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BBC for Both of Us! PT3 Cuckold

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BBC for Both of Us! PT3 CuckoldIt had been 30 minutes since Mike had left the house, leaving his 300.00 on the bedside table only after making me suck his black cock clean after the fucking he had given me. I was left tied to the bed, lying on my back with my legs spread and my ass throbbing from the violent assault it had just taken. Despite Mike having replaced Katie’s satin panties on me, I could feel his cum leaking from me and soaking into the material. My cock remained solid, at no point had Mike let me cum and I was desperate to relieve myself but unable to do so with my hands tied above my head.Having started to wonder if Katie was ever going to come home and release me, I heard the front door open and someone coming up the stairs. Katie walked in, followed by Jay and then a well built white guy, who I later learnt was called Tony. “Look at my little cum slut, all tied up in his panties and waiting for more”, Katie said. “Don’t you worry, he’ll be getting more alright, me and Tony haven’t had sex in what, 45 minutes, since we DP’d you in that car park!” replied Jay and they all laughed at this. “Well lovers, there’s just one thing for cock slut here to do for me and then he’s all yours”, said Katie, kissing them both as she said this. As Jay’s comments about DP’ing Katie sunk in, I realized what was about to happen and my cock sprang to attention, poking out from the waistband of my panties. The two guys started undressing whilst Katie removed her dress and knelt over me, her pussy and ass within inches of my mouth. My tongue darted towards her swollen pussy lips; eager to taste what was inside.”Oh no, cum eater, as I told you, its time for a special treat tonight”, Katie said and shifted her body so that her ass was directly over my mouth. I started to rim Katie’s ass, I could tell one of the men had fucked her there, as it was a lot looser than before. My tongue slipped inside her and she ground down onto me. I could taste the sperm inside her and sucked gently, coaxing it into my mouth before swallowing it. “How does it feel to be licking a load of black cum from your slut wife’s ass?” Kate teased.I didn’t reply, just kept tonguing at her until istanbul escort I was sure I had got every last drop of Jay’s cum from inside my wife. Katie then moved back so her pussy was closer to my mouth and again I probed at it with my tongue. There was dried up cum-stains around her pussy lips and I cleaned these first before Katie inserted a finger into herself and what I presumed was Tony’s cum started to ooze from her. “There you go Tony, told you he wasn’t a black guy only cum eater, white man’s cum is just as good for him!” Katie laughed and I heard the two men laughing with her, no doubt enjoying the sight of what they thought was me being humiliated but I was loving every minute of it. The attention on her pussy was too much for Katie and she shuddered in orgasm, giving me a feast of her and her lover’s cum mixed together. Katie eventually moved off me and went to a leather chair in the corner of the room, which she sat back in, her legs spread. “He’s all yours”, Katie said to Jay and Tony as she lazily fingered at her clit, “I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show, remember, don’t hold back, anything goes with my cock-loving husband!” Tony didn’t waste anytime and kneeling between my legs, he lifted them up over his shoulders, moved the panties to one side and without hesitation, shoved his hard cock into me. I gasped at his roughness but then relaxed, as my ass got accustomed to his size.”You fucking slut, you love it hard don’t you? Beg me to fuck you hard, tell me how much you want my cum up your ass”, growled Tony as he pounded into me. “Please, fuck me as hard as you can, I want to feel your hard cock as far up me as you can get it” I cried out. “Fill me with your gorgeous thick cum, let me feel it shooting into my bowels”. With this Tony pounded into me even harder and faster. Jay had taken Katie’s place, kneeling above me and lowered his shaven black balls to my mouth. “Suck them slut, make me as hard as I can be, you’d better hope Tony’s cock gets you ready for what I’m going to do to you”, said Jay, almost choking me as I sucked first one of his balls then the other. Katie was still watching, izmir escort her finger still stimulating her clit as she watched her husband being used by these two studs. “Go on Tony, fill him up, I want to see his stretched ass filled with your cum.” Tony pushed my legs back so my knees were against my chest and with one final thrust I felt his cock begin to twitch and the warm feeling of his cum spurting deep inside me, causing me to groan in pleasure. In the throes of his orgasm he was squeezing at my nipples, hurting me but I didn’t care, I just wanted every last drop of this hunk’s cum in me. Jay moved to the side and silenced me by pushing his now massive cock into my mouth for a few seconds and then as Tony slowly pulled himself from inside me, they changed places.I hesitated when Tony presented the cock that had just been inside me but he clearly didn’t care. “Suck it you dirty little fucker!” he ordered and I did as I was told, tasting the muskiness of my own ass on him. At this point I heard gasps from the corner and saw that Katie, her eyes glued to me sucking on Tony’s cock, was having another orgasm. “Oh yes, abuse my slut husband, treat him like the dirty whore he is”, she gasped as the orgasm subsided. Tony’s cock was becoming hard again when suddenly Jay told him to untie my hands. Once the ropes were free, Jay ordered me to get on all fours across the bed. Tony knelt in front of me and once again roughly shoved his cock into my mouth. Jay stood on the bed behind me and then bent his knees until his cock touched my gaping ass. He then started to pile-drive into me, reaching to grab at my waist and pulling me up to meet his thrusts. The angle was a new one for me and with the massive size of Jay’s cock, I was really in pain. “Please, not like that, it’s too painful”, I begged.”Ignore him Jay, he loves it really and I love watching it!” Katie instructed, making me realize these two men really were going to do whatever they wanted, no matter what, and that Katie would let them. I tried to ignore the pain, thinking of how good it would feel to have Jay’s black cum shooting inside me. Tony continued to fuck my face, making escort bayan me gag on his cock as he pushed into me as deep as he could. Jay stayed in the same position and, egged on by Katie, began to smack my ass every now and then.Slowly the pain did subside and I started to enjoy the violent ass fucking Jay was giving me. In between taking Tony’s cock in my mouth, I encouraged Jay, “Come on, stick that fucking beautiful black cock up me, make me your white male slut”, I cried out. “You ARE my white slut, and now that Tony has had you, you’re HIS white slut as well, and anyone else’s that we decide to whore you out to”, Jay responded and with that he practically lifted me off the bed as he pulled me up to meet his biggest and final thrust.”Oh yes, fill me with your seed”, I begged and felt Jay’s cock spurting into me, I had lost count of how many loads I’d received that evening. Once Jay had emptied himself into me, he dropped me back onto the bed and I collapsed, absolutely exhausted. Tony had other ideas though and as I lay on my back, he kneeled over my chest and started to wank his cock, occasionally slapping it against my face and lips.”Open up, bitch!” he ordered and as my mouth opened wide he came, more of his creamy cum running down my tongue to the back of my throat. Any that missed my mouth, Tony used his cock to sc**** it back to my lips and I licked them eagerly, not wanting to waste a single drop. Turning to Katie, Jay said, “Well, same again in a few weeks, if you think your husband will have recovered by then?””I don’t give a fuck whether he’s recovered or not, in fact with the ass fuckings I’m going to give him every day, he’ll probably be sorer by next time”, she laughed, “You know you and your friends are welcome anytime, as long as I get satisfied you can do whatever you want to him.” At that, Katie, Tony and Jay, picked up their clothes and left me lying on the bed, full of cum, aching but not regretting a single minute of the evening’s events. As I heard the front door close a few moments later, Katie came back into the room and sat on the bed next to me.”You enjoy that? Looking forward to next time? I’ve asked Jay if he can bring another few black guys next time and a video camera”, she said.Hardly awake, I just replied, “Honey, I’ll do whatever makes you happy, no matter what.”Katie just smiled down at me and I could see a look in her eye that made me nervous, but excited at what may be to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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