed for the door. As soon as all these people get out of the house I’ll shower and get dressed. Then I’ll go see Irene. I sure hope she’s OK.

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