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Subject: Baldwin Dominican, Javier had once told him. Jav, who was 100% Puerto Rican, should know. Perplexed, Lombardo gave Javier a sidelong look. He never had visitors. The suspicion that these two were up to something unsavory had him on alert. Still, it wouldn’t be to his benefit to defy them. Somewhat reluctantly Lombardo allowed himself to be led out of the yard and back into the prison proper by the two. Visitation took place between the hours of nine and three and on weekends only. It was now shortly after one. There were two options: contact and no-contact. With no-contact the visitation was conducted through plexiglass. Contact visitation was in a stark room with nothing more than a table and two chairs. Shrek and Thor took him to neither of these places. Trying not to show his uneasiness Lombardo casually asked, “Where we headed?” “Ev’ry place else occupied,” Shrek, the black one, replied in a stern, baritone voice. “You gonna have your visitation elsewheres.” Growing more apprehensive, Lombardo pressed, “This isn’t exactly normal procedure, right?” “No worries,” Thor, the Dominican, casually responded in an even deeper voice than his partner. “Warden approved it.” Warden Brock, the crooked bastard, approved a visitation for him in an area other than the normally secured location? With each step Lombardo became more wary. Throughout his incarceration he’d seen Brock twice and had not been impressed either time. Rumor ran amok around the population that the old fuck selected from fresh new inmates, always young ones, fucked them up in his office with promises of leniency and made the cream of the crop his trusties. It was obvious which ones they were. Desirous of a short stay, Lombardo avoided the Warden and the clueless members of his harem. So why in fuck would Brock have intervened in his mysterious visitation? Lombardo was led through several secure points and seemed to be headed to the administrative wing of the prison. All at once Shrek was pressing a key pad next to a door on his left and Thor ushered him inside. It was a room like others he’d seen at police stations, an interrogation area. A long conference table dominated the room with a chair on each end. What Lombardo knew to be a one-way mirror dominated one wall, allowing someone on the other side to observe what went on in the room. He was directed to a chair at the far end of the expansive table. Before he’d even been seated his right wrist was cuffed to a ring on the table top. For the first time Lombardo reacted. Uneasy with being contained in such a manner he fought against the cuff to no avail. But before he could verbally raise his objection the twin ogres departed, leaving him there with unfulfilled curiosity. And trepidation. Although it felt like an eternity, less than five minutes later Shrek stepped back into the room. Standing to the side and holding the door open he stared hard at Lombardo, a mischievous gleam sparkling in his dark eyes. On alert Lombardo shifted his gaze to the doorway. His eyes shot wide open and his jaw comically dropped when the visitor was escorted into the room by an amused Thor. Sheepishly standing there at the other end of the table, completely unclothed and looking like a dream lifted from a teen muscle magazine was Ryan Baldwin. His white-blond hair was a bit longer than Lombardo recalled but the rest of him was the same youthful perfection he had repeatedly ravished all those months ago. From those plump, pouty cock sucking lips to a muscle padded chest capped by entirely edible boy nubs, etched abdominal structure and well defined obliques, an impossibly trim and graspable waist, a beauty of a young cock and balls, thick footballers thighs and bunched calves Ryan was a welcome sight for anyone’s eyes. Lombardo instantly boned up in his uniform. When the initial shock waned he cockily sat back in his chair, groped his full crotch with his free hand and seductively skimmed his tongue over his lips. “Hello there, Ryan,” he greeted with a twinkle in his dark Sicilian eyes. “Seems like you’ve been missing old Lombardo.” “Visitor not allowed to speak,” Shrek spoke in an authoritative, booming voice. Lombardo gave the muscle mutant freak a quizzical glance before looking back to Ryan, slowly running his eyes over the athlete’s nude form. “Ryan’s at his best when he’s not talking. Isn’t that right, boy?” Ryan flashed to that first time he’d encountered the forbidding man on the estate. His problem asshole had really been buzzing into overtime that day and needed some sort of relief. Ryan brazenly seduced the man and got royally fucked by his perfectly huge cock over one of his father’s expensive garaged cars. From that moment on Lombardo enthusiastically took care of his special needs whenever they arose. Which was often. Prison life seemed to agree with the handsome Italian. The stud was naturally olive skinned, although not as dark as he had been when working outdoors at the Baldwin estate. While his longish, wavy hair had been cut short he still sported his trademark goatee, which perfectly framed his full mouth. Although it might have something to do with the shapeless coveralls he wore it appeared that his body had filled out some, become more muscular. Ryan’s eyes flared as he spied the dark silk hair spouting from the V of the outfit, zipped down to his sternum. Ryan found himself shifting uncomfortably on bare feet, that dreaded humming beginning deep in his asshole. Although he’d found others, many others, to assuage his “discomfort” Ryan retained fond memories of Lombardo. Before he’d gone rogue. Until a few weeks ago it hadn’t occurred to Ryan to make contact. Especially since the Baldwin’s had conspired to rid themselves of Lombardo and his treacherous ways. Ryan wasn’t the brightest jock in a strap but he didn’t think Bardo would much want to do with any one of them after they’d set him up. It began at a Baldwin “party.” He’d just gotten fucked and filled by a big, blocky older guy with a hard gut and just enough cock to tease his target. As the panting man pulled out and set about righting himself another dude slapped him on the back, congratulated his performance and referred to him as “Warden.” Ryan took one more fuck, this one the father of one of his teammates who, himself, was taking dick somewhere else in the spacious, but crowded, living room. Daddy really ripped his inner clit, which had Ryan shooting his third load of the evening and Daddy adding to his already leaking hole. Begging off other hopefuls he went in search of The Warden. Brock was more than pleased to accept Ryan’s invitation to the privacy of his bedroom. In his prison he was used to taking what he wanted from the scum placed in his care. Now, this good looking, all-American teen was so impressed with his prowess that he’d pursued him. Or so Brock thought. Up in the boy’s sports trophied and team banner-lined wall Brock made his big body comfortable on the bed. Propped up against the headboard he fondled his deflated dick while Ryan approached the intended subject. Brock allowed how he couldn’t possibly know every one of his fifteen hundred plus charges. But, wagging his dick, if Ryan were to help him out it might improve his memory. Taking the bait, and desperate for information