May 20

Back Alley

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Back AlleyHer eyes still sore and burning from the tears she’d been crying from before. The heated argument she has had with her boyfriend sets her in a rage as he leaves the house to go out right after the fight. Veronica (a 5’6 mixed female with 34D breasts, slim waist and small perky ass) decides to get dressed putting on the shortest, tightest dress in her closet. It’s a very thin; almost see through, black and white stripped dress adding high black stilettos to her out fit. With her hair done in a mix of wavy and curly style she leaves out the door flying down the street in her new black cobalt which ironically matches her outfit to a T. She calls up her friends demanding that they go out, without much argument her friends agree and the phone calls end. Picking up her friends she decides to make one last phone call to a good friend of hers, Elijah. (A 5’11, well built black man and is also that perfectly awesome guy women keep in the friend zone for no reason what so ever, yea that’s him.) She talks to him as she drives a little bit telling him a shortened version of what happened between her, her boyfriend and what she’s going to do. Elijah listens like he always does and assures her everything will be ok. With a smile on her face after the talk she just had, which made her feel a lot better than she did. She ends the phone call and continues to her destination to the favorite bar with the cheapest drinks. A quick thought crosses her mind as she picks up the phone once more calling Elijah right back. “Hey Elijah, would you like to join us at the bar?” Said Veronica“Ummm, sure why not, I’m not doing anything. I’ll meet you girls there later after I get dressed and everything. Cool?” Elijah replies. “Awesome, see you there bye!”“Bye.”The phone call ends, a smile stretches across Veronica’s face from ear to ear. As she cruises down the road excited for the night ahead. They finally arrive at the bar, exiting the car as making their way to the front door. Entering the bar the girls immediately see that the bar is packed she and the girls walk through the bar. Veronica forgetting that she’s driving she heads straight to the bar and orders drink after drink. Minuets pass and Veronica is already starting to feel tipsy. She instantly remembers she’s driving and face palms herself for her mistake. In the midst of her cursing herself she feels a familiar hand touch her shoulder. Looking up she sees a face that’s she’s been longing to see. Elijah is standing over her with the cocky grin that she has a love/hate relationship with.“Hey there beautiful, come here often?” Elijah says to her joking around.Elijah wearing a grey, sliver tint button up shirt that shines in the light with the two sliver chains that are d****d over the shirt, with a matching grey snapback, dark blue jeans and black and silver trimmed Timberland boots. His left sleeve is rolled up to the middle of his forearm to show off his matching silver watch. He tilts his head looking at her. Out of excitement Veronica ignores the corny, joking pick up line and squeals hopping up out the chair giving him a big hug. He hugs her back embracing her tight, feeling her breasts press up against him noticing she’s not wearing a bra. Veronica looks at him and says, “Ok so we have a problem.”“Oh boy, I just got here and there’s an issue what’s new?”“It’s not as bad as you think. Well I kinda forgot I was driving and I’ve been drinking….”“Say no more, it’s cool I took a cab here anyways, I’ll drive.”The words that came from his mouth were like magic to her. She squeals loud and gives him another big hug. “So are we bar hopping or staying here?” Elijah asks.“Hopping, duh.” Veronica replies. “Gotcha.”Elijah starts laughing as he takes a seat beside Veronica. They conversed while she drinks and become slightly more intoxicated. Him and the girls leave and travel to three different bars until they hit their last destination. They enter a new club that had opened up earlier in the month, the other girls wasted, hobble to the dance floor to dance off their alcohol. Elijah and Veronica sit at the bar as Veronica recites the night she had with her boyfriend. Elijah again listens to her like he always does, gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek at the end of the story as a way of letting her know everything is going to be cool. She smiles and hops up from the bar ready to relieve all the pent up energy she has. Grabbing Elijah’s hand she leads him to the dance floor and they begin to grind on each other. Her ass pressed tightly against his crotch as they dance. Her dress keeps riding up over and over exposing her thighs, ass, and pussy again and again as they dance. She begins güvenilir bahis siteleri to regret the choice of trying to look extra sexy with the really small dress. Elijah notices the problem as well and grabs her wrist and leads her to a dark corner of the club.