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Baseball Cuckold Ch. 01

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Baseball Cuckold Ch. 01Timmy’s mother pays the price for her husband’s stupidity!Timmy had a future in baseball if it was not for his father. During one game he was taken out of the lineup at the last minute by the coach. Timmy’s father was so angry he had run up on the field and started a fight. Mr. Smith the coach’s assistant ran over tried to help and it became a pushing match where the father hollered quite a few racial slurs.The following week Timmy was benched and the week afterwards the same thing happened. Timmy’s mother, Gina knew that they had narrowly avoided having the police called down so she thought perhaps her level head might be better equipped to speak to the coach and Mr. Smith. Gina was in her early forties, busty with dark hair. She had a tight waist that she worked very hard to maintain and a nice round full but firm ass.Mr. Smith was cordial but said that he needed to see both her and her together when the coach was available as he did not want there to be a repeat of what had happened. “I know about your husband’s temper,” he said.Gina felt a little bit more at ease now, she thought she just might have the upper hand in this situation after all. She could have sworn that he had been checking her out and was feeling a bit intimidated, but now that Mr. Smith said he wanted to talk to them both she was sure she could get Timmy back playing. It was a good thing too as his girlfriend Cindy had also been worried about his future.The next week the coach and Mr. Smith met with Gina and her husband. The coach spoke in an almost cheerful manner, “Well you know your boy Timmy has a good arm. Matter of fact one of the best arms I have seen in a long time. A really long time.””Yeah and there are going to be some big league scouts out there so of course we don’t want to give you all the short end of the deal,” Mr. Smith said with genuine concern in his voice.”Well we were worried,” said Gina, “especially after the incident, you know,” she said giving a little laugh.”You know not only could he get into the big leagues but also I am sure we can get him a full scholarship for the rest of his college years, room, board, and we know how to even finagle a car for him, though it ain’t strictly legal if you know what I mean,” said the coach almost winking.”Just one problem,” said Mr. Smith.”What is that?” asked Gina.”Well for starters your son is going to be benched for the rest of the season, and if he is lucky I will let him clean out the dugout,” said the coach suddenly.”What the fuck!” said Timmy’s father getting up and raising his hands.”You think you can raise your fucking hands to me in that crowd, with a million camera phones? You think you can humiliate me and my guy here and get away with it. Fuck you!”Timmy’s father and the two men almost came to blows, then Gina realized that Mr. Smith was not afraid of her husband. He was playing them by baiting her husband’s temper. Her husband had gotten into so much shit the last time he had a fender bender that the judge said the next time there would be no suspended sentences or community service, it would be jail time.”Is there any way we can work this out? My son should not have to suffer for his father’s mistake,””Gina!” screamed out Timmy’s father.”No it is true! You have caused us so much trouble with that temper of yours,” she turned towards the coach and Mr. Smith and asked if there was any way they could work something out.”I don’t know,” said Mr. Smith.”It would have to be something awfully big for us to forget this crap,” added the coach. He thought about it for a moment and said, “Still there is money to be made off of Timmy’s career for both sides, but there is an issue of trust,” he concluded.”Well what can be done?” asked Gina.The coach and Mr. Smith looked at each other and then at her, “Well for starters your husband cannot go to the first few games Timmy plays in,” to which the husband nodded his head as the coach continued, “Also we will represent Timmy in getting recruited for the major league,” again her husband nodded his head.Mister Smith turned towards Timmy’s father and said, “And lastly to seal the deal that hot little wife of yours is getting involved too as you are going to let us use her for the entire weekend,” he then waited for a reaction.Gina’s mouth dropped open as she absorbed what he had just said, then her husband said, “What!” as he got up to fight, “What the fuck did you just say?””You see there is that fucking temper of yours again,” said the coach standing up with Mr. Smith, both men were bigger than Timmy’s father.In her mind’s eye Gina could see all the times Harold’s temper had cost them friends, ruined relationships with family and cost him one sweet job after another.He ran at the coach and Mr. Smith and the two men slammed him back into the chair so hard Gina winced.”Wait! Stop this shit now!” Gina said