about Lombardo, naive Ryan crawled up between the man’s hairy legs and expertly sucked him back into hardness. Between licks and laps he began the tale of how he’d become acquainted with the ex-con. As the story continued to unfold Brock felt his ball bag churning. Just the idea of this totally butch-acting young athlete becoming the fuck toy for some filthy felon had him horned up beyond belief. Continuing to relate his escapades Ryan straddled the man’s lap, easily slipped his cock into his bubbled ass and casually rode him. By the time the boy had revealed Lombardo’s hand in pawning him off on other ex-cons and a group of sleazy home invaders Brock was delirious with the need to cum and doused his amazing hole with another massive round of man sauce. Returning to the prison Brock did the research and, lo and behold, discovered that the subject, Lombardo, was indeed one of his prisoners. Brock envied Lombardo all those months having such a fine specimen of maturing teendom as his personal fuck hole. Like a rat in a cage, Brock desperately wanted to toy with the inmate. On a subsequent visit to the Baldwin orgy, after maneuvering Ryan into eating out his hairy asshole while jerking off his daddy dick, once again in a private session in Ryan’s room, Brock broke the news. Anxious to hear more Ryan squirmed his tongue far up inside the man and ate butt more avidly. Big Brock was thrashing like a blue on a hook, mashing his large ass against the boy’s smooth, handsome face and quickly blast out a load. Later, as Ryan wiped his beautiful wet mouth with the back of his hand, Brock outlined a plan to a visit with the inmate. Ryan was to be there at the appointed time and follow all instructions outlined to him. Ryan excitedly agreed. He was a bit wary when he arrived at the gloomy looking prison and ushered into a tiny office by the two guards who looked more like cartoonish action heroes gone wrong than state employees. In voices which seemed to come from the pits of hell they outlined the rules. He was to have no verbal or physical contact with the prisoner. He was to allow them to lead him through the session without question. If he failed to obey the visit would be cut short and subsequent ones canceled. Failing to consider the consequences of their directives Ryan, anxious to see Lombardo once again, readily agreed. When they commanded him to strip down, he did. It had something to do with security protocol, he figured. They surely didn’t want a visitor transporting contraband or weapons into the prison, although he’d thought that’s what they’d done at his initial entry. Ryan missed the lascivious leers and smacking of plumped-up lips from the two brutes as inch after inch of his smooth, muscular body was revealed. They led him to a room directly across the narrow hallway where Lombardo awaited. He wanted to return Bardo’s initial greeting but was aware of the play call summarized by the gargantuan guards. They openly appraised each other across the length of the conference table. Lombardo broke into his usual cocky verbiage. Ryan couldn’t begin to understand his own desire. He was a butch, all-star athlete for cripe’s sake, fancied by every cheerleader representing his school’s team and the opposing visitor’s. Yet nearly every virile man, especially those who exhibited a sense of sleaze and danger, had him craving dick. At first it was just to appease that insistent buzzing up his ass. But even Ryan, in his semi-vacuouosness, had come to realize that, perhaps out of necessity, he’d come to crave man sex. With his bold cavalier attitude, masculine good looks, foot long truncheon and bad boy reputation Lombardo was the best of the best. Ryan felt an impossibly thick arm come around, taking him by the middle and pressing him up against the gigantic body behind him. The smug look left Lombardo’s face. He sat up at attention but the hulking brute behind him pressed a strong warning hand on his shoulder and shoved him back down. Across the way the Dominican’s other arm came around from under Ryan’s armpit, slid over his mounded pecs and latched on to a pouting pink nub. Digits thick as sausages roughly kneaded the boy’s blossoming bud, squeezing it hard between thumb and forefinger, twirling it around and mercilessly plucking it out from his chest. Ryan sighed. His cock began its ascent. Lombardo’s dark eyes flared. The dark skinned brute dropped his chin down to the teen’s shoulder, licking and sucking on the smooth flesh of his neck with a thick, cow-like tongue. His taunting eyes were fixed on Lombardo as he ravished the boy. He filled Ryan’s ear and chewed on his lobe while he worked the jock’s tit buds to a frazzle. As Thor ground his crotch against the squirming teen’s big back side he ran his other paw down to roughly manhandle Ryan’s hard on and smooth balls. Lombardo clenched his teeth, his nostrils flaring as he seethed with desire and resentment. On guard beside him Shrek chuckled maliciously at Lombardo’s obvious discomfort. Without removing his hands or lips from the prey Thor stepped to one side of the boy when Shrek moved over to join them. With a taunting wink at Lombardo his large black mitt latched on to Ryan’s erect nipple. He squeezed and rolled it between his fat fingers before leaning in to nip and chew on the sensitive nubbin. Ryan’s head fell back on his shoulders and he really began to moan as both men’s hands and mouths explored his exposed body. Lombardo helplessly struggled against the shackle binding him to the spot, eliciting contemptuous snickers from the other two. He wasn’t entirely certain if his motivation was to rescue the boy from these barbarians or to merely have him for himself. As if adding insult to injury Shrek roughly pulled Ryan’s head back, turned the blond jock to face him and covered the teen’s lips with his own. Taking his prey by the jaw he squeezed the teen’s cheeks, forcing his lips to part and plunged his tongue into the boy’s mouth. Lombardo imagined a long and curling, serpentine tongue befitting the bestial man slithering through cute Ryan’s mouth and sliding down his throat. The black barbarian gave a continual, low growl as he hungrily devoured poor Ryan’s mouth. The boy tried to break free from the rough kiss but Shrek had him helpless. Monster paws were running all over his body, grasping, pulling and twisting his nipples, squeezing his cock and sliding down his ass cleavage. While his partner wolfishly drove his tongue around in his mouth the other was slobbering all over the side of his neck. And then it was Thor wolfishly mashing his plump, oversized lips against Ryan’s and feeding him tongue while Shrek manhandled his teen body. Ryan was no longer attempting to fend off the advances of this gruesome twosome. Teen lust had taken hold and, to Lombardo’s dismay, the boy was participating in the brutal kiss. He was obviously sucking on the fiend’s strong muscle, pulling it deep into his mouth and swapping spittle. The buzz had already begun in Ryan’s backside. It galled Lombardo to helplessly watch these two overly pumped up rogues mauling his boy. No matter the degree of separation Ryan was, and always would be, his. The hunky teen’s appearance at the prison today proved that. Despite the unfortunate turn of events which landed Bardo back behind bars they both