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Back Dive Ch. 08

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Ch. 08 – Book Learnin’ with Sarah and Sullivan

Sarah and Sullivan at the Party:

“Yes mam, I’m here to pick up Sarah,” Sullivan said to the sorority mother. He stood and waited, feeling out of place as classy well-dressed girls passed by ignoring his presence. When Sarah came down the stairs, on time, she greeted him with a wide enthusiastic smile that was clearly meant just for him. Sullivan instantly relaxed and knew he would feel comfortable as long as she was with him.

Sullivan appreciated the way Sarah’s clothing looked on her. She was wearing the same baggy jeans from earlier in the day, which managed to fit snug around her waist and bottom. A deep-red blouse complemented her coloring and somehow reminded Sullivan how full of life she always seemed.

“So are you sure a pig roast party is fine with you? At least some of my swimmer buddies will there be there,” said Sullivan.

“Oh sure! A couple of my friends should be there too.”

At most parties the surroundings offer an easy distraction from having to entertain and converse with an unfamiliar date. However this evening Sarah and Sullivan were very easy with each other instantly, as they had been before.

Their compatibility may have been because of their backgrounds. Sarah was in a sorority but she came from the country, giving her an obvious authenticity that most of her friends did not have. She had outstanding social skills, which is probably why she studied psychology. Sullivan was from the university town but was not very worldly, having spent years of his spare time and resources split between his engineering studies and diving. Sullivan’s and Sarah’s backgrounds complemented each other, helping to make them a very good pair, and their alert friends spotted it immediately.

Over the course of the evening Sullivan observed one particular situation that endeared him even more to Sarah. A band cranked up just when a squealing pal of Sarah’s approached. They were obviously very good friends as Sarah broke into a fast-paced sorority tune which her girlfriend joined in singing. Sullivan watched with wonder as Sarah bounced up and down holding hands and singing with excitement, not caring about the people around her. It was very cute.

Sarah and Sullivan enjoyed dancing and even commented that they seemed to fit especially well together when slow dancing. And Sarah had a certain style when she fast danced that Sullivan admired.

“How about a break?” he eventually called out over the music.

They smiled breathlessly as they made their way to the back yard, still red-faced from the physical exertion of dancing. The grassy area had one vacant yard chair under a tree.

“OK to sit in my lap?” Sullivan said nonchalantly. Sarah said yes, but Sullivan noticed that she hesitated. He realized why when she settled onto his thighs; she was careful to support her weight somewhat. It surprised Sullivan to realize that she was shy about her weight.

Sarah’s weight was not the problem for Sullivan. He had not anticipated that he might get excited at having Sarah in his lap. At first their conversation was animated enough to keep him distracted. But eventually his cock began to swell and he became more and more nervous about being discovered. Sullivan adjusted his seating several times to guide Sarah lower on his lap and away from his dick which was expanding down his pants leg. With each of his moves Sarah was quick to take more of her weight off of him, but she also squirmed around on him in the process.

Finally both Sarah and Sullivan were squirming constantly yet they continued conversing as if nothing was happening. Finally Sarah made the mistake of moving her bottom higher on his lap instead of lower. She ground her soft ass right onto Sullivan’s fat cock.

“WOOPS!” Sarah exclaimed, quickly sliding lower on Sullivan’s legs and away from his embarrassing problem. She hesitated and avoided eye contact, considering whether to pretend ignorance of what she had just encountered.

Sullivan spoke first. “Uhh…I’m sorry but you can’t blame me for that. You were moving around on my lap, you’re gorgeous, and it doesn’t help that I’m really liking you.”

Sarah was in a full blush as she raised her eyes to look squarely into his. “Wow, I thought you were shifting around because I was heavy! What a relief!”

There was a brief silence as they caught the humor in the situation, and then burst into gut wrenching laughter. Their sudden outburst caused other couples in the back yard to interrupt their conversations and glance at them.

Sarah and Sullivan finally calmed down and actually said nothing until Sarah commented, “I’m glad to hear that you like me. You must know that it was a little intimidating to go out with you since you’re such a ‘Big Man on Campus’.”

Sullivan let out a brief laugh, “Gee, I thought I was the one who was intimidated. I feel inferior around fraternity and sorority people, but you seem totally accepting of me in every setting I’ve seen so far, even around the kaçak iddaa Greeks.” Sarah nodded to signify her understanding. They shared an easy moment of quiet, appreciating their shared honesty.

