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Babysitting My Aunt

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My name is Jenny and I am 18. I am 5 feet 2 inches, with a figure that makes heads turn. The only problem is my bust. I am an A cup and that has been something that gives me a certain amount of pain and rejection by most guys. My mom wanted me to go under the knife to augment my little beauties, but I didn’t want to. The only consolation was that my nipples were bigger than average being puffier than normal. To my surprise I never got to a point where I could dazzle a guy with those pink beauties. Finally I did dazzle someone with my pink nipples and that was the biggest surprise of my life.

My mom is hot for her age of 42 with awesome C cups. She is petite like me, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Her body is curvy and her tummy virtually flat with a slight bump right above her waist that makes her look sexy in figure hugging dresses. She loves to flaunt her assets and gets a load of stares every time she goes out. She divorced my dad when I was in my early teens. She spends a significant amount of time in the gym keeping her trim body in shape. My mom has a step sister. She is 27 and unmarried. She is top heavy with D cups and follows my mom in the tummy department. However, she is taller than mom and her dark hair is cut short giving her a Lois Lane like appearance. Every time she visited us, I would stare at her breasts and wish I had half of what she had.

One day, something really weird happened. For a few moments I could not figure out what was going on. I walked into my moms bedroom and found them hugging. I could not be sure since it was evening and the lights were out in her room. My aunt was in her bra and a skirt with her t-shirt lifted up to expose her breasts encased in a sheer white bra. My mom blushed but I vanished from the room faster than a speeding bullet. I dismissed the incident out of my mind and continued ogling Aunt Amy’s breasts.

It was a shock to me when I started dreaming about Aunt Amy’s breasts. In my dream I could see them so close and I was about to kiss them when I woke up with a start. It was with horror that I realized that I was slightly wet between my legs. What was shocking was that I had my hand between my legs and my hands were wet with my juices. I do love to masturbate and one of my favorite acts is to rub my pussy on a soft toy or a pillow. When I am in the shower I love to have the shower hose between my legs and rub against it. So this night I ended up rubbing against bunched up sheet thinking of Aunt Amy’s breasts. I came so hard rubbing my shaved pussy against the sheet. My nipples were hard and gave me an exquisite feeling when I rubbed them against the pillow. I must have fallen asleep soon after. I woke up in the morning to find that I was still straddling the bunched up sheet with my night shirt up around my neck hugging a pillow. To my horror I heard someone come into my room. I was still half asleep when I heard a sudden gasp and realized that my mom was in the room.

To maintain my dignity, I did the best thing under the circumstances. I pretended to be asleep. To my surprise, my mom didn’t leave. I felt her weight on the bed and tried my best not to flinch when I felt her come closer. Her hand started to caress my back. I felt the warm fabric of her dress against my side. I could feel her bra under the fabric and her hot breath against my ear. She kissed my cheek holding me. Her lips remained on my cheek for what seemed like ages. I felt her hand reaching under me caressing the side of my breasts.

Her touch was so soft and gentle that I had to stifle a sigh. My heart was beating fast and to my horror, I was getting wet again. Her other hand caressed my back moving lower towards my butt. I felt my mom’s breath come faster. I heard a rustling of fabric and after a few seconds I felt her breast against my side. It was warm and soft and the nipple was hard. I didn’t know what to do. Her lips were on my cheek, kissing me repeatedly and then I began to detect a slight movement and then heard a slight rhythmic wet sound.

I didn’t want to believe it, but here I was, on bed sticking a sexy pose and my mom was rubbing her breasts against my side while rubbing her pussy. I could hear her moan as she rubbed herself. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth licking my ear. I moaned a little still pretending to be asleep and without thinking I started to rock against the sheet again. My mom stopped for a while and then she started to şişli bayan escort rub again, satisfied that I was still asleep. I don’t know how I managed to stop shuddered as I felt her hand travel lower down my body. Her hands reached my pussy which was jutting out from between my legs in my position straddling the bunched up sheet. Her movements were tentative and slow. Her breath was coming faster and I could almost hear the thumping of her heart.

She started rubbing my slit while rubbing her own pussy and abruptly as it all started, she stopped. I didn’t realize until later that she had heard someone drive in through the gate. I heard the rustling of her dress as she hurriedly straightened her dress and walked out of my room. I breathed a sigh of relief and for a moment was annoyed with me for feeling that mom should have helped me finish. I also started to wonder what it was like to rub each other. With that thought my horny state went off like a light.

I got up angry with myself and started to wash up and get ready for breakfast. My mom was with Aunt Amy when I went downstairs for breakfast. My mom turned crimson when she saw me and avoided looking into my eyes.

I coolly went up to her and hugged her making sure she got an eyeful of my A cups. I then kissed Aunt Amy on her cheeks. She blushed as she got a glimpse of my breasts. For a moment I was bewildered to find how easily I fell into a slutty mode. I kissed her a second time and made sure my tongue caressed her cheek. She shuddered at the wet probe. Without letting them recover I sat opposite them making sure that they would get a glimpse of my pink panties under the mini skirt I was wearing. I coolly leafed through a magazine enjoying the distress I was creating. My mom was the first to break the ice.