desired each other. istanbul travesti Through those long, lonely nights in his cell the memory of Ryan’s big, bodacious ass and deep, pussy-like fuck hole provided his only comfort. Lombardo convinced himself that, no matter how much dicking the athlete was getting during his absence, none could replace the majesty of his huge pleaser. Once he got out of this hell hole he’d retake his claim. Ryan would be unable to resist him. Lombardo had kept his nose clean since he returned to lock up. Like his cellie Javier he had good reason to shorten his sentence. Lucky Javy had a parole hearing next week and it appeared he might be sprung soon. Lombardo intended to follow shortly after. Seeing Ryan here now only made him more anxious for the day. He just had to have that pussy again! It seemed these two mongrels were purposely coercing him to lose his cool. No matter what they did with his boy, he knew he mustn’t foul up his good record. He strained, he seethed, he sat there practically chomping at the bit, but he fought against any direct outburst of violence. The evil turnkeys broke their grotesque lip lock on the victim and stood there, one to each side of Ryan’s body beautiful, running their ham-like paws all over his smooth, strapping torso while slyly leering at Lombardo. Ryan helplessly stood there, his full pink lips wet with the sloppy spittle of the muscle freaks. The shameful look on his handsome face as he gazed across the expanse of the table at Lombardo spoke volumes. None of this was what he expected when he’d come calling on his Man. Lombardo felt certain Ryan’s initial plan was not to taunt him in this cruel manner. Somehow these goons had learned of his history with the boy and were using him as bait to get a rise out of him and ensure his continued incarceration. Ryan might have felt humiliated in front of Lombardo but the glazing over of his baby blues was a look Lombardo had seen many times before. The oversexed teen stud just couldn’t help becoming aroused. His perfect Baldwin cock was rock hard and his tit meat swollen and erect as could be. This certainly wasn’t the first time Lombardo had been an observer to the rich boy’s molestation. During his time at the Baldwin manse he’d turned more than one of his ex-con buddies loose on the budding athlete. And there was the time he had reversed a home invasion into a raunchy gang bang featuring Ryan as the central attraction. The kid seemed to groove fucking below—sometimes far below—his social status. Bardo would never forget the time he’d peeked through the pool house windows and caught a young, hunky Ryan doing one of the landscapers. The dude was a fat, hairy butt-ugly Chicano, heavy-lidded, jowly and thoroughly repugnant. Despite his sloppy, unkempt appearance Ryan seemed to perversely revel in slumming with the older man. He chewed on the fat sow’s teats, licked his hairy and sweaty arm pits clean and ate out his abundantly hairy, unclean asshole. One look at the slob’s manhood revealed Ryan’s true interest: a hugely thick cock with miles of heavy, funky foreskin. The boy rode up and down on that big cock while perched on the man’s lap, rubbing his smooth facial cheeks against the lout’s beard stubble and unabashedly devouring his huge fleshy lips. They both got off in a howling crescendo, the scruffy landscaper seeding Ryan deep with his filthy cum as Lombardo jerked his own load over the large window. These two corrections officers might not have been as repellent as the landscaper but they were loathsome in their own way, making them ideal for Ryan’s tastes. Flexing muscle which threatened to tear the seams of their short sleeves they took Ryan by his haunches and lifted him. Ryan threw his arms around two impossibly wide shoulders as he was carried, then deposited on his knees on the table top. Facing away from Lombardo, only a short distance between them, he got a quick look at his former ass-appeaser over one shoulder before a huge hand took him by the scruff of his neck and forced him down. The savages quickly repositioned him so that he was on his knees, thighs spread out, feet tucked in and ass raised while his upper body rested down on the hard wood. With arms out in front of him and one side of his face against the table Ryan felt the rough hands begin to work on his hind quarters. Working from both sides they cupped and squeezed the beautiful, well rounded mounds of Ryan’s young firm ass. Lecherously kneading the teen’s tight bubbled buns they snickered at Lombardo, seemingly determined to get a rise out of him. Thor, the muscle bound Dominican, ran the outside of one gigantic paw down Ryan’s smooth, hairless crack. Bringing the hand to his nose he made a show of salaciously inhaling the secret aroma of the boy, turning up the whites of his eyes and groaning satisfaction. With a cocky smile on his Cyborg’s face he thrust that arm out to within inches of Lombardo’s. Lombardo actually found himself leaning forward, desirous of a whiff. Thor amusedly pulled back, rolled out his fat tongue and lasciviously licked the side of his hand, further tormenting Lombardo. Each with one hand on Ryan’s firm, muscular ass they spread his delectable buns further apart, exposing his cute pink butt button. For all the fucking he took one would expect it to be gaping, but Ryan’s tender ass lips were drawn tight as a drum. The wanton lechers made all sorts of obscene salacious sounds as the boy’s pink hole pulsed and winked at its exposure. Black Shrek, with a shaved pate, leaned in and teased Ryan’s asshole with quick, darting tongue flicks. Lombardo almost expected the fiend’s tongue to be serpentine, dangerously long and forked at the end. In fact, it wasn’t, but it certainly slithered around the perfectly pink entrance to the boy’s hot hole as if it were. Shrek made certain to have his face positioned at just the right angle so that the prisoner had an unobstructed view. With saliva dripping from his open mouth he probed between the flickering lips and worked his tongue inside, making all sorts of appreciative moans as he dug deep. While his partner dug around inside Ryan’s asshole Thor gave Lombardo a taunting glance and moved in to join the other. He licked his side of Ryan’s crack, giving quick swipes to the quivering folds of sweet parted teen asslips. The two blackguards soon had Ryan’s hind quarters dripping with spittle. They were nose to nose slavishly working his teen hole. When one slipped out the other dove in. Thor reached between Ryan’s widely parted thighs, took hold of his hard on and pumped it in his ham-like fist. Ryan was cooing, obviously in serious heat. What none of them knew was that his deformity, the secret clitoris buried well up in his rectum, was buzzing like a blade saw. Lombardo hardly realized he was smacking his own lips and openly drooling. He recalled only too well how good it was breaking through those tight, grasping lips and sliding into something almost like cunt. The boy could latch onto a man’s tongue with his soft, slippery insides and pull it deep. It was sometimes hard to tell who was working who. And then, when you sunk your dick in there, well, it was something no man would ever forget. If Bardo had been able to tear his eyes away from the raunchy ass eating show and glanced down he’d have seen the wet spot spreading