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Beach Vacation

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Beach VacationA solid month of travel, meetings, and incredible project deadlines and I was mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted. I flew home and arrived at my apartment late Thursday evening and immediately passed out. The next morning, I went in and told my boss I needed a break. One look at my face and my boss knew he had one unhappy camper on his team. He smiled at me and agreed I should take some time off. I thanked him for his generosity and returned to my desk. With two phone calls, I booked a room at my favorite Bed & Breakfast at the beach and rented a car. I headed home and threw some clothes in a suitcase, and picked up my rental car.I headed out of New York in my sporty convertible, top down and radio blasting, managing to beat the horrendous Friday New York traffic. My mood improved as each mile took me further away from the stress of my life. I mentally committed to spend the next week relaxing and recharging my batteries. The sound of the surf crashing against the beach would provide me with the tonic from the accumulation of several months of stress. The feel of the sun on my skin as I read several “summer trashy novels” and work on my tan would recharge my body and realign my attitude. I sang along with the radio as time passed and I got closer to the beach. The miles passed quickly and I arrived at my destination in record time. I checked in, renewed my acquaintance with the host and hostess, unpacked and managed to fit a long walk along the beach before dinnertime.I took a long, luxurious bath and dressed, opting not to spend a lot of time on my hair and makeup. A simple sundress and sandals and I headed out, walking down the boardwalk toward the town center. Watching dolphins frolic 50 yards offshore was a good omen and I stopped for a few minutes to join others watching the show. I continued on my way and arrived in time for my dinner reservation thoughtfully arranged by the owner of the B&B. As promised, the seafood was fresh and deliciously prepared. I lingered at my table, enjoying the view and finishing my wine before heading back to the B&B. I paid my bill and headed back toward the boardwalk. On my way I noted that a new club had opened on the boardwalk and appeared to be very crowded. A sign announced that there would be live music on Saturday night. I returned to my room, and slept soundly, waking early to get a good spot on the beach. I had a light breakfast and was sitting in my beach chair by 9 AM.By 10 AM the beach was packed. One of the things I liked about this beach was the family orientation. No blaring boom boxes, or obnoxious college k**s drunk and disorderly on the beach. The occasional scream of an angry c***d was a temporary disruption to the quiet of the beach. The day passed quickly, and I left the beach late in the afternoon feeling relaxed and refreshed. I stopped in the lounge for a glass of wine and took it out onto the deck where I could enjoy my wine and continue to enjoy the sun. All of the tables were taken, so I put my glass on the railing and relaxed. I must have been daydreaming because I was startled when I felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned around and saw a man standing there. He said that he and his wife had seen me standing there and invited me to join them at their table. I replied that I didn’t want to intrude but he replied that it was not a problem. Without waiting for a reply, he picked up my glass and headed toward his table. With little choice, I follow him to a table in the corner. He introduced himself as Steve and then introduced his wife Nicki. I tell them my name and sit down. Our conversation started awkwardly but soon finds a very comfortable pace. An attentive waitress refilled our glasses as our conversation covers a lot of ground. Both Steve and Nicki were very personable and friendly. I learn that they are newlyweds from Washington. He is a lobbyist; she works for a Federal Agency as an investigator. He is 31, she is 28. They are finishing the first week of their honeymoon and are planning to leave on Sunday to go on a cruise in the Caribbean Sea. When they find that I am alone, they invite me to join them for dinner. I told them I didn’t want to intrude on their honeymoon. They both replied that it was no imposition and they insisted I join them. I finally relent and we make plans to dine in town at 8:00. We agree to meet in the lobby at 7:45. I excused myself to go shower. They stand up also and we part.I returned to my room and showered. I did spend some time picking an outfit, finally settling on a white knit minidress that showed the results of one day in the sun. Matching lingerie and sandals complete my outfit. I apply lipstick and some eye makeup, checking myself in the