more to the surprise of Harold than to the coach or Mr. Smith, “This is all your fault and it ends now! I don’t mind when you mess up our lives, well actually I do but I have no choice, but now you are fucking with our son’s life and I will not stand that. You I can divorce, but our son is our son. So anything that happens from this point onwards is your fault,” Gina said getting up and going over to the two men.”Gina! You would get divorced from me?” Harold said, terror coming into his eye as he realized how trapped he was. He said he would call the cops and promised to get the anger management he so long needed.”Anger management? Watch what we do with your little wife with the big tits here and you are going to learn about anger management,” the coach joked.”And as for the police, we can still press charges on you mother-fucker,” said Mr. Smith so angrily that Harold backed down.”And now your wife pays the price, probably like she usually does, or maybe in this case not as she usually does,” said the coach turning towards Gina.Gina braced herself as the coach’s hands squeezed her ample tits. “Shit! They are real!’ he said, then he kissed her, she pulled back for a second but he continued to kiss her.In their house Gina and Harold were both somewhat racist in their attitudes, which made the kiss bursa escort even more shocking to both. Mr. Smith stood behind her and kissed her the back of her neck then took his turn in feeling her tits.”You know I am only doing this for my son,” Gina said trying to rationalize what she was doing, all she succeeded in doing was to make both me laugh.Harold started to get up and Gina waved her finger at him reminding him that it was his fault. Part of her wanted to run from the room. She wondered what her mother would think of her kissing two black men in front of her husband and pictured how angry she would be. In a perverse way the turn off became a turn on. Maybe it was payback for all the shit Harold’s stupid temper had put her through.”I have got to see those tits,” the coach said.”You are not fucking doing that,” Harold said.Gina shot him a dirty glance as she opened her blouse, then she unsnapped the front of her bra letting her huge fat tits bounce into view.”Nice!” said Mr. Smith.”Did you ever suck on your own nipples for him?” the coach asked her.”What sort of question…uh yes!” she said holding back her own temper.”Lets see you do it,””Now?””No next week, my secretary will give you a card and all,” said the coach.”Okay! Okay! It that is what you want!” Gina said lifting one of her tits to her mouth, even her husband shut up as she gave her own nipple a noisy kiss and then started to suck on it. She did this to both her nipples as the men watched.”Keep playing with those tits of yours, Yeah!” said Mr. Smith. Then he walked over to her along with the coach and each of them took one of her tits and started sucking of them. They took her now unoccupied hands and placed them on top of their bulges.Gina, tried to move her hands away but they held them there, eventually she squeezed their cocks as they sucked on her nipples as hard as they could.”If you want to ever see your son play again you know what you have to do!” the coach said.Gina, reluctantly nodded and went to open the coach’s belt, her husband looked like he wanted to protest but she glared at him saying it was his fault.She opened the snap of the coach’s jeans and unzipped his pants before pulling them slightly down. With a look of distaste on her face she reached into his underwear and pulled out his cock, then the look was replaced by one of being stunned. She had heard rumors and had at her girlfriend’s house seen a porn video with a black guy in it, but she had thought he was the exception, a freak, but now she stared at the coach’s cock.It was huge with bulging veins and she realized it was not even fully hard yet. She then pulled out Mr. Smith’s cock which was slightly smaller than the coach’s cock but still bigger than any she had ever seen or touched.The men chuckled, especially as they saw the look of anger in Harold’s eyes as he realized with each minute how his wife was becoming more obedient to them; and also that he had no choice in matter.”I bet you never saw anything like that ever you racist bitch!” said the Coach.”I am not a racist!””Okay, then let’s see you prove it by you jerking off me and my man here. Come on get to work!”Gina, like her husband realized she had no other choice in the matter. Her hands encircled both cocks and she started to pull on them, and with each pull they seemed to get bigger and thicker.The coach slid off her blouse and bra tossing them in Harold’s direction. Then the men took off their shirts. Mr. Smith had chiseled seven-days-a-week gym muscle. The coach was a powerful man despite his big solid gut.”Yo! That is a bit too dry! Spit in your hands!” demanded the coach. She spit a dainty little spit into her palmbut they laughed at her telling her to really spit into her hand, encouraging her