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“Be careful what you wish for” Pt. 1

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“Be careful what you wish for” Pt. 1I wake to chatter, the buzz of conversation and at first I can’t figure out where it’s coming from, disoriented as I am. I moan and there’s something in my mouth. A ball gag?Slowly, my awareness builds and I also note how uncomfortable my body feels, as if it’s been twisted into a shape it’s not used to. In truth, it has. My legs have been pulled up and apart exposing what lies between them, and my arms passed over each of my thighs to then be tied behind my back, using my own limbs as a means to restrict me. I try to move and realise I can’t do much other than squirm which makes my body swing slightly, further scaring me, causing my heart to attempt to beat its way out of my chest. With a jolt, I realise that I am naked. Completely naked. I try to move again and swing once more.I’ve been hung from the ceiling, I think as my heartbeat picks up. What seems to be rope digs into the skin of my legs, arms and around my waist, tightening around my bound breasts making them jut out. What is happening to me? Where am I? The ball gag has caused me to drool all over myself, my tits, spit running down my stomach all the way down to my crotch.Near panic, the adrenaline coursing through me pushes me to open my eyes, trying to focus my gaze and overcome the fog clouding my mind. Things steadily fall into place… and all I see is eyes. At least two to three dozen pairs of eyes aimed at me, staring unabashedly at my naked body. Men, women, old and young alike, sitting on chairs arranged in a semi-circle with me at the centre and they too are naked. Some visibly aroused, others working at themselves. My wild gaze bounces from face to face desperate to find someone who might help me, a familiar face twisted in concern or fear for me… But all I see is eagerness, eyes saturated with desire, a savage tint in them. Please, I beg with my eyes. Help me…Where am I? Who are these people? How did I get here?Frightened and humiliated at my predicament, a tear runs down the side of my face. All it does is further arouse some of them and through the blood rushing in my ears, I realise someone is calling my name. “Alexandra.” My head instinctively turns towards the man who’s called my name. I don’t recognise him. I don’t recognise anybody… “Ah, good. You’re awake. It’s good to finally have you with us!”Like everyone else, he is naked. I quickly pull my eyes away from his erect cock, although not before noticing there’s a silver ring at the base of it. I find him staring at me with both amused and hungry eyes. “May I call you Lex? I know that is your preference.” My eyes widen and my heart skips another beat. How does he know that?Dark hair and greying hair at the temples, I’d guess him to be in his mid-forties. He has sharp features and intense dark eyes coupled with a tall but average build.“Very well, Lex it is.” He smiles with a familiarity undeserving of a stranger. Reading the question that is probably apparent in my frightened eyes, he steps towards me.“My name is Connor Rogan and these,” he gestures towards the crowd of strangers, “are my friends. Everyone, say hello to Lex.”A number of voices say hello and quite a few of them lean forward as if anticipating something.“I know you are scared and quite confused. Don’t worry, güvenilir bahis we mean you no harm.” His expression is sympathetic and I can see that he’s trying to reassure me but my bound helpless body renders his efforts futile.“You are quite an interesting young lady, Lex. When I first found you I could barely believe it.”He starts pacing in front of me, sure of himself. A man used to taking command of a room and holding everybody’s attention. It makes me uneasy.“Do you know how special you are? How rare?”Stopping in front of me, barely 3 feet away, he stares into my eyes. For a moment, all I can see is his dark gaze. His eyes languidly take in my entire form, pausing at my tightly bound breasts to finally rest between my legs. My eyes widen and I squirm.“Of course you do,” His eyes lock on mine again and the panic I feel is all-consuming, “I wouldn’t have been able to find you if you didn’t.”Does that mean…? I start shaking my head as it dawns on me what he’s alluding to.“Ah, I see that you’re starting to connect the dots.” He turns his back on me and addresses the crowd again. “I will tell you all a story and we’ll see if it sounds familiar to our guest of honour.” Turning his head halfway, he smirks back at me and his expression is so smug it sparks in me an emotion other than fear. Anger. The desire in his eyes flares a bit more at what he sees in my gaze before he fully turns to face his “friends”.“You are all well aware of how rare it is to find a woman such as our dear Lex.” The crowd murmurs in agreement, “and quite young too! A mere twenty five years of life and already, so kinky!”My heart beats faster and faster and in that instant, I regret the choices I made in the last twelve months.Stupid! Fucking stupid!“Well my friends, I came across our dear Lex,” he gestures back towards me, “when visiting an interesting website. A free adult video chat site where random strangers meet for, lets say, interesting conversations.”They chuckle quietly at his little joke as some men slowly jerk off and women touch themselves unashamed.“Imagine my surprise when a live video comes on,” he turns sideways to keep both me and the spectators in his sight and points right between my legs, “and I see that big, meaty pussy before us.” The urge to snap my legs closed is so strong I attempt it anyway only to softly swing my suspended body once more. How could this happen…?