full-length mirror as I leave. I arrive in the lobby a few minutes late, and find Steve and Nicki tuzla escort waiting. I note that Nicki is wearing a short miniskirt and starched white blouse. Steve is in a pair of slacks and golf shirt. I find myself checking them out as I walk towards them. Both are tall, Nicki looks to be 5’10” and Steve is two or three inches taller. We stroll into town and I am surprised to find that we are going to the club I noticed last night. We sit down and Nicki tells me that they found this place the first night and have returned every night since. The food is good, the drinks are cheap and the music is great. Nicki tells me that she loves to dance but Steve has two left feet. I tell her I love to dance too and she happily replies that now she can enjoy the evening. We order dinner and drinks and spend more time chatting and becoming friends. When dinner is completed, Steve insists on paying for my meal despite my protests.We move to the bar area and sit down. Shortly after, the band shows up and begins to play. Nicki pulls me out into a small dance area before the first song completes. We end up dancing for the entire time the band plays, finally returning to our seats when they take a break. I am totally enjoying myself and Steve has drinks lined up when we arrive. I am thirsty and polish off several drinks in a short time. I stand up to go to the ladies room and ask Nicki if she needs to go. She joins me. There is a line to get in, but we chat like old friends as we wait. I do spend some time repairing my makeup and Nicki joins me. As we stand in front of the mirror, I look over at her and realize that I can see her entire breast I look at her from the side. I must blush because Nicki asks me if I am ok. I nervously babble something and we head back out to the bar. As we head back to the bar, I wonder why the sight of Nicki’s breasts has me all in a tizzy.The band returns and Nicki and I are back on the dance floor. The bar has gotten more crowded, so I find Nicki and I have to dance closer together. I am now continuously aware of Nicki and watch her as she dances. This sexy woman has totally captivated my attention. My long dormant libido has awakened and I find myself wondering what Nicki looks like naked. I know it is absurd since she is a newlywed but I find myself watching her as she dances, noticing her body and the way she moves. I find myself getting very aroused as I imagine Nicki and I together. The dance floor continues to fill up and space all but disappears. This does nothing to help me and by the end of the second set, I am in a total mess. We return to the bar to find Steve grinning broadly as he welcomes us back.He pulls me to him, give me a big kiss on the cheek and a hug. He then does the same to Nicki. As I watch them, I realize that Steve is checking me out. I am sweaty and my dress is clinging to me like a second skin, highlighting my curves. I smile at him when he looks at me. I watch as he leans over and whispers something in Nicki’s ear. I watch as she nods her head and leans up and whispers something in his ear. He nods his head. They both turn and look at me. I ask them what’s going on. Nicki replies that they both agree that I am a really fun person and they want to prolong the fun. I smile and say thanks and my heart beats faster as I consider the implications of what they have just said. The rest of the evening passes quickly with the exception of a slow dance where Nicki pulls me into her arms and we dance. We start the dance at arms’ length and end up in each other’s arms with me totally conscious of the feel of her along the entire front of my body.We finally leave the bar and start slowly walking back. Steve and Nicki walk arm in arm. Nicki grabs my arm and pulls me close and wraps her arms around my waist. I put my arm around her shoulder. When we reach the B&B, Steve leans over and kisses my check and thanks me for taking care of Nicki. Nicki grabs my hand and leans forward and kisses me on the cheek and thanks me. She then whispers in my ear that her and Steve would love for me to join them up in their room and continue the fun. She moves back and looks deeply into my eyes waiting for a response. As I desperately try to come up with a response, she pulls me to the stairs and we climb up to their room.My response dies on my lips as we enter their room. Nicki pulls me close to her and our lips meet. I close my eyes as I feel her tongue pushing against my lips. I open my mouth and her tongue fills my mouth, swirling around and dueling with my tongue. Steve moves behind me and his hands’ cup my breasts. Nicki breaks our kiss and reaches down and begins to pull my dress off. With one solid tug, she removes it over my head. Steve’s hands only leave my breasts for a moment before returning to them, his fingers sancaktepe escort pulling on my rapidly hardening