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B6 Chapter 21 Jordan’s Revenge

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B6 Chapter 21 Jordan’s RevengeChapter 21: Jordan’s Revenge Dee Dee and Cleo raced back through the corridors of the Island. They arrived back in the quarters where the four girls had spent the night together, just after Rhiannon had finished ‘gifting’ Jordan. What Dee Dee and Cleo saw was a sight they were totally unprepared for. Barocca was lying on the bed, with a terrified look on her face. Surrounding Barocca were five identical copies of Jordan. Each girl was naked, with a raging, two-foot hard-on. Dee Dee shook her head, and rubbed her knuckles at her eyes for a moment. “I must’ve hit my head harder than I thought. I’m seeing things.” “Hold off for a minute girls!” Rhiannon called out to the Jordan-clones. They reluctantly held back from Barocca for the time being, stroking their hard-ons with lust. “That little slut in your midst isn’t going anywhere.” Rhiannon had seen Dee Dee and Cleo enter the room. She was just now wiping the sweat and juices off of her body with a towel. Her massive cock had shrunken back to its limp state, and with a flicker of concentration, Rhiannon willed it away from between her legs. “Nope. Your vision’s fine, Dee Dee. I decided that I’d kill two birds with one stone to-night.” Rhiannon strode over to Dee Dee so she could be next to her. “I’ve put Jordan and Barocca into a little scenario that I call ‘The Eternal Hard-on’.” “What in the world is that?” asked Dee Dee. “It’s a form of disciplinary action that’ll teach both of these gals a lesson. Earlier tonight, Barocca d**gged my wine, and stole the software for a second time. When we finally caught up with her, she and Jordan were going at it like two wildcats. “Between the time Cleo left to get you, these two blurted out a lot of details about why they hate each other so much, in a short amount of time. Jordan told me about some of the things that Barocca put her through, so I decided to give Jordan a chance to get even with her. She jumped at the chance. Before you got here, I put Jordan through a process called ‘gifting’. That’s why you see five of her now.” “But which one is the original Jordan?” asked Cleo. “Look closely, girls. The original model is the one with her rings and necklace. The ‘gifting’ process can only duplicate flesh and bone. It doesn’t work on inanimate objects. “Anyway, I’ve found out more about the history between these two girls of yours. And that includes the five-girl gang-bang Jordan had to go through, and the fiasco at the end of it. Barocca’s already earned a major ass-kicking for her stunt with me. This way, Jordan will get her revenge on Barocca, and deal out some punishment for me at the same time. And before the night is over, Jordan will learn a lesson too. “All right, girls!” Rhiannon turned to the Jordan-clones. “I’m done yapping for while. I know you’ve been waiting a long time to do this, Jordan. Fuck the living shit out of Barocca!” “Oof!” Barocca grunted as she was shoved roughly thrown down onto the bed. Barocca was now on her back and felt the Jordan-clones spread her sexy thighs wide apart, giving Rhiannon and the other girls in the room a good look at her smooth, naked pussy. Her legs were now as wide apart as they could possibly go. “Look at that sweet pussy!” Jordan cried. “Who wants to see all five of us fuck her at once?” “Interesting idea,” replied Rhiannon. “But I don’t think you’ve got enough room for that kind of stunt.” “Okay ‘girls’,” said the real Jordan. “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this, so I’m going first tonight. After that, every body gets a turn at this bitch!” In the dark recesses of her mind, Jordan relished the thought of ravaging Barocca’s cunt. Jordan bent her knees just a little bit, to get the head of her two-foot prick down to Barocca’s cunt level. Her huge battering ram was about to lay waste to that velvety mound of Barocca’s. Jordan grasped the apple-sized head and forcefully stuck it between her legs, feeling for her slit, and enjoying the satisfying sensation of Barocca’s cunt lips being shoved wide open. Jordan slammed into Barocca with all her force, ramming over half of her massive erection up her tight pussy in one savage thrust. “Argh!” Barocca screamed. She stared at the crowd of lustful Vectrans. “I’m just getting started, bitch!” Jordan snarled between clenched teeth. Jordan’s thrusts were slow and deliberate at first, but she gradually