over the crotch of his coveralls. Their nasty mugs glittering with saliva the guards finished their appetizer and took to sampling with their hands. The finger of each was the equivalent to two of a normal man. Shrek shoved a middle finger between his gob-smacking gums, lathered it up and corkscrewed it into Ryan’s undulating ass. Thor joined in the fun, introducing his digit alongside that of his partner. Together they worked them in and out, in tandem and alternately. Soon index fingers joined the game, spreading Ryan’s hole wide. Four dark, oversized digits plunged deeply into Ryan’s chute down to their base. Ryan’s ass was really moving now, thrusting back against the vicious finger fuck. He gobbled up those feelers, desperately wishing there was a way they could reach “the spot.” Behind the observation window Warden Brock relaxed back in his comfortable, cushioned chair facing the action taking place in the other room. His everyday dress shirt lay open to both sides of him, exposing his hairy chest and hard, barreled belly. The standard issue tie was loosened and slung over one shoulder. His slacks were draped across the back of another more standard chair near the door. Brock’s beefy thighs were spread, his hairy knuckled hands on the head of the inmate worshipping his cock. This one was a new recruit, an eighteen-year-old larcenist already vying for a position as trusty. Brock could tell he didn’t have much experience at sucking cock, but if the buzz-cut felon wanted some preferential treatment, he’d learn. Brock salaciously watched the barbarians work over the hot jock in the other room. They were his personal henchmen, ruffians who would never hold employment in any other prison. Their gargantuan features were intimidating, even frightening to most. Both appeared as if they’d been created in some mad scientist’s lab. Their hulking presence was enough to keep most inmates at bay. Often times reckless, they were nonetheless loyal to the Warden. Without him they’d be back to their nomadic lives as part of the traveling carnival freak show where he’d found them. The kid was as naive as so many of the first timers Brock had encountered down through the years. Just because he was a good fuck, an awesome one at that, he thought he’d have a private audience with the prisoner. Brock had been around long enough to know that Lombardo was a sly one. He was playing possum, keeping a low profile so as to impress those parole board idiots. At the fuck party Brock craftily got Ryan to reveal more than he probably should have about the prisoner, things which mysteriously were not contained in his file. Almost instantaneously a plan formulated in his cunning mind, one which might break Lombardo’s resolve while providing Brock with the type of entertainment he enjoyed. Making all sorts of throaty oooh’s, ahhh’s, and yeah’s worthy of internet porn studs the superhuman duo finger fucked Ryan’s pliant hole with real gusto. Each hooked his large fingers under the lips to his own side of the teen and stretched them open, revealing Ryan’s pink to Lombardo. Their sniggers mocked the helpless convict. When they finally removed themselves from the boy’s well worked hole each offered his digits to the other who noisily gobbled them up, relishing the tasty essence of the sexy teen. No sampling was offered to a hungry Lombardo. All at once the muscle-bound pair roughly repositioned Ryan. Their crude paws flipped him onto his belly, affording Lombardo a side view of the boy. On the aft side Thor spread the teen’s hams and arranged his legs such as they’d been before. While his paws molested Ryan’s robust glutes Thor dove in once again, licking the quarterback’s trench with long swipes from top to bottom. He growled his pleasure at tasting the boy, surely for Lombardo’s benefit. While he ate, the other Cro-Magnon grabbed a fistful of Ryan’s hair and yanked his head up. Coning three fat fingers he rapidly corkscrewed them in and out of the blonde’s wet mouth. Ryan’s pretty blue eyes were tearing from the depth of the thrusts. Once he had the boy’s plump lips driveling Shrek unzipped. Reaching into the fly of his uniform pants the black beast hauled out a cock and set of balls which left Lombardo astonished. Rumors regarding steroid enhanced muscle men having teeny weenies were totally abolished by the titanic chunk of dark meat springing forth from Shrek’s loins. It truly was a third leg. Or arm. Or both. The massive cock arced out and up from a smoothly shaved groin, a solid fourteen and a half inches of incredibly thick black muscle. Huge lust-engorged veins thick as vines bulged around its nine inch girth, making it ugly and yet somehow alluring at the same time. The enormous cock head was an entity unto itself, a dark purplish destroyer with thick fleshy lips already parted and showing a bubble of clear cum dew. Tumbling out, but hardly hanging, from beneath the huge prick was a set of immense, bull sized nuts. The swollen sac was shaved clear, bloated and looked ready to burst. Whatever super enhancements the freak was taking had obviously affected his gonads as well, for no normal man possessed such equipment. Still dressed in his uniform Shrek hoisted himself up on the table. Sitting back on his heels with knees spread to either side of the astonished teen he held Ryan up by the hair again and presented his mega meat to the boy. At first Ryan appeared unsure what to do with the formidable thing. Shrek encouraged him with a solid slap to one side of his face. Ryan flinched. Lombardo shifted uneasily in his seat. Shrek put a bunched fist up against the groin side of his weapon and thumped it up against Ryan’s cute face. The teen jock’s tongue came out and began sliding over the apple-sized cockhead. Shrek grinned at Lombardo, his thick Negro lips parted to reveal large, sparkling white Chicklet teeth. Ryan quickly got into rhythm, his tongue lapping all over the huge horn. His plump lips slid over the tip of the crown and he dug into the nearly two inch wide gash. Gamey pre-cum, unlike any he’d tasted before, seeped up out of the depths and assailed his taste buds. Rather than revolting he licked and sucked harder. His lips spread wide, wider and soon he’d popped the entire thing into his mouth. The cockhead was so big it filled his cavity. He couldn’t breathe. Still he managed to give it tongue and suction. Shrek was goading Lombardo with his staged moans of appreciation. He rubbed the top of Ryan’s head where he had a hair-hold to further encourage him. Ryan gave it his all-star best. Breathing strictly through his nose, a trick he’d learned from Doc Schwartz, Ryan slurped on the brute’s cock head. His lips were spread impossibly wide, his eyes teared and snot was dripping from his nostrils but he went on undeterred. Failure would mean revocation of his visiting privileges. With his knob firmly entrenched in Ryan’s face Shrek began thrusting his hips up at the boy. It seemed impossible that he could take any more, but miraculously an inch or two of the fat shaft crammed inside. The cock was battering against his gullet. Ryan choked and sputtered. His hands beat on the table top. With clenched jaw Lombardo fought to keep his designated place kadıköy travesti in the seat. Shrek delighted in torturing the both of them a bit longer before popping