nipples. I feel helpless under this dual assault and find myself getting very aroused. I watch as Nicki begins to unbutton her blouse. She sees me watching her and asks me if I’d like to help. She moves closer and my hands reach out and continue unbuttoning her blouse. I pull it out from her skirt and with her help slide it off her arms. She grabs my hands and places them directly on her breasts. I begin to caress her breasts, mimicking what Steve’s hands are doing to me. Steve unsnaps my bra and I stop caressing Nicki long enough to slide the bra off. It is her hands that reach up to caress my naked breasts. Steve’s hands find my panties and he slides them off my hips. He moves around behind Nicki and I watch him slide her skirt off. I watch her panties slide down her legs. Her pussy is groomed and has just a small band of hair immediately above her pussy.With both of us naked now, Nicki pulls me to the bed. We end up lying down facing each other as she returns my hands to her breasts. She takes one of my hands, moving it down between her legs and looks me in the eye and tells me to play with her pussy. My fingers slide between her already swollen lips and slowly stroke her pussy. Steve has pulled off all of his clothes and is standing by the bed stroking himself. Although average in length, it looks very thick and I shudder as I imagine it sliding inside my pussy. Nicki notices where I am looking and tells Steve to join us on the bed. He climbs up to join us. I motion him to come to me.He kneels in front of my face, puts his cock against my lips and asks me to suck him. I open my lips and he pushes into my mouth. Nicki’s hands find my pussy as my mouth slides up and down Ted’s cock. Nicki urges me on, telling me how sexy it is to watch me suck her husband while I am playing with her pussy. Honestly, I am in sexual overload with all that is happening, but I also feel as sexy as I have ever felt. Nicki’s lips begin to suck on my hard nipples as Steve begins to thrust his cock into my mouth. Steve is mouthing words of encouragement to me, telling me how good I am sucking him. Nicki is now sliding several fingers in and out of my horny pussy while she continues to suck on my nipples.Without warning, Steve’s cock begins to spurt hot cum into my mouth. I was not ready for it and I gagged as I tried to handle his ejaculation. I feel some of it pass my lips as I struggle to swallow it all. As his spurts slow, I am able to catch up and manage to limit the mess on my face. Steve moves away from the bed, heading to the bathroom. Nicki giggles and volunteers to help clean me up. She slides up and I feel her tongue licking my face, helping me clean up Steve’s mess. As her tongue scoops up cum, she shares it with me as our tongues slide against each other. Once done, we continue to kiss our lips and tongues melding, fanning our passion. Steve returns with two glasses of water. We break our kiss and I drink all the water. My mouth is parched.When done, Nicki asks me if I have ever been with a woman before. I tell her yes. With that, she turns around on the bed, uses her hands to open my thighs and lowers her face to my pussy. Her tongue slides sensuously along my pussy from top to bottom, ending up circling my ass and causing me to moan loudly. Her tongue rims my ass for a while as my hips wiggle to the sensation before moving back to my pussy where she begins to lick me better than I have ever been licked before. Her tongue knows just how to caress me, teasing my pussy as I push it up into her face. My hands move down to my breasts, pulling on the nipples. Her tongue continues to arouse me, pushing me closer to my release. My eyes are closed and my fingers are tugging on my hard nipples.I hear Nicki moan and I open my eyes to find Steve pulling her ass off the bed. Nicki’s tongue leaves my pussy as Steve pulls her into a standing position at the side of the bed. He moves behind Nicki and I watch his revived cock begins to slide along her slit, poking against her clit on each stroke. She moans and braces her hands on the bed as her hips push back against him. With a shift of his hips, his cock enters Nicki with a smooth stroke, his hips smacking against her ass. I watch as he fucks her, his thrusts pushing her forward. Nicki collapses down onto her elbows, and begins to push back against her husbands’ thrusts. I watch them from my prone position on the bed, my legs still lewdly spread.Steve reaches between her legs and caresses her clit as he fucks her from behind. Nicki is pushing back, grunting with each stroke and moaning with each withdrawal. I watch and listen as they fuck. Nicki’s moaning increases in volume until with a üsküdar escort final shriek, she collapses onto the bed as her orgasm runs through her. Steve’s cock slips out when Nicki collapses on the bed. Nicki is lying prone on the bed, her torso covering my