picked up speed. Barocca shook her head back and forth as her body absorbed Jordan’s brutal thrusts. “Don’t think you’re getting off with just getting fucked, girl,” said one of the Jordan-clones. “Yeah, open that mouth and start sucking!” Two of the huge cockheads were thrust into Barocca’s mouth. Her eyes shot open in surprise, as she didn’t think there was any way that both of the members could fit in her mouth, without dislocating her jaw. Yet somehow, she was managing to do it. “And use those hands on our cocks, slut!” called out another Jordan-clone. “We’re gonna take it easy on you for a little bit. Then we’ll get rough.” The two Jordan-clones that Barocca was sucking off took turns pulling their cocks out until just the tip of the head remained in her mouth. Then the other would then ram her shaft in brutally, as far as it would go, rocking Barocca’s head back and forth. After almost ten minutes of viciously humping Barocca’s pussy, Jordan finally pushed herself over the brink. “I’m gonna cum!” she squealed out. Anxious to see the first of their number shoot her juices, the other four Jordan-clones pulled back to give her some room. Jordan’s balls began pumping semen hard and fast. Pulling out she tried to control her spasming cock, but so much pressure was being re-leased that she couldn’t. Her cockhead, red and full, pulsed seemingly with a mind of its own. Cum jetted everywhere. Stroking her cock, and squeezing her balls, Jordan shot off six power-ful splurts of jism, which landed on Barocca’s face and tits. “Now comes the moment I’ve been waiting for,” Rhiannon whispered evilly to Dee Dee. “Watch the one who just shot her load.” Jordan just stood there with a puzzled expression on her face. Her cock showed no signs of slowing down. A strange expression came over her features, as new sensations over-took her body. Suddenly she cried out in shock and amazement. Looking down at herself, Jordan felt more of her hot blood surge into her huge member. The veins popped with the new influx, and her dick jumped, heaving heavily upward. Her dick swelled even more. She could see the skin stretching on her member as it grew in girth and stretched in length, the glans expanding and taking on a sheen as it drew the skin tightly over it. “Holy fucking shit!” Jordan exclaimed. Her cock was now four inches longer! “Take a good look at her, girls!” called out Rhiannon. “Every time one of you pops your nuts off, your dick will gain another four inches! As long as you don’t stop the fun and games, you won’t even lose your hard-on. All you have to do is keep on fucking the living daylights out of Barocca!” What had started out as a gang-bang **** of Barocca, now intensified into something else all together. All four of the Jordan-clones redoubled their efforts, each wanting to see how fast and how large they could transform their meat, at Barocca’s expense. The two clones that Barocca was sucking off intensified their efforts. Both of them quickly reached the point where they knew orgasm was only seconds away. “Here it comes,” they screeched in unison. Barocca’s face suddenly looked like a chipmunk with a load of nuts shoved in its jaws, as two titanic loads of semen blasted into her mouth, and down her throat. “Suck us harder girl,” one clone warned Barocca. “This is only the appetizer. You’re gonna swallow so much cum, that by the time we’re through with you, you’ll look like you’re pregnant.” Almost a minute later, the two clones had finally finished 1xbet yeni giriş drenching Barocca’s throat with their jism. Just how she’d managed to swallow it all without choking, Barocca had no idea. “Hold it. Don’t pull out. I wanna see something,” said one clone to the other. Instants later, both girls were astonished at the feelings surging through their bodies and their cocks. “Oh, yeah! I can actually feel my cock getting longer, thicker and stronger!” cried one clone. “I can feel yours stretching and growing right next to mine,” moaned another clone. Barocca thought she could actually feel her jaws stretch and nearly dislocate. Now the two clones pulled their cocks out of Barocca’s mouth, and admired their new meat. “Four more inches, just like she promised,” cried one clone with glee. “These look so fucking delicious, it’s almost a shame to have to waste ’em on this slut,” added the other clone. “Okay, I’ve got her pussy good and loosened up,” said Jordan. “What’ll we do next?” “How about some ‘flagpole sitting’?” said one of the Jordan-clones. “I want to see this bitch squeal!” “Sounds