his piece free. Ryan heaved a mouthful of saliva and fought to recapture his breath. Shrek showed no mercy, bringing the boy’s face back to his oversized cock. Ryan took the bait. He animatedly licked every throbbing inch of the gigantic piece, curiously traced the course of each bulging vein and cleaned off the over-inflated ball bag. If he hadn’t been so damned horny for the hot little jock Lombardo would have been proud of Ryan. Meaty hands tossed the boy onto his back and spun him around so he was facing the opposite side. Thor handled him under the armpits, pulled him to the edge of the table so his head was hanging over and unzipped his fly. A tumescent wonder cock, the twin to Shrek’s piece, bounded out. Anchoring his legs to either side of the boy Thor took him by the sides of his face and forced his piece into Ryan’s mouth. The teen’s mouth yawned into a huge oval around the equally plump jumbo mushroom with its tough, flanged rim. Thor threw his hips into the action, fucking to the back of Ryan’s throat. Ryan made a mighty effort to impress the giant—and Lombardo—but gulping it down was impossible. Instead, he noisily sucked on the head and fought to control any gagging while the Dominican pounded his face pussy. As his partner stretched Ryan’s pretty lips black Shrek was busily eating teen hole. Still up on his knees on the table his dark hands held Ryan’s bodacious buttocks apart while he bent over and buried his face in the musky cleavage. He licked over the quivering aperture before thrusting his tongue into the sweet young asshole. It swirled around inside the opening, catching Ryan just under the rim and tickling that succulent spot. All sorts of sloven, obscene and enthusiastic sounds were coming from Shrek in his resounding tone. Ryan’s wide spread legs quivered when he plunged deeper inside. The Marvel freak’s lips were locked around the jock’s bud and he was ravenously sucking the pulsing hole while he excavated its depths. Ryan’s eyes flared wide when he felt the tongue slither even deeper inside. It was impossible! It was inhuman! The muscle was growing, reaching, sliding over his prostate and burying itself deeper into his asshole! Ryan strained, he bucked. The Dominican’s cock head slipped into his throat. The demonic tongue ceaselessly wormed up inside him searching, it seemed, for his concealed boy-clit. All at once tongue and dick retracted from his pleasure orifices. Throwing back their heads and roaring with roid rage the beast masters took to muscling off their threads. Buttons popped and flew as shirts were savagely ripped off and pants dropped. Exposed from head to toe they were anatomical abnormalities with muscle heaped upon muscle. Nary a hair marred their mesomorphic physiques. Over six feet tall, both Hulks carried well over two hundred pounds of brawn amid minimal amount of body fat. From trunk-like necks to meaty hoofs they displayed outrageous muscular growth. Lombardo had encountered some bodybuilders in his time but these two were of inhuman dimensions. Those incredibly thick, vascular forearms alone could snap a grown man’s neck. With much trepidation the convict considered the damage they could cause to his boy, Ryan. Their paws were on the young jock once again. With savage snarls they fought over him like dogs to a bone. Thor dragged him one way; Shrek, another. Ryan kicked out and squirmed but he was no match for these brutes. It was an even match with Thor ultimately coming out the winner. Skidding Ryan across the table on his back he brought the teen’s fetching ass to the edge. Conceding defeat, for now, Shrek hopped back upon the surface and sat down on his monstrous calves just behind the boy’s head. Taking Ryan’s legs in hand he spread them like a wish bone, splaying him open and vulnerable to the other barbarian. Ryan’s fetching gash was abundantly wet with saliva and pulsing expectantly. He knew what was coming. The throbbing, eye-popping slab of fuck meat protruding from the muscle stallion’s powerful loins was beyond massive. In a stunning, ribald tour de force a few weeks back he’d taken three big cop cocks up his hole all at once. Their combined girth failed to compare to the sheer width of the Dominican’s deadly dick. Still, with that incessant purring going on up inside he needed something, anything to treat his problem spot. He would man up, grit his teeth if he must, try not to holler like a girl and accept the monstrous appeaser. Taking his trunk-like meat in hand Thor looked over to Lombardo, tauntingly smiled, and smacked his apple-sized dick head against Ryan’s slash. Seemingly out of nowhere black Shrek produced a small bottle, pinched one of Ryan’s nostrils closed and introduced it to the other. Ryan instinctively inhaled the amyl at the same time Thor heaved against his twat lips. Amazingly the huge knob effortlessly popped inside. Snared in the grip of Ryan’s ass Thor mercilessly thrust forward again, spreading the jock’s boy labia frighteningly wide and sinking more of his beastly rod into his quivering guts. Ryan moaned and panted like a dog in heat but another dose of the wicked rush seemed to steady him. Apparently unconcerned with the teen’s discomfort Thor grunted evilly and shoved his pelvis forward hard, riding his dick of death up inside the helpless athlete and through his inner sphincter. Once Ryan’s ass pit had accepted the full length of the wretched scoundrel’s fuck pole mighty Thor reared back on his over-developed haunches, bellowed a roar of victory and beat against his mighty chest with large, heavily tendoned hands. From where he was restrained Lombardo’s view failed to afford the point of insertion but he could see enough to know that Ryan was more cock stuffed than he’d ever been. The poor kid was gasping and moaning with pain and, yes, even pleasure. Each time he whimpered from the sheer width of the monstrosity the black goon gave him another snort of poppers. Lombardo well remembered how a full length dicking moved the high school jock to rapture. And Ryan was certainly in cock lust heaven now. The thick tube of man meat up his hole felt like a running man’s leg, from ankle to kneecap. As the beast master began moving it in and out the monstrosity mercilessly ravaged his boy-clit. Ryan felt the finger-thick veins of the humongous thing riding over his ultra-sensitive spot, battering against it, pushing it down into the slick tissues of his fuck duct and making him shudder like never before. It was like an electric prong had been set directly on his bud, sending currents of dizzying rapture through his thrashing body. Despite the ridiculous size of the huge man meat Ryan found himself hoisting his ass up to meet each of the strongman’s fierce thrusts. The colossal cock was ramming the boy with long, forceful jabs, making Ryan feel every steely inch as it smashed through his perfect teen ass. Ryan was delirious with pleasure, sobbing with delight each time the monster cock battered his lust button. Between the thick throbbing dick and whatever in heck the other forced him to inhale Ryan had nearly forgotten about the spectator in the room, and his reason for this visit, his former fuck buddy Lombardo. The convict cringed every time the robustly built giant heaved himself against the boy. He’d witnessed Ryan taking lots of cock