legs. After a moment to recover, she moves and whispers to us that she wants to watch Steve fuck me. Steve climbs on the bed between my legs and pushes his hard cock into my pussy. My wetness combined with the lubrication from Nicki’s pussy allows him to push all the way inside me in a single thrust. Never in my life has a cock felt so wonderful inside me. It stretches me just enough that I can feel every nerve ending touching inside me as he withdraws, leaving only the tip inside, before thrusting back inside.I lift my legs onto his shoulders, allowing him to thrust deeper into me. Each thrust sends sparks from my pussy to my tits, and my hands return to my nipples and pull on them. I moan softly and close my eyes, enjoying the sensations. Steve’s thrusts begin to pick up speed, and my pussy begins to throb, as I feel the first twinges of my orgasm. My hips are thrusting up, meeting each of Steve’s strokes as my orgasm begins. I hear myself moan as my head shakes from side to side and my pussy contracts around his cock. I hear him moan, and feel him swell inside me. I then feel him ejaculating deep inside me as he collapses on top of me. My orgasm begins to wane as we both catch our breath. After a moment, Steve lifts off me and rolls away. I lie there, enjoying the lassitude of my orgasm.I must fall asleep, because I slowly return to consciousness. I groggily lift me head and look around. I am by myself. I get up off the bed and move towards the bathroom. I push the door open and find Nicki and Steve caressing each other as they shower. Nicki is stroking Steve’s hard dick as he lathers her breasts. He sees me standing in the doorway and waves for me to join them. I step into the crowded shower. Steve and Nicki immediately begin to wash me, four hands busily soaping me. I close my eyes as they clean me, opening them to see whose fingers are caressing my newly cleaned pussy. Before our passions get out of control, Steve suggests we move back to the bed. As we dry off, I playfully lean over and take one of Nicki’s nipples into my mouth and caress it with my lips and tongue. Her fingers wrap themselves in my hair as she pulls my mouth tighter onto her breast. I move over and suck on her other nipple as my fingers play with the wet nipple on her other breast.Her nipples are hard and rubbery as I continue to work them. She finally pulls away from me and grabbing my hand pulls me to the bed. She lies down on the bed on her back with her legs apart and invites me to continue my caresses. I crawl between her legs, straddling her. I am on all fours and lean down to kiss her. As our lips meet, her hands wrap around my neck and she pulls me down on top of her. Our kiss deepens as our tongues push into each other’s mouth. I feel Steve’s hands on my hips, moving me. His fingers slide down between my legs and begin to caress my pussy. Nicki moans into my mouth so I know Steve is also caressing her. Our kisses continue as Steve’s fingers slide up inside me and begin to work in and out of my pussy. Nicki’s hips are moving beneath me. I come up for air and get up on all fours. I look down between our bodies and see one of Steve’s hands working Nicki’s pussy just like mine.Nicki is breathing heavily and her eyes are closed. I lean over and kiss her deeply, my hips starting to pump against Steve’s fingers. He now has two fingers inside me and my pussy is soaking wet. My nipples are hard and brush Nicki’s hard nipples as her hips push up to meet Steve’s fingers. I moan into Nicki’s mouth as Steve’s thumb finds my clit and begins to rub it. Seconds later, Nicki moans as her clit gets massaged. Nicki breaks our kiss and breathlessly informs me that she is almost there. I moan in response because I am also close. We both are moaning, me on all fours above Nicki as Steve’s fingers continue to pleasure our pussies. Nicki’s orgasm begins as she moans loudly, her fingers lock onto my nipples, squeezing them hard. This triggers my orgasm as waves of pleasure overcome me. I collapse onto Nicki as we both writhe to the pleasurable orgasms.I feel Steve’s fingers leave my pussy and I moan as my lips contract slowly, sending little sparks of pleasure back up to my brain. My thighs are sticky and I know I am heavy lying on Nicki. I manage to get up and roll off her, landing on my side next to her on the bed. Steve slides between Nicki’s thighs and mounts her. I watch as he slides into his wife. Her hips rise to meet his and their rhythm begins to speed up. He surprises me by lasting a lot longer than I expected and even manages to bring Nicki to another orgasm before he orgasms inside her. I look at the clock and see that it is now 4AM. I climb off the bed, put on my dress and bid goodnight to my new friends.Carrying my sandals and underwear, I creep back to my room, passing out in my bed immediately.

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