good!” said Jordan. “Who’s gonna go first?” “I will!” The exclamation came from two of the Jordan-clones at once. “I’ve got an idea,” said Jordan. “You two get ready.” She grabbed Barocca by the shoulders, and the other two Jordan-clones helped her. “Come here, cunt.” “Now,” continued Jordan. “You two lie down on the bed on your backs. Butt to butt, pussy to pussy, and cock to cock.” They followed Jordan’s instructions. “Now hold your dicks so they’re pointing straight up, and as close together as you can.” Now both of the Jordan-clones had their twin cocks reaching directly up in to the air. Their cockheads and part of the urethra veins rubbing together. “And now, you’re gonna go for a ride that you’re never gonna forget,” Jordan told Barocca. She and the two clones yanked Barocca to her feet. They pushed her into position so that her cunt was positioned over the two cockheads. Barocca struggled, but with the odds three against one, she didn’t mount much resistance. “Hold still down there!” Jordan admonished the two clones that were waiting to impale Barocca. Without warning, the three girls shoved down hard on Barocca’s shoulders. Suddenly Barocca had both of the huge cockheads rammed into her cunt at once. Barocca’s eyes shot open like she was electrified. “Oh fuck, no!” she screamed. Even when Ebony had been rough with her in the past, it didn’t compare with the pain she was feeling now. “That’s it girls,” said Jordan. “Ram her up and down on those twin towers like a fucking pogo stick!” She turned to gaze down at the two clones impaling Barocca’s pussy. “You two just stay still and enjoy the ride down there, okay?” “You can’t do this to me!” Barocca screamed. “You’ll split me in two!” Jordan positioned herself so that she was straddling one of her clones, and so that she was facing Barocca. Jordan glared at Barocca, and without warning, gripped her cockhead, and swung it fiercely, slapping Barocca hard across the face with it. She repeated the motion with her backswing. “Have I got your attention, cunt? Good!” The two clones who were standing stopped their pushing on Barocca’s shoulders momentarily. “You’re mine to do whatever I want with for to-night. You’re just a piece of fucking meat. And I mean that literally! “You ought to be glad that I picked the two gals who haven’t cum yet, so their pricks aren’t as huge as the rest of ours. If you give me any more lip, we’ll repeat this little game. Only next time, we’ll use two of the ‘bigger’ girls, and we’ll shove ’em both up your ass!” The relentless pounding and pushing on Barocca’s shoulders by the two Jordan-clones who were standing continued again. Almost instantly, a combination of sweat, pussy juice and precum began dripping and oozing out of Barocca’s cunt, lubricating the two massive shafts, and collecting on their crotches. “That’s great,” said Jordan. “Now while the two of you on the bottom get your rocks off, I’m gonna enjoy a little titty fucking.” Jordan positioned herself so that her huge shaft was right between Barocca’s firm tits. “That’s great,” said Jordan, as she dug her fingers into Barocca’s tits for a handhold. “You two on top just keep mashing her up and down on their pricks. She’ll probably squeal a bit, but she’s making enough juice down there, to take a telephone pole be-tween her legs.” In this position, all Jordan had to do was grip Barocca’s boobs, and just keep her body in one place. The other two girls provided all the motion that was necessary, with their mashing and pounding of Barocca. After five minutes of this up and down humping action, Jordan reached down and found Barocca’s wrists. “Here, make yourself useful slut,” said Jordan, as she made Barocca hold her own tits in place around her cock. “Now open that mouth of yours, and get your lips around my dick, Barocca. I’m gonna shoot off in a few minutes.” Now that her hands were free, Jordan reached out and found the two thick, turgid shafts of the clones that were doing the pumping on Barocca. “I’ll bet you thought I’d forgot about you two, huh?” She began stroking them, and taking one of them in her mouth, sucking vigor- ously on it, and then alternating to the other one. “Now these are what I call cocks!” said Jordan as she deep throated her clones eagerly. Within moments, the two clones were blasting their loads down Jordan’s throat. She sucked for all she was worth, swallowing their jism without missing a beat. The intense joy of sucking two gigantic cocks in succession pushed Jordan over the edge. She felt her own