during his time at the Baldwin estate, but never anything quite like this. The Thor-type was like a raging bull, pounding the kid with unrestrained fury. Lombardo rattled the cuffs holding him to the table and nearly rose from his seat before checking himself. It wouldn’t be prudent for him to display his smoldering rage. Obediently following Warden’s direction to rattle the prisoner Shrek came up from behind to straddle the boy’s squirming frame. His massive quads flared out from above his knees and calves bulged as he squatted over Ryan’s handsome face. Whereas a normal bodybuilder’s ass was lean, striated and nearly non-existent, these Cro-Magnons had buttocks like both sides of a picnic watermelon. Big and lush they were globe-like in their magnificence. Whatever these two were shooting into themselves, they certainly hadn’t neglected their hind quarters. Engrossed in his staggering fuck Ryan hardly realized what had transpired until he dropped his head back and stared up into the stocky black ass descending upon him. The hairless crack, a good four inches deep between those granite swells, splayed open to reveal the Neanderthal’s pink ass pucker just before it landed on the startled boy. Shrek rode Ryan’s face between the curved slabs of his hardcore, other-worldly ass cheeks making all sorts of guttural, lascivious sounds geared at beguiling Lombardo. The convict chafed in his restraint, fearful that poor Ryan would either suffocate between those monstrous melons or have his handsome face crushed between their flex. But Ryan wasn’t smothered. There was more than enough room in that dark, raunchily aromatic ravine to comfortably accommodate him. With the ring of that ass pucker rubbing over his plump lips primal instinct took over and the teen began swiping his tongue over the smooth, funky aperture. Man-chops fluttered under the strokes of Ryan’s lapper and invitingly spread like a rapidly budding blossom. Ryan dipped his tongue into the musky hole and quickly found it not at all tight and challenging like some he’d chowed. When this strong man relaxed his hole it was virtually like another mouth, welcoming him deep inside. Ryan’s widely open maw framed the oval created by those tough ass lips, his tongue slipping in and out with ease. It was almost like eating pussy. Only better. The giant was all moist and tasty inside. Ryan grunted from the fucking he was taking and moaned with the dark taste of the other’s asshole. The oversized scum bag rested heavily on his throat and Ryan was certain he felt the sperms crazily swimming around inside. He reached up and got a handhold on the big man’s cock, quickly realized he need two, could have used three but, oh well, and stroked the gargantuan thing while he plundered the grasping hole. In the observation room Warden Brock ogled the nasty scene from his chair. The Warden sat low on his throne. His beefy legs were spread and raised. The trusty-hopeful was down on his knees between them tonguing Warden’s hairy asshole. Warden’s cock was steely hard and leaking pre-cum. Those carnies from another Universe were working over young Baldwin with ribald diligence. Just as Brock knew they would. They were fucking savages. Ryan was being a real trouper, taking what they were mercilessly giving. The kid had assumed Brock was allowing him a “conjugal visit” with that sly, sneaky Lombardo. Brock, on the other hand, suspected the boy would be the one to break the convict’s resolve. Something about the Sicilian stud hadn’t set well with Brock from the beginning. He needed Lombardo to slip up, threaten any hope for parole and remain under his supervision. Used to eating pussy the new recruit fought revulsion as his tongue worked the dirtiest part of any man’s body. Warden’s asshole was ripe and pungent. The eighteen year old had an idea that it hadn’t seen soap in a few days. Sure he’d been locked up for a day or two many times before. But this was the first he’d been sentenced to a lengthy stay. Already there was some hairy Turk eyeing him up. He just had to get himself some privileges in this hell hole. So if it meant gaining the Warden’s favor by doing anything he wanted, he’d do it. Even this. He cringed to think what his buddies would say if they could see him now with his face buried in another dude’s ass. Damn if that Baldwin buck wasn’t eating fuck out of that black aberration’s big marble ass! Warden was smacking his lips, breathing heavily and secreting even more viscous fluid as he excitedly watched. He recalled the little stud chowing on his shitter that one time. Brock had been more anxious to sink his cock into Ryan’s big, bodacious and, by now infamous, backside. But there was nothing wrong with a little foreplay. Brock made a mental note to clear this coming Saturday evening, drive out to the Baldwin mansion and have Ryan eat out his nasty hole in front of the room full of horny partiers. Warden liked to keep himself nice and ripe for his body worshippers. Thursday morning would be his last shower. With no deodorant and some yard work the morning of his hairy pits would be aromatic, cock and balls pungent with sweat and his butt ditch sticky and foul, especially after the shit he’d take just before the party. And he’d only do a one, maybe two, swipe clean up. Growing even more aroused with the prospect Warden grabbed the thief by the back of his head and crammed his face into this odious trench. “Get your fuckin’ tongue in there, punk! Eat that hole from inside out!” Fighting the urge to gag, the young prisoner poked his tongue between the Warden’s anal lips and probed deeper inside. He let out a long, stifled cry of despair as the dank taste of the inside of Brock’s ass assailed his buds. Still, he shoved his tongue up the Warden’s ass far as any newcomer could, all the while thinking of that extra pack of cigarettes, yard privileges and protection. He’d man up and be the Warden’s number one bitch if that’s what it took. In the other room the scene had changed. The riotous doublets upended Ryan, arranging him belly down on the table with his rear end facing Lombardo. They splayed his muscular thighs widely apart and raised his high mounded ass, affording the convict an unobstructed view of the teen’s wet, fluttering hole. With a spiteful snicker outrageously muscled Shrek mounted Ryan and pressed his oozing cockhead against the jock’s puffy ass lips. Lombardo growled low and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Ryan’s pink pucker pulsed open and Shrek’s barbarian dick shoved into his hole with one rough thrust. The boy’s pussy lips spread wider than any mouth ever could as the black beast hurtled his cock into the heated chasm. Ryan’s gasp was muffled by the equally voluminous erection stuffed into his mouth by the callous Dominican at the other end. Shrek climbed his big body up higher on the trapped boy, angling his big meat for maximum penetration and began fucking him in double time. The purple asterisk of his asshole winked at Lombardo with every heartless thrust. Not brown, purple or cinnamon-hued, his thickly veined man charger was black as midnight bakırköy travesti and quite a contrast to Ryan’s smooth and supple pink boy hole. The wicked piece disappeared entirely inside until only that overly-inflated set of monster size balls was visible. Ryan