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Back Home for the Holidays Ch. 02

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From the author: This, like Part I, is a sequel to the Double Trouble story. It is not a requirement to be familiar with that story in order to simply enjoy this one for what it is. However, this may shed more light on some of the other character’s motivations. I would suggest reading Part I before reading this, though, as some of the references may not be clear otherwise.

The incest/taboo categorization for Part II has to do with a mother/daughter relationship. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.


Back Home for the Holidays

A Double Trouble Adventure

Part II : Miami

The Fort Lauderdale airport was packed. There were people everywhere, coming and going, trying to get home after Christmas. It had me feeling a little claustrophobic. I was already anxious about John meeting my mother and the hustle and bustle of getting through the airport only intensified it.

Following John through the crowd, we finally made it out to the street. It was nice to breathe the air, though hot and humid, despite it being the last week of the year, at least it was fresh. I don’t mind the press of bodies, heat, and wetness if it were in the context of an orgy; but this was just unsettling. Thankfully, my thin green blouse and short green skirt helped a lot with the temperature. How John managed in his plaid shirt and jeans was beyond me. I had learned my lesson in Louisiana.

I still had not told John everything he really needed to know about my mother. By not sitting him down I had, by default, decided to let him experience her on his own. This made my anxiety ten times worse and I could feel myself about to snap. I concentrated on holding it together.

We found that we had emerged in the bus pickup area, so we made our way to the normal pickup area. I didn’t recognize the car, but when the sun struck a mass of orange hair as a woman got out of a new Toyota Prius, there was no mistaking that it was my mother. Few women have hair like ours.

“Robin!” she called to me.

Exhausted from the trip, my mother’s enthusiasm made me feel even more tired, but I smiled at her despite my fatigue. My mother is a bit taller than me and her tits are a little smaller than mine, but other than that we could have been twins. I noticed that the Florida sun had intensified her freckles as she came towards me. She wore nothing but sandals and a leopard-print bikini, her pale skin glowing in the waning afternoon sunlight.

I also noticed a man getting out of the passenger side of the Prius just as my mother blocked my view of him. Was this her boyfriend of the week or was he more permanent than that? I also realized that things could get a bit more complicated faster than I had anticipated. It made me doubly regretful that I had not already told John about my mother.

She came up to me as I dropped my bags at my feet. Without a word, and with tears in her eyes, she wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me for a long time.

“Hi Mom,” I said softly.

She pulled back and looked me in the face. She had that disapproving look that she got whenever I called her ‘Mom’. “What the fuck happened to ‘Kate’?”

I smiled at that. My mother got pregnant with me when she was fourteen, so, after Dad left, she decided that she didn’t like me to call her ‘Mom’. I said, “Sorry. Hi Kate.”

She kissed me on the lips. It was a quick kiss. Then she kissed me again, this time softer and longer.

Aware of where I was and knowing how it looked I wanted to pull away, but I also enjoyed the kiss. Kate and I have always had our differences. We’ve always fought, but we’ve also always been close. You only really fight with someone you are close to.

She pulled back and looked at me. Then she kissed me again. This time I opened my mouth to her and let her press her tongue inside. Her hands roamed down my back and to my firm ass. She gave it a squeeze.

I moaned up into her mouth. I loved Kate. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and we only talked on the phone every other week, but I knew this woman. I thought I knew her better than anyone else in this world. Returning the caress to her back, I could feel her bare skin, smooth and soft, under my hands.

“Wow,” I heard John whisper to himself beside me.

Breaking the kiss, I looked at her. She was smiling at me though tears still welling in her eyes. She breathed, “I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

We often fought over the phone about my moving back to Boston, or now to Miami, to be closer to her. “I’ve missed you too, Kate,” I told her. It was true. When we were together there was a different sort of energy between us than when we were on the phone. We still fought, but we rarely left issues unresolved in person.

“Felix will be happy to see you,” she commented, almost in passing, as she turned to look at John.

I smiled. Felix was the name my mother gave to the strap-on dildo she used to fuck me with when I turned eighteen. I had fond memories of Felix.