cock getting ready to shoot off. “Suck my cock, and suck it good, girl!” called out Jordan. The head of her cock had been sticking out between Barocca’s tits already, grazing her chin and jaws on the upstrokes. Barocca knew she had no choice and gamely engulfed Jordan’s cockhead, and swallowed as much of her jism as she could in the difficult position. When her cock had finished shooting off, Jordan cried out, “Now for the finishing touch!” She hugged Barocca tightly, wrapping her legs around her waist, and throwing her arms around her back. Now Barocca was supporting Jordan’s weight as well as her own. Instantly, Barocca was forced down almost seven inches further than she had ever been on the two cocks of the clones below her. Her screams of agony echoed throughout the room. “That’s it bitch, scream your lungs out!” hissed Jordan. “Nobody’s gonna help you to-night!” The sensation of feeling Barocca being shoved down even further on their cocks quickly pushed the two clones on the bottom to the edge of orgasm, and then past it. As their huge shafts erupted, and fed their loads into Barocca, Jordan could actually feel the jism vibrating, as it was deposited in her insides, and as it was forced through their cocks. The six beings, Jordan and her clones, and Barocca rocked back and forth like this for several moments, until they regained their breath. For a moment, they gave Barocca a short breather. They all gathered in a circle about Barocca and watched their meat enlarge after their last orgasm. Five huge shafts all swelled so that they were thicker and longer than before, by four inches. For a moment, they all simply basked in the lust at seeing their cocks transformed, and pushed and shoved them roughly against Barocca’s face. Barocca gasped in terror, as she saw five already enormous shafts getting even bigger and more powerful, closing in on her, like they were surrounding her. “That’s it slut,” called out Jordan. “Take a good look at what we’ve got in store for you. Between us, that’s twenty more inches of fucking dick for you.” Dee Dee stood next to Rhiannon with her mouth open in shock. “I don’t know what to say. On the one hand, Barocca certainly deserves some punishment for all of the 1xbet güvenilir mi things that she’s done. And yet, I hope that Jordan doesn’t permanently damage her.” “Let me clue you in on a few things,” replied Rhiannon. “Like I said, I’ve figured out a great deal about you and your girls. When I saw Jordan and Jeanne in the contest you were holding, I knew right away that what they had wasn’t ‘standard equipment’ between their legs. I also knew that you wouldn’t have put a cock that belonged on a horse, on a girl, unless they could use it on someone without crippling them in the process. “Like you said, you’ve found a way to make it all work, and I won’t bother you for the scientific details. Jordan’s pushing Barocca to her limits, and it’ll be a night she’ll never forget. Jordan’ll stop when she gets tired. Don’t worry.” Back on the bed, the brutal **** of Barocca continued. “I know what we’ll do next,” announced Jordan. “We’re gonna play ‘gas station’. We’re gonna fill this broad’s tank up, and top it off, but good!” Jordan hopped off the bed for a moment. “The rest of you hold her steady while I get things ready.” Jordan grabbed several pillows off of the bed, and placed them on the floor, at the foot of the bed. “Now lower her down, so her neck and shoulders are resting on the pillows,” said Jordan. “You can’t say that we’re completely heartless tonight.” Barocca was lowered so that she rested on the cushions in the pose Jordan wanted. “Two of you get over here, and just brace her with your knees against her shoulders, so she doesn’t slide off. The rest of us will be holding her legs from the top, so she shouldn’t go anywhere on us.” Barocca’s face began to show panic, both from the blood rushing to her head, and the thought of what Jordan was going to do to her next. Jordan climbed back on the bed, and took her place between two of her clones. She spread Barocca’s legs as wide as they would go, making room for herself and her two partners to squeeze in near her pussy. “Everybody still got a rock-hard dick?” Jordan asked with an evil smile. All four of the clones nodded their heads. “You two on the bottom, you can either make her suck you off, or just hold off for a little bit. You’ll have plenty of times to fuck her again, later on. “The three of us are gonna stroke ourselves, and get ready to cum. None of us cums, until I give