whimpered and moaned with what sounded like delirious delight at each full-throttled, ass-wrecking plunge of the stout prong. The raunchy bliss of having both his prostate and boy-clit worked over by the ultra-king-size prick outweighed any discomfort he felt. Each Herculean thrust created roaring waves of rapture which soared through his quaking body. All too soon a mighty contraction took him. Bucking and twisting as the huge prick continued to brutally hammer him Ryan shot spurt after spurt of thick teen cream over the table top beneath him. All the times he’d been fucked, which were many, Ryan had never cum so quickly and forcefully. It registered as a staggering ejaculation! Every hair on his body, what little there was of them, stood on end. His love button tingled with satisfaction. Mighty Shrek, who had truly worked him over, was pulling that mighty destroyer out. The fuck has been so intense that Ryan welcomed a respite. But the repose was fleeting. The pumped-up barbarians quickly changed position. Thor hopped up on Ryan, rudely crammed the full length of his cock into the boy and began pounding him. Shrek stuffed himself into Ryan’s mouth, grabbed him by the ears and shoved his head up and down on the oversized thing as if he was nothing but an inanimate sex toy. Ryan’s fists beat against Shrek’s gigantic quads to no avail. The giant showed no mercy. Lombardo snarled, fighting harder than ever to maintain his composure. Those two were brutalizing the boy. The more Lombardo resisted, the more vigorous they became. The fuckers wanted to break him and were using Ryan as bait. Lombardo knew the little stud was healthy, strong and could handle a rough fuck but those outrageously proportioned cocks threatened to ruin him for others. They showed no mercy. Their massive cocks were pummeling him from both ends. While Thor plundered Ryan’s muscle pussy Shrek violently forced the boy to skull fuck his turgid shaft. Ryan’s head was rudely shoved up and down on the tremendous stalk as nasty wet slurping sounds issued from his stretched lips. Lombardo had rarely seen anything so intense; this was much worse than the time he’d sicced those home invaders on the jock. With Thor manning the driver’s seat and tearing up his bizarre clit Ryan came again. With a shout that wickedly reverberated against the black dick in his mouth Ryan blasted another large stream of teen spunk while Thor rammed and battered deep inside him. Stuffed beyond reason as it was, somehow the handsome youth’s ass grasped and squeezed the giant’s cock with each contraction. Thor might have been a man of strong endurance but his hardon could only take so much. With thick veins pounding out at his temples, neck and just about everywhere else the Dominican bellowed in his native language and blasted hot cream into Ryan’s rippling snatch. Those overly large nuts jetted load after load, hosing down the interior of Ryan’s ravaged asshole. Throwing back his head Thor continued to fuck frantically, churning his thick batter inside the jock. Cum pulsed out from the yawning pucker of Ryan’s hole, running down over his ball bag and joining the sea of semen on the table top. After what seemed like minutes Thor, finally drained, yanked free and changed positions with his work/fuck partner. Ryan was so sexed-up that he enthusiastically gobbled up the super cock and slovenly sucked all the spent cum off its surface. The other stud fucker mounted him again, slipped his black destroyer into the heavily leaking asshole and fucked his buddy’s cum load even deeper into the jock’s guts. Lombardo watched breathlessly as Ryan’s hole ate up the massively thick fuck rod. His pussy lips were kissing the heavily veined surface as it brutally ravaged his rectum. Sweating profusely, Lombardo could no longer contain his arousal. Using his free hand he unzipped his coveralls, fished out his Sicilian meat and began stroking in tandem with Shrek’s fuck thrusts. The black beast gave new meaning to “power top,” hammering the young athlete with real gusto. Black hot pleasure seared through Ryan’s pussy, triggering every nerve ending in his body. Any discomfort he’d felt had long ago dissipated, replaced by a crazed desire to have these huge cocks tear up his boy-clit. They were smacking it like no one ever before. Not even his main man, Lombardo, who was somewhere behind him bearing witness to his euphoria. A shower of sparks exploded behind his glazed blue eyes each time the gigantic phallus assaulted his love button and he reflexively sucked even harder on the other one’s donkey dick. His jaws ached from being stretched and pummeled but, like a true athlete, he forged onward confident his bud would at last be numb for a long while once these two were through with him. Shrek (aka Tytus) slammed into the convulsing shithole again and again, tantalized by the way Ryan’s inner muscular contractions massaged his monster prick. The kid was a worthy fuck toy, more like pussy than ass once he got through those no-longer-tight lips. He shoved his long, wide cock up inside the nicely muscled boy and felt the wild spasms against his piece when he hit that hard piece of meat up there. Shrek didn’t know what it was. Didn’t care. All’s he knew was that he was surely glad Warden had commissioned him for this job. From the way his partner’s eyes were rolling up in his head as the kid gave him a knob job, Thor (aka Leandro) felt the same. Shrek squeezed his eyes tightly shut and clenched his teeth in an attempt to prevent the inevitable, his appearance quite chilling. His thumb sized nipples popped out at attention on the marble plates of his chest as magnificent sensations soared through his loins. The huge tendons in his neck expanded wildly and his heavily muscled body shuddered. Groaning hoarsely he came, firing cannon-like bolts of black man’s cum out of his wide-open piss hole to liberally douse Ryan’s cunt. Shrek’s already thick cock pulsed even wider with each surge as he kept coming…and coming, prodding against Ryan’s clit and prompting him to release his third, and most satisfying, boy-load of the afternoon. Shrek was still unloading his basket-sized nuts when Thor blasted equally hefty, warm and salty spermazoids into Ryan’s huffing mouth. A look passed between the giants, who regrouped quickly. One on each side of the boy they grabbed and lifted him from under his haunches. Ryan’s arms shot out to take hold of the muscle men by the backs of their shoulders. Two voluminous cum loads freely leaked from his asshole; another from his battered lips as they moved him the short distance from the table to the prisoner. Lombardo’s breath caught in his throat. He held his big, throbbing erection steady. The two ruffians grinned as they lowered Ryan to his lap. Cum seeped from the over-fucked hole to coat Lombardo’s foot long prick. Although not freakishly proportioned like the others, Lombardo had an impressive-enough uncut piece with a plum-sized head and an array of heavily engorged veins. The guards brought the boy closer and closer to a reunion with the desperate dick. Lombardo shuddered when the wet ass lips touched his crown. While still holding onto Ryan the strong men let him drop and the third leg of Lombardo speared up into his drenched pussy. Ryan’s baby blues rolled up in their sockets, his