to clear her throat good.”Yeah! That’s it!” Mr. Smith said as the spit on her palms lubricated the two men’s cocks.They sucked on her big tits and kissed her deeper than before. The coach looked over at Harold and told him to start getting undressed as he was going to help out. Harold thinking that there might be some sort of threesome or foursome happening decided to do so. When he was done he was told to sit back in the chair until he was needed.They turned Gina around and slowly unzipped her tight little skirt as she told them she could not believe what was happening. As they unbuttoned the snap she realized for the first time that she might be forced to have sex with both men, and the thought of being used in front of her husband both excited her and filled her with fear.”Mmm! I have got to taste that!” said the coach, “But first let me get it ready.”Gina tried to close her legs but the coach got his hand between them so instead of blocking him she firmly entrapped his hand. His strong black fingers rubbed her pussy through the thin silk fabric of her red panties.”Please stop that! Please stop that!” she chanted encouraging the coach to work harder, and to his satisfaction he heard her groan and then moan and felt her panties get wetter.”I bet having a black man pleasure you is something you never thought of! Now relax those legs of yours. You know both of us have white girlfriends, but not as good looking as you, now you won’t tell them that. Will you?” the coach joked.Gina relaxed her legs and the coach snaked his fingers into her panties, she jumped as his finger slid inside of her pussy, She did not want to say that the coach and Mr. Smith were the first non-white men to touch her that way as she was afraid it would only motivate them to further heights of deviance.Mr. Smith slid down her panties leaving her naked except for her pearls and her stockings and shoes. He went over to the stereo in the office to put on some music to cover the noise. He turned to Harold, “Hey man! I bet you lick some good pussy right?” Harold said he did; not realizing the coach and Mr. Smith used this line when referring to men who could not satisfy their women with their dicks.”Well now here is a chance for you to help the team, and your son out,” said the coach telling him to get on the floor and lick his wife’s pussy out. He quickly laid down on the floor and they told Gina to sit on his face.She told bursa escort bayan them they were perverts to which they laughed, but she did what they told her to do hoping that they were not going to fuck her. Her hopes were dashed as the two men completely stripped off their clothing. Then they got on either side of her, while she sat on her husband’s face she was eye level with their cocks. Harold’s cunt licking was having the effect that they wanted of making her lose her control.”Bet you never sucked on a black cock in your life you racist bitch. Probably came from a family where your father or your mother would bust your ass if you ever dated a black guy,” said the coach dangling his cock in front of her face.Gina nodded saying it was true.”Well I bet they’d make you change your last name over what is going to happen next,” said Mr. Smith as he and the coach dangled their cocks in front of her face.”Come on I know you want to do it,” taunted the coach.Gina could feel herself losing control, ironically some of it was from her husband’s licking her. Looking up he could see what his wife was about to do and made a groan of displeasure but Gina, in a move of spite sat on his face a bit harder. She held each of the cocks in front of her steady and then kissed Mr. Smith’s cock followed by the coach’s.”Yeah! Get that black flavor in your mouth!” the coach said.The wrongness of the situation only turned her on more. She was going to punish her husband for all the bullshit he had ever done before by doing what she found most degrading. She opened her mouth wide and took the coach’s cock into it.”Yo! Keep working on mine!” Mr. Smith said reminding her to keep jerking him off.She alternated sucking the coach off followed by Mr. Smith.”She is doing pretty good, but we can teach her to do better,” said the coach to Mr. Smith.”What!” cried Gina followed by a “Mpphhh!” as standing behind her Mr. Smith held the back of her head. The coach crammed more and more of his cock down her throat.”Yeah take my black dick all the way down your throat. Remember each inch helps your son stay on the team!” the coach said. Spit ran down Gina’s chin and neck. She gagged once or twice and the coach pulled out long enough to let her cough before ramming it back in again. Red faced she took nearly the whole shaft down her throat.Mr. Smith slapped her face with his cock telling her how she would spend the whole weekend getting fucked by them.”And as long as your son is on the team you are going to be on our team! Understood! Understood?” Gina, her mouth full of the coach’s cock tried to mumble a “yes” to what Mr. Smith had said.Gina was