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Babygirl gets taught a lesson

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Babygirl gets taught a lessonits late and Poppa and lbabygirl are enjoying a nice evening cuddled up on the couch after a dinner of garlic shrimp and fettucine. Poppa I want some candy babygirl whines. what have i told you about whining? Poppa says in a even tone. i want some candy and i want it now!!! She whines wiggling and crossing her arms in a bratty manner. Poppa doesnt even blink but a cold expression comes over his face. he lifts her off of his lap and strides toward the kitchen. he comes back with a fruit roll up and waves it teasingly. and what if i dont give it to you babygirl? I’m gonna kick you the she pouts and kicks Him in the heels and runs off into the bedroom and jumps onto the bed. Poppa slowly strolls behind her thinking of ways she is about to get it. should bakırköy escort he tie her to the bed and leave the vibrator on her clit until she screams? or should he facefuck her until she swallows his load? or should he spank her ass and make her kneel in the corner?As he reaches the master suite he finds the lil girl on the bed already naked. I want some candy! can i have some of your candy please?He doesnt acknowledge her presence, knowing it frustrates her bratty self.Poppa? please dont ignore me! i know i was a bad girl? please dont ignore me!!! He comes out of the closet with a riding crop and whispers lay down face down. Babygirl crosses her arms and says what if i dont wanna? crack. the sound of the riding crop across her ass beşiktaş escort is lightning quick. Owwww! Owwwiee! i will be good! i’m sorry im being a brat! i will be a good girl! please i just want some candy!get on your knees and open your mouth. she slowly moves to her knees. crack! the crop finds her ass again! faster he growls.he places the fruit roll up around his 7 and a half inch dick. suck it all off and dont stop until i tell you too. you wanted some candy now you are going to get some candy.Thank you Poppa she smiles and she greedily begins to suck and lick all over the pole.As she sucks and slups, her hands go to her clit and rubs the juices that begin to drip onto the floor under her. she is doing agreat job of licking beylikdüzü escort and nibbling the candy off of his dick. Ummmmhmmm she moans. He pulls his dick from her mouth as she has cleaned it perfectly. it throbs in the air as he orders her to bend over the bed. her wetness glistens as he slides into her and grabs her hair. Are you going to be a good lil girl? yes Poppa she whimpers as he slowly grinds balls deep into her hitting every spot.i love when you fuck me! I will be good if you just keep fucking me like this as the first of 3 orgasms rock her body! do you want the best candy of all lil girl? yes please i want to taste it!He pulls out and begins to jerk it slowly get on your knees and open your mouth. She drops just quickly enough as the first blast hits her face! as the next jet shoots into her mouth she starts to suck him dry!she rubs the tip into the cum on her face and moves it into her mouth careful not to waste the precious nectar.I love when you give me candy! may i have some more?Yes babygirl Poppa replies as he lays her down and begins to tease her nipples! such a Good girl!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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