“Did you sleep well sweetie?” she asked. I detected a slight tremor in her voice. Maybe she was not sure if I were awake or not.

“Uh huh,” I replied, sticking to the aloof teenager mode.

“I walked into your room this morning,” she continued.

“Oh, did you?” I managed to keep my composure, although feeling annoyed and somewhat delighted at the moistening of my pussy.

“Yeah, I tried wake you, but you were sleeping like a log.”

I could almost read the guilt in her voice.

“Didn’t feel a thing,” I shrugged and pointedly looked at her and then her breasts and then lower. Her face turned crimson.

I wanted to make her even more helpless. I walked over to her and looked at her face.

“Mom, can you massage my head a little?”

They were seated on a wide comfy couch with leg rests. My mom shuffled uneasily while I started to lie my head on her lap and my thighs conveniently across Aunt Amy’s lap. Aunt Amy smiled nervously as she tried to act natural and finally managed to lay her hands across my thighs inches away from my skirt which had by now ridden up to my panties. She tried hard not to look at my body but her instincts took over leaving her no choice but to run her eyes all over my body.

“Mom?” I prompted her to start massaging my head.

“Can you massage my feet Aunt Amy?” I asked, literally fluttering my eyelids at her. Aunt Amy reached towards her left and started to rub my feet with her breasts rubbing against my thighs. For a moment I was almost scared to think what would happen next.

My moms hands were shaking as she massaged my scalp. I could see her breasts just above my face. They started to move in concert with her rhythmic massage. My nipples stood up against my thin t-shirt and she didn’t need glasses to notice my hard nipples.

“Mom, can you get my magazine?”

The magazine was on the center table and was so close to her. She reached over my face and for a moment her breasts rested against my face. I relished its motherly warmth and sighed contentedly. She remained in the same position for a while longer than necessary and I didn’t mind.

I was sorry when she reached back depriving me of that soft warmth. Suddenly I had a brain wave. If I could get her to turn so that she would be parallel to my body, I would be able to entice her to move her breasts closer. So I did, exactly that. I asked her to turn toward Aunt Amy on the spacious couch so that she could give equal attention to both sides of my head. She complied without any complaints. She also spread her legs so that my head was quite close to her crotch with one foot on the şişli escort floor and the other on one side of my body. She was wearing a pair of shorts that showed off her legs.

“Mmm.. that feels so good ladies,” I murmured. My pussy was very wet and I was sure, Aunt Amy could smell it. She kept glancing at my panties from time to time. Her breasts rubbed against my thighs and I could feel the roughness of the bra under her t-shirt.

I got hold of one of mom’s hands and pushed it towards my tummy.

“Oh mom, please rub my tummy too,” I pleaded in the most seductive voice I could muster. Her hands shook as she rubbed my tummy. I lifted my t-shirt making sure it exposed the lower end of my breasts. Her hands started to rub my tummy and she had to reach over and inevitably her breasts rubbed against my cheeks, softly smothering me. I reached back with one hand and started to rub her back. She sighed as she felt my loving hand on her back. I reached back with my other hand and pulled her closer, rubbing her back.

I managed to position her so that one breast started to rub against my mouth. Her thin silky bra failed to hide her hard nipple. I felt her shudder as my mouth played with the thin fabric of her t-shirt and moved closer to her nipple. Without giving her time to react, I unhooked her bra. She tried to push back, but I held her tight. Finally, she relented, resting against my face. I reached under her t-shirt and pushed her bra up exposing her breasts. She pulled the t-shirt down but kept rubbing herself against my face. I started to wet her t-shirt with ample amounts of saliva. She moans as my tongue roamed over her silky skin over the t-shirt. Finally, I managed to locate her right nipple and started to tease it.

I noticed Aunt Amy watching us with her mouth wide open.

“I was awake when you rubbed your pussy in my room mom.”

“Oh Gosh, baby, I am so sorry,” she murmured trying to get away from me again.

“You made me so wet, mom,” I continued, for moment taking my mouth off her nipple.

“Oh sweetie,” she stopped not knowing what to do or say.

“Show my how you breast fed me as a baby mom,” I whispered.

She stiffened and remained like that for a few seconds, contemplating my request. She went into action and lifted her t-shirt and leaned towards me. She almost jumped as my mouth started sucking her nipple like a baby. She moaned as she felt the force of my sucking. Her hands automatically moved to my breasts rubbing them over the t-shirt. I reached down and pulled it up, exposing my little buds to her eager fingers. I felt my aunt moving up towards them too. Her hands were shaking as much as my moms as they started to caress them.

“Her nipples are so hot,” I heard her say to my mom.

“Can I kiss them sis?” she asked my mom.

I didn’t hear my moms reply but my Aunt got off the couch and straddled my thighs. I felt her pussy rub against my thighs as she leaned over started to lick my tummy and started moving up. I was so out of control by then. I felt my Aunt’s tongue lick around my nipple sucking on the puffy areola. She was gentle and slow. She continued exploring the area around my nipple while my mom rubbed my other nipple.