Now, poker oyna I knew we were freaking John out and my anxiety was still present over that issue. I knew there was no getting around it and he was going to find out everything about me on this trip, except, of course, my biggest secret which I had sworn my mother to confidentiality on threat of never speaking to her again. Beyond that, the chips would just have to fall where they might. I may be a control freak but I also knew the inevitable when I saw it.

I also saw the way John was looking at Kate. While his mother was showing her age, mine was just as sexy as she had ever been. She looked just a little older than me, instead of the fifteen years it really was. He was trying not to look at her body but she was nearly naked in front of him and her pale svelte frame, as well as the earlier kiss that we had shared in front of him, were playing havoc with his mind. I saw the bulge in his jeans and knew he was losing his battle to control the swelling of his big cock.

“Kate, this is my boyfriend, John. John, this is my mother, Kate.”

“Pleased to meet you Miss Nelson,” he said as he put out his hand to shake hers.

I cringed. Before I could say anything, Kate said, “It’s Miss Kirkpatrick. That no-good-miserable-son-of-a-bitch-asshole who got me pregnant with my sweet little Robin is Nelson. My name is Kaitlyn Kirkpatrick. You call me Kate.”

My last name was still Nelson, which was another source of friction between us, but I didn’t want to get into that right at that moment. I tried to intervene but, before I could, John replied, “Sorry. Nice to meet you, Kate.”

She still didn’t shake his hand. Instead she looked back at me and asked, “So this is the John that you broke poor little Angela’s heart over?”

I was a little stunned at Kate’s rudeness and anxious that maybe she would not hold her tongue regarding my big secret as she had promised to do. As for her comment about Angela, I reflexively snapped back, “I broke her heart? She hurt me!”

Kate rolled her eyes and said, “You two have been like sisters ever since she moved in with us. She fucking loves you. How can you push her aside for this… man?”

John looked just as shocked as I at this turn of events. Anger rose up in me like a rocket and I said, “Look Kate, Angela had been fucking me over for years, sabotaging my relationships. I finally caught her at it. John just happened to be there when it happened. She doesn’t love me. She only wants a sidekick to party with.”

“Well what’s wrong with that?” she asked vehemently. “And she does love you, even after the way you treated her. She’s really sorry for what she did, but you won’t forgive her. She misses you so much, Robin. How can you treat her like you don’t even fucking know her?”

“Because, she- Hey, how do you know how she feels?” I asked angrily. “Has she called you?”

“We talk almost every day,” she said defiantly. “She calls me a hell of a lot more than you do.”

“I’m pissed at Angela and you talk to her every other day? Thanks for the loyalty, Mom,” I replied, raising my voice and putting a lot of emphasis on that last word.

“Angela is like a daughter to me. You fucking know that! And don’t call me ‘Mom’!” she said, her voice even louder than mine.

“I may not call you every fucking day to boohoo on your shoulder, but I’m your real daughter. You should be on my fucking side!” I shouted.

“I know who the fuck you are,” she screamed at me. “I’m the one that had you when I was fifteen. I love both of you girls and I hate to see you fighting over a stupid fucking man!”

“We’re not fighting, over John or anything else. She’s out of my life! The fight was over months ago. Get over it!” I yelled at her.

“Fine! But I’m not going to stop talking to her!”

“Fine! I don’t give a shit!” I shouted.

Kate, breathing heavy and her skin red, looked at John and then asked me, her voice still raised, “So, are you at least going to share him?”

“Well, of course,” shouted without thinking about it. If I had thought it was an option I might have changed my mind. “I’m still me! I haven’t fucking changed that much!”

“Well, okay then!” she shouted and then fell silent for a moment. Then she looked at John, who looked was completely stunned and embarrassed by the outbursts, and asked in her normal voice, “So, are you any good?”

“Ma’am?” he asked. I could see that John was completely stunned and the bulge in his pants had disappeared. He was looking around nervously like the police might show up and drag us all to the insane asylum at any moment. I didn’t blame him.

She asked him very slowly, as if he were mentally challenged, “Are you a good fuck?”

I sighed. “Of course he is. He’s the best I’ve ever had. I told you that!”

Kate shrugged and said, “We’ll see,” as she turned toward the Prius. The man who had gotten out of the passenger side still stood beside the car. He was six-foot-nine and looked to be very muscular, filling out his business canlı poker oyna suit in all the right places. At Kate’s insistence, he approached.