Sarah broke the silence again, “Well, I can tell you get around somehow. You’re a good dancer, a good kisser, and you sure knew how to handle me at the swimming pool.”

Sullivan’s eyes darted quickly to read Sarah’s demeanor. He relaxed upon seeing her grin indicating that she was joking with him.

Sullivan broke into a shy smile, “I can assure you I don’t get around very much. All that magical underwater swimming was a freak accident. You somehow stirred me to do all of that.” Then Sullivan said something he wished he could take back. “In fact, my friends tease me about being a half-virgin.”

Sarah flinched at the comment. But she was clearly interested in what he meant.

Sullivan colored at his error, “Uh-oh, I’m sorry about saying that. I just blurted out a personal detail without thinking.”

Sarah did not back off, “Okay, but now I’m curious.”

Sullivan sheepishly looked around as if someone might overhear, “It means I’ve never gone all the way…in. In other words, the most I’ve done was only half way.”

Although his wording was awkward, it slowly dawned on Sarah what he was talking about. She did not act shocked, but asked almost academically, “You mean like we did?”

Sullivan was really embarrassed, “Well, yeah, sort’a. Maybe a little more than that.”

There was a long awkward silence in which Sullivan wished he could crawl into a hole and Sarah seemed to simply consider the full meaning of his words. Her face brightened.

“This might be a mistake, but I’ll share one of my personal details with you. I’m half a virgin too!”

It was Sullivan’s turn to wear the questioning frown.

Sarah blushed as she explained, “The closest I’ve come to really having sex has been with you, Sullivan. But my high school boyfriend and I used to get pretty wild with each other.” Now Sarah looked around, “One night I lost my hymen to his fingers.”

Sullivan was open-mouthed, “Damn!”

They drew their faces closer together to maintain the secret communication. Sarah whispered, “I’m crazy to talk about that. Maybe I feel like I have to explain myself.”

Sullivan whispered back, “Don’t feel bad. I love it that you could tell me!”

They were so intent on their intimate confessions that their foreheads were almost touching. Sarah remarked, “This means that between the two of us, we make one complete virgin!”

Sullivan held up his hand for a high-five. Sarah clapped his hand with enthusiasm, gripping it in the process. They laughed and somehow automatically leaned in for a brief kiss.

Sullivan kept his voice low, “I’m not sure how virginity is measured, but I think you may still be a complete virgin all by yourself.” He seemed serious when he continued, “I guess your sex education class prepares you for questions like this.”

Sarah responded with a joke, “Well, there’s no chapter, ‘Be Careful of how You Sit in His Lap, You Could Lose Your Virginity’. Also, there’s no chapter titled ‘Almost Sex’.”

Sarah could see that Sullivan was listening closely because he was actually interested in her sex education course. Without embarrassment Sarah continued, “Our textbook is kind of technical. It covers emotional issues, reproductive systems, foreplay, contraceptive methods, and intercourse positions. There are no photographs, just sketches.”

Sullivan was pensive, “I’d like to see that.” He then looked questioningly at Sarah.

Sarah responded seriously, “You’d like to see it now?” Sullivan shrugged then nodded, all the while smiling at Sarah. She considered the idea briefly then commented almost to herself, “Well Okay. We’ll have to pick it up from my room at the sorority house.” She turned smiling to face Sullivan. They left the party holding hands, rosy-faced with enthusiasm from having discovered each other.

Room Above the Pool:

“You live here?” Sarah asked with a mixture of amazement and disbelief. They had entered Sullivan’s room by a door directly off of the pool balcony. The lighting was poor, there was no air conditioning, and the surrounding walls were made of bleak-looking concrete. It was a converted coach’s locker room.

“Yep. I think I have the best room on campus.” Sullivan responded with pride. “I live here alone because no one else on the team is willing to give up their dorm room to be my roommate in this place. I have complete privacy since I am the only person living in the building and no one ever comes by to check up on me. One of the perks is that I have access to the swimming pool. I love it.”

While holding her textbook, Sarah continued to look around as she got used to the meager quarters. The place was very organized but not especially clean. One room had Sullivan’s incomplete amateur artwork splattered chaotically on the walls.

“Is this room part of your diving scholarship?”