“Here, no one can see I now when we dance.” Elijah says.Veronica smiles as she puts her hands on the wall, bends over pressing her ass against him once again and begins to slowly grind back into him, more sensual than before feeling comfortable and sexy as she feels her ass against his lap. Elijah reaches down and grips her hips hid hands feel nothing but her skin and thong knowing her dress has completely ridded up. Looking down he sees her black thong and bare ass grinding against him. Licking his lips he thrust his hips forward pressing back against her. Veronica feels the pressure being pushed back against her and she likes it as she moves her hips more to the music, she knows her ass is grinding against him bare but being caught in the moment she doesn’t care. Elijah slides his hands back and stretches his fingers over her ass gripping tight sinking his fingers into her flesh. She feels his hands on her back cheeks and bites her lip as she enjoys it. He slips his right hand down from her ass, down her legs, to in between her thighs cuffing his hand over the front her thong, feeling the warmth of her lower lips. Veronica jumps slightly as she feel his bold move but it turns her on as she continues to grind into his crotch. She feels something growing in his pants as she grinds. She instantly knows it’s his dick getting hard. Licking her lips as she focuses her movement on the growing bulge, making sure she rubs her ass against his dick as much as possible. Elijah bites his lip feeling his cock growing harder and harder feeling her ass rub against him though his jeans. He moves the front of her thong to the side rubbing her pussy directly. Feeling her lower lips become wetter as he touches her, grinding the ends of his fingers against her moist pink slit and her swollen clit. Veronica gasps in pleasure as she feels her pussy being teased. Her hips stop moving as she stands there bent over enjoying what’s being done to her. Elijah takes a couple glances around, pulling his left hand from her ass; he slips his fingers to his zipper and pulls it down. Reaching inside his jeans he pulls his dick out through the hole and presses his cock against her ass. Veronica feels his dick against her ass and her whole body shivers with excitement, and fear. She begins to grind her hips again stroking his dick softly with her motion of her hips causing her ass cheeks rub against it. Elijah bites his lip even harder as he feels her ass rubbing against his cock. Not being able to hold back his urge any longer, pulling his fingers away from your pussy covered in your juices. Wrapping his wet fingers around his dick slowly stroking it making it moist, he draws his hips back just enough to where the head of his dick is against the hole of her pussy. He thrusts his hips forward plunging his dick inside her body, reaching deep inside her in one swift thrust. Veronica gasps and moans out in pleasure as the sensation being filled up over comes her. Her cry of pleasure is drowned out by the blasting music. In the dark corner of the club the two of them slowly fuck, trying to pass off as if they were dancing. Veronica grinds her hips against him as he gradually thrusts his against hers His dick slips in and out her body going back and forth, as she rocks her hips in a circular motion, his cock begins to move in all different directions inside her pussy. She knows no one can hear her as she lets loose her moans and screams as she’s being fucked in this deep dark corner. Wanting more than just a discrete sex in a corner Elijah draws his hips back pulling his rod out her pussy. Veronica groans in disappointment as she feels empty again. He puts his penis back in his pants and tugs down her dress, grabbing her wrist he leads her out the back of the club in a cool dark alley. Shutting the door behind them they begin to savagely kiss each other. Hands rubbing against each other, their lips staying connected as their tongue slip in and out of each other’s mouths as for a moment it would seem they would forget who’s belongs to whom. Elijah pins Veronica against the cold brick wall, undoing his jeans completely pulling them down as well as his boxers letting them fall to his ankles. He steps out of his jeans with just one leg, at the same time reaching up her dress snagging down her thong off her hips. Doing the same thing Veronica guides her thong off pull just pulling one canlı bahis siteleri leg out. For a split second hey look into each other’s eyes