Oca 04

Baking with a Twist

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“What are you doing?” He was trying not to laugh.

“What does it look like?” She smiled, on tip toes trying to reach the flour bag way at the top back of the highest shelf. She could feel her brown skirt lifting up a little bit too high, and was sure he could see the smallest bit of her ass. She only hoped he couldn’t see her sexy red panties.

He certainly eyed her over, and then glanced to the table. On it he found a big green bowl, milk, eggs, sugar, some chocolate chips, among a few measuring cups. “What are you making?”

“How about you just help me!” She pleaded while trying to jump up a little in hopes to reach the flour bag.

He laughed a little under his breath at how cute she was. Poor girl would never put enough cloths on, but today was the one day he didn’t blame her. It was really hot out, and of course she’d be in here baking making the rest of the house even hotter. He would never understand women.

As he walked over he grabbed her ass.

“Hey!” That made her jump even higher then before.

“You said you wanted my help.” He smiled and kissed her neck.

“Getting the flour!” She giggled, but when she felt his other hand slide up from her hip under her shirt, she grabbed his hand before it could get very high. “Flour!”

He rolled his eyes and simply moved his hand higher up, until he found her bra. Playfully he slipped his fingers underneath it, and played with her nipple. Very soon he had it into a nice little pink bud, and as he sucked on her neck she gently gasped.

“Ah!” She gave her had a good shake, “No no no! There will enough time for that later, I need the flour!”

“Sure, you do.” He whispered against her ear, before slipping his other hand to her hip.

Finally she jumped up a little and hit the top shelf, making everything fall off. The bag of flour hadn’t been shut from the last time it had been used, and because of that came right down on top of them.

She giggled and turned to face her flour covered boyfriend.

Raising an eyebrow he asked, “You think this is funny?”

“If you had only helped me from the start we wouldn’t have had this problem.” She smiled and kissed him.

“So, now it’s my fault?” He looked at her carefully.

“Why yes it is.” She smirked.

“Really?” He went over the refrigerator, opened the door quickly and pulled something out. Before she knew what he was doing she found herself covered in whipped cream, it was on her face, her neck, and slowly moving down her low cut shirt onto her chest. “Darlin’ if you are going to blame me, actually do it for something that is my fault.” He kissed her slowly, tasting the whipped cream on her lips, “Like this.”

She looked at him in shock for a moment, before grabbing silivri escort chocolate sauces.

He looked at the bottle she was holding, “You wouldn’t dare.”

She giggled, and very slowly pulled her shirt up over her tight little stomach, up to the base of her bra, and then pulled it over her head, exposing a little red bra that hardly fit her chest it was so tight. He could feel himself starting to get aroused, but tried to ignore it for the time being.

That didn’t last long, however. Very slowly she pushed her neck back and put the bottle upside down over chest and let some slowly drip out onto her skin. Little chocolate drops gently hit her skin and slowly started to make there way down her body, most of the disappearing into her bra.

He could only watch and feel his dick as it sprung to life.

After putting the chocolate bottle down she slipped her fingers down in between her breasts, rubbing chocolate onto them. Before bring her covered fingers to her lips and gently licking every last drop of chocolate off.

As he watched he pictured her licking the chocolate off his fully hard cock. All of a sudden his jeans had become very uncomfortable.

She pushed her fingers down between her chest again, and brought them back up covered. She walked over to him, and dragged the tip of her fingers against his lips. She leaned in and whispered, “Taste me” He opened his lips at once to take her fingers into his mouth, but she pulled them away.

Giggling she walked off.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” He grunted. He was turned on, and the relief he needed was walking away, something was wrong with this picture.

“Shower” Her ass looked amazing as she walked away. “Have fun cleaning up.” She muttered as she stopped walking up the hall to slip her shorts down.

He couldn’t believe this. She was sexy as hell, nearly naked, and leaving him hard as a rock for a damn shower?! God something was wrong here, and he was about to fix it. Quickly he ripped his shirt off over his head.

He pushed her stomach and face against the wall, and ran his fingers up against her skin. “Don’t even think you’ll get away from me.” His finger slipped under her bra and pinched her nipple, as he grounded his hips into her ass.

She could feel his hard cock pushing into her, even if he did still have her jeans on. He had her fully trapped against the wall, but she wasn’t going to let him win just yet. She slowly started to push her hips side to side, making his cock feel the movement of her body.

He bit into her neck, and she screamed a little. Half because of the pain and half because it shocked her. He slipped his finger down in between her legs, but only bakırköy escort dragged it up and down, on top of her panties.