“Not illegal bahis really,” Sullivan answered. “I have chores to perform in order to keep the room. I lock up the building complex each night, and I’m sort of the night watchman over the swimming pool.”

Sarah nodded and sat on the only thing that qualified as seating space, a couch that could be folded out into a bed. Her hands shook as she absent-mindedly opened the cover of her sex education textbook stating, “Well, I guess you want to see what’s in this book.”

Sullivan could see that Sarah was nervous. It dawned on him that her being alone in his room might be a little overwhelming for her.

“You know what Sarah? Without meaning to I rushed things with you before and I want to be careful not to do that again. Maybe I’m a little over-eager to talk about your sex education class.” Sarah looked up at Sullivan with an innocent look of confusion. Sullivan continued, “Can I get you a cold drink? I have Coke and Tab, or beer.”

Sarah seemed to appreciate the slower pace Sullivan was suggesting. They got drinks and sat down in front of the television. Since the TV didn’t work very well they changed the station to a music channel and mostly talked. It didn’t take long for Mother Nature to take over, and for them to be stretched out on the couch making out.

Simple kissing became passionate necking. During one ardent exchange Sullivan brushed his hand across Sarah’s breast and she flinched at the contact.

Sullivan straightened, “Whew! I sure get carried away with you!” He was determined to be a gentleman this time. “Maybe we could open that book after all.”

“Okay.” Sarah did not seem overly bothered by Sullivan’s advances. But she was also comfortable with taking a little break from the escalating embraces. She grabbed the book and reclined back against Sullivan’s torso so that he could see over her shoulder. They wiggled against each other with little sounds of obvious pleasure as Sullivan wrapped his arms around Sarah’s ribcage. She turned her reddening face up to him for a brief kiss before thumbing through the pages of the book.

“Whoa, let me see some of those pictures!” Sullivan called out. Sarah giggled knowingly and turned the pages more slowly.

Sullivan was surprised and also aroused at the realism of the sketched illustrations. The male and female in the drawings were always completely nude. They appeared to be in their early 30’s given that they were attractive but not overly “buff”. The illustrations near the beginning showed variations on foreplay, while the later sketches had the textbook-lovers in multiple positions of unconcealed sexual penetration.

Sarah spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, “How about if I start near the beginning and explain things?”

“Uh-huh,” Sullivan responded with his eyes fixed on the first drawing.

“Okay, I’ll go straight to the foreplay section. Here is an illustration of a simple kiss.” The artist rendering showed a close-up of the lovers’ faces with eyes closed and relaxed lips just meeting. Sarah turned to look at Sullivan, “And it looks like a good kiss, too!” Sullivan calmly moved his mouth down to hers for a copy of the same kiss, which they held for several seconds.

“Well!” Sarah exclaimed catching her breath, “I’d say we have that mastered!”

Sullivan flushed, “I agree with you! But I think we have a great kiss because of you!”

“And I think it’s because of you!” she retorted in giggles. They snuggled closer and kissed passionately this time, with Sullivan caressing her upturned face and with Sarah clinging against his warm thigh and hip. They resumed their reading position.

Sarah flipped past a couple of pages. “Here’s something interesting. It’s a foreplay technique that uses massage.”

“You mean there’s more to foreplay than just making out?” Sullivan said half-jokingly.

Sarah continued the kidding. “You bet there is mister. You’re going to have to put some work into this.” Sarah moved her positioning on the couch and nudged Sullivan. “Hop up and you massage me first.”

Sullivan acted as if he was objecting, “I thought we were just going to read the book.”

“You started this whole idea. You might as well learn it right,” she smiled back at him. Sullivan stood by the couch as Sarah stretched out on her stomach and propped up on her elbows to continue reading the textbook.

“You’re supposed to start at the extremities and massage toward the torso.”

Sullivan took a moment to admire Sarah’s figure reclining on the couch. Her clothing hugged her body in the good places and she adjusted her position in a way that was especially attractive. Sullivan found himself looking hungrily at Sarah’s cute little ass, wondering if that should be part of the massage. About that time Sarah commented, “You do not have to touch erotic body parts for this to be good foreplay.”

Sullivan began with Sarah’s feet after she kicked off her shoes. He was encouraged by her response.

“Oh that feels good, especially on the bottom bahis siteleri of my feet!”

By the time Sullivan had moved up to her ankles Sarah was relaxing with eyes closed and her cheek resting on the book. It almost gave Sullivan a jolt as he stole a secret moment to admire her calm innocent face.