“Now that in itself, although exciting, is not uncommon. We have quite a few friends here with similar… attributes.” He waves at a blonde woman in her early thirties, straddling her chair with her right hand covering her crotch. She in turn, pulls her now wet fingers from between her legs and smiles, waving back at him before sucking them into her mouth.As he intended, everyone’s eyes turn to the woman’s spread legs, including mine.Her outer lips are puffier and hang lower than most while her inner lips frame her clit in the shape of a butterfly with its wings spread. “Mmmm… Hello, Sam.” Rogan grabs his erection and strokes it twice before letting go of it. “Distracting woman… Where were we? Ah, yes. Our friend Lex is quite well endowed. Her pussy lips are bigger than normal, yes, but the star of the show… is her clit.”He stepped to the side dramatically as if making a güvenilir bahis siteleri grand reveal, allowing everybody in the room direct eye contact with my exposed pussy again.It is true. My clit is way bigger than normal and I’ve come to be quite proud of it.Going as far as exposing myself online, signing up to various porn websites and posting photos of my pussy. Engaging with complete strangers, getting off on the lewd things they had to say about my pussy and occasionally my tits.The feedback was intoxicating and I’d revelled in it.I’d always been a very sexual woman, with appetites… outside of the normal. But here is the thing about the sexual world. The more you step into it, the more depraved you become. You cross boundaries you thought you’d never cross, your morality takes a backseat to your desires more and more often whilst you fall further down the rabbit hole of depravity.So here I am. Naked. Exposed. Bound. Helpless. At the mercy of a room full of strangers.The worst part? It all sounds familiar.One of my supposed fantasies. I thought there’d be safety in that. That it’d remain that way. A fantasy.I never truly wanted this. Not enough to make it a reality.Knowing, somewhat, how I came to be in this situation lessens my fear quite a bit and now I’m just angry. Really angry.Who the fuck do they think they are?Too close. He’s too close. I’m now within his arm’s reach. Had I been standing, I’d never be able to reach his eyes since I’m only 5’5 and he seems to be over 6 feet.As if guessing where my mind had been, he leans closer and whispers right into my right ear, “You should be happy, Lex. All your dreams, your darkest desires, will come true tonight. Whether you want them to or not.” I glower at him, my eyes letting him know just how angry I am.“Lex has been a very naughty girl this past year. I found her pussy in no less than six different porn sites. Six!” He now makes this part of the presentation facing me, no more than two feet away. “In some of them, there was even a list of her fetishes! I have also done a few enquiries and I’m also privy to some of our well-endowed friend’s fantasies…”What he says next kicks up my anger another notch but this time, at myself, “But she made a mistake, you see. In one of her cam shows, she had a delivery package behind her. With her address on it.”He continues, “It was a small matter of following her after she left her house last night and taking her as swiftly as possible. On that note, I’d like to thank you all for responding so promptly to the invitation.”How could I be so stupid? Fucking dumb bitch. Maybe I deserve this.“Liar.” My brain screams the word at me. Wait. Pause. Last night?!I look around trying to find some source of natural light so I can determine how long it’s been, only to find none.The room seems to be a storage unit, with some boxes pushed to the very edge of the room, concrete floors and hanging lights overhead. Small sitting areas have been set up, with floor pillows and couches, a few tables brimming with food and even a couple of beds.This took preparation. Rogan steps to the side once more and holds up a small remote control. With a nod to the side, he clicks on a button. What’s happening now?There’s a new source of light. A projector.My iddaa siteleri feel my eyes widen. There’s a screen behind me.“One of her fantasies… is exactly this exact moment. She wants this. Craves it even. It might not seem like it by the expression on her face. How cute does she look angry?” The room chuckles again.Hardy-har-har. Fucking assholes.A voice calls out from the back of the room, “How can you be so sure she likes it?”“Ah, Tyler has his doubts.” He nods at someone to my left and a whirring sound echoes in the room.It sounds like.. like… a camera zooming in. My head turns sharply to the left and there it is. A camera on a tripod aimed at me, with a girl behind it. She winks at me.“Well, why don’t you see for yourselves?” Then the lighting changes and a collective moan is heard in the room. Everyone starts vigorously masturbating and Sam, the woman with the meaty pussy suddenly pulls her fingers out of it once more, aggressively squirting.No! No! No!Rogan jolts me out of my state of denial by grabbing the rope around my left thigh. “Here, take a look.” Then he turns my body sideways placing himself behind me, enough so that I can turn my head sideways and see.I’d recognise that sight anywhere.It’s me. Blown up on a screen covering the entire wall and zoomed in on, is my pussy for everyone to see.I finally know what Rogan meant by see for yourselves. I hadn’t even realised…I’m aroused.On the screen, the wetness dripping out of my pussy hole is pretty telling but more than that, is the erect state of my clit.In its current state, it looks thick and hard, around 2 inches long with a little bud jutting out of the clitoral hood. My body is so accustomed to being in an aroused state that it hadn’t even register for me as something that shouldn’t be happening. Not right now. Not like this.“Mmmm… horny little bitch, aren’t you? Ah… Look at that!” Rogan whispers into my ear as my clit involuntarily twitches and sticks further out, desire evident in his voice. “I’d heard you quite enjoy verbal degradation… I’m happy to see that the rumours are true.”I can feel how happy he is as he rubs his erect cock on the small of my back. And, thanks to the projector, I can see his heavy low hanging balls appear underneath my ass.Tears run down my face again and I sob.I don’t want this. I don’t.He turns me back to the crowd, “Look at them, staring at your fat pussy with need…”, I look around and indeed, they do. “Did you know every single person in this room has a big clit fetish? I made sure they did. They want to ravage you. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Who knows when or if they’ll ever have access again to a clit this big?” Everyone’s attention is on my pussy as my clit twitches again from the continued humiliation.I feel Rogan’s hands caress my thighs, down to my ass squeezing it before he slowly moves towards my pussy. I sob louder, “I wanted this night to be… memorable for you.” There’s the answer to my previous question. He’s had me for an estimated 24 hours. “It’s going to feel so good, baby. We’re going to make your whore pussy cum to exhaustion and then more.” His fingers reach my pussy and he grabs onto the outer lips, pulling them apart causing my clit to stick out. The crowd moans, some licking their lips.“Dreams really do come true.” A loud smack echoes as he slaps my open pussy, hitting me right on my exposed clit, making me shriek as my body jolts in surprise more than pain, at the unexpected action. His voice is louder now. “Shall we begin the night’s festivities?”

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