filled with lust and desire for one another. Veronica spreads her arms out across the wall ready to receive whatever is going to be given to her. Elijah lifts her left leg holding it up as he guides his dick back inside her pussy from the front. They both let out a moan as they become connected once again. Wrapping her arms around his neck as she looks at him, Elijah begins to thrust his hips back and forth. He drives his dick in and out her pussy one hard thrust after another. With her pinned against the wall there is no give way, so she feel the full impact of each and every one of his thrusts. She moans and screams as she feels his dick reach up inside her over and over. Pulling her hands away from his neck she begins to unbutton his shirt exposing his chest placing her hands on him gripping his flesh as she’s pounded. In return Elijah reaches up with his free hand and yanks the front of her dress down making her large breast flop out. She feels her breasts become exposed as her nipples instantly harden from the mix of her being turned and the wisp of cool are that passes through. Elijah looks down watching her breasts bounce with each thrust, her breast are now motivation for him to thrust harder. Reaching down with the hand that he just exposed her breasts with, he grabs her other lift lifting it up holding her up in mid-air against the wall. He begins to slam his hips forward with more power than ever before. Veronica feel this new found vigor as she meets the sensation of being impaled by his dick even harder than before biting her lip trying to maintain through this onslaught of his cock ripping through her body. She can’t help it anymore as she feel herself reaching her limit as she screams out…“Oh my god, oh my god! Daddy I’m going to cum…please let me cum!”Elijah does not let up the intensity as he continues to ram his hips forward non-stop, thrusting his cock in and out her body again and again. He answers…“When you feel it, you can cum….”Veronica hovering there in his arms as she wraps her legs tightly around his waist. Trying to hold back the release she wants to badly but the feeling only gets worse and harder to hold as she takes this wicked pounding. Her mind already in a blur as she forced to take this pleasure repeatedly not understanding what he means…“W-what…do you mean…uh…uh Oh shit! Mmm when I feel iiiit….” Elijah answers by slamming his hips forward harder than any thrust that has come before. He lets out a loud groan, as his cock expands twice its size inside her pussy and instantly shoots out his white seed inside her. She gasps as she feels him slam into her so hard, and her eyes begin to roll back as she feels the warmth of his cum fill her pussy. The sensation is too much for her as she instantly cums herself, her body shivers and shakes from the orgasm. Letting go of her legs and letting her down on the ground gently, they stand still for a moment to gather themselves. He pulls his dick out her pussy now halfway limps and drenched with the mix of his and her cum. He lets her leg down as she leans up against the wall panting hard, feeling his warm cum ooze out her pussy. Biting her lip as she feel satisfied but this itch in her mind and her pussy makes her want more, she’s never felt so good, so sexy from just one experience and she craves for more. Tilting her head down she sees his slimy, white covered cock. She squats down showing expert balance in her stilettos and grips his slick cock between her fingers. She begins to stroke it feeling his cum covered cock throb in her palm, pulling her hand back she licks her fingers and palm loving the taste. Opening her mouth she quickly sucks his cock head into her mouth, rolling her tongue around his tip. Reaching between her thighs and begins to stroke her clit as she takes more of his dick into her mouth and throat. Her eyes roll back slightly as the taste of his dick soaked in cum sends her into ecstasy. Elijah places his hand on the top of her hand following the motion of her head bobbing back and forth. Hungrily she slurps his cock, rolling her tongue around it. Her eyes get wide as she feels his cock getting hard against inside her mouth. This motivates her to go harder; she thrusts her head back and forth faster, tightening her lips around his shaft stroking him hard with her mouth. Elijah feels his dick become completely erect inside her mouth. Pulling her head back making her release his cock, Elijah reaches down gripping her arms pulling her up making her stand once again. He turns her bahis firmaları around, repeating the action from earlier Veronica places her hands on the wall, pokes her ass out and spreads her legs inviting him back inside her body. Stroking his moist cock Elijah