the signal. I’ve got another surprise in store for this slut.” Because of the incredible sexual energy that was present, it didn’t take long at all, before the three girls on the bed were ready to shoot off. “Any minute now…” panted one clone. “Me too…” was the response from the other. “And I’ll make it unanimous,” said Jordan, as she fought to keep control of her cock. “Okay. The two of you, shove your cocks into Barocca’s pussy. Only the heads for now.” Thanks to the tremendous length of the Jordan-clones’ cocks, such a task was easier than imagined. Quickly they inserted their huge cockheads into Barocca’s swollen pussy. “Argh!” screeched Barocca. In the near upside-down position, it was difficult to draw enough breath for her. “You haven’t felt anything yet bitch,” said Jordan. “Wait’ll I stick my cockhead in there too, and make it a triple play.” Jordan paused to spit on her hand, and lube her huge cockhead up some more. Even with Barocca’s cunt stretched as wide as it was, and with all of the juices flowing, it was a tight fight. It took Jordan almost thirty seconds, before she finally wedged her cockhead in, between her clones’ cocks. Barocca somehow found the strength to plead for mercy, even in her awkward position. “You can’t be serious! There’s no way that three of you’ll be able to fuck me…” “Who said anything about fucking you?” Jordan taunted. “We’re barely in past the heads of our cocks. We’re gonna pump your box full of cum, until it overflows!” Jordan began stroking the exposed shaft of her cock with one hand, and squeezing her nuts with the other. The clones next to her followed suit. “Okay girls, blast her!” Sensing the fun that was about to happen, the two clones who were bracing Barocca on the floor began stroking their cocks too. One of them shoved her cock into Barocca’s mouth. “Looks like you beat me to it,” her partner on the floor lamented. “Oh don’t feel so bad,” the other told her. “We’ll give her a break this time.” She smiled and bent her neck, and took the head of her partner in her mouth. The incredible size of all four clones’ cocks made unique combinations like this possible. Suddenly Barocca’s body tensed, and she screamed even with a mouthful of cock, as what felt like a fire hydrant went off between her legs. All three of the girls on the bed were cumming at once! Three powerful streams of red-hot jism were being forced into Barocca’s cunt and her insides like water from high-pressure hoses. In the almost upside down position, Barocca felt like her entire chest and torso was on fire. Seeing the three girls on top shoot off, it pushed the two clones on the floor over the edge too. The clone that Barocca had been sucking off suddenly shot her load. Her twin on the other side shot past the point of no return, and began dumping her load of jism onto Barocca’s face at point blank range. There was no room for all of the jism to go, and it was almost impossible for Barocca to swallow in her position. Barocca made a series of frenzied coughing, and sputtering sounds for almost a minute, and she fought not to choke on the deluge of cum. Meanwhile, on the bed above, the three girls had finally finished dumping their loads into Barocca’s cunt. With three massive cockheads rammed into her pussy, it was sealed almost airtight. One by one, they all pulled their cockheads out of Barocca’s cunt. Jordan still wasn’t satisfied with everything she’d inflicted on Barocca so far. Without warning, Jordan bent her cock so that the shaft was pointing in a downward direction, and jam- med it into Barocca’s stuffed pussy. “Unh!” grunted Barocca from below. This was more from the shock of Jordan’s actions, than any pain she might have caused. “Oh yeah! This feels wild!” Jordan exclaimed. “It’s like dipping your cock in liquid butter!” Jordan began lifting herself out, and letting her body weight shove her dick into Barocca’s saturated pussy. Jism began to splash and spill out, landing everywhere. There simply wasn’t enough room in her box to accommodate three heavy loads of cum, and the shaft of Jordan’s huge prick all at once. Jordan began ramming her prick into Barocca with such force that the residual jism splashed out far enough to land on the other clones. After a few minutes of humping in this position, Jordan tired of this. “All right, girls. Let’s move on to something else.” She pulled her prick out of Barocca’s pussy, and gave her butt a shove. Barocca tumbled onto her back, and somehow managed to come into a position where she was sitting up on the