made to keep sucking and jerking both of the men. The coach reached down and squeezed her right nipple so hard she yelped even with his cock in her mouth. “Going to fix you up like all my other girls and get you a nipple ring and tattoo so you remember about black power,” the coach said. Gina nodded thinking this was some bullshit he said when horny.After some more devoted cock sucking the coach felt like he was going to come. Gina felt the hot load of black cum splash into her mouth as the coach ordered her to swallow it all as he rammed his cock deep down her throat. She was made to keep sucking him even as she jerked off Mr. Smith.She was puzzled when Mister Smith took his cock out of her hands and started jerking it off himself, then he moaned and yelled out “Take that you white bitch!” and she felt his cum splash all over her neck and tits. The spray of hot cum seemed to go on forever. He put his cock back in her hand and she milked the last bit of cum from it onto her tits.All the while her husband watched as he licked her pussy in amazement. She was told to rub the cum into her skin, which she did making it glisten as it dried.The coach helped her stand up and told her husband to get up.She looked over at her husband’s cock, it was rock hard but seemed now so much smaller than the coach’s or Mr. Smith’s.”I can go now? You are not going to fuck me?” she asked and her husband wondered she had had a note of disappointment in her voice.”Yes, as long as Timmy plays you both play,” said the coach.”Yeah! We were going to fuck you but it looks like your old man could use it more, like right about now,” said Mr. Smith.”Here!” both Harold and Gina said.”Yeah!” Why not?” the coach said telling her to get up onto the couch on her knees.”Well you wanted to experiment,” said Harold as he pushed into her.He began to fuck her as the coach and Mr. Smith watch for a few minutes.”You know I have changed my mind!” said the coach.He grabbed Harold and pulled him backwards so hard he fell down on his ass, his cock was all slick from his wife’s pussy.”Gina just managed to get the word “Wha…” out before the coach pushed his fat cock inside her.”Shit! No!” she said as she felt his huge cock slide in and out of her pussy.”Aren’t you even going to put on a rubber?” she said as the coach laughed and continued to pound her. Her protest quickly turned to moans as she pleaded with her husband not to be angry at her.”Don’t worry! He is loving every minute watching you take my big nigger cock, say you love it!”Gina could not make herself say it, she was so much into being politically correct.”Listen! You don’t have to be afraid! Say it! It is okay if I tell you to do it!” he said pounding her still harder while he pinched her nipples.”I…love…your big nigger cock!” she said.”That’s a good little girl, I think we are going to take you out for the whole fucking weekend you need some training,”At this point all Gina could do was groan and moan and repeatedly say “Yes!” and “Shit!” as the coach’s cock hit areas of her that had never been tapped.The coach pulled out and let Mr. Smith fuck her some, then both men took turns fucking her until they were ready to cum.”Shit!” screamed Mr. Smith as he let his load erupt into her pussy. When he was done the coach jumped over and humped her until his load joined that of his partner.”Get over here now Harold!” the coach screamed, he hesitated for a moment then plunged his own cock into her now thoroughly used and abused cunt and humped her for less than a minute escort bursa before he came.The men helped Gina up as the cum ran down her legs.”Shit you are a mess, let me help get you cleaned up,” the coach said taking her to the shower on the side of the office. Harold listened in agony as he heard his wife’s giggles.”Don’t worry man! At the end of this weekend she is coming home to you and you alone, we just want to fuck the shit of her MILF ass said Mister Smith.At that moment Gina came out from the shower. “I think you are about the size of my assistant, but these on,” the coach told Gina opening a locker in his office. He threw to her a leather skirt, a black sweater and going over to his desk he got out a pair of black panties joking that she did a lot of overtime for him.”What do you mean?” demanded Harold.”Like we said she is going out with us for the whole weekend and then this is settled for now'” said Mr. Smith.”I look like a slut in this,” Gina said looking in the mirror, “Where is my bra?” she asked, the coach told her she did not need one.”I just can’t let you take my wife like this!” Harold said.”Look I am tired of this shit either we have a deal or not!” said the coach as he got dressed.”You know something? We need something here to make sure you are not a problem to Gina and your own son,” Mr. Smith said.”Look at this here video,” Mr. Smith said showing Harold with his racist rant, “How’d you like it if this went on line? Would your coworkers like it? Bet you’d be in trouble!”Harold nodded that he would. “Well