I kept sucking mom’s nipple hard taking as much of it as I could into my mouth. I switched over to the other nipple under her instructions. In the mean time, my Aunt was rubbing her pussy against my thigh as she sucked my nipple. She had managed to take her panties off and I could feel her shaved wet pussy on my thighs. Her mouth was loving and gentle and I liked my nipple sucked hard. She held it between her teeth as she sucked the whole breast into her mouth.

I scooted a little lower so that I could start to kiss mom. I have never kissed girl since 8th grade and it was weird to kiss upside down. But my mom turned out to be an awesome kisser. Her full lips started exploring mine and her tongue rushed into my mouth. We kept kissing hard while my Aunt kissed my breasts. I was getting hornier by the second as I felt my mom’s tongue in my mouth. I pushed her away for a moment and shocked her with the following words.

“Mom, can you remove your shorts and panties and sit on my face?”

“Oh gosh, sweetie, are you sure?” she asked and I nodded in response.

She lifted me off her lap and undressed. Then she nervously straddled my head and lowered herself on my mouth. I reached out mecidiyeköy escort with my tongue at her swollen lips. I started to lick the length of her opening. She settled into a rhythm, rocking against my face. I pushed my tongue right into her pussy feeling it opening up. I felt her reach back and rub her anus. I felt her slowly moving her body so that I could lick her ass. I have never licked even a boy’s ass or had anyone lick mine even though I have had a few naughty encounters with them. So I started to lick around her opening, moving towards the middle. She reached back and spread her ass open. I pushed my tongue in, tasting her. Her pussy was dripping wet and rubbing against my chin as I licked her ass.

Finally, I felt my Aunt move lower starting to removing my panties. I moaned into mom’s ass as she started rubbing my slit. I felt her spread my legs and start to lick. Her finger found my opening and I was amazed at her gentleness in pushing her finger into my tight pussy. I licked mom harder as I started to feel closer to my climax. Aunt Amy’s tongue and finger made it almost impossible to delay it.

Mom moved back to let me lick her pussy and I kept licking her clit making her jump every time my tongue came into contact with the little bud. Aunt Amy kept licking my pussy and bringing me closer and closer to my climax as I went nuts with my mom’s pussy. She moaned as I licked her faster and faster and suddenly she came hard against my face. I kept licking her and to my surprise she let me continue. A few minutes after my continuous licking she came again and again. I held onto her tight as she rocked against me. I could hear her little screams as I relentlessly assaulted her pussy. She finally pushed me away saying that her clit was too sensitive. Mom started kissing my mouth tasting her juices which were all over my face. We kissed hard and she pinched my nipples as I rolled my hips harder giving Aunt Amy a signal to move faster. Her tongue and fingers never missed a beat and met my thrusts. I moaned into mom’s mouth as I kissed her hard wanting more of her mouth in mine.

I realized that I would cum next and just as the thought hit me I was inundated with a wave of pleasure that I have never felt in my short sex life. She started to move away from my pussy but I pushed her back to it and she started to lick happily. I kept screaming and urging her to lick me harder as I moved my hips against her head. My mom gave me one of her tits as she bent over to suck my nipples increasing my pleasure. I wondered why I had not started this before instead of going behind boys. The guys I had been with never made me feel like this.

I rocked my hips against Aunt Amy and I felt a another wave of my climax approaching. I came yet again and this time Aunt Amy let my mom take over as she must have been exhausted. She started kissing me and pinching my nipples as my mom settled down on my clit. She licked the clit and I felt her pinky probe at my anus putting gentle pressure on the opening. The nerve endings in the area helped me have another orgasm. I can’t remember how many times I came, but they said that I came thrice in quick succession. I must have passed out after the last orgasm, because I started hearing moans and opened my eyes to see my Aunt on her hands and knees and my mom fucking her with a strap on. I was mesmerized by the sight of two hot ladies in action. I looked at mom and she pointed to another strap on the center table. I walked over to it, still suffering from the effects of the orgasms. I struggled to put it on, but managed it eventually.

“Sweetie, your Aunt would like both of us in her,” said my mom pausing a little to catch her breath.

I was shocked. I have seen double penetration on adult films but never had experienced it first hand. To me it seemed a painful scenario. However, my Aunt wanted us both. My mom lay down on the floor on her back with her strap on pointing up. My aunt lowered herself on the strap on pushing the well lubricated dildo into her ass. She lay on top of mom on her back, while they asked me to enter Aunt Amy’s pussy. I pushed my strap on slowly with some help from her into her pussy. I started to move slowly and then my pace increased. I kissed Aunt Amy as we moved faster and faster. She kept urging us both to move faster and before long she had a huge orgasm almost drawing blood from my shoulder. We came to a standstill and I pulled out my strap on from her pussy. She rolled over and we hugged for a very long time, kissing each other and caressing each other until our heart beat came closer to normal. Afterward, we had more fun in the shower soaping and washing each other.

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