head fell back on broad shoulders and he sighed huskily. Lombardo emitted a groan of contentment and thrust up with his hips, embedding himself fully inside the hot teen. In the observation room Brock had the young felon on his feet in front of the mirrored window, bent at the waist and slapping his open palms against the one-way glass as the Warden broke his virgin asshole. His eyes were intently on the action in the other room. Brock stiffened when his henchmen’s intentions became apparent. “No! No!” he shouted. “That wasn’t your orders! ABORT! ABORT!” But no one could hear him. The wannabe-trusty had been intensely observing the young muscle boy being worked over by the frighteningly over-developed guards. Anything to distract him from the Warden’s dick pounding his no-longer-virgin manhole. Warden wasn’t going easy on him and it hurt so fucking bad. He thought of his eighteen-month-old and “baby mama,” the bitch he’d knocked up back home in Elizabeth. He thought of his buddies in the neighborhood and how they could never know what he was doing now. He thought how he would never survive an attack by those two apes in the other room. Dudes had never been his thing but fuck, he was in prison now and that was all he was going to get. He thought how he’d sure like to fuck that blond kid in the other room. It had only been a couple weeks but his dick was already itching for some pussy. Didn’t look like it but if the blond was a fellow inmate, and he got into Warden’s good graces, he might be able to hook himself up. With that thought in mind, clenching his teeth to mask his discomfort, just as Brock began railing at the turn of events in the other room he squeezed the fat Warden cock and reared back against it. Brock groaned, took him by the hips and more energetically nailed him as he helplessly watched those dastardly turncoats give prisoner Lombardo exactly what he’d wanted. While his plans might have been foiled for the moment, there would be more chances to ensure the cocky convict’s continued incarceration. With huge muscles flexing, the guards posted Ryan on Lombardo’s veiny fuck stick. Yanking him up, then shoving him back down they worked all of the swarthy stud’s big cock deep into Ryan’s boy-gina. Despite the brutal fucking he’d just taken Ryan’s talented twat was already regenerating, its slick walls reshaping to its former tightness until it was hugging Lombardo’s familiar cock. Sopping with the massive amounts of cum produced by the other two it was still as pillow-soft and tender as Lombardo remembered. There was none other like Ryan Baldwin’s sweet, succulent and ravenous jock pussy. Bardo’s uncut fucker felt right at home lodged nuts deep in the teen dream. Their eyes were locked as the guards lustily rammed Ryan up and down on the throbbing, deprived cock. Ryan moaned each time the huge cock hit that special spot, miraculously still active after the beating it had taken. Lombardo ran a hand up the muscular teen’s chest, felt his heaving pecs and ran two fingers over his plump pink lips. Ryan took them into his mouth and sucked on them like they were twin cocks. The mutant muscle freaks rode the breathless quarterback over every inch of Lombardo’s veiny stick in a frenzy. Puffy, bruised ass lips spread to gladly accept the engorged member. The skillful rim tried like hell to snap around the thick base and allow Ryan to lovingly milk the full length. But he was quickly wrenched up and nearly off it with an obscene suctioning sound. The twitching boy cunt spasmed around its former lover’s manly dick as the gorgeous piece of ass ran up and down the hard meat. Tytus and Leandro mercilessly worked Lombardo’s big lonely dick with Ryan’s million dollar pussy. Ryan was delirious with fuck ecstasy. His blond head bobbled about on his shoulders, his mouth was agape and his eyes had that glorious sex-glazed appearance. Lombardo was just as aroused, snorting and huffing, beads of lusty sweat dotting his slick forehead and dripping from the end of his nose, his hairy torso a sheen of perspiration. Although their manual labors were hardly an effort, the outlandish bodies of Tytus and Leandro looked oiled and ready for competition. Their tree trunk cocks were still fully hard and oozing a steady stream of man juice. Lombardo stiffened, dug his heels into the floor, gnashed his teeth and succumbed to rapture. Despite the opposing actions of his captors, Ryan clamped down on the cock when he felt it thicken and throb inside him. Lombardo trembled, bucked and bellowed as huge loads of ass-scalding cum sprang from his piss hole. The giants shoved Ryan fully down on the convulsing prick, making it explode deep inside his body. The heavily pulsing shaft pressing against his button caused a shot of pearl white to rip from Ryan’s boy dick. With the cumming convict’s head thrown back in the throes of ejaculation it splattered just under his chin. Thoughtlessly returning his head to a more neutral position he met Ryan’s ensuing discharge directly, and unexpectedly, between his hair-lined, wide-open lips. Thick, pure teen cum battered his uvula and coated his palate. Reflexively, Lombardo swallowed the heady essence of his desired while riding an intense shock wave of manly pleasure, the most mind-blowing he’d had since, well, the last time he’d fucked Ryan. His was like a tidal wave of pent-up cum, washing away the ill-begotten seed of the guards and impregnating the boy with his own. The suddenly docile guards released their hold on Ryan, unsecured the cuff restraining Lombardo, and let the boy fall into his arms. Like long-lost lovers their hands were all over each other. Ryan whimpered with illicit passion as their lips locked and they hungrily kissed. On the sidelines Tytus and Leandro wrapped their strong arms around each other, hugged aggressively and slipped thick tongue into each other’s mouths. “NO! NO!” Warden Brock shouted, tearing at his disheveled hair. But then he was cumming and his anger at being defied was temporarily replaced with the exaltation of release. He grasped the hips of this new jailbird and pumped surge after surge of hot seed inside. The young delinquent was fisting his own cock and shuddering with ejaculation. He had a super tight ass, one that would take a while to completely break open. And Brock was up to the task. But first the traitorous guards must be punished. There was a lifer in maximum security, a mean mad dog sonofabitch who had an extreme dislike for both Tytus and Leandro, who delighted in taunting the mongrel from the other side of bars. He was a big man, a former heavyweight fighter who’d already served nearly twenty and hadn’t had a piece of ass in all that time. He’d have those Judas’ drugged, stripped and shackled—no, triple shackled—-to the walls in Solitary, wait until they were revived and then let the prisoner loose on them. As for the Baldwin boy, well, Brock would attend the next house party and use Ryan like never before. Not only would he force the jock to eat his ripe asshole, he’d fuck his face until the kid choked, and then bruise his hole with a rough ride. After he’d cum, he’d release the load of piss he’d saved all evening right up there along with his spent load. Nobody got the best of Warden Samuel Brock. Nobody.

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