then you are going to be all cool about it, but just in case…” he tossed Gina his phone. He went over to Harold and put his cock in his face, “Kiss it motherfucker, kiss it now or we are going to let the whole town know what we did to your wife. Do it now, and if you are good everything remains our secret, solely,””Come on honey! Do it!” said Gina with not a small bit of resentment towards her husband for getting her into the mess they were in.”Come on you know you want to do it!” said Mr. Smith.”You will look so sexy doing it!” said Gina with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.”Kiss it! Kiss it!” they all started to chant as Harold got onto his knees, Mr. Smith put his cock almost against Harold’s lips.”If you ever want to fuck me again you will do it!” Gina said as she squeezed her own tits through the barrowed sweater.Harold gave in and kissed Mister Smith’s cock and then the coach’s as Gina, his loyal wife snapped a photo of his debasement.”Hey I bet we can make a real good cocksucker out of you!” said Mr. Smith.Harold said no and tried to get up but the coach pushed him back down.”You get up when we tell you to!” Mr. Smith said slapping Harold hard across his face with his cock.”Open wide you bitch!” said the coach, “And I best not feel any teeth!” The coach waited for Harold to open his mouth, tears ran down his face but he did what he was told. Gina held the back of his head with one hand as she worked the phone with the other. Just as the coach’s cock was about to enter his mouth the coach yanked it back laughing.”Man! I can’t believe you were about to do it. You are disgusting!” said the coach.”Yeah! Is your man really gay or some shit?” Mr. Smith laughed as the two black men continued to get dressed.”Well we will see you later, you don’t mind if we barrow your car, right?”The two men left with Gina in tow.Harold called a car service to take him home, fortunately his son was away for the weekend, at first he was angry, then he cried, then he started to jerk off thinking about what his wife had done and would do. He was ashamed, but when he had fucked her she never had never seemed hotter or sexier to him.He spent the entire weekend cleaning the house and jerking off to interracial porn. When his son, Timmy came home he had news that he had been restored to the team.Harold smiled not wanting to tell him the price he had paid, not yet. He lied to Timmy saying his mother was over at a friend’s house and would be back Monday.Early Monday morning a cab pulled up. Gina, still drunk, got out and stumbled to the door, Harold pulled her inside quickly before the neighbors saw her. Fortunately Timmy had already left for practice and was not home.She was not wearing the same dress that she was wearing when she had left home and she smelled of sweat. He managed to get her to the couch and then went to make her some coffee, he was going to take the day off to talk to her.As he stumbled about the kitchen Gina came in, she was naked except for a pair of stockings and garter belt, again items that she had not been wearing when she left the house. His eyes then noticed that she had a large tattoo around her right nipple, it was a chain that went it in a circle. Also her nipple had been pierced with a heavy iron ring.”You like?” she said holding up her tits. Then laughing she got onto her knees. Well I won’t need this,” and with that she took off the wig she had been wearing showing that her head had been shaved totally cleaning.”Gina! What the fuck happened?” but by the time he had finished speaking she had his cock out and was sucking it harder and deeper than she had ever done so before. She was so intense that he came with a few minutes. She kept sucking until every last drop had been drained from him, she swallowed it back and she got up and pressed herself against him.”Because of your big mouth they fucked me. I mean I was fucked by the coach and Mr. Smith and some of their friends all weekend and now, whenever they want me they are going to call me. They fucked my pussy; my mouth my ass and only one time were rubbers used. And you know what? I enjoyed every inch of their big black cocks inside of me, And if they knocked me up that is going to be your problem,” she finished laughing.Stunned Harold pulled away from her, but she could see he was aroused by her admission of infidelity. She got on the floor on all fours and rubbed her pussy.”Come on! Fuck my well fucked cunt! You know you want to!”Harold called her a bitch but still he got behind her and fucked her the hardest he ever had during their marriage. The fucking continued in their bedroom and into the afternoon. He realized he no longer owned his wife.Gina never gave him the details about what had had happened to her that weekend, only hints. She would tell her story to Cindy, Timmy’s girlfriend but only after the coach and Mister Smith enslaved her also.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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