Sullivan took the liberty of lifting Sarah’s legs one at a time to push her jeans up some. She accepted his actions without question and without tensing. He kneaded Sarah’s calves then palmed up past her knees, without daring to go further.

Sullivan switched to Sarah’s hands, arms, neck, and back. She stated her appreciation at various times however the massage was somewhat technical and not at all erotic.

“Okay, that was nice,” breathed Sarah as she straightened to a seated position. “Now it’s your turn.”

As they traded positions Sarah assumed the role of the instructor. “This type of foreplay is really just a kind of erotic massage.”

Sullivan settled into position on his belly and Sarah continued, “The whole idea is to tease and caress.”

Sarah began by working her fingers into Sullivan’s scalp, but her touch was gentle. Sullivan dreamily closed his eyes and visibly relaxed.

She worked on Sullivan’s hands and spent some time lightly touching his forearms in a way that was more like discovering than massaging. When Sarah got to Sullivan’s back she placed her palms under his shirt and stroked his tingling skin. Her last moves across his upper body ended with a light raking of her fingertips down his sides, and then across the tops of his buttocks.

Sarah moved to Sullivan’s feet and ankles. She struggled to work her hands under the cuffs of his khakis. Without warning Sullivan flipped onto his back, undid his pants, and threw them on the floor almost in one hurried motion before turning back onto his stomach.

“Ooh!” Sarah called as she recoiled back. When she returned her attention to Sullivan’s motionless form she could see he was wearing one of his brief Speedo swimming suits instead of underwear.

“Well, I guess that’s a good idea,” she commented. Sullivan exhaled with anticipation.

Sarah proceeded to run her hands up the back of Sullivan’s calves. Before long she lost herself in admiring and caressing Sullivan’s muscular legs. She moved up to his thighs, careful to only touch the outside of his legs. Her palms ran higher with each movement until she was actually passing over his hips and firmly clutching his mid-section.

Almost imperceptibly, Sarah allowed her thumbs to pass closer and closer to the tender insides of Sullivan’s thighs. When Sullivan spread his legs wider she knew that he was aware of what she was doing. With each stroking movement she passed closer to his butt, and at the last moment she passed her hands to the outside of his hips again.

At this point Sullivan had not made a sound. Finally Sarah held her breath and very blatantly passed one hand up the inside of his leg, allowing her knuckles to barely graze his bathing suit. She was probably unaware that she had actually touched his testicles where they were tucked neatly inside the suit.

“Aahhh!!” groaned Sullivan.

Sarah concluded with several long stroking hand movements that appeared to accidentally pass ever-so-lightly over Sullivan’s twitching buttocks. With a flushed face Sarah slowly straightened, “How was that?”

Sullivan took a long breath, “Oh man! Now I understand what you’re talking about. That was hot!”

Sullivan was slow to get up until Sarah said, “Okay, it’s my turn. Now for the front side.”

Sarah nestled herself into the cushions of the couch and looked up at Sullivan. Her eyes were wide with expectation as she smiled openly and innocently at him. Sullivan gently seized one of her hands, bent low, and kissed her with passion. Only their hands and lips touched.

When Sullivan finally stood straight they were both breathing deeply. They grinned at each other as he knelt beside her. This time Sullivan made no attempt to hide what might seem to be a leering expression. He took plenty of time feasting his eyes on her while she smiled back at him. Sarah had a large chest with average sized breasts, but it left the overall impression of a very attractive bosom, especially the way her torso moved up and down with her heavy breathing. She had a small waist and nice butt so that in this reclined position the small of her back did not quite touch the couch pad.

“You are beautiful!” was all he could think to say. Judging from Sarah’s expression, apparently that was enough.

Sullivan did not quite know where to start touching her, but it only took a few seconds for him to figure something. With only fingertips, Sullivan glided over Sarah’s face and she responded by closing her eyes. He noticed that Sarah’s lips had turned a shade of purple.

Sullivan continued with the slow light touch onto her fingers, hands, arms, and across her collarbone. On an impulse he lightly ran his fingers downward over her silky blouse toward Sarah’s heaving breasts. She did not object and kept her eyes closed but her breathing did get faster. Instead of actually placing his hands on her breasts he leaned forward and gave Sarah a moist kiss.

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