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BBehind Closed Doors chapter 3

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BBehind Closed Doors chapter 3It was seven o clock in the morning and Daisy had managed to sleep for five hours the night before, she got out of bed and made herself a cup of coffee. Today she decided would be the day to venture into town, she had some errands to run and may even stay for a drink in town. She jumped in the shower and soaked her body with the warm water, after scrubbing from head to toe she wrapped her towel tightly round her body. Daisy decided to wear her distressed denim jeans with a black t shirt that clung to her breasts. She tied her hair up, put her boots on and was out the door. On her way into town she bumped into Mrs Taylor who seemed out of sorts. ‘ hello Mrs Taylor how are you ? and how is Mr Taylor ?’ oh she said funny I have seen you my husband seemed eager to see how you have been, I think he will pop in to say hello later if you are in ? ‘yes I should be replied Daisy, are you sure your o.k Mrs Taylor, yes just a little worried about Mr Taylor he hasn’t been himself for the last couple of days, not to worry, they said goodbye and Daisy walked on. She must remember that Mr Taylor would visit later, Daisy then blushed and felt a wave of anxiety come over her, she found a bar that had seats outside and ordered a small red wine and espresso, as a rule she did not drink alcohol often however the anxious feeling had overwhelmed bursa escort her so she needed something to ground her. She sipped at her wine and in the distance noticed a man looking in her direction, the man walked towards the bar where Daisy was sitting, she was struck by his confidence as he walked by, then she remembered they had once met not so long ago in the same bar, yes his name is Aaron she recalled to herself, Aaron come out from the bar with an ice cold lager, he then noticed Daisy looking at him, ‘Hi said Aaron, how are you Daisy ? would you like a drink ? Daisy declined the drink, but stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek, Aaron you look well, how’s things going ? Aaron who was in his early thirties had his fingers in many pies and was often doing business in town. ‘Busy as always Daisy,’ what are you doing in town ? I don’t see you out often’ she explained she had some errands to run but would be heading back soon, ‘stay for a bite to eat with me and I will take you home after said Aaron, Daisy agreed. They ordered lunch and a drink and sat in the sunshine together, Daisy felt very comfortable in his company and he made her feel at ease. They talked and laughed over lunch, Daisy found him very funny and was reminded how witty he can be. After lunch Aaron as promised drove Daisy home and invited him in for a coffee. She had bursa escort bayan some coke in her wooden box and offered Aaron to rack some lines up in the kitchen. Aaron who stood around 6 ft tall was a handsome guy, Daisy was attracted to him but stopped herself from doing anything that might cause confusion. They chatted for the next two hours non stop, giggling like a couple of k**s, what a nice afternoon. Daisy heard the door knock and remembered that Mr Taylor was popping over, Aaron also heard the door and jumped up to answer it, ‘Hello said Aaron, ‘ Hello im looking for Daisy said Mr Taylor, come in shouted Daisy, the three of them sat in the living room and made small talk, Daisy didn’t want Aaron to leave and Aaron didn’t want to go, he kept catching Mr Taylor looking at Daisy’s boobs and licking his lips, he had a hunch that Mr Taylor had hidden intensions towards Daisy, after a while Mr Taylor made his excuses and left. It was now evening, Daisy watered the flowers in the garden and asked Aaron if he would like to go for a walk on the beach as it was a nice dry night. They had a line each and slowly strolled down to the shore line, Daisy wanted to put her arms round him and the feeling was mutual but both were scared to offend the other, they found a spot and sat down, Daisy lit a joint and Aaron pulled out a cold beer from his escort bursa jean pocket, they watched the moon glisten. Aaron took Daisy by the hand and kissed her fingers, she was overwhelmed by his touch, Daisy leaned into his broad chest and they melted into one another. After some time they decided to walk back to the house. Daisy had a shower while Aaron picked some music from her collection. ‘ Daisy I need to borrow your laptop’ he shouted through ‘ go ahead ‘ she said, Aaron opened the laptop and the porn site Daisy was last on was still open, he flicked through to see what she had been watching, he looked in her history titled my list and found a variety of porn, he was turned on that Daisy liked this. After her shower Daisy sat down next to Aaron, at this point he was laughing and Daisy twigged that he had found the porn, shit Aaron sorry she said, why are you sorry its cool, Daisy looked into his eyes and smiled good she thought he likes the same things, Daisy I think you are great, likewise she said and they held eachother by the hand, both of them felt the adrenalin running through their bodies. Daisy I have to go, I have been here all afternoon and night, this wasn’t planned for me but im glad we hooked up, yes said Daisy, I like you Aaron, if the truth be known I cant be around people for long at the moment but you are an exception. Aaron and Daisy walked to the door and squeezed each other so tight, Daisy im coming to see you tomorrow if that’s o.k ? yes that will be nice. with that he left Daisy shut the door behind her and grinned…bring on tomorrow

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