floor. Once again Jordan and her clones stuffed their cocks at point blank range into Barocca’s face, and watched them grow and enlarge from their last orgasm. Two of the clones grabbed Barocca’s head, and held it in place. The massive cockheads, still slimy and oozing jism, mash-ed and pushed at Barocca’s face, almost blotting it out of sight for a moment. Then Barocca was hauled onto the bed again, and the brutal assault on her pussy and asshole, began again. By the time thirty minutes had passed, all five of the Jordan-clones had each shot off three times, and their cocks were now a full foot longer than when they had started. Barocca barely had time to catch her breath to try and keep up with their assault on her. No sooner was one cock removed from her pussy or asshole, than another was brutally rammed in to take its place. Barocca’s face was becoming almost unrecognizable from all the cum that the Jordan-clones had deposited on it. 1xbet giriş As the Jordan-clones jockeyed for a position, and a turn at Barocca’s holes, they used her in a number of different fashions. With the help of several of the Jordan-clones, Barocca was lifted bodily, and her legs were pulled apart. Once Barocca was high enough, one of the Jordan-clones slid underneath her on the bed. Gripping her buttocks for a hold, the clone wedged her own cock into Barocca’s ass. At almost the same time, another girl rammed her dick in Barocca’s pussy without warning. Barocca felt all of the excruciating agony! She felt the massive double penetration. Felt the second giant organ enter her bowels. Deeper it crawled, alongside the other dick already pounding deep into her insides. Deeper and deeper, threatening to stretch her internal organs. When sixteen inches of its size was inside Barocca’s body, the Jordan-clone began fuck pumping her too. When she tired of fucking Barocca, the other clones took turns filling her pussy for a double-penetration. Another time, they dragged Barocca’s butt so that it was on the edge of the bed. From here, two of the Jordan-clones would assault her pussy and ass anew. They varied their tactics, sometimes filling each hole with their meat. Other times filling her pussy to the bursting point in a massive double-insertion. The Jordan-clones who weren’t able to fuck Barocca kept her mouth constantly filled with their cocks. They took turns shooting off down her throat, and slapping her face, neck and shoulders without mercy with their meat. It was difficult at times to tell if Barocca was even conscious through the ordeal she was experiencing. But whenever one of the Jordan-clones released an arm or leg, Barocca would flail it briefly, putting up a struggle to the end. Dee Dee lost track of just how many times each of the Jordan-clones had cum. Every time she looked, each girl was sprouting a bigger hard-on than before. Suddenly three of the Jordan-clones all reached the breaking point at the same time. While two of them were still brutally assaulting Barocca’s pussy and ass, the other three began stroking their cocks in unison. At point blank range, they all shot their massive loads directly into Barocca’s face. There was no way Barocca could hope to swallow so much jism so fast. She began coughing and spitting, as she still kicked and struggled against the five girls that were holding her. The real Jordan, who had been ramming her cock in and out of Barocca’s pussy, now became red and flushed like a marathon runner. She couldn’t understand what was happening. “Here’s what I meant about teaching Jordan a lesson,” Rhiannon said wickedly. “Even though there’s five different girls giving it to Barocca, the real Jordan has to supply all of the sexual power and energy. “Not only is each girl terminally horny, but every time they cum, it only satisfies them for a moment, and then they have to make themselves cum again, even worse. We use this as a disciplinary action, for anyone who gets too big for their britches, on our world. Usually, some-one makes it through three or four orgasms, before they give up and pass out. The fact that Jordan’s kept all five girls going for this long, says something about how much she hates Barocca.” Dee Dee watched in shock, as the five Jordan-clones continued their fanatical **** of Barocca. Suddenly, one of the Jordan-clones shot her load again, drenching Barocca in cum. But this time, her high-pitched squeal of enjoyment as her orgasm hit her continued into a shriek of pain. With a loud ‘poof’, she was suddenly gone. Rhiannon glanced at the