John looked at me but didn’t say anything. I could see the emotions across his face; concern, confusion, and little fear; fear of Kate, not the big man. I felt guilty for not preparing him to meet Kate.

As for me, I had really worked hard over the last week, living with John’s parents, to watch what I said and did. I felt so free to be out of there and on more familiar territory that I was a little out of control. Now, had it not been for that, I would have still said those things to Kate but I might have been able to wait until we got to her apartment instead of spreading our dirty laundry in the airport pickup area.

Kate said, “This is Raul, my boyfriend du jour. He speaks very little English but he has a really big dick. Raul, this is my daughter; mi hija.”

“Su hija?” he asked her, his voice was not deep despite his size. Then he looked at me and, with a very thick accent, said, “You hot, like Kate!”

“Gracias,” I said with a smile, hoping that he didn’t expect me to speak Spanish to him but trying to be polite. “Pleased to meet you, Raul. This is my boyfriend, John.”

“John,” he repeated before shaking John’s hand.

Raul took our bags from us and put them in the rear of the Prius and we all piled in, John and I in the back seat while Raul took the passenger seat and Kate drove. I didn’t begrudge Raul sitting in front since he would not have had enough room in the back seat, even though it was pretty roomy for me.

Kate began talking about Miami and how bad the traffic was as she drove; every other word ‘fuck’. She had been more reserved in Boston. Miami seemed to have lowered her inhibitions even more until, if she had any filters between her brain and her mouth, one would have needed a microscope to discover it. I shuddered to imagine what she would have said to John had I not run a little interference.

My phone beeped. I looked at it. It was a text from John that read, *She hates me!*

Talking to Kate about the sights and the heat, I replied to John’s text with, *She loves Angela. You can win her over.*

*’Share’ me?* he replied.

He was asking about the comment at the end. This was getting too much for a text message conversation but I didn’t want to discuss it out loud and I knew that if I waited until we were alone it might be a little late. I replied, *Problem with that?*

I heard him sigh next to me and then the reply came, *She’s hot but she’s crazy!*

Barking a laugh, I tried to disguise it was a fake cough as I continued to discuss Florida with Kate and how much she loved to be able to wear a bikini in winter. I sent my reply to John, *She’s just very passionate, like me.*

“Are you two texting?” Kate asked rhetorically. “For me, I can’t stand that fucking shit. I much prefer face-to-face conversations, or at least to be able to hear the other person’s fucking voice.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“No, Robin, you do whatever you fucking want when you’re with me. I’m not laying down any fucking rules. I was just making conversation,” Kate told me.

My mother was a very ‘free spirit’ as she would have described herself. She didn’t believe in rules. That’s how she raised me, though I knew she wasn’t completely happy with the result. I did believe in some rules and etiquette. I had low inhibitions but nowhere near as low as Kate’s.

“Okay,” I replied, trying to end the conversation. John already thought she hated him and this conversation wasn’t helping matters. I knew why she didn’t like that I called John my boyfriend and I was hopeful that I could bring her around. I just needed to sit her down and talk to her.

Everyone fell silent for a few moments as Kate drove through Miami.

Denver, where I live, is a big city but it is spread out over many square miles like many small towns all tied together. Miami, on the other hand is dense, with many tall buildings in a relatively small area.

As Kate drove through Miami and crossed to South Beach I was in awe. There was water everywhere. There were marinas packed with boats, white sandy beaches dotted with people, and rocky piers with people fishing off of them.

But for the occasional Santa Clause still decorating one or two of the tiny yards of the small houses lining the streets there was no sign that it was winter. Though the sun was starting to set it was still relatively warm.

“Here we are,” Kate announced.

I glanced around.

We were driving down a road with cars parked on either side. They lined the road, nearly turning the drivable portion into a one-way. The houses that these cars were parked in front of were tiny one or two story homes. Their very small yards were all individually fenced with hurricane fencing.

Was she talking about one of these? Did she live in one of these little shacks? No! Kate was gesturing in front of us.