She started to rock her hips a little faster as he moved his finger against her. She could feel her pussy lips getting wet with need. She wanted to feel him touch her actual skin, not her panties! Biting her lip she, moan just a little.

She felt him sucking at her neck, and it only excited her more. She loved hickeys, she loved the feeling of being marked by a lover. A sign that she was taken.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” She pleaded, but he didn’t stop, he touched her harder against the red panties.

With one hand he started to work at his jeans, trying to push them off. It took a few moments but he did manage to get them off. She tried to turn around to face him, but he was not about to let that happen and shoved her back against the wall.

He dragged his finger tips up her back and managed to free her breast from the troubling bra. Once it was off, he cupped her breast and squeezed, “Oh Jim, Fuck me!” she’d plead, but he wasn’t giving in.

While one hand worked the nipple in between his fingers, the other slowly dragged down her stomach and into her panties. He slowly started to move his fingertip against her clit, adding more pressure, then just slowly touching her. He did this time and time again, until he knew she was hot and heavy with need.

Her hips where moving against him, and with each moan she made the pleasure felt better and better. “Oh god!” she’d gasp, “Harder! Harder!”

His middle finger, his fucking finger, slipped deep into her pussy. Quickly he started to masturbate her, making his finger reach deeper depths then she had ever thought possible. He could tell she couldn’t take much more, and truth being he couldn’t either and he’d be damned if his cum came only into his boxers.

He shoved her panties down to her feet. Then came down his boxers. His erection stood tall, and was more then ready to fill her. But he smiled as he moved just a little and pressed the tip against her ass. He pushed slowly against the tiny whole. He had no intention of fucking her ass, he only wanted to turn her on more, make her pussy drip with wetness.

She ground her hips against him, screaming out for him. Begging him to fuck her, to take her. The thought of his dick deep within her ass, made her needed far greater. “Take me!”

He slipped his fucking finger back into her pussy as his dick added pressure to her ass. He just kept pushing a finger deep into, then back out. After a few moments he added another finger.

She moaned, “Yes! Ohhhh! Yes!!!”

He pushed his dick harder, and she screamed. He could feel that she had become şirinevler escort a whole hell of a lot wetter from that idea. One day, he’d take her from the ass, but not just yet…

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” She yelled.

With a few quick breaths he grabbed her pulling her away from the way, and half way dragged her up the hall onto the bed. He shoved her onto the bed, and before she new what was going on he, spread her legs apart and pushed his needing cock deep inside of her.

With each thrust his cock went in faster and harder. “Yes! Yes! Yes” She moaned, which only increased how fast he went. She pushed her hips hard against his with each thrust, her fingernail dug into his back to keep her from moving as he rocked his body onto hers.

He pounded into her, stretching her some. She had never had her pussy been used so roughly. She’d never someone’s cock so deep within her either. If he’d been any bigger things would have been uncomfortable.

She could hear him grunting, as he worked on top of her. His breath was becoming harder as he fucked her. “Oh baby, your so damn tight”

Pleasure was shooting threw her body, as he started to hold himself inside her a little longer before pulling out, only to push back in. “MMMmhhmmm”

Right before she would have came, he stopped. He just held himself deep inside of her, but refused to move. She wiggled dug her fingernails harder, but it was no good. “Deal Lord, fuck me!”

He slowly moved again, but his time it wasn’t nearly as fast or as hard. He just smiled meanly, and worked his cock in and out of her, but he was moving so slow it was making her go crazy with need, want. She was now breathing hard, and ready to fuck his brains out. But he only wanted to be slow and easy!

“Fuck me hard!” She screamed, and kissed him.

He moved slowly a few more times, before he decided it was time for her to take over. He knew she’d fuck him just as hard as he’d done her.

He grabbed her, and rolled onto his back, dragging her on top of him. With that she started to ride him, to fuck him. She moved as fast as she could, “Fuck yes! Ohhh baby.”

He knew there would be no stopping her. She slowly moved up a little and then came back down upon his dick. He moaned out, and knew he was close. “Baby, I’m going to fill… ” he moaned out again, “you pussy with my cum”

He loved the view of her tits bouncing up and down as she was riding him. He loved how she’d bite her lip when she got close, and he loved how god damn tight she felt on his hard cock!

“I’m so close” he gasped as he held on to her hips, holding her on top of him.

She moved her body faster, fucking him harder, and riding him better. It pushed him to the point of no return, as his cock started to pump his sperm into her tight pussy. “Oh god! Yes!YES!”

A few seconds later her body was milking his fat cock. As she found her own pleasure she crashed down on top of him. His cock still deep inside of her.

After a few moments he kissed her and whispered, “Next time you cook, I’ll bring the flour.”

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