clock. “Jordan kept all of them going for longer than I thought. When she finally runs out of gas, they’ll all go away like that, one by one.” Within ten minutes, the other three Jordan-clones also disappeared from the bed. Now there was just the original Jordan and Barocca. Jordan still continued to hump Barocca like a madwoman. Her cock was now swollen until it was almost four feet long. Jordan was shoving so much of her shaft into Barocca that Dee Dee was worried that she might be permanently damaging her. Barocca was wracked with wave after wave of gutting pain. Her tears shooting from her eyes, her mouth curled in scream after tremulous scream. Her tits bouncing in perfect time to the fucking she was getting, knocking together on occasion. Jordan’s cock looked enormous, about three inches across where it joined her body, but it was obvious that it got much wider than this after it went between Barocca’s cunt lips, judging by the way it was splaying out as it entered her it must have swelled to more than four inches across just inside her pussy. Barocca had been assaulted so much, that by now, she was almost a rag doll. It was the force of Jordan r****g her that caused her arms and legs to flail, not any conscious resistance. Jordan’s face, her neck and her chest were now flushed and swollen a deep red color. Jordan herself seemed to almost be in agony. Dee Dee realized that Jordan couldn’t stop her-self of her own volition. She had to keep humping Barocca, because of what Rhiannon had done to her. “Okay, Rhiannon,” said Dee Dee. “I think you’ve proven your point. Barocca probably passed out some time ago from all the fucking. And Jordan’s straining so hard, she’s almost ready to hyperventilate.” “This is just starting to get interesting,” Rhiannon replied. “I want to see how big that dick of hers can get.” “Look! Both of these girls have learned a painful lesson tonight. Call this off!” “Hell no! I wanna see Jordan shoot off a couple more times. She’ll set some kind of record.” “All right,” muttered Dee Dee. “Don’t say I didn’t ask, but you’ve forced me to take drastic measures.” Rhiannon heard Dee Dee’s words, but they didn’t fully register. Jordan had pulled out of Barocca just long enough to flip her over onto her tummy. Rhiannon was busy watching Jordan hump Barocca with over three feet of her cock, in the doggy-style position. Dee Dee reached into her small tote bag, and pulled out the remote control she’d developed for Jordan’s cock. She pressed the ‘kill’ button. Like a machine with its power cut off, Jordan slowly lessened her maniacal humping of Barocca. Her breathing returned to normal. She collapsed in a heap on top of Barocca. “What the hell?” exclaimed Rhiannon. Dee Dee was now flustered and angry. She turned and faced Rhiannon. “I told you yesterday, that I did all of the processes for creating the girls’ cocks around here. Well, when it came time to create Jordan’s, we knew full well what kind of a spitfire and troublemaker she was. So I installed some extra features. One of those is an emergency shut-off switch.” “It looks like there really is more to you than meets the eye,” muttered Rhiannon as she rubbed her chin. “I always thought I might have to use this to discipline Jordan, and keep her in line,” said Dee Dee. “I never thought I’d be using it to save her.” She turned to Cleo. “Call the infirmary, and have them send some girls here. We’ll keep Barocca under surveillance here; and we’ll transfer Jordan to a different room, until they’re healed up.” Dee Dee turned to face Rhiannon. “Jordan isn’t going to be like this permanently, is she?” “No. Once she sleeps this off, she’ll return to her original cock size that she had when she started.” “All right, I think that this little demonstration proves a point,” said Rhiannon. “Namely, don’t piss us off, and don’t screw with us. There are some other things that we can do with our bodies that make this look tame by comparison. “Now as soon as we can find Vantha and Rayleena, we’ll pack up our belongings, and be on our way.” She turned to face Dee Dee. “On the whole, you and your girls on the Island have treated us well, and I’m thankful for that, Dee Dee. But you’ve really got your work cut out trying to keep these two in line.” “It’s an ongoing project, I know,” muttered Dee Dee. “That’s why I insisted on having Jordan moved. Even though they’re both totally spent right now, I want them separated, until I can figure out a way to deal with them.”

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