Out the windshield, a couple blocks in front internet casino of us at the end of the street, stood a huge building. It was all glass and steel and curves. It consisted of three oval towers that rose up over thirty stories into the sky.

“You don’t live there,” I said flatly.

Kate flashed me a grin over her shoulder.

“How?” I asked.

Kate thought for a moment and replied, “Generous gifts; invested wisely; and a buyer’s market.”

“Holy shit,” I breathed. “This is a far cry from that tenement in Boston that I grew up in.”

“Fuckin’ A,” Kate replied as she pulled into the parking garage.


The lobby of the Flamingo South Beach was huge with beautiful marble floors and great crystal chandeliers. The walls were all dark stained woods when it wasn’t metal and glass. We looked around, suitably impressed, with Kate leading the way and Raul trailing behind with most of our luggage, John and I only keeping our duffle bags.

Kate’s condo was on the ninth floor of the south tower, so we travelled down a corridor off to the right and took an elevator up.

The elevator ride was tense and nobody said anything for the first five floors, then Kate spun around and looked John up and down. Then she said, “John, I believe I was rude to you earlier. I’d like to apologize. You see, I love my little Robin and I want the very best for her. She believes that’s you. At this point I have no fucking idea if you are good enough for her. Still, that’s no excuse for being so rude.”

John was taken aback. Kate was more unpredictable than I was and she really had him completely off balance. It took a moment but he collected his thoughts and said, “Ma’am, I love Robin. All I want is to make her as happy as she makes me.”

Kate smiled at him for the first time. She said, “That is a good attitude to have. Welcome!” She opened her arms for a hug.

John leaned down and hugged her, his hands on her bare back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her hips against his. Then she pulled her head back and kissed him.

I was shocked but I knew I shouldn’t have been. I watched John resist at first, his mouth closed, and then he relaxed, opening his mouth and kissing Kate in front of me. He had kissed a lot of women in front of me and I had never really felt jealousy until that moment. I’ve always told John that I hate negatives emotions and not to be jealous of anything I do. The secret is to know your own power and your own worth. So, what had changed? I couldn’t think straight. I felt the urge to get in there and physically separate them. I managed to resist it until the bell dinged to indicate that we had reached the ninth floor.

Kate broke the kiss, looked at me, smiled, and said, “He is a great kisser.”

I was still too caught up with my own emotions to respond. I looked at John and he looked a little glassy-eyed from the kiss and, looking down, I could see that his cock was about to burst out of his jeans. The unfamiliar feelings of jealousy swirled in my head.

“This way,” Kate said as she left the elevator and walked down the hall. We both watched her, her pale body almost completely exposed in her bikini. Her ass swayed back and forth sexily as she walked away.

John watched her go, entranced by her ass. He didn’t even glance at me before he started following her, walking down the hall to her apartment. He didn’t even try to disguise the bulge in his pants.

I scolded myself for being jealous. I hated that emotion. I took a deep breath and followed behind.

Kate’s condo was at the end of the hall. The main entryway to the condo was barred by two large doors, one of which was locked closed into place. It could be opened from the inside to allow large furniture to be moved in.

Kate put her keycard in the slot beside her door and I heard it click unlocked, just like in a hotel. She quickly opened the door inward and led us inside.

The foyer was a beautiful little area with a small oak table that held a statue and two vases containing a dozen red roses in each. As we passed by them I glanced at the cards and noticed they were signed by different gentlemen. I couldn’t make out the names but I knew neither was ‘Raul’.

It was a beautiful condo, with hardwood floors throughout and the walls painted various colors in the bedrooms. The walls were white in the main areas. Kate had laid down a dozen throw rugs all over the condo and all of her furniture was immaculate.

Kate gave us a quick tour.

The foyer formed a T with the main hall. Down the left hallway were two big bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and beautiful views. One of the bedrooms was actually a bit bigger than the other and contained two walk-in closets. Kate indicated that is where she slept and the other room was just a ‘fun’ bedroom. Neither room had a door off the main hall, but instead had a beautiful curtain at the entryway. The bathrooms and closets inside the rooms did have doors.

I watched John hang on her every word as she showed us her condo. I tried not to be jealous. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. At the sex clubs he had been attracted to lots of different women and I had never been jealous in the least. What was wrong with me?

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