aligns his cock back up against her pussy and thrusts forward. His thick cock slips easy inside her drenched pussy; his cum that still lingers inside her pussy also helps action as extra lubricant. Veronica gasps as she fills full again.Elijah whips his palm across her ass while thrusting his hips back and forth. His manhood repeated slips in and out her pussy from the back as his waist smacks into her ass, the loud claps of their sex echoes through the empty alley. In the middle of his thrust they hear the door of the club rattle as if someone is if someone is coming out. Acting quickly Elijah snatches Veronica up, with his dick still inside her and rolls them into a dark shadow that covers them completely. Two men exit the club, standing in the alley smoking cigarettes and talking. In the dark shadow Elijah has his hand firmly pressed against Veronica’s mouth. Her back tightly held into his chest, their eyes are stuck on the two men smoking. Elijah not wanting to stop he begins to slowly thrust his hips, making his cock gradually rub and sc**** out her inner walls with each thrust. Veronica’s eyes roll back as she tries her hardest not to make any noise. The thought of being caught scares her but excites her just as much. His slow thrusts make her shiver as now she can feel everything about his dick slip in and out her body. She understands how thick his head is, rubbing and pulling out her inner walls. She feels how long he is as he probes deep inside her body at such a slow pace. If this wasn’t enough Elijah decides to reach his free hand down between her thighs and begins to stroke her clit. A deep groan escapes her throat into his fingers as this sexual assault is too much for her. Her legs begin to shake; her breathing becomes harder as moans begin to leak from her mouth. Elijah leans his head over her shoulder and whispers to her,“Don’t hold back and get us caught. Go ahead and just cum..”His words ignite something in her lower body; her pussy tightens around his cock like a vice as she instantly has an orgasm. Like his words were all she needed to release all the pleasure that’s been building up. Veronica is so turned on by the situation her body goes into spasms as she begins to have orgasms from every single one of his thrusts. The men by this time have finished their smoke break and head back into the club. Elijah pulls back his hand from her mouth, as soon as his fingers leave her mouth a number of loud screams match his thrusts of his dick slipping inside her. Drained and worn out from cumming so much she lies against his chest trying to catch her breath. Elijah draws his hips back and turns her around lifting her up in his arms against holding her up by her legs; he skillfully guides his dick back in her pussy. Veronica worn out but manages a scream to leave her lungs as she feels his dick enter his extremely sensitive pussy. Her arms around his neck as she looks at him shaking her head.“Please Elijah…no more….I can’t take it I can’t cum anymore please…” Veronica cries.Elijah tilts his head forward and gently kisses her. The kiss relaxes her instantly as she feels his hips thrust again. Soft gentle moans escape her throat into their kiss with each stroke. Elijah knows he’s almost at his limit; he holds her tightly against him and begins to piston his hips as fast as possible. Tired and exhausted Veronica releases the kiss and begins to scream and cry out. She wants to beg him to stop but she wants him to cum more. She wraps her arms around his neck holding him tight as she bites her lip and takes everyone of his thrusts squeezing down on her pussy making her pussy stroke him harder trying to make him cum faster. But this idea is a double edged sword as his dick feels even bigger inside her and the pleasure builds inside her all over again. “Elijah! Please…hurry up…uh..uh..ahhhhh…I can’t hold it I anymore..I’m cum…I’m cumming!” Veronica screamsElijah feels Veronica pussy tighten up so much, he bites his lip as he feels her pussy strokes his cock so well. Elijah lets out a scream as he jams his hips forwards cumming. He shoots a his second load inside her pussy filling her up. Veronica screams as she cums as well, feeling her pussy being filled by his warm cum all over again. Elijah carefully sets Veronica to her feet and pulls his cock out her body. Worn out and weak she slips her thong back on both legs. Elijah puts his pants back on and lift her up in his arms and carry her to the car. Sitting in the car relaxing they both as they don’t have many words to say to each other as this wild night was their first time together. Veronica turns to